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David Garrard in his own words -- all of them

I have been remiss in introducing you properly to David Garrard. He is the Miami Dolphins' newest quarterback. He will be given a chance to compete for the starting job against Matt Moore after signing a one-year, $3.35 million deal that included $1 million in guarantees and a $100,000 workout bonus.

So here he is talking to the Dolphins media:

QB David Garrard 

(On how ready he is to get on the field and start playing) – “I feel great. I’m 100 percent ready to roll. I feel like I’m back to myself if not better. I’m excited to be back in the game and get back on the field.”

(On if it’s an open competition with Matt Moore) – “They said it was going to be a competition. A healthy competition is great for everybody. That’s what was presented to me. I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

(On the factors of choosing Miami now as opposed to last season) – “Last year I was kind of having the first stages of my herniated disk and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I kind of needed a little treatment at the time as I had just been released. I wasn’t really receiving treatment there early. I wanted to receive treatment first. My leg was really starting to bother me. I was just really trying to get myself healthy. It just ended up continuing to get worse. I knew by the time the Dolphins were calling that I just wasn’t feeling good enough. I didn’t find out for a couple weeks later I actually did herniate my disk. I wasn’t really in the best position to sign there and take any offers.”

 (On his impressions of Coach Philbin and the offense he’s going to be running) – “They were great. I think Coach Philbin is a great mind and a great coach. He really understands I believe what it takes to put together a great team. He’s a great vision, a great purpose it seems like to me. Everything he said kind of sounded like it was already in my head. I felt that was really one of the deciding factors for me in joining the Dolphins here, that and talking to him. You can just look at his history of what he’s done in the past. Hopefully that can continue over with the Dolphins and with us and really get that offense down there kind of upbeat and rolling. ”

(On choosing the Dolphins instead of visiting the Rams) - “Yeah, well the Rams kind of have a guy already in place there and not that I discounted being a solid backup somewhere. But with not being in my early years in my career, I want to give another shot of at least competing for a starting job. Be able to start somewhere else. I still have that ability. I wanted to go with it and talking with my agent, and talking with my wife, they thought the same thing too. It was just the best case scenario. It’s still here in Florida. It’s a great organization and it really was the place I had a chance to really compete for a starting job.”

(On still having to prove things in the NFL) - “Yeah, well I don’t think I have anything to prove. I think I’ve proved a lot of things as a starting quarterback, but I just want to go further than I’ve gone before. I want to go deeper in the playoffs. Get a taste, a shot at winning a championship. So those are things I want to prove to myself. I want to make sure that when my career is done that I poured everything I had into it. That was one thing I was thinking about all season last year when I was sitting home on the couch. Not knowing if I’ll get a chance to play again that I really didn’t empty my tank. I have a number of years of football left in me. I wanted to make sure that I left it all out there on the field. I leave this game with no questions on whether or not if I have anything left. That’s definitely fueling my purpose and getting to that championship glory. That’s the number one thing for me.”

(On running the West Coast offense and what type of skill set do you present) - “That’s definitely the type of offense that they’re planning on running, but that’s right up my alley. I was in it for a little while when Bryon (Leftwich) was the starting quarterback. I didn’t have a full year of it, but it’s perfect for me. I love getting the ball out of my hands fast, moving in the pocket, bootlegs, all those things are right up my alley and the style and scheme that they’re running will be great. A lot of the terminology is similar to what I was already running. So that’s going to be a nice, easier transition. It’s all not the same, but a lot of it is so that’s usually the hardest part with playing the position is getting all the terminology down and being able to sing it. So that’s great it’s already familiar to me. That’s a system I really wanted to be in again.”

(Reaction to Ryan Clark’s comments) - “I’m not sure why Ryan Clark would say that about any organization. Maybe he just has some hard feelings towards Miami. You can never go off one person's comments. It’s unfortunate that any player would ever dog an organization like that. It’s is sad to hear and it’s just sad for the NFL when players talk like that.”

(On staying in the AFC influence your decision) - “I wish I could say it plays a big apart, but it didn’t. I’ve played just about every team in the NFL. It’s not the AFC South so that would be a (division) I would be very familiar with. It’s still in the AFC and that’s a cool thing. I think it’s real easy the organization, the team, the fact that they’re still in Florida for my family would be able to easily relocate and that kind of stuff. The fact that it’s an open competition, those were a lot of the main things.”

(On Jamie Dukes’ comments about the team having no receivers) - “Well, I’m just excited to be in Miami. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me, a great opportunity for the city, for the organization. It’s going to be great. A lot of people say different things. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about winning ball games.”

(On assessing the receivers right now) - “I know that Mr. (Jeff) Ireland is going to a lot of things. Still moving forward with the team, I am sure he’s not set with a number of positions. So I’ll wait and see what he has in store for the receiving core, for all the different positions. I’m sure he’s not finished yet.”

(On if the team said they would bring in the a third quarterback in the draft or elsewhere) - “Yeah, they really didn’t talk much about it. I’m just sure like any other organization; they’re always looking at different positions so we’ll have to see with our coach and what (Jeff) Ireland have in store.”


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Hold up all you tebowmaniacs(ARMANDO)

now jags talking to broncos about taking teblow since jets and donks can come up with right compensation....well, at least THIS florida appears out of it but you dont count out dumbshell ireland, he may still surprise!!!

$3.35M for 1 year and only 1M guaranteed, I'm ok with that.

I think it's a good value move.

Now draft somebody.

I am sick to my stomach.

Doesnt matter what QB we get if we have nobody to throw to. Every WR we have on the roster is a 2nd tier chump. We would have to have 15 picks in the upcoming draft in order to fill all of the holes that Ireland has created.

Garrard just happy to be empolyed again...desperate times for fins front office...hope they dont hold their breath on season tickets selling like fireworks this year...ross should throw out the red carpet for dolfans who should happen to show up to the games...might be a rarity!!!Just Sayin!!!

I woke up one morning and turned on ESPN and on the Mike and Mike show they were reporting that Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland was fired overnight by Dolphin owner Ross for being insubordinate.

They also showed video of Armando being chased down the street from the Dolphins practice facility in Davie, Fl by a crowd of 300 fans as they pelted Armando with chicken wings (hot and spicy ones.

They also reported BIG NEWS that free agent Drew Brees has signed a 7 yr $150 million with $75 guaranteed with the Miami Dolphins acting GM Dan Marino.

Brees decided that he does not want anything to do with the Saints as their image with the Bounty and suspensions has turned Brees against his former team.

Brees is delighted to be a Dolphin AND THEN I woke up and realized that it was all a just a dream I begun crying uncontrollably

Bess isn't that bad of a reciever

Namath does not love him some Tebow. I wonder what he thinks of the OC?

We missed out on the Coaches.
We missed out on the QBs.
We missed out on the wide receivers.
We missed out on the line backers.

The question is who should we draft with the 1sr, 2nd, or 3rd pick in the 2013 draft?

Who in the NFL will lose more than the Dolphins unless changes are made? Maybe the Browns, maybe the Vikings, Perhaps the Raiders? Rams? or the Cardinals? There can't be more than 4 or 5 teams.

Gerrard can say what he wants. The fact is at 34 after missing a year of competition he is the Dolphins backup. The Dolphins would be smart to extend Matt Moore. Gerrard is not going to beat out Moore. The Dolphins did not go for free agent Matt Flynn because they did not think Flynn could beat out Moore. So why pay a guy $8M which reportedly with incentives is what Flynn got from Seattle. The first three rounds go to WR, OT then pass rusher. The Dolphins can then go get a young QB. Perhaps they'll get lucky.


I doubt that you're still around but a couple of other thoughts. I read your comments on Flynn saying 'the vibe just felt right' in Seattle. You're not the only one to suggest that means 'things aren't all right in Miami'. My take? I think Flynn's preference would have been to go to Miami and work with Philbin in his system but I think Ireland became very guarded in what he was prepared to pay Flynn. He had a 'value' if you will. I had read that there were some in the Dolphins FO that were 'lukewarm' on Flynn and I think it's fair to say that Ireland fell into that category. Now the tendency for most would be to jump on Ireland and say 'what an idiot....you're wrong' but you've got to hand it to the guy, he had a plan and he stuck to it. Was he right? We'll find out. Prsonally, I think he was drafting QB all the way and I think his plan was to buy Tannehill 2-3 years. Seems to me he's accomplished that without selling the farm for a guy like Flynn.
Lastly, I think it's fair to say this COULD create some tension between Ireland and Philbin. We know Philbin is familir and likes Flynn (how much we don't know) but it was Ireland who has final say on these things. Ultimately, it was him who wouldn't budge on the money. We'll have to see if that affects things between Philbin and Ireland going forward.
Last point on Ireland (and I brought this up with Armando yesterday). I sometimes wonder if Ireland's 'arrogance' or 'standoffishness' is in fact that or if he's just an intense individual. I think he takes his job very seriously (maybe too seriously) but I think part of that is he's trying to make a name for himself and I don't believe his age helps him sometimes. I don't think people would have as much of issue with him if he was in his 60's. I feel like he always feels like he has to try harder than everyone else to do the job and I think he's a very serious individual. I don't think anybody wants success more than Jeff Ireland. I actually think he's very misunderstood.
Posted by: Craig M | March 21, 2012 at 07:29 PM

extend Moore....that's what she said.

I'm curious about how Ireland will solve the right tackle and right guard problems. Moore will need all the help he can get.

That's because his passing options are so limited due to trading away our no1 WR that he'll be holding the ball in the pocket for a very long time. I bet the Bills are looking forward to playing us.

Since we don't have a franchise QB I'll be interested in how the Phins attack their opponents QB. I wonder how Ireland plans to improve the rush since we lost JT and haven't replaced him.

Our rush won't have much time because we've got rid of Bell and not improved our CB or nickle back issues from last year.

With no apparent plan and lacking the 3 first rd picks required to fill them I'm left questioning the Phins desire to win. Perhaps I should follow the Broncos, Redskins or Buccaneers who clearly want to win ball games.

Except the Phin schedule is so weak they'll still manage five wins and find they're not in a position to draft Barkely...

It's David-freakin-Garrard! Is this even news? Who cares! And if this guy is gonna be our best option, we are fizikled!

well with tebow now probaly going to jacksonville i cant get excited about the jets being even worse. i was hoping badly they would get him.

Hey, we had the 12th ranked QB in the league last year. Last I checked, 12 teams make it to the playoffs. I think Moore did his part. We need more players that do their job...like receivers that run routes and catch passes.

It doesn't take a rocket surgeon.

All is fine.

NY"G that was a great dream and a great story, Needed the laugh thanks

I do trust in the young QB, Moore, and Garrard, and the receivers, Hartline is no slouch, neither is Bess, Bess is ever bit as good as Welker, time for the speedster (Clyde Gates) to catch some deep balls. The other receiver, Moore, was not bad either. Still got the impressive Bush. Just need a little better pass rush, and a couple of Safeties. Hopefully, with a fresh coach, things could click. Won't have the offsides or drops from Marshall anymore. Come on boys, heads up. We're still holding alot of cash.

What in the world is going on, were hoping in quarterbacks that other teams release what a great way to remember marino's legacy. Marino if you can here me, come back we need stability in the front office, im just sa ying its working for denver in elway we have people running front office that most likely never played backyard football much less run a nfl team, come on marino we want a ring you want a ring match made in heaven.


I read this two days ago at other site.

Craig....dont know if you're still around but Flynn signed where he could get the most money--bottom line--no discussion--if Elmer Fudd was our GM, but offered him more than Seattle, he'd have signed here.

Draft tannehill and start him day one

Im sure the FO has some kind of a plan Im just not sure what it is.If they dont draft Tanihill then i have to think they are planning to pull a Indy and tank the season and then draft Barklay or one of the other top QBs in the 2013 draft which would be ok we would finnaly have a franchise QB since Marino

I liked the post Armando.

It sounds like the guy is ready to work his tail off and try to win football games.

He has something to prove and a chip on his shoulder. It should make for a good competition.

No offense to Moore but i kinda hope Garrard wins. A mobile QB is something we haven't seen much of.

and if Miami columnists (not Salguero) insist on giving credence to chumps like Porter and Clark, and help spread their "no one wants to come here" nonsense, I'd ask them this.....why was Peyton Manning, one of the highest profile and well respected (and well prepared) players willing to meet with our FO-most teams didn't even get a meeting with him--Marshall, a starting caliber DB who drew some interest, signed here--Garrard, who we have concerns about on the field, true, is well respected, a professional, signed here--Westerman too--Flynn would have for more money....bunch of crap being put out there.

wow this is what bugs me .. the people who think that everything should be given to them as fans of any team. Well, if ... and I understand its a big if, this team will win 10 games, then I want all the band wagon fans that talk this crap to eat s#$%t for breakfast. My point is this: if this organization is causing you some sort of discomfort, or if you automatically assumed that they own you a SB ring, get your head out of your a#$%. No guarantees in this game. No one asked you to become a fan or show up at the stadium or your advise for that matter. You have waaay too much time on your hands. I suggest you turn off the NFL channel and do not watch the ESPN until september and if then they still disappoint you, you have every right to become a Jet or Pat fan. Thick and thin for me baby ..... God bless !

Ireland said he has been after gerrard for over a year...loser

what's all the fuss? Garrard and Moore fight it out...we draft a qb...that's all we can do..we can't help Manning or the others not wanting to come...screw them! Been a fan since 75...even the Marino years..geez Shula could not draft his way out of a paper bag! Never got Marino help! Elway got killed in sb's until they drafted Terrel Davis..hell 200+ a game with Elway got them 2! Without Davis they get nothing. Does the media give Davis credit? Let Ireland Build stop complaining ...we are not gm's...He has to rebuild the whole team from past mistakes..wanny, johnson,cameron...does anybody here really remember the Marino years,..where he would drive for the win only to leave a bit of clock left for our d to blow it!

Another one of Jeff Ireland's losers only to be outdone by some of the worst picks in the draft. Big Tuna was his mentor. Did big Tuna falloff the face of the earth --where he belong. No after season for the Dolphin again this year

Jimny is right.....Marino never won a SB, and only went to one, because our D mostly stunk, for years, and we had mediocre RBs--for nearly all of Marinos 17 years--far from great drafting overall--and remember the stats a few years ago, where we had no players on our roster that were drafted from '00 through '05, or something like that--none!.....mostly from the Wannie years--and you wonder why we have no foundation now?

Nothing is fked here dude, nothing is fked. You are being very un-dude.

Here's the good news, we're not the bounty-gate team.

Our coach is not suspended for the upcoming year and our DC is not suspended indefinitely, and, we aren't so QB desperate that we're chasing Tebow.

We actually have 2 QBs on the roster that could be considered top 15 and neither cost that much.

Oh, and, for the first time that I can remember in quite some time, we have at least one draft pick in each round, 10 total.

We have 2 backup qbs

Armando in the NFL what are the rumors about who's the CHIVA that make the Saints and Williams pay the price for the bounty?

This is a realistic interview. I like the guy. Whether he can play well remains to be seen.
All of the negativity surrounding the fans is driving me nuts. How do we know what is going to happen this year? RG3 looked great playing catch but he could break a leg in the first game. Manning might not even be able to complete a pass. I doubt both of those statements but in the NFL on any given Sunday, crap happens.
I am happy to see Moore back. He played some great games last year.
I am kinda glad to see BM gone. He was a good player but disruptive and wouldn't work out with this coach. And he punched a woman. Low life.
I wish we would have addressed pass rushing and the defense in free agency.
The draft is coming up and maybe we can get the guys needed. We might have a good or even great draft. Who knows? But sitting here day after day whining about this guy not being here or that guy signing over there. This stuff is out of my control and it is fun to speculate. But cutting up the team week after week in the off season is just stupid.

In summary - no other team would have me.

Blah,Blah...Mean-while Bills,Jets,Pats get Better....Fins go for Culpeper Part 2?

do not draft tannehill, much better qbs in next years draft. take the best avail at 8 regardless of pos


You're right on. It came down to money as far as Flynn was concerned. Of course he's going to say nice things about Seattle but were everything to have been equal I think they would have preferred coming to Miami.

i see anderson went to buffalo, and they way overpaid him

dusty--take any QB that they think has potential, and draft another next year if needed--they are assets, to trade or play--GB had Favre and took Rodgers--SD had Brees and Rivers a few years ago-plus its easy to miss on a QB, so the guy you think is good might not be in a year or two

Why not draft tannehill great size great arm...fins will b in the same boat next year picking 8 thru15

BB and dusty bottoms showing up again at the same time.


look what the Eagles hauled in for Kolb--they had Kolb but still signed Vick, and then were able to dump Kolb for a big haul--a starting CB and a 2nd rd pick.....whether Kolb can play or not, the perception that he could allowed them to make that trade

bb tannehill isnt rivers or rodgers, and we dont have brees or favre

Eloquent, articulate, diplomatic, and quite bright. I'm In!

How's Sparano coming along with the Tebow 'thing'?

mik following Dusty and BB around again.....and going Hmmmmmm again--Hmmmmmm

We're down to FA WR's Ted Ginn and Braylon Edwards.

Call me crazy but i think Ginn has some value on ST's.

Edwards would take some of the sting out of the Marshall loss but I think he has the same kind of attitude. He would never make it past Irelands Diva rule.

trade down mock draft for #2 and #4 + #6

1st rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State
2nd rd Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
2nd rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
3rd rd Derek Wolfe DL Cinncinnati
4th rd Brett Roy DL Nevada
4th rd Tank Carder LB TCU
5th rd Philip Thomas FS Syracuse
6th rd Ron Brooks CB LSU
6th rd Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th rd Tony Dye SS UCLA

hilarious bb. tebow to jacksonville will combine 3 of the worst qbs ever on one roster

dusty, yes you're right, I know--just saying that you can never have enough quality QBs on the roster, and Miami is starving for them and has been for years, thats all--Barkley shot up this year because of his great late year play but some weren't sold on him--Landry Jones was very highly rated through mid year, considered a top 5 pick by some, and then fell back a lot when he started playing crappy-so it looks like there are good QB prospects next year, but you never know once it plays out

As for Flynn...if it was not for todays media he would never get air time..he is a backup..until he proves it in real games not throwaway games does he have a voice. Garrard has some decent stats in the trenches...if he is healthy..he probably can unseat moore until a rookie is ready. New Coaches are good...give them time. And for the jets fans on the board..i would still take my phins over the headaches you have! :-)

yes bb and griffin and newton last 2 years came out of nowhere. id wait till next year

RG3 was the way to go but it takes balls and we are busy with finding/collecting "acorns".

Weeden would beat out Moore and Garrard. Let him sit for a year to learn the offense then unleash him after the Garrard and Moore experiment.

Espn reports broncos giving tebow his choice jets or jax

jimny.....Garrard is (or should be) a backup, regardless of what they say--some decent stats but the guy wasn't that great in his prime, was ok--if he beats out Moore, that won't say a lot for Moore--I like him as a backup, veteran guy, seems to be well respected, haven't read a bad thing about him--very little downside

I see a lot of people ATTEMPTING to defend Ireland.

Great! But, you have to look at the big picture. Ireland has shown he has patience and avoids making rash decisions. Well........other than the Marshall fiasco!

Still, just NOT making mistakes isn't good enough. Not signing high priced free agents and cap strapping is NICE, but NOT good enough.

Our biggest needs going into the off season are QB, Pass Rush, TE and O-line. What you try to do is use free agency to fill at least a hole or two. You use it to solidify a position(s)and take a little burden off your draft picks. You use free agency to gain yourself some wiggle room come draft day.

This is what Jeff Ireland's job is ALL about! This is where he's supposed to make his bread and butter. This is where he simply failed the MOST!

Not only did he not shore up a single position, not only did he not free up some wiggle room for draft day. What he has ACTUALLY accomplished thus far is zilch. He's actually created more areas of need and apparently had no type of contingency plan(s)in place.

I hate to be all negative, but you have to give credit where credit is due and you have to lay blame when deserved. Ireland couldn't have screwed up free agency any worse than he has. He has EARNED the derision he receives from most of the Fandom!

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