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Brandon Marshall in another nightclub fracas

Something happened at the Chelsea nightclub that has Brandon Marshall again at the heart of a legal problem and perhaps in the sights of the NFL's personal conduct policy.

More details are necessary but if you trust the New York Post account, Marshall apparently punched a woman at 4 a.m. Monday after he was kicked out of the Marquee Club. The report says Marshall was involved in a fight with another football player who were thrown out.

Christin Myles then headed out of the club and allegedly got punched by Marshall who meant to to hit someone else.

Marshall's lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, released a statement that does not specifically address the allegation that Marshall hit anyone.

"On March 12, 2012 Brandon Marshall was the keynote speaker at a charitable event in New York. After the event was over he, his wife and close friends attended a function at a local club. While at the function a fight broke out NOT involving Mr. Marshall or his friends. While attempting to leave to avoid the melee Mrs. Marshall was struck in the face by a thrown bottle. She suffered serious injury.

While attempting to leave and take his wife to the hospital, the mayhem continued outside. Finally Mr. Marshall was able to take his wife to the hospital where she was treated for serious injuries. Mr. MArshall is hoping to assist authorities in regards to this matter."

Some thoughts:

1. Obviously there was a ton of criticism of the Dolphins Tuesday for trading Marshall to the Bears for two third-round picks considering he cost the team two second-round picks only two years ago. If, and I stress if, the Dolphins knew of Marshall's most recent trouble then it wasn't such a terrible trade. If the Dolphins were ignorant about the fight, then it is fair to say they gave Marshall away in desperation.

2. Conversely, if the Bears knew of Marshall's most recent trouble, they made a gamble move for what seems like a relatively fair price for an Alpha wide receiver that is troubled. If they made the move not knowing of the allegations, they must have thought they ripped off the Dolphins.

3. If the Bears did not know, the possibility of whether this trouble could cause the Bears to request a cancellation of the trade must be addressed. Doesn't mean the Bears will definitely want to cancel the trade, but until they say one way or another, it is an issue.

[Update: Bears GM Phil Emery released a statement on Brandon Marshall: "Both the Bears and Dolphins were aware of what occurred over the weekend. We decided to move forward with the trade. We have high expectations for Brandon as a Bear]

The trade stands.

4. That long-ago acquisition of Marshall? The one meant to "get the team over the top?" It failed to do what it was meant to accomplish. The move will go down in Dolphins history as a reach and a gamble and just another example of the team not being able to identify, draft and develop its own players, thus causing them to have to go outside for players with questionable histories (conduct) or situations (health).


5. I admit that after being vehemently against the Marshall acquisition in 2010 (check the archives) and even calling for his trade at least twice, I warmed to Marshall late last season. I felt sympathy for his Borderline Personality Disorder struggle. I also wanted to believe his recent commitment to attending church might be positive for him. Well, I was fooled.

6. If he is suspended, whatever team that has his rights -- the Bears if the trade sticks, the Dolphins if he returns -- will have the right to dock $6 million from his $9.3 million salary in 2012. That per the contract he signed with Miami in 2010.

7. This trade was obviously and clearly NOT a move meant as the first shoe dropping on the acquisition of Peyton Manning. Had NOTHING to do with potentially acquiring Manning. Zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

8. Yesterday I asked a source why this Marshall trade. "Be patient. You'll see," was the answer. Now we see.



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It will be either Flynn or Tanehill - Tanehill throws on 3/29 at his pro-day. If he shows up aces, then he won't get past Seattle at #12. Too high? Probably, but with new cap, investing in qb early isn't the ginormous risk it used to be.

Texas Dolphan has it right - AJ Jenkins from IL is a baller.

Could you package one of the 3rds with the #8 to move up to say #5 (Tampa) and draft Justin Blackmon? Just sayin.....A smaller version of the Beast but with only one personality and better hands. I would say draft Weeden in round #2 then but at age 29 - you draft Weeden to compete for starting job. That would be daring. Weeden with Moore as maybe best backup qb in the entire NFL. Who is better (as backup)? Proven that is, don't give me Mallett who is 3rd string

dolphin fan in georgia,

I'm not sure about Coples. I was originally high on him but I have some questions about his effort. He seems to have great talent but I'm just not sure he goes hard all the time. He's an option but a bit of a question mark for me. Not sure. I do think they need to add a #1 WR and Floyd could be that guy.


I think it's going to take a lot more than the 8 and a #3 to move up to #8. Think of what the 'Skins gave up to move from 6 to 2. It won't be that much but it will be more than what you are suggesting. I like the idea but ultimately I think the price will be too high.

The trade to get him here was made under the false pretense that Miami was close after that miracle 2008 season.

That showed a clear lack of vision & football knowledge. Especially when you bring him him under 1 offensive system & change it a year later. Was it Ireland or Parcells decision? Probably both so Ireland gets some blame.

Nice to see R. Marshall getting a look. I wanted Miami to sign him last year. He is a GOOD player & we need good corners. Now, add Abram Elam at Safety & you just might have a decent seconday next season!

good luck u will need it.....glad he is your problem now.....we are a better team for it..... never wanted that guy...knew he was a bust from jump....we will put a wr. on the field that will catch the ball....when its $$$$ time u can not put same guys on the field year after year..... and expect differnt results.....we need help all over the field... and we will get it....2012dolfans just be calm dont over react to bs. meter... we will get it rite... enjoy and trust the staff we have in place...true fans will do that....all haters go find a new team and stay their..we dont need you see ya by by.

Au revior Wingnut!
Have fun being suspended in Chi town.
Suprised we got anything more than a bag of Cheeto's for him.

Craig M -- I am all for trading back if we can still grab Floyd at #17. I heard the Jets were interested in him too...

I also wouldn't be against taking Richardson at #8. I know it is high for a RB, but I don't have a ton of faith in Daniel Thomas and Reggie Bush is unlikely to be able to carry the load again. Reggie should be used out of the backfield -- not an every down RB and not as your power horse.

Which 3rd rounder did we get from chicago? They have #74 and #81.

My guess is they keep the #8 pick and take the highest rated DE on the board.

We've been talking non-stop about Manning, Flynn, Marshall and the offensive weapons we need. But in reality we do need a new DE stud to fit into our new 4-3 hybrid scheme.

I too think Coples has some character issues that Philbin may not like. It will be interesting to see who is the top rated DE on their board next month.

The Bucs don't need Blackmon after signing Vincent Jackson. They may be willing to move down a couple of spots. No way Blackmon gets past the Rams at #6, so if Miami wanted Blackmon they would have to trade up to #5 to get him. Cleveland also could draft him...

Craig M,
I'll throw another name at you. How about Dontari Poe?
He was a beast at the combine.

No Balls,

You're right about the Jets having interest in Floyd. They've committed to Sanchez now for at least the next two years....they now have to get him some weapons. Doesn't look like they are adding them in FA. I'd be reluctant to trade back and HOPE that Floyd drops to us. So I'd only do it if we could trade back up again. I don't want to see Floyd with the Jets.


That was me that mentioned the trade with Cincy to move back to 17.

What Griffin is saying is more a priority to me now. So I am all in for a #1 WR. If they feel Laurent Robinson is that #1 and we get him then I am back to all over the trade with Cincy. But I would rather get Mercilus there than Floyd.

Also, I hope to hear from the crowd that says, "wait, give the Dolphins FO a chance to prove they're doing the right thing" that they say the exact same thing for Brandon Marshall.
If the story his lawyer said of what happened is true, then Marshall doesn't really look so bad. I'd be fighting too if someone threw a bottle that hit my wife. By the way, if you're even at a nightclub WITH YOUR WIFE, usually you're not there looking for trouble. Some people just hate Marshall and want to believe the worst.
As far as the team, it's neither here or there. He's now a Bear, that's their problem.
My question is, what's the plan here folks? How do you replace the best player and center of your offense? You needed a #2 WR. Now you need a #1 AND a #2. Any suggestions? Thoughts?
Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 14, 2012 at 09:17 AM

Can't find anything to disagree with here. If the story is true, he doesn't look bad at all. If he started fighting after his wife got hit, he's entitled to protect his family. What is wrong with you people?

Any excuse to justify pawning off a stud for acorns.


Just saying bro with the logic that a 7th or late rounder can't be a star then guys like Kurt Warner, Wes Welker (undrafted), Brady (6th round), Terrell Davis, Arian Foster (undrafted), Marques Colston (7th round), would have never existed. I dont see the logic in that. If the guy can play he can play. Guys get passed up all the time in the draft.

As far as being a top 15 QB it's probably a pat on the back from Rodgers trying to create some buzz and interest but once you get past the elite Brady, Rodgers, Brees types the next group are interchangable year to year.

Look at Rivers, many thought he was borderline elite and now he borderline top 10 after stinking it up last year.

This is part of an article written by Jason Cole..albeit before the night club incident was released but still..

"Giving up two third-round picks for this kind of talent was a no-brainer for Chicago. Sadly, it also makes you wonder if the Dolphins have any brains at all.

Worse, if this team doesn’t get Manning signed in the next day or so, the fan revolt against general manager Jeff Ireland and owner Stephen Ross will be all-out. The Dolphins already have lost their spot as Miami’s No. 1 team, ceding that to the NBA’s Heat. With only a few weeks left until baseball starts, this team could get passed by the Miami Marlins.

If nothing else, Ozzie Guillen will be more exciting than the Dolphins."

We are the laughing stock of the NFL now.

Given his history...he should not have been at a nightclub at 4am. If your in bed at 4am, your sife will not get hit in the eye w. a bottle. Poor decision making. Many times over!




I like the idea. I'd just be more interested in moving back up ahead of the Jets at 16 again. I think, as NO Balls has said, that the Jets would take Floyd at 16, assuming that Richardson isn't still there.

I'm not as sold on Laurent Robinson as others. I don't see him as a true number one. Could he help this offence? Yes I think he could. I think I'd be more intrested in Manningham. To me he was under-utilized in NYG, playing behind Cruz and Nicks. Not sure what kind of money he's want but I think at worst he'd become a good number 2.


The cost was a little higher to move from 6 to 2 because of who was there and the Rams knew he was a hot item. So price went up.

The cost to move from 8 to 5 is only 300 points. That would be a 3rd and a 4th round pick to swap places. You could always do the proverbial 4th next year.

Works for me, now all we gotta do is convince the browns to not take him at 4 and then convince Tampa to trade.

I like the move. Brandon dropped more tds than he caught last year, he is a problem in the locker room and with qbs. This new offensive system doesn't call for a #1 receiver, but rather to spread the ball around. Marshall would have hated this. I'd rather get more than two 3rd rounders but there is still a lot of value in the 3rd round. Folks watch Green Bay, that's what we are getting. Jordy Nelson, Greg Jennings, James Jones and Donald Driver were all 2nd round picks or lower. Driver was a 7th. Do we need some help at receiver? Absolutely, but there are guys out there in the draft and via trades or free agency that will fit better. Brandon Llyod, Mario Manningham and Laurent Robinson are all still out there as I write this post and any of them fit in a west coast offense. Wallace is still out there too but with a steep price tag. Dolphins have 4 picks in first 85 selections in this years draft, that can be potentially huge for building this offense and cleaning up the defense.

We are the laughing stock of the NFL now.

Posted by: Scott | March 14, 2012 at 09:59 AM

We've been a laughing stock for allot longer than that!

Craig M,

Fair points.

I agree - the draft will be interesting. I also think we should trade down for picks. However, it is a bit odd that the Dolphins will jump through hoops for a short term QB solution while trading their NO:1 receiver for picks.

For some reason I also think that Philbin has a good eye for talent (but have no evidence to support that) and will hopefully influence acquisition through the draft. Sherman's arrival from college football should also help.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here's the scoop

Gisele Brady called Brandon Marshal Branddrop....Michi Marshal pulled her knife out at the same time Gisele Brady pulled her knife out.

All down hill from there

Soiled :)


Interesting! I'm very surprised that the move from 8 to 5 is only 300 points. You sure you've got that right? Yeah I would consider amove like that for a third and a fourth. You could do a fourth this year and a third next year. Yeah you've got me thinking on this one. I would definitely be interested in something like that. Blackmon in this offence would be dynamite. I think the Bucs would listen to something like that.

I guess the questin becomes, how much more do you love Blackmon over Floyd? I think if you took away Floy'd off field problems it would be pretty close talent wise. I think Floyd is going to be a Hell of a player too!

I trust Philbin & Sherman's eye for talent a heck of a lot more than Sparano & Daboll.

Why do We constantly mislead Our fellow Miami Dolphins fans?
The Cleveland Browns ARE most certaintly interested in Matt Flynn.I live in NE Ohio. And recently their has been constant news about Us and the Browns efforting in acquire him. STOP LYING!!

dolphin fan in georgia,

I'm not as high on Poe as others. Seems like a bit of a wrokout warrior to me. Not saying he's not going to be a good player but I think he's a bit raw right now. I think 8 might be a bit high for him and I think I'd look elsewhere.

The other issue is the Bucs are going to shop the pick if they are interested in moving down. So anyone interested in Blackmon (or someone else) may want to trade up. St Louis could perhaps give up a #3 or #4 to move up one slot to prevent Miami from leap frogging them to take Blackmon.

Also, we don't know how the QB situation will play out, but it is possible multiple teams might want to trade up to leap-frog Miami to take Tannehill.

For Mrs.Marshall carma most be a B@$%

Given his history...he should not have been at a nightclub at 4am. If your in bed at 4am, your sife will not get hit in the eye w. a bottle. Poor decision making. Many times over!

Posted by: FLH | March 14, 2012 at 09:59 AM

Why not? Cause you say so or the politically correct say so? People are entitled to live their life. He had given a speech at a benefit & went to a party with his wife afterwards?

Oh the horror of it all! Giving a speech at a benefit event, what a misfit he is!

Have you never gone out & been out late? How much trouble was the guy looking for attending with his wife? For god sakes! You guys will say or do anything to justify the stupid move the phins made.

Try going out & having a good time. Then remember to set your alarm to make sure you're out of the place at a proper time!

Criticizing how people lives their lives & what they do is beyond sad. Sounds to me like you need to get out more!

Reports out of Cleveland today is they are NOT interested in Flynn.

I think I'm resigned to the fact that it's going to be Flynn and I think something happens either today or tomorrow. Not excited about this at all and I just don't see an upgrade over Moore. I worry that we're going to chew into our salary cap for a guy who is just OK. Hope I'm wrong and this is the start of something good but to be honest, I'm more excited about getitng guys like Winston and Nelson and what we might do with WR.

Michael Flyod Should be our pick in round 1. 6-3 220 the guy is bigger and stronger than Blackmon and he is graduating college from Notre Dame which proves he is intelligent. We could probably even trade down to get him and pick up a 4th

Craig -- if they go by the trade chart yes, that is correct. The 8th pick is 1400 and 5 is 1700.


The problem may end up being the Browns if they want weapons for McCoy or whomever their QB is or they may go after Richardson if Hillis signs else where. So it will be interesting for sure.

BULL S HIT No Balls!


This just gets better and better. The Miami Dolphins have resigned Chad Henne to a 2 yr deal according to Jason La Canfora.

I'm listening to the radio as I read!

Bills sign Mario Williams.

No Balls,

The talk is the Rams are in negotiations with the Eagles for Jackson. If so, I'm not sure they will draft Blackmon. Their offensive line is horrible. I think they need to focus on that with the 6th pick or Bradford's going to be knocked out of this league.


Ozkar --- Just reporting what is all over twitter. It could be BS, but it is what is being reported.

Good point on Vincent Jackson -- I forgot about that. That would leave us, Jacksonville, and Cleveland as potential Blackmon landing spots.

No Balls,

Where are you hearing that Mario Williams to Buffalo is done?

Texas, Richardson or Blackmon at 4 to Clevelnad makes a lot of sense to me. They need more weapons in Cleveland.

You got to be happy today if you are a Bucs fan. They are tearing it up!

It's called misinformation No Balls! Someone here posted about ESPN doing it.Biased towards Our franchise.Great post!

This just gets better and better. The Miami Dolphins have resigned Chad Henne to a 2 yr deal according to Jason La Canfora.
Posted by: FinLife | March 14, 2012 at 10:14 AM

God forbid this is true, this place will erupt LOL

Chad Henne news is NOT TRUE.

Guys, I hear you, I really do. His fault or not, Brandon's in the news again, and he seems to ALWAYS be in the news. I get that. Lessens that part of it.

I'm just nervous about filling his shoes. Is Malcolm Floyd good enough (I'm asking, don't know the answer)? Would they make a move for Blackmon you think?

Craig, I REALLY, REALLY hope this isn't a move to risk and if it doesn't work out you get Barkley next year. I know, we seem to be switching positions, me the "Draft a 1st-round QB" guy is saying something different. I just don't want to be that bad this year to get the #1 pick. I joked about it last night, I REALLY don't want to go through a Season like that. I was hoping our team would at the VERY LEAST get to .500 this year.

FA isn't over, I'm not gonna get hysterical. I just need a sign as to what the FO is thinking (I know, not gonna happen). But at least someone map a strategy for me. If it's all defense that's fine. If it's total rebuild that's fine too. Just don't tell me it's win now and then it becomes a rebuild. That's playing with my emotions.

Maybe it was win now (if we get Peyton) and rebuild (if we don't). It's fine if I don't know (who am I?). Are we confident Ireland has the plan all worked out though? Or is this high-stakes Poker and we're trying to go all in with a pair of 9's?

Craig -- I agree and have kind of resigned myself of the idea that it will be Flynn also. So we need weapons to surround him with.

Our buddie Adam Schefter reports Matt Flynn is scheduled for visit in Seatle, Thursday and Friday.

Packers free agent QB Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit Seattle on Thursday night, into Friday.

Sports Buzz

Second Monday update: Philbin will meet with Manning; other Fins notes

Barry Jackson

### We solicited views from several NFL scouts on Miami’s potential options with the No. 8 pick, and here’s some of what was expressed: serious concerns about North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples because of questionable effort/attitude; support for South Carolina’s Melvin Ingram (two scouts said Miami should take him); and a warning not to overlook LSU defensive tackle Michael Brockers as an option at No. 8.

One scout who spoke to North Carolina coaches said: “Coples turned people off. He was out for himself all year. He needs an attitude adjustment. I saw lack of effort. Sometimes, there’s a play going away from him and he won’t chase it hard, if he chases it at all. He stands and watches sometimes. It’s a shame, because he’s got all the talent you would want in a 4-3 defensive end. He would fit a 4-3 end role better than Melvin Ingram or Courtney Upshaw.”
Another scout said Coples, 6-5 and 284 pounds, "would scare me half to death because of lack of effort, lack of production." Another said, "Anytime you pick a guy in the top 10, you want to see effort every play and it wasn't there with him." It's a tossup whether Coples will be available when Miami picks eighth.

### The scout who advocated Brockers (6-5, 322 pounds, 35-inch arms) said he has more upside than Ingram, Upshaw or Iowa’s Riley Reiff but without Coples’ red flags. At 19, “he’s already so dominant in the run phase, and he will develop into a pass rusher,” one said, comparing him to Raiders and former Patriots standout Richard Seymour.

So the chump chad news is false? Please,PLEASE reply!

Chad Henne news is FALSE. The Mario Williams agreeing to a contract with Buffalo is reportedly TRUE. He is taking physical now, so assuming he passes he will be a Buffalo Bill.

If I control the war room, not big on Coples, think next best DE is Perry out of USC - My guess is he gets drafted top 20. Mercilus out of IL could have most upside. I like him alot but not at #8.

Kendall Wright out of Baylor seems like a Green Bay type receiver (since we are inheriting that system).

With one decent wr - whether Robinson, Floyd, Blackmon, Wright, Hill (from Georgia Tech - a Denarius Thomas clone) - I think we have great receivers for that type of offense - my hope is Hartline turns into Jordy Nelson - I think their skill set is similar. Bess should flourish - Gates could be the James Jones. Need to get the Jennings.

Are guys going to get all bent out of shape if the team doesn't sign Flynn? REALLY? Is he REALLY that guy who is going to lead this team to the playoffs.....like, for sure? I don;t know that he is. To me, he's just another guy. I've said it before and I'll say it again, at cheaper price, I'll be just as happy if it's Kevin Kolb. Failing that, Kyle Orton works too. Matt Moore, in this offence, working with Philbin and Sherman, a new RT and obviously the need to add a #1 WR, COULD take this team to the playoffs next year. It's NOT that bad. It's not a great schedule next year. Few extra players at the right spots and we'll be fine.

Thank you.

ozark....I've seen NO legit news that Chad was signed by Miami

Ok, I'm over Marshall and Manning. Still love to watch Manning play and was a stern supporter of Marshall on the field but they're in the past.

Guess now it's a full court press for Flynn with the hopes that he becomes very good/excellent, coupled with the hope the Philbin's offensive "system" becomes our marquee off-season acquisition. Oh yeah and the hope that we can just plug and play any old WR into the new system and they will be viable. You never know.

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