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Parcells would have served Miami better as coach

In the middle of last season's seven-game losing streak, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross talked often of what he wanted to do with his football team going forward but occasionally allowed himself to ponder what might have been. And one of the things he wishes might have been revolved around Bill Parcells.

Ross told friends he thought the contract Wayne Huizenga gave Parcells was ridiculous. Ross inherited a dea that allowed Parcells to walk away from the team before his four-year term was complete and still collect the full promised salary of the deal -- somewhere between $12-$16 million.

Secondly, Ross told friends he wished he could have kept Parcells ... as his coach.

"He coaches this team, we'd be in a different situation," Ross told his associates. "We wouldn't be 0-5 [at the time]."

Ross, I am told, went so far as to consider offering Parcells the coaching job as far back as 2010.

And that's perhaps the thinking in New Orleans today. Parcells has been in contact with the Saints about myriad things -- in part because he often talks with coach Sean Payton, in part because Payton wants him to take over as the New Orleans interim coach.

Parcells and a Saints contingent met in Jupiter, Fla., where Parcells lives part of the year, on Tuesday. They reportedly played golf. If the job in New Orleans didn't come up, it is only because it has already been discussed numerous times since last week when the NFL announced Payton was to begin serving a one-year suspension for his role in the Saints' so-called Bountygate scandal.

Make no mistake: Parcells is intrigued by the idea of returning to coach, if only for nine or 10 months.

Last season, for example, an NFL team offered him a head coach job. He thought about it for 48 hours before turning it down. He didn't like the idea of picking up and moving. He didn't think he could assemble a good enough staff comprised of "his people." He didn't have a franchise quarterback on the roster. He certainly didn't need the money.

He said, "No, thank you."

"But when something like this comes up, it gets me going," Parcells told me, "and I have to admit it becomes very, very hard for me to say no."

Parcells may still say no to the Saints although the concerns he had last year don't exist in New Orleans. The staff is already in place. He will have a franchise quarterback and there is no appreciable rebuilding to be done. The opportunity is, by definition, temporary.

But there are things that counter-balance the lure of returning to the sideline. Parcells is now eligible for the Hall of Fame. He was a top 10 finalist for the Hall this year. If he returns to coaching, the five-year clock on his eligibility for HOF consideration will revert to zero. He would have to wait a minimum of five years before he gets his next chance at the Hall.

That is not something Parcells would dismiss lightly. He respects the game. He respects the NFL and what it has meant to him and his family. Getting into the Hall of Fame is important to him. At 70 years old and about to turn 71 in August, he wants to be alive when he eventually gets the vote to get in. If he takes the Saints job, he would be 77 at the earliest before he can get in.

I say all that to say this: Bill Parcells is still a prized commodity as an NFL head coach.

His time with the Dolphins was not, by any measure, a stellar one. He recognizes that. We all do. But I don't think Ross is the only one who wonders what might have been if Parcells had been coaching -- the thing he does best -- rather than sitting atop the organization and making personnel decisions.

Parcells, you see, had very little to do with the coaching of the team. Tony Sparano was extremely jealous of his spot as head football man and was vigilant not to be overshadowed by Parcells. Parcells similarly wanted to give Sparano every chance he could to succeed. So he gave Sparano space.

He didn't offer corrections. He didn't tell Sparano his opinion on things he thought the former coach was getting wrong. Parcells did this only if Sparano asked. And often times, Sparano didn't ask.

So Parcells would roam the sideline offering casual tips to players here and there. He would tweak their egos here and there. But he would not coach the Dolphins.

Then on Sundays he'd sit in his pressbox perch and call the shots on coaching flubs or miscues as they were happening or, in some instances, before they happened. On several occasions general manager Jeff Ireland sat with Parcells and I'm told asked Parcells how he knew what was about to go wrong.

"It's experience and it's part of being a good coach," Parcells said.

Ross thought Parcells would have been a good coach -- better than he was a personnel man. Another team shared that belief last year. The Saints are probably thinking the same now.


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So he knew for four years things were going wrong. Nice job parcells. Its all about the money and thats it!

parcells is done, so why talk about history and what ifs? lets be positive with the NEW coach who hopefully has NEW ideas and a freh approach that can give fans and the community reason to pround. This may not be done overnight but lets give him time and support the team and hopefully we will see signs early on to give us all encouragement for the future.

*fresh approach

(sorry typing error ;-) )

I would LOVE to see Parcells take the Saints job....and turn thar high-flying offence in to a methodical-slow ploding dinosaur........The woudn't win 6 games (imo).....and the locker room would be fractured bu the bye week......

but the best prt is this.....

Parcells would have to wait ANOTHER 5 years for his crack @ the HOF....and after a train-wreck of a job with a pernnial playoff monster.....i say they give him the FINGER on his first shot up....AGAIN....

In case you can't tell....I can't stand what Parcells did to my FINS......

I would have so much more respect for the man if he had just stayed to FINISH the job....results or not....

...but like a theif in the night...Parcells conned us ALL......

Dolphin dumpin again? Good lord man the man took over a team that was 1-15. Talk about a rebuild. Most if not all of the players on the 1-15 team are no longer in the NFL. When Parcells has taken over other teams a lot of the pieces were set. What team comes back from that in 4 years? None. Pennington teased us and it is too bad he was seriously injured.
Remember we had no offence, no defense no secondary, no special teams players etc etc etc. We basically sucked save for a couple of running backs and 2 defensive ends.
He should take the job. He would do well.

Funny how the Browns GM said they are "open" to trading back as far as 8 in the draft. Wonder how they picked that spot (wink, wink). I hope Ireland doen't fall for it unless he's moving up to get Blackmon. And I know Parcells will get into the hall largely because of his coaching & 2 titles, but I hope the voters also consider how he made his moneygrab in Miami without making the team considerably better. Let's face it he took over when they were 1-15. That's the only reason he can claim he dramatically improved the team. His time in Miami should rightfully tarnish his image to the voters in the hall.

So the manlover Parells knew Sparano wasn't a good coach and did nothing about it for 3 years.

FUKK, words can't do justice to how much I hate that man. And Huizenga too for being an idiot to give him that contract. And for Ross for not having the balls to fire Sparano before pursuing Harbaugh.

Man, I hate Huizenga too. How he made any money in this life is beyond me.

Armando....I think believe you have the pulse of the NFL owners or GMs...

I DO NOT believe that Parcells is a prize commidty as an NFL HC....his time is long past...and it seems like everybody but YOU seem to know that...like you said...the man is 70....70....

Most of us witnessed the Parcells with no passion roaming the Cowboys sidelines....barely able to get 9 wins out of the Cowboys on a consistent basis....he was early 60's then....

He can't move on a football feild withoput a GOLF CART....and his days of intimidating players thu his staure and his bark are long gone....

Parcells WAS a great coach...there is no denying that....but was and IS....coudn't be futher from the truth....

Hey if Miami can trade up for Blackmon with Cleveland, YOU DO IT!!! Give them an extra 3rd rounder.

Well isn't that great. Parcells, Ireland and Ross knew about coaching blunders Sporano was making and now one offered help. Moreover, it just shows that Sporano was in over his head, the team poorly coached and he was too stubborn to ask for advice. If Ross thought about offering Parcells the job in 2010 then he should have fired Sporano then. Inexperienced HC, GM and owner has lead the Dolphins to where they are today. Just plain STUPID!

parcells will take a championship team and perrenial playoff contender and destroy it in one season.
if it weren't for belichek and coughlin being on his coaching staff he never would have won with the giants. he's overrated and always will be.

Yes indeed. A bunch of guys armed with 12 packs, chips, dip and crayon signs changed the franchise for the future. When you were on the news, people laughed at you.

Professor Lou... that is the dumbest comment i've heard. i will give Parcells his props over a long standing career and he is a hall of famer for sure. and Belichek def played a hand in being the DC under Parcells... but Coughlin??? are you serious??? he wasnt on that staff for their 1st title in 86 and we was the freaking WR coach on the 2nd title in 90.. and you only mention Coughlin now because he's fresh in the mind having won 2 titles in 4 years..Couglin isnt in the same league as Parcells.

This was the whole reason the Trifecta didn't succeed. They DID improve a 1-15 HORRIBLE team in disarray. They gave them a bit of stability. But the overall philosophy and execution was just plain awful. Sparano had a Napoleonic complex, Ireland was sitting at Parcells' lap as he was pointing out Sparano's mistake, and in the end Ireland lost faith in Sparano and stabbed him in the back.

And some wonder why we were 7-9, 6-10 last 2 years?

Best thing that could have happened to this team is Parcells left sooner rather than later. Sparano should have been fired LAST year.

After lots of soul searching, I DO believe Philbin is the right guy. I believe he's implementing the right system. I believe he's going to build the team the right way (through the Draft). I believe he knows how to and will develop players the right way.

The ONLY thing that concerns me, that would make this an unsuccessful tenure, is if Ireland can't get the right pieces for Philbin. I'm not saying that's going to happen. I'm not saying Ireland doesn't have the tools and training to do his job well. I'm just saying that's the part I'm least sure of.

I have a hard time believing that Parcells was completely silent as Sporano was struggling. That seems to be an assumption to me. Just a way to clear Parcells name and put it all on Tony.

Don't make the trade. We need all our draft picks. We need to build a team not trade trade it away for one player. What can one player do for us without all the other players we need to go with him.

My sincere apologies. I was wrong. The 12 packs were finished before the protest. Hitting the Tequila now I see...

The dolphins have been falling since JJ took over it is not all parsnips fault. He had a lot of help along the way. I think it has been an NFL conspiracy to bring down the Dolphins from their lofty perch above all othe teams

parcells sux.

Thank you DC. A voice of reason rings out finally. Too many masters running the franchise. Philbin deserves the chance to succeed and our support until proven otherwise.

Mat More did a good job when he was not running for his life. Delors touchdown passes by our traded recorder did not help him. Give him a chance and draft a QB to develop. Peyton isone hit awa from a wheelchair our offensive line never could have protected him

Dropped touchdown.... I hate this auto correct on my iPad

Not trying to be a negative Nancy........but I don't really care about Parcells anymore.

I'm interested in our new coach and the up coming draft

True, forget BP, it's a new Era now for us.

We are still cleaning up Parcell's mess.

how are you still writing for the Herald!All your stories are ideas from the bloggers here and you flip flop on everything you say if you think its what the fans want to hear. what a joke of a writer.

Having a franchise Head Coach is actually MORE IMPORTANT than having a franchise QB.

HC is involved in all three aspects of the game: Offense, Defense & Special Teams.

The "Holy Trinity" of a winning team is:

1. GM
2. HC
3. QB

If you have talent at only one, the other two will become less effective.

In the case of New England, most people don't even know who the GM is, but we all know the HC & QB...so there can be exceptions to this rule.

It's now very obvious Sparano was in over his pay grade and Henne lacked the talent to make the transition to a franchise level QB.

Ireland is gaining valuable GM experience and I for one believe he has an eye for talent, but his business skills leave a lot to be desired.

In closing, we are no where near the "Holy Trinity" it takes to be a winning franchise in today's NFL and only hope that Philbin becomes that first solid pillar.

Not trying to be a negative Nancy........but I don't really care about Parcells anymore.

I'm interested in our new coach and the up coming draft

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | March 28, 2012 at 09:00 AM

My sentiments exacty. It's ancient history and not a very good one.

Hey if Miami can trade up for Blackmon with Cleveland, YOU DO IT!!! Give them an extra 3rd rounder.

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN CLIPBOARD | March 28, 2012 at 07:17 AM

According to the trusty point value chart it would take two 3rd rders to do it.

I would consider using the 2 we got from Chicago but I'm not sure Ireland and Philbin would considering the way they've down played the need for a#1 WR.

..... F___ that fat piece of S____

DR...I agree, Philbin is NOT interested in having a #1 stud WR who needs the ball thrown his way on every play.
I see us drafting a DE with our #8 pick and grabbing both QB & WR in the 2nd & 3rd rounds respectively.

This Draft ia plenry deep in good WR's

floyd. weeden/tanny/cousins.

2watt...I'd sign off on that, but is Floyd worthy of the #8 pick?

In all fairness, Parcells was an exemplary grifter.

Parcells still thinking about coaching a NFL team at age 70 turning 71, he needs to sit his old a** down and enjoy that 12 million dollars he stole from the Dolphins, unless he wants to have a heart attack on the sidelines.

NHFINFAN, I quit reading your posts when you wrote a HC is more important then a franchise QB. In what league are you refering too the NFL? No sir, remember the players make the coaches look good. Franchise QB trumps every other position in the NFL

parcells has sucked for years, hasnt done a thing since the jets

doesnt everyone realize Greg Jennings is a number one alpha receiver? Idk why everyone keeps saying green bay doesnt have a number one. He is one of the best most underrated receivers in the league. I guess everyone doesnt give him his full credit because they have so many weapons. Dont forget GB didnt lost a game until he got injured.

If any one is interested I created another mock draft scenario on my website. It is just a dolphins draft and 7 round. I have 2 scenarios up and will be creating more. Besides the first 2 picks this year we really don't know exactly how it will go. The link is below. Let me know what you think.

Feel free to register and create your own. It is completely free and free of advertising.



Greg Jennings might also be overlooked as an Alpha receiver because he doesn't carry on with diva actions like most alpha WR's. He's not acting stupid so he blends in with the team a little more.

Disagree with you all.......Parcells gave the team instant credibility. The Dolphins were a team that players wanted to play for......unlike today.

Yea he made some draft mistakes...Pat White i think was his worst.

But the team was headed in the right direction...Ireland would also have gotten better with Parcells as his mentor.....Ireland (obviously) needs a real strong football man over him.

Parcells is not the problem, and i don't believe what Armondo is saying as to what Ross is stating. As soon as Ross came aboard, Parcells ran.
Ross wanted to build a celebrity nonsense mess...Parcells wanted to work on building a football team, but had Ross in the way.
I dont blame Parcells.....his contract allowed him to walk....and I would have to after my first meeting with the lunatic Ross.,

I would love to see the fins try and send a late round pick to GB for James jones. I think he could be a great addition to the fins.


That ship has already sailed. In respect to our new HC, I read the whole transcript last night & I like what he had to say. I think (& hope) he will be a good hire BUT I caution fans who are delusional enough to think it will happen this year. I don't believe it's realistic to expect that when you need a starting WR, a starting, RT, & a starting RG & you have eight draft picks that the offense is going to thrive.

Bottom line--If we have another losing season will Ross pull the plug on Ireland??? IMO--I don't think so.

Philbin doesn't necessarily not want a #1, he just doesn't want a diva.

Also, if you heard him yesterday, he said the #1 wouldn't always be in the same place nor would he be the 1st in the QB's progression. Therefore, Bess might be lined up outside, maybe even the TE (Fasano) too, with Hartline in the slot.

This is what ALL THE GOOD OFFENSES do to create mismatches and make the defense think. This is EXACTLY what Sparano NEVER did with our offense (so much so that it was a joke when we played Tenn a couple years ago and Finnegan said he basically watched a day or 2 of film and was able to drape all over Marshall and shut him down because he knew where he was going from the formation alone).

If for nothing else, the fact that Philbin understands today's successful offensive schemes should give fans hope in the future.

please stop. he lost his touch as a coach. why did dallas dump him? mando your full of BS. his scheme was good in the 90's but the game has passed him by.

We Have Picks,

Dont forget there is another round of Free Agency after the draft when more players get released. I wouldnt be suprised to see the fins add some veterans there.

f any one is interested I created another mock draft scenario on my website.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 28, 2012 at 09:54 AM

Who the heck is interested in anyone's mock draft? It's nothing but an exercise in silliness and waste of time, even moreso from a blogger who has NO contact with any player, scout or coach.

Bill Paracell is just pissed off that he didnt get into the Hall of Fame this year.

I hope he blows this opportunity has a Saints HC, and doesn't get in the Hall of Fame.

Hall of DUMP for Bill Paracell

Bill Paracell is just in time for the draft... He will draft all Big,FAT, Slow players for the Saints.

This quote is why I'm excited about coach Philbin's chances of success here in Miami...the guy just plain gets it:

"you got to remember you’re talking to a guy(Philbin) that I think in nine years offensively in Green Bay we never had one guy come in there as a free agent and really contribute. So my mindset is more let’s get guys into our culture. Let’s develop our own people. Let’s have faith in our ability to teach and develop and motivate guys. We’re still going to look to improve this club anyway we can, but that’s kind of the gauge I’ve used over the years.”

i dont want any elite players or any real good players

heck, we dont even want a quarterback

and give me the fired loser college coach offensive coordinator Sherman to run this thing!

Now let's wear that Dolphoon uniform with pride and lets go team?


I think the GB recieving corps and the New Orleans corps is very similar and that's what Philbin is after.

An unselfish all about the team unit. It's pretty cool to watch the Saints on offense. After every play whoever had the ball jumps up immediately, throws the ball to the ref and either runs back to the next formation or the sideline. So the defense doesn't have time to change personnel.

You know as opposed to throwing the ball out of bounds or at someone.

Of course we all know what the Saints defense was doing..but thats another story.

NH, I liked that quote too.

Seems some here (Philbuttin) still don't understand the change that occurring right under their noses. I wonder if anyone thought Greg Jennings would be an elite player when he was drafted. Or if Jordy Nelson would be as good as he is.

Philbin doesn't sit and wait and HOPE an elite player falls in his lap. He DEVELOPS a player to reach his full potential.

I don't expect Dolphins fans to understand that (since they've never seen it here since Shula days).

Head Coach Trumps QB...He's The guy that tells you when & if you get on the field plus when & if you throw the ball. Trust me a great QB can make a team better, but if the coach doesn't know what he's doing he can make the QB look real bad... IE Sparano would run the QB off the field anytime he got anything going & run the wildcat... Not that Henne was great, but he didn't have a chance under Sparano... worst coach ever... Down by a TD with less than 4 minutes left the guy would punt on 4&3 on the opponents side of the field.
Sparano could make Tom Brady look bad...


Those receivers are also better not just because they are developed but because the qb makes them better. Same with New Orleans. Franchise qbs make everyone better including the Oline.

With this news of Parcells I wonder what that does to those huge egos of the assistant coaches that might have been the ones to take over the job for a year.

We've decided you guys aren't good enough and we're going to hire a coach outside the organization that has never been a part of this team to take over my duties for a year. hmmm That will go over like an owner shopping for a new coach while the old coach still has the job. :)

That's also true Slam, no doubt. Elite QBs make the entire offense better.

I can't wait 'til the season starts. It will be such an exciting year.

nh,watch his u tube 2011 reel. 4 min. mark he plows people.

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