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Parcells would have served Miami better as coach

In the middle of last season's seven-game losing streak, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross talked often of what he wanted to do with his football team going forward but occasionally allowed himself to ponder what might have been. And one of the things he wishes might have been revolved around Bill Parcells.

Ross told friends he thought the contract Wayne Huizenga gave Parcells was ridiculous. Ross inherited a dea that allowed Parcells to walk away from the team before his four-year term was complete and still collect the full promised salary of the deal -- somewhere between $12-$16 million.

Secondly, Ross told friends he wished he could have kept Parcells ... as his coach.

"He coaches this team, we'd be in a different situation," Ross told his associates. "We wouldn't be 0-5 [at the time]."

Ross, I am told, went so far as to consider offering Parcells the coaching job as far back as 2010.

And that's perhaps the thinking in New Orleans today. Parcells has been in contact with the Saints about myriad things -- in part because he often talks with coach Sean Payton, in part because Payton wants him to take over as the New Orleans interim coach.

Parcells and a Saints contingent met in Jupiter, Fla., where Parcells lives part of the year, on Tuesday. They reportedly played golf. If the job in New Orleans didn't come up, it is only because it has already been discussed numerous times since last week when the NFL announced Payton was to begin serving a one-year suspension for his role in the Saints' so-called Bountygate scandal.

Make no mistake: Parcells is intrigued by the idea of returning to coach, if only for nine or 10 months.

Last season, for example, an NFL team offered him a head coach job. He thought about it for 48 hours before turning it down. He didn't like the idea of picking up and moving. He didn't think he could assemble a good enough staff comprised of "his people." He didn't have a franchise quarterback on the roster. He certainly didn't need the money.

He said, "No, thank you."

"But when something like this comes up, it gets me going," Parcells told me, "and I have to admit it becomes very, very hard for me to say no."

Parcells may still say no to the Saints although the concerns he had last year don't exist in New Orleans. The staff is already in place. He will have a franchise quarterback and there is no appreciable rebuilding to be done. The opportunity is, by definition, temporary.

But there are things that counter-balance the lure of returning to the sideline. Parcells is now eligible for the Hall of Fame. He was a top 10 finalist for the Hall this year. If he returns to coaching, the five-year clock on his eligibility for HOF consideration will revert to zero. He would have to wait a minimum of five years before he gets his next chance at the Hall.

That is not something Parcells would dismiss lightly. He respects the game. He respects the NFL and what it has meant to him and his family. Getting into the Hall of Fame is important to him. At 70 years old and about to turn 71 in August, he wants to be alive when he eventually gets the vote to get in. If he takes the Saints job, he would be 77 at the earliest before he can get in.

I say all that to say this: Bill Parcells is still a prized commodity as an NFL head coach.

His time with the Dolphins was not, by any measure, a stellar one. He recognizes that. We all do. But I don't think Ross is the only one who wonders what might have been if Parcells had been coaching -- the thing he does best -- rather than sitting atop the organization and making personnel decisions.

Parcells, you see, had very little to do with the coaching of the team. Tony Sparano was extremely jealous of his spot as head football man and was vigilant not to be overshadowed by Parcells. Parcells similarly wanted to give Sparano every chance he could to succeed. So he gave Sparano space.

He didn't offer corrections. He didn't tell Sparano his opinion on things he thought the former coach was getting wrong. Parcells did this only if Sparano asked. And often times, Sparano didn't ask.

So Parcells would roam the sideline offering casual tips to players here and there. He would tweak their egos here and there. But he would not coach the Dolphins.

Then on Sundays he'd sit in his pressbox perch and call the shots on coaching flubs or miscues as they were happening or, in some instances, before they happened. On several occasions general manager Jeff Ireland sat with Parcells and I'm told asked Parcells how he knew what was about to go wrong.

"It's experience and it's part of being a good coach," Parcells said.

Ross thought Parcells would have been a good coach -- better than he was a personnel man. Another team shared that belief last year. The Saints are probably thinking the same now.


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Lets pray Parcells takes Irescum from us. I can dream.

Agree with DC today. Some fans have never seen a coach *develop* players. That's what Philbin, we hope, can do. The players are, for the most part, fungible. Wallace has the same exact size and speed as Marshall. Gates can be great.

It's all about the coaching (1) outcoaching the other coach in the chess match on Sunday (or Thursday or Monday or sometimes Saturday) and (2) getting the most out of the players.

Every team has players at every position who have essentially the exact same size, speed, and strength, give or take.

Whether the team is successful is 100% dependent on the coaching.

See, for example, how Bellicheck wins year after year with no-name players (and Brady, yes).

But other teams do it without a Brady. You can win 42-35 or 21-14 (with defense) -- either way you win by 7 points.

If any one is interested I created another mock draft scenario on my website.

Posted by: Texas_Dolfan | March 28, 2012 at 09:54 AM

Who the heck is interested in anyone's mock draft? It's nothing but an exercise in silliness and waste of time, even moreso from a blogger who has NO contact with any player, scout or coach.

Coffee Talk w Home,

DE is not a Dolphin weakness, Cameron Wake is better than any DE on the Jets or N.E.

You and all your protest budies must be disgruntled Jets fans, and the rest of the insulters are Miami haters, trying to deteriorate our image.
Instead of clogging the comments with stupid remarks, you should move back to NY and protest in front of Rex Ryan's house. Oh, and take all the haters that probably came or live in some terrible weather city with you.

Texas_Dolfan stop advertising on here. We take PAID advertisements only.

I think it's hilarious that Payton is not facing the reality that he's done. When all is said and done, he won't be welcomed back the year after next. He's done as a NFL head coach. Here I'll just give you my job for a year and I'll get it back in 2 years. Yeah right. He'll lose his starting job just like when the backup QB comes in and never leaves.

Not to Parcells, but to someone else, eventually.

Aww, how sweet, I have a fan.

I would imaging there are some that care and probably enjoy the reading. They know I am not a scout and where the writing comes from. That is why the site is called: nfldraftfan.com The site name does not imply scout, coach or GM.

I really don't care whether you care or not. Your balls haven't dropped yet. But don't worry, one day they will.

Best wishes on the ball dropping!

Pat Turner is an example of what I'm saying. Home is correct, in part, although he's more into bashing the team today.

Pat Turner, Roberto Wallace, etc -- all studs with same size and speed as Marshall. Any of these guys can be good with the right coaching.

Whether we are good will depend on if Philbin is good or if he's another Cam.

Garrard was in talks to be the Toronto Argonauts backup when Ireland called.

We need another pressure player, Home, better if he is a big DE.

New coach Joe Philbin hasn't decided whether John Jerry will play guard or tackle in 2012.
"We have to find a home for him," said Philbin, acknowledging his offensive line is "not at all" set. The right side of the line remains up in the air, with the roles of Jerry and OT Lydon Murtha uncertain.

Why would we sign a player like Winston or Jake Scott when we have guys like Jerry & Murtha who haven't proven a damn thing. This has been my contention from Day One of Free Agency. If that isn't troubling enough I'd love to hear someone explain why we wast $2 Million on Artis Hicks who btw is now the oldest player on this team after our long snapper???

Might as well make Roberto Wallace our Number 1 WR while we're at it.

Funny if you post something about armando's inability to think for himself and how its amazing he still has a job here, seeing all he writes about is what other bloggers write and how he ONLY writes what thehe thinks the fans want to hear....IT GETS DELETED...so much for freedom of speech

Bill Parcells, the worst thing that ever happened to The Miami Dolphins

Parcells is a multi-millionaire weasel! And all he cares about is making money. Let him go to the Saints and watch that team suck.

Bill Parcells is a prostitute. He left our team with blue balls and now he is offering other teams services he told us were off limit. I just did a new post about it on my blog. http://www.savingthedolphins.com/2012/03/bill-parcells-is-prostitute.html

Parcells Smarshells! Perhaps he should have coached and left the talent evaluation to somebody else. The guy brought very little talent to this team during his tenure in Miami.

Bill Fartsmells is unworthy to smell my Shiite!

Marty would be better than Tuna.

The Saints are about to become the Aints again. The older Parcells gets the more capable he is of screwing things up. If you rate his screw up ability on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the bigger screwup) Jets - a 6; Cowboys a 8; Dolphins a 10; That means the Saints will be off the scale.

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