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Brandon Marshall in another nightclub fracas

Something happened at the Chelsea nightclub that has Brandon Marshall again at the heart of a legal problem and perhaps in the sights of the NFL's personal conduct policy.

More details are necessary but if you trust the New York Post account, Marshall apparently punched a woman at 4 a.m. Monday after he was kicked out of the Marquee Club. The report says Marshall was involved in a fight with another football player who were thrown out.

Christin Myles then headed out of the club and allegedly got punched by Marshall who meant to to hit someone else.

Marshall's lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, released a statement that does not specifically address the allegation that Marshall hit anyone.

"On March 12, 2012 Brandon Marshall was the keynote speaker at a charitable event in New York. After the event was over he, his wife and close friends attended a function at a local club. While at the function a fight broke out NOT involving Mr. Marshall or his friends. While attempting to leave to avoid the melee Mrs. Marshall was struck in the face by a thrown bottle. She suffered serious injury.

While attempting to leave and take his wife to the hospital, the mayhem continued outside. Finally Mr. Marshall was able to take his wife to the hospital where she was treated for serious injuries. Mr. MArshall is hoping to assist authorities in regards to this matter."

Some thoughts:

1. Obviously there was a ton of criticism of the Dolphins Tuesday for trading Marshall to the Bears for two third-round picks considering he cost the team two second-round picks only two years ago. If, and I stress if, the Dolphins knew of Marshall's most recent trouble then it wasn't such a terrible trade. If the Dolphins were ignorant about the fight, then it is fair to say they gave Marshall away in desperation.

2. Conversely, if the Bears knew of Marshall's most recent trouble, they made a gamble move for what seems like a relatively fair price for an Alpha wide receiver that is troubled. If they made the move not knowing of the allegations, they must have thought they ripped off the Dolphins.

3. If the Bears did not know, the possibility of whether this trouble could cause the Bears to request a cancellation of the trade must be addressed. Doesn't mean the Bears will definitely want to cancel the trade, but until they say one way or another, it is an issue.

[Update: Bears GM Phil Emery released a statement on Brandon Marshall: "Both the Bears and Dolphins were aware of what occurred over the weekend. We decided to move forward with the trade. We have high expectations for Brandon as a Bear]

The trade stands.

4. That long-ago acquisition of Marshall? The one meant to "get the team over the top?" It failed to do what it was meant to accomplish. The move will go down in Dolphins history as a reach and a gamble and just another example of the team not being able to identify, draft and develop its own players, thus causing them to have to go outside for players with questionable histories (conduct) or situations (health).


5. I admit that after being vehemently against the Marshall acquisition in 2010 (check the archives) and even calling for his trade at least twice, I warmed to Marshall late last season. I felt sympathy for his Borderline Personality Disorder struggle. I also wanted to believe his recent commitment to attending church might be positive for him. Well, I was fooled.

6. If he is suspended, whatever team that has his rights -- the Bears if the trade sticks, the Dolphins if he returns -- will have the right to dock $6 million from his $9.3 million salary in 2012. That per the contract he signed with Miami in 2010.

7. This trade was obviously and clearly NOT a move meant as the first shoe dropping on the acquisition of Peyton Manning. Had NOTHING to do with potentially acquiring Manning. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

8. Yesterday I asked a source why this Marshall trade. "Be patient. You'll see," was the answer. Now we see.



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Ireland is a genius for this move. Hide your women chicago.

Ireland already knew. Let's hope he told the Bears before the trade.

Allllllllllllright Miami!

Even with these allegations though, it seems like Ireland really got screwed it what he got for Marshall. Most of the big time wide receivers are already signed. Rams are negotiating with eagles for Jackson and I'm sure they get MUCH more then two threes. Who is Miami going to replace BM with? Doesn't look like there is any plan. Nice job Ireland!

The Bears did not know about this development when the trade was made. They have 24 hours to send Brandon "Madman" Marshall back to Miami and get their picks back.

This would be strike 2 for BMarsh and he may face a 4 game suspension by Commissioner GODdell.

It would be funny if we got Marshall back LOL.

Omar Kelly must be choking on his chicken pot pie just now.

So now we wait on what possible implications this may have in the trade with Chicago.

Hopefully their desire to win the NFC North will supersede concerns over this little situation.

The lawyer is full of crap,Marshall was part of the fight and he punched the chick in the eye~~~

Six games susp.for Marshall~~Chew on that Chicago!

Well....I'm not as mad about the trade as I was yesterday, I will admit that

No doubt he's a scumbag. But still....the Dolphins have said this trade was in the works since the combine. So this incident didn't have anything to do with trading him. Probably made it a little easier, but we were gonna do it regardless. The results of this trade better be:

A) Peyton Manning
B) Eric Winston
C) Some other dynamic WR. No clue who that is at this point.

Who cares, at least negative attention is better than anything this franchise has done in a long time. They should have kept him.

Good morning guys,

Even before I heard this story this morning I was already over the trade. Marshall was a good not great player. He is replaceable. Miami doesn't have that replacement on the roster currently but nonetheless he wasn't worth the headaches and this story only added the need to rid ourselves of this classless piece of garbage.

DRAFT MICHAEL FLOYD! I wanted this pick when Miami had Marshall and now without Marshall, Miami simply can't go into a season with freaking Hartline, Bess, Gates and Roberto Wallace as the only WRs on the roster.

With the 1st Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select......

Not that I am a Ross fan, but how much of this can be put on Huzinga? He pushed out Shula leading to JJ which lead to Wanny...series of bad coaches...Bill Parcells...Ireland...Sparano...

Even thoug Ireland has really come off as a bonehead, I had a feeling there was more to this trade that met the eye. I was warping myself to believe it was to get Wayne to lure Manning. Oops... Now if this is true about Marsh hitting a women I am happy we got rid of him. But there needs to be a f'ing plan announced, because we are not getting Peyton at this point, and Flynn, well, a 7th round pick back up for 50 mil?

If that's the only plan... I'm skerd

Another high-priced bust.

Miami is in desperate need of a competent GM. Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Green Bay and other top teams make positive trades not two 3rd rounds for two second rounds. And talking about an Ex-Cowboy "castoff" receiver makes me ill.

All the big play recievers are gone already. They have no plan to replace him, they just wanted him gone. We are back to no production from the wide receivers.

The holes to fill: Biggest need order

1. QB - Miami will wait on Peyton and look like idiots as he passes on them in the meanwhile Flynn may end up elsewhere. Get ready to reach for Tannehill.

2. WR - Marshall is a piece of garbage. When you are repeatedly in these circumstances of women being hit not matter what happened you are a piece of trash. From a football sense Miami needed a WR before Marshall was traded and now have the worst WR group in the league and it's not even close.

3. RT - I was hoping for Eric Winston but now with a glaring need at WR too and another gaping hole they may have to try and coach up Murtha or Jerry.

4. Pass Rusher - This is a huge need. The best way to compete within the division is to take the Giants blueprint and have multiple pass rushers from inside out when facing Brady. And Misi looks like another wasted pick.

5. FS - Miami has had this hole for years. They get solid, mediocre play from Jones but no game changers.

6. CB - some are saying a 3rd CB but I was wanting a starting CB. Sean Smith is just ok as a starter but with all the other holes he will have to do.

Shut up, Mr High and Mighty Salguero. 1) No one knows all the facts yet, so no accurate statement can be made 2) What info you are giving still isn't that bad. Uh, if my wife was seriously injured I think I would have some words. They MAY just lead to something physical and I'm a pretty peaceful guy. You just said they were trying to leave. You sir are very judgmental and your column is starting to make me sick.

Rob M,
The Dolphins are not getting Manning. Ross and Ireland are holding out hope but the writing is on the wall. It is time to move on and get the Flynn deal done or Cleveland is going to. Dolphins may wait to get Tannehill. Bottom line is everyone (including Jeff Darligton) is reporting Manning is not coming to Miami. It's time to move on. Dolphins need a #1 receiver, RT, and pass rusher on top of a QB. Time to start filling the needs and not waist our time on someone who is definately going to leave you standing alone at the alter.

Being completely serious here, no sarcasm.......If you admittedly have a personality disorder, wouldn't it be a good idea to not hang out at big time New York clubs where people can pick fights with you?

Ohio, Very good idea, However that requires the person to be able to think like a rational human being... and well, its Brandon Marshall... enought said... sigh.

good trade.

Armando reports Bears and Dolphins did know of NY incedent when deal was made.

Good point Poizen

Nothing good happens at 4:00am~~~

barf 4 bark. 2013...

ESPN reports the same that Bears knew. Deal is done. Two 3rds makes sense now.

Oh Brandon, when will you ever learn?

On the bright side our O-line could be filled with pro bowlers.

Here's how it looks this morning:

LT - Jake Long
LG - Richie Incognito
C - Scott Wells(Packers free agent)
RG - Mike Pouncey
RT - Eric Winston(Texans free agent)

WOW, that's all I can say about that line...WOW

Put Matt Flynn under center with Wells where the timing is already in sync...WOW.

Now add our budding stud TE - Will Yeatman(poached from NE) and we've got some serious beef on that line.

Marshall's replacement is now the only hole to fill and there is plenty of FA & Draft talent to meet that need.

We just might win 10 games this year...

NH, please repost every 7 minutes, i need to come off of suicide watch... jk

Oh, thank God! I thought I was going to come in here today and read about Miami being downgraded to an Arena League team.

See most of you were upset with the Marshall trade now you know the reason behind it. The guy is a cancer to the locker room good riddance.

Also, I hope to hear from the crowd that says, "wait, give the Dolphins FO a chance to prove they're doing the right thing" that they say the exact same thing for Brandon Marshall.

If the story his lawyer said of what happened is true, then Marshall doesn't really look so bad. I'd be fighting too if someone threw a bottle that hit my wife. By the way, if you're even at a nightclub WITH YOUR WIFE, usually you're not there looking for trouble. Some people just hate Marshall and want to believe the worst.

As far as the team, it's neither here or there. He's now a Bear, that's their problem.

My question is, what's the plan here folks? How do you replace the best player and center of your offense? You needed a #2 WR. Now you need a #1 AND a #2. Any suggestions? Thoughts?

This team is living on reputation developed in the 70's. They SUCK and have ever since Joe Robbie sold the team and Shula was forced out!!!!

I was thinking the same thing. Dolphins have Murtha as a backup too. Philbin might do before the season, what Sparano tried to all the time he was here. This will only make reggie Bush even better. Dolphins might wait to get Dwayne Allen from Clemson in Round 2. He is the real deal. Add a pass rusher Quinton Couples at #1. Things look pretty awesome for Dolphins. Not getting Manning may be a blessing in disguise.

The Dolphins did not tender Lex Hilliard....I always liked that guy...thought he was a baller on every play.

Why the criticism of getting Marshall for two 2nds and letting him go for two 3rds? Ireland would have traded the picks straight up. There's a lot of acorns in the 3rd round, and they will sign cheap.

If we do get both Wells & Winston in FA, then you can guarantee we draft a stud DE with our #8 pick!

There is both a good and bad side in all of this. This does explain why the Dolphins traded him for so very little value. But it also, on the other hand, may be what the Dolphins front office was talking about when they said "be patient" to Armando or whoever was inquiring. So I am afraid that no big deal is coming. They wanted us to remain patient in order to give them time to explain why they traded him for so little. I again feel like a fool for thinking they were going to going to do something to improve the team. It never hapapens!! Go figure

Bears knew about the night club incident.

See ya BM19.

Dolphins have to get Winston signed today when he visits or he will sign somewhere else. Wells should happen because of Philbin relationship.

Browns won't pursue Flynn.

I like to apolgize to Ireland for my comments made yesterday on this blog, I wasnt aware B Marsh was in trouble yet again. Marshall needs to have his brain checked because this BPA is uncontrollable.

Under the circumstances Marshall was traded for the right vaule.

Tip my hat off to Ireland for now.

GA...just discovered that Winston's brother is a scout for the Fins! That, coupled with the fact Winston went to the U should seal the deal!

Daaah Beeeearsh.

Cut Colombo "the turnstile" and sign Eric Winston.

Posted by: Tim in Tampa | March 13, 2012 at 04:07 PM

All for signing Winston!!

If someone hits my wife in the face with a bottle, someone is going to get punched lights out(Unless it is a female), lets hope that part of it was an accident. I cant ridicule this guy for protecting his wife. You guys would let a guy hit your wife in the face with a bottle and you would do nothing. Really...Really!!

#19 may be a curse.
No one wears #19 ever again!!

DC -- I am hearing we are interested in Laurent Robinson from the Cowboys. He was the Boys #3 WR but put up some real good numbers last year. Personally I don't know much about him.

I would rather see us trade up for Blackmon. If we got both that would be our 1 and 2 WR.

There is another guy I like that is looking like a 3rd or 4th round pick. AJ Jenkins from Illinois. The guy put up 1200 yds last year for Illinois. I'm not sure why the kid hasn't moved further up the draft. Jenkins would be a very good fit for the WC style offense too and reminds me of John Taylor from the 49ers back in Montana days.


I hear you bro but Marshall does not deserve the benefit of the doubt and trouble always finds trouble makers.

My thoughts on the draft is what they were when we had Marshall and that was to hope Jacksonville doesn't get cute and we draft Michael Floyd. Dude is a Brandon Marshall type. And yeah people will think well he was in trouble already with 2 DUI's and all but a DUI vs beating on women aren't even in the same ball park, not even the same sport.

I'd double up and draft another WR in round 3 with one of the 2 picks and with all that I'd still bring is a FA who you don't have to break the bank on but is at least a legit #2.

NHFINSFAN.... I heard that too but if he leaves without signing, Dolphins loose him to someone else.

It surely depends upon what Ireland/dolphins do with the two 3rd rd picks.

If they manage to pick up the next Rob Gronkowski I think we'll all be very impressed.

However, surely Brandon Marshall plus three 1st round picks would have beaten the Redskins to the Rams 2nd pick? Especially given the Rams need for WR's.

Can these picks be used in a trade into 3rd to acquire Blackmon? Otherwise I think the Browns take him at 4.

Aaron Rodgers "Whoever gets Matt Flynn will be a happy team, he is a top 15 QB." LMAO

Henne before hurt was ranked 9 in QBR rating for his time playing, then Matt Moore I think finished 11th.

One "may" not have to do with the other... but 50 million for the 15th best QB?

Good lord... Look I know Rodgers is not the person I should be listening to, but when I add this up in my head it has disaster written all over it. Sorry to be negative today...


Doesn't it seem there is ALWAYS something with this guy? Do you think that's just an accident?

I'll admit the trade got me off guard and there is a big hole there now but are we really going to miss this headache. Maybe this team completely bottoms out this year and they get someone like Barkley next year. Don't know. I just have a feeling things were going to get worse with this guy as time went on, the same way that Moss and Owens wear out their welcome. I'm fine with getting SOMETHING for this guy while we still can, as opposed to what so many teams have had to do with Owens and Moss and just get rid of them. That's what was coming at some point....

Whether you like the trade or not, Miami is once again looking for a #1 (and perhaps #2) WR. Brian Hartline should not be starting in this league. Who knows if Clyde Gates is any good. This is another glaring need.

Justin Blackmon WON'T be available at #8. Do we reach for Floyd or trade down and try to pick up additional picks?

It looks like Miami will get Manning OR Flynn. Seems no one else wants Flynn, so Miami can wait on Manning's decision to decide whether or not to sign Flynn. Also with no one wanting Flynn, we probably can get him at a much cheaper contract with incentives. Excellent!!

Poizen....I felt the same way after doing the math. Top 15 QB means he could be 14 or 15, which puts him in the middle of the pack.
If you QB is middle of the pack, then your team is middle of the pack and we are once again an 8-8 team.

But, it's just one man spewing off the top of his head and not to be taken literally...right?


The Rams had NO interest in adding a player and taking on contract. They were much more interested in draft kids and not having to pay them huge money. On top of all that, Marshall is not the kind of player that Fisher wants on his team.

Interested to see what the Dolphins do now in the draft. If they add Flynn to do make a trade with a team like Seattle allowing them to trade up and draft Tannehill. I think Michael Floyd becomes a very real possibility for us in the first round. If you haven't seen this guy yet guys will love him. Great talent!

Not even Cleveland is interested in Flynn. We are the only team interested in making some teams cast off 7th pick our savior.

Craig M,
I believe if Quinton Couples is availble at #8, the Dolphins take him. He is the pass rusher the Dolphins need.

No Balls,

If we sign Flynn I think Floyd becomes a very real possibility in the first. Someone mentioned a trade back with the Bengals at 17 that would allow us to add another pick and possibly allow them to draft Richardson. Not sure if FLoyd would still be there at 17 or not but there's a chance. I think this trade is going to give Ireland the flexbility to potentially move around a lot. I like it.

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