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Dolphins don't seem done at quarterback

Back to football ...

The Dolphins' search for a franchise quarterback has to take a different road now. This team will not find that guy in free agency. This team probably won't find that guy in a trade because it's not likely Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger or Tom Brady will be on the market anytime soon.

So the only avenue that offers a glimmer of hope for Dolphins fans clamoring for a franchise QB is the draft.

During my 30-minute conversation with general manager Jeff Ireland on Tuesday, I asked him about Miami's chances of selecting a quarterback in the draft. Let's face it, the club needs one more guy behind Matt Moore and David Garrard and that guy will probably be a youngster or a developmental type.

Ireland paused after my question, no doubt weighing whether to answer. (He doesn't like to give anything away, not even in hints). And then he said:

"There's a chance of that. Let it run its course."

Not a yes, I grant you. But neither is it a no.

So let us assume the Dolphins do go for a quarterback somewhere in the draft. It's an assumption several NFL types and NFL observers are making. Former Redskins and Houston Texans GM Charley Casserly, for example, released his most recent mock draft today and he has the Dolphins picking Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill in the first round.

I like Tannehill. What's not to like. He was productive for Mike Sherman, his head coach at A&M and now the Dolphins offensive coordinator. At 6-4 and 221 pounds, he has prototypical size. He has a good arm. He was accurate enough last season. And while his decision-making could probably improve, thus bringing down his interceptions, he is not terrible there, either.

The problem with Tannehill is he's considered the next best quarterback after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. And that means he'll be overdrafted -- meaning he'll probably go higher than his actual grade because he's a quarterback and there aren't enough great ones of those in the NFL. I would be comfortable using a second round pick on Tannehill, probably even an early second-round pick on him.

But a first? At No. 8 overall where the Dolphins draft?

That, in my opinion, is not a value pick. He is not the eighth-best player coming out.

Yet, that is probably what it will take to select Tannehill. It will present the Dolphins with a dilemma because on the one hand, they need a quarterback. But on the other hand, they don't like to overpay for anyone, including a quarterback.

Should the Dolphins decide to explore the quarterback position later in the draft, I'd love for them to look at Brandon Weeden with one of their two third-round picks. This guy also has prototype size at 6-4 and 221 and has perhaps the best arm in the draft.

No one was more productive than him. No one throws the ball better than him.

The problems with Weeden are he's going to be 29 years old, which means his shelf life is cut by nearly five years. Other issues are he's careless with the football at times, and he's sometimes kind of confident in his abilities to the border of being overconfident. The NFL will humble him and that isn't a worry, but how long it takes him to figure out he's not in Kansas (or Oklahoma State) anymore concerns because, again, he's 29 years old.

Brock Osweiler, at 6-7 and 242 pounds impresses a lot of people. I look at him and see Dan McGwire. With respect to McGwire, that scares me.

As a later round pick I like Kirk Cousins. He reminds me, don't laugh, of Tom Brady. He's tall and lanky like Brady was coming out of college. He played in the Big 10 like Brady did. He was very good but not great at Michigan State just like Brady was at Michigan.

Even their statistics are something of a mirror for one another. 

Brady threw for 2,586 yards with 20 TDs and 6 INTs his senior season at Michigan. He completed 62.8 percent of his passes. Cousins threw for 3,316 yards with 25 TDs and 10 INTs last season for Michigan State. He completed 63.7 percent of his passes.

I like him. I really do. He's a winner and he brought his team from behind on several occasions. Is he a first or second-round pick? Probably not. But I like him.

This, by the way, is not meant to be a complete study on every single quarterback coming out in the draft. I'm not ready to do that yet. This is meant for you to keep your eyes open to the idea that the Dolphins are not done adding QBs.

There is a vacancy for a young guy.


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I say trade down out of 8 for two 2nd rounders or a 2nd and a 3rd. Dolphins need to think seriously about drafting this and next year. First rounders are so often busts that paying the premium just isn't worth it.

In light of the Saints' news, what is Drew Brees' contract status? Is he a free agent? Any chance he could be persuaded to go to Miami?

How many QBs starting in the NFL right now were 2nd or 3rd round picks?

You get good QBs at the top of the first round, through trade, or you get lucky. It's pretty amazing that Armando's advocating taking a QB in the second round given he Dolphins history of 2nd round picks and QBs in the last decade. You can get a good position player in the 2nd round. You can't get a good QB in the 2nd round.

Either take Tannehill at 8 if you're convinced he'll be a franchise QB, or wait until round 5 or so. I don't want another POS 2nd round project, or an old man like Weeden. Just get a third stringer that may pan out, but probably won't. My fear is we take Tannehill or someone in the 2nd, finally tank a season like we should, and then pass on Barkley. Just leave it alone if Tannehill's not the guy. Please!!!

Good point Mike. IMO, might be time to pull the trigger. If Jeff is such a draft guru then he could pick correctly at #8. For the record, I don't think he can. If I was a gambling man, I would draft Tannehill at #8 if he is there.

This pick is a gamble no matter how you look at it. Drafting a linemen means you basically gave up on Long. Long is the leader of the offensive linemen. Drafting a linemen at #8 means you lost faith in Long's ability to lead the linemen.

Dolphin QBs - a never was and a never will be. Just enough wins next year for us to miss out on the best QBs. The big wheel keeps turning.

1st round - QB Ryan Tannehill Texas A&M
2nd round - WR Rueben Randle LSU
3rd round - TE Orson Charles Georgia

Use round 4 and later to fill the needs to fill positions that completely STINK on the team, I.E. O-Line.

DolphinJoe - don't forget about the extra 3rd rounder we have - give us a pick - I like it so far.

Drew Brees headed to MIami...Maybe ?????

Brees?!? - yeah right - not with Rossland in charge. We had our chance to get him and picked that fat fraud Culpepper over him. One decision and look where we are now. Brees - in our dreams - he wouldn't play for this shiite franchise.

Dutch that's a terrible idea. 2nd and 3rd round picks are busts far more often than early 1st rounders. We need as many studs as we can get, and it's pretty hard to blow the 8th overall pick. I'm not saying Ireland's not capable of blowing it, but the contracts are worth less these days, and he's far more likely to blow later picks.

Be proud fans and BOYCOTT the Dolphins this year. Don't buy season tickets and don't go to the game. That's the only way you can be heard and respected. Ireland and Ross must go! …At least Ireland as the other is UNFORTUNATLY the owner.

I agree with Irelands dont overspend policy and believe that it has lead to several good decisions but he fails to realize one huge aspect.....It is not overspending or drafting a player too high when you have multiple teams out there that are willing to do it. That means it is a players fair market value. At some point we have to "over pay" in order to get the players we need. What is so baffling is the fact that we have an owner that is one of the richest and willing to spend yet we cant even land Matt Flynn or Mark Anderson. If we are not goin to offer these players a contract comparable to other teams there is no point to bring them in for visits. That just makes Miami look foolish and like losers.

Mando is an NFL scout now

one guy is white and tall so he is like McGuire

another guy is a leader, lanky and played in the state of Michigan so he is like Tom Brady

I wish I got paid to write garbage

I say, they should try to trade back their 1st round pick and try to get a receiver like Floyd in like the middle of the round. I don't necessarily think they should go after Tannenhill... he seems like a project or a gimmick player with his receiver skills. The fans don't have time for a project, they want a gamer now or the following year.

I like Weeden in the 3rd and possibly in the 2nd (I don't think he will get passed the 2nd round), because he has played well and faired well at the combine & his Proday. Obviously he is older,but if you get 8-10 years from the guy than you are still doing pretty good for a decade if he is franchise caliber. You still have enough time to draft another quarterback in the future and groom him.

Now with all of your 3rd round picks you try to get a quality offensive linemen or pass rusher. Or use one of your 3rd rounders to get back into the 2nd round to do this. IF all the cards fall into place, we could have a pretty decent draft.

I have to say that I think Philbin will build a winner through the draft. It's nice to pick up a new toy in free agency every now and then, but let's face it. The best organizations have built their teams through the draft to have lasting success.

I think we will still have a good team even with Moore and Garrard. They are both mobile quarterbacks and both have good arm strength. We still gave the AFC East a good run for their money with the product we put in the field last year. I'm excited to see what the West Coast offense will look like. I don't expect playoffs next year, but I wouldn't put it passed us.

It's easy to get your blood boiling when all of the media is bashing our team, but once you sit back and look at this team, it's not bad. Nor do I think we lost much with Brandon Marshall. His role was going to be minmized anyways and he drops passes at key times. I think he is great but he would have been underutilized in the West Coast. I wish him luck in Chicago, but they are not going to do much with Cutler at the helm no matter what the analyst think.

Sorry for the long post, but I love Dolphin football. Go Phins!

Since the Saints lost their head coach and asst. coach for the first six games, who will be calling the plays and coaching the team this season?

Dolphins will trade down and pick an offensive lineman with first pick.

I hear Drew Brees is a little disgruntled in NO... 3rd time is a charm?

Trade down and pick up another 2nd rounder. Take the best pass rusher in the 1st, best QB and WR in the 2nd, best guard and db in the 3rd.

does anybody remember Big Ben he was the 3rd qb off the board at number 11 and look what he's done draft the QB at number 8 just sayin

No everything is Lost Fins Fans check this link ;)

I can't completely disagree with everything Mando says here but, again, why didn't we just do whatever is necessary to get one of the two sure things??? Anyone who says the price was too high is an idiot but also will change their tune after 5 or 10 more sh!tty yeara

As I have said before...give our 2nd round pick to New England for Ryan Mallet and pick up a first round receiver and also swipe Jarius Wright or Jow Adams in the 3rd round

That watch the scoreboard light up!!!!

Don I don't know what color the sky is in your world but malet is average at best. Our fate was sealed when iresucks showed he didn't have guts to fix the problem. Welcome to the fans of the afc east 4 th place dolphins


What is average about the numbers he put up in the SEC? They flopped on him because they suspected drugs. Go read up on him from the Pats info boards.

I am just saying...if he is just average as you say...average beats what we have now...


ArWOMANdo went down harder on Jeffy than Sarah Palin did on Glen Rice.

Ireland tried last year to draft a QB and got his butt whipped. I will believe it when I see it.

If the Dolphins are conservative in the draft like free agency then they will never draft any impact players. If they want Tannehill they will have to take him at 8, otherwise if they trade down another team will move up ahead of them and pick him. After Tannehill the QBs really drop off, he has the least amount of issues than all the rest after RG3 and Luck. Take the risk on a QB in the 1st round, then draft a WR and TE with your 2nd and 3rd round picks. If you don't get any playmakers it really won't matter who the QB is, if you have Marino with this group of WRs he would look bad.

Sorry folks but I'm 87% sure that WR Blackmon will be gone before pick 8. If not it's a no brainer to pick him and later take his 29 year old QB.

armando i agree with u on how to protest against dolphin management. First of all there will be alot of blackouts at the games this year. The product on the field will be terrible. They might get lucky and win three or four games. Personally i hope we suck so we can get matt barkley from usc. How do you let your best receiver go and dont replace him. We dont upgrade the quarterback position either. They did nothing in free agency. The bottom line is they are cheap. We as dolphin fans will never accept this bull. Dolphin fan for life

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