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David Garrard in his own words -- all of them

I have been remiss in introducing you properly to David Garrard. He is the Miami Dolphins' newest quarterback. He will be given a chance to compete for the starting job against Matt Moore after signing a one-year, $3.35 million deal that included $1 million in guarantees and a $100,000 workout bonus.

So here he is talking to the Dolphins media:

QB David Garrard 

(On how ready he is to get on the field and start playing) – “I feel great. I’m 100 percent ready to roll. I feel like I’m back to myself if not better. I’m excited to be back in the game and get back on the field.”

(On if it’s an open competition with Matt Moore) – “They said it was going to be a competition. A healthy competition is great for everybody. That’s what was presented to me. I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

(On the factors of choosing Miami now as opposed to last season) – “Last year I was kind of having the first stages of my herniated disk and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I kind of needed a little treatment at the time as I had just been released. I wasn’t really receiving treatment there early. I wanted to receive treatment first. My leg was really starting to bother me. I was just really trying to get myself healthy. It just ended up continuing to get worse. I knew by the time the Dolphins were calling that I just wasn’t feeling good enough. I didn’t find out for a couple weeks later I actually did herniate my disk. I wasn’t really in the best position to sign there and take any offers.”

 (On his impressions of Coach Philbin and the offense he’s going to be running) – “They were great. I think Coach Philbin is a great mind and a great coach. He really understands I believe what it takes to put together a great team. He’s a great vision, a great purpose it seems like to me. Everything he said kind of sounded like it was already in my head. I felt that was really one of the deciding factors for me in joining the Dolphins here, that and talking to him. You can just look at his history of what he’s done in the past. Hopefully that can continue over with the Dolphins and with us and really get that offense down there kind of upbeat and rolling. ”

(On choosing the Dolphins instead of visiting the Rams) - “Yeah, well the Rams kind of have a guy already in place there and not that I discounted being a solid backup somewhere. But with not being in my early years in my career, I want to give another shot of at least competing for a starting job. Be able to start somewhere else. I still have that ability. I wanted to go with it and talking with my agent, and talking with my wife, they thought the same thing too. It was just the best case scenario. It’s still here in Florida. It’s a great organization and it really was the place I had a chance to really compete for a starting job.”

(On still having to prove things in the NFL) - “Yeah, well I don’t think I have anything to prove. I think I’ve proved a lot of things as a starting quarterback, but I just want to go further than I’ve gone before. I want to go deeper in the playoffs. Get a taste, a shot at winning a championship. So those are things I want to prove to myself. I want to make sure that when my career is done that I poured everything I had into it. That was one thing I was thinking about all season last year when I was sitting home on the couch. Not knowing if I’ll get a chance to play again that I really didn’t empty my tank. I have a number of years of football left in me. I wanted to make sure that I left it all out there on the field. I leave this game with no questions on whether or not if I have anything left. That’s definitely fueling my purpose and getting to that championship glory. That’s the number one thing for me.”

(On running the West Coast offense and what type of skill set do you present) - “That’s definitely the type of offense that they’re planning on running, but that’s right up my alley. I was in it for a little while when Bryon (Leftwich) was the starting quarterback. I didn’t have a full year of it, but it’s perfect for me. I love getting the ball out of my hands fast, moving in the pocket, bootlegs, all those things are right up my alley and the style and scheme that they’re running will be great. A lot of the terminology is similar to what I was already running. So that’s going to be a nice, easier transition. It’s all not the same, but a lot of it is so that’s usually the hardest part with playing the position is getting all the terminology down and being able to sing it. So that’s great it’s already familiar to me. That’s a system I really wanted to be in again.”

(Reaction to Ryan Clark’s comments) - “I’m not sure why Ryan Clark would say that about any organization. Maybe he just has some hard feelings towards Miami. You can never go off one person's comments. It’s unfortunate that any player would ever dog an organization like that. It’s is sad to hear and it’s just sad for the NFL when players talk like that.”

(On staying in the AFC influence your decision) - “I wish I could say it plays a big apart, but it didn’t. I’ve played just about every team in the NFL. It’s not the AFC South so that would be a (division) I would be very familiar with. It’s still in the AFC and that’s a cool thing. I think it’s real easy the organization, the team, the fact that they’re still in Florida for my family would be able to easily relocate and that kind of stuff. The fact that it’s an open competition, those were a lot of the main things.”

(On Jamie Dukes’ comments about the team having no receivers) - “Well, I’m just excited to be in Miami. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me, a great opportunity for the city, for the organization. It’s going to be great. A lot of people say different things. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about winning ball games.”

(On assessing the receivers right now) - “I know that Mr. (Jeff) Ireland is going to a lot of things. Still moving forward with the team, I am sure he’s not set with a number of positions. So I’ll wait and see what he has in store for the receiving core, for all the different positions. I’m sure he’s not finished yet.”

(On if the team said they would bring in the a third quarterback in the draft or elsewhere) - “Yeah, they really didn’t talk much about it. I’m just sure like any other organization; they’re always looking at different positions so we’ll have to see with our coach and what (Jeff) Ireland have in store.”


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Besides the Bryant fiasco Ireland has done a good job

odin--not defending Ireland, but, bottom line is that the best teams build through the draft--Pittsb, NYG, GB, SF, NE for the most part--mostly built through the draft--yes, they have needs but let the draft play out--and it might not happen in 1 draft--we were 6-10 last year, might take more than 6-7 draft picks

BB..respect what you say but Moore is a backup on most teams also...i'm just going by Garrard has been starting longer with decent numbers on a bad team. with a decent oline and better d..garrard may shine...again if he is healthy. Also if Moore plays the way he played late last season its a tossup...i guess it's who handles the West Coast O better.


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Amazing how these two always show up at the same time and always agree with each other and always act like they are different people.


HOW DARE Y TALK ABOUT MARINO LIKE THAT!!!HE HAD MANY MORE 4TH Q COMEBACKS!You should be ashamed of y self talking like that!!

Tank Carder LB, TCU!

Don't know anything about the guy. But that is a cool name for a linebacker!



mik, seriously.....you got nothing better to do?......if so, thinking pathetic might apply to someone else too

jimny.....yeah, actually you're right, about Moore--we'll see, I am interested to see how Moore plays with a full offseason to prepare--and I do think the Garrard pickup was low risk, considering the options--both on 1 yr deals, looks like they're keeping the seat warm for whoever (hopefully) they draft

Carder's stock is rising. TCU fan's like him better than Daryl Washington. And he is doing great in NFL so far. Also Check out Miles Burris I think he could end up being a steal late in draft. put up 32 reps at 225 at the combine. Not sure where Philip Thomas (Miami native) lands but he is rated as Mayocks 5th best safety. A real ballhawk.

if they like Weeden, they should trade back and gamble that he'll be there later in the first round (he should but you never know)--with plenty of areas to address and no consensus 3rd rated QB, the extra draft picks could be huge

This is what they should do for QB
trade down mock draft for #2 and #4 + #6
The competition w/ Matt Moore is for the backup job...
1st rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State
2nd rd Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
2nd rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
3rd rd Derek Wolfe DL Cinncinnati
4th rd Brett Roy DL Nevada
4th rd Tank Carder LB TCU
5th rd Philip Thomas FS Syracuse
6th rd Ron Brooks CB LSU
6th rd Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th rd Tony Dye SS UCLA

Weeden's career will be short lived....dude is already almost 30 yrs old. Sanu won't be a #1 wr....slow...possession type who's best skill is blocking down field in the run game. Streeter is lazy wr who runs poor routes and lacks toughness. When the heat turns up in the game and he is challenged...he quits. This is not the type of wr who will be relevant in the NFL. If we don't take a wr in the 1st 2 rds we will end up with more acorns.

Disagree with everything you just said...

Weedens career will be short but I'd take 6-8 yrs of good play at this point, assuming they like his potential--and plenty of good receivers are found outside of Rds 1&2--B Marsh 4th rounder--Colston 7th--Welker undrafted, Cruz too I think--J Finley 3rd, J Graham 4th--many others too

I think Weeden will be better than Luck and Griffin. I watched almost every OSU game and he is the real deal


I agree. You build through the draft.

I also believe you should draft a QB EVERY YEAR regardless if you have Marino and Montana's illegitimate love child !

But, for me, these very facts are what makes free agency IMPORTANT. You target ONE or even TWO areas of need. You make a plan, then a contingency plan(s)in case one or both fall through. This allows you some levity come draft day.

No matter how you slice it, Ireland not only FAILED, he created MORE areas of need.

You do build through the draft, but this fact does not give you a free pass on being totally incompetent during the free agent signing period.

I'm sure some of it can be put on Ross because he demanded we put others on hold while waiting out Manning. But still, Ireland should have been prepared for this scenario and he OBVIOUSLY wasn't!

34 year old injured QB that nobody wanted.

Perfect for us!

I want to give my support to Ireland for doing a great job for not selling the boat for a qb that only has 2 starts in his resume, remember a guy call Kevin kolb. Also since when divas WR wins Championships Hello Ochocinco,TO,Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall TEAMS wins CHAMPIONSHIPS. We needed Cap space and our GM did what hi had to do get rid of the Diva. And by the way we kept Solia great signing. Ireland keep up the great work.

Tom--its a 1 yr deal dude--he's here for depth since we need 2 QBs--non issue

I had a little too much Honey Jack Whiskey tonight........


Zeitler, the guard from Wisconsin is a FREAK!

I'm not sold on using a 2nd rounder for a Guard, but if it's Zeitler, I wouldn't be too disappointed.

He's one of the best Guards to come out of the Big Ten in YEARS! Good Call man.

yea the dude is prolly the strongest lineman in the draft. perfect fit at RG

Also doesn't hurt when you see how many yards Montee Ball had last year. 1500+

better than luck and griffin, come on dude. guy is 28 and still wasnt near them in college

Sanu will be better than Kenny Britt...

BB was right about picking a QB this year and next. You keep picking one every year until you find your franchise QB. Then you still draft a late round QB every few years.

Odin--fair points and I agree with drafting plenty of QBs if available-agree that Ireland hasn't done a great job, and that he could, and needs to do better in FA....needs to better in general--I just think too many fans go overboard with him, thats all--Parcells had the reins for his first few years here, Ireland has only been running things for a short time (1 draft, on his own)--and I think if we had a good QB, which is certainly not all on Ireland, much of this nonsense goes away--how would fans feel about him if we signed Brees years ago?--or drafted Rodgers, or Matt Ryan, or Flacco (Ireland didn't make those decisions)--a good QB changes everything

I had a little too much Honey Jack Whiskey tonight........

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | March 21, 2012 at 09:14 PM


You can't fool ME!

There's no such thing as a "LITTLE" too much!

By the time you THINK you've had a little to much, it's a pretty safe bet you've had WAY too much!

Especially when you're talking Jack!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Derek Wolfe 6'5 295 5 flat 40 , 33 reps at 225, 33 inch vert 9.5 sacks 22tfl Big East defensive POY



Good points as well.

I can't put it all on Ireland simply because of the position Ross put him in waiting for Manning.

It's a totally crappy position to be in, but apparently the possibility of signing Manning was worth putting all the eggs in one basket.

Ross hamstrung Ireland. I just wish he'd have done a little better job of dealing with the overall situation.

You're right Odin.....anyway, feeling pretty good right now.........

I better save some for when the season starts!

Odin--very true......Manning was a fun ride, but he was never coming here--we don't have enough talent for his short career window--and, as it turns out, after all that, it looks like may have simply signed for the most money anyway--Miami couldn't afford to pay him that much......If he wanted to win, SF was clearly the best team, and most others felt Denver was the worst team of the bunch--so for all of his "searching for the best relationship" garbage, looks like #18 simply took the biggest check--shocker

disagree bb. i think denver is loaded with young talent

Denver does have some talent but SF seems to be the best team of the bunch, by a lot I think--Alex Smith is probably their weak link-SF with Manning prob goes to the SB.....with Denver?--doubt it. I don't know a lot about Denvers roster but a few of the ESPN guys thought that Denver had the weakest team of the group, including Miami--but all agreed that SF was by far the most talented.


He's got EIGHT picks in THIS draft and right now EIGHT picks in NEXT year's draft. Shouldn't you judge him AFTER the draft, instead of criticizing one week into FA. He didn't pay $26 mil over three years for Flynn and $8 mil a year for Smith and he got rid of Marshall for 2 3rd round picks. If he gotten one of those two QBs everyone would be applauding him and if he'd waited on Marshall and he did something stupid or got suspended, everyone would have said 'We didn't he get rid of Marshall sooner'. As fans everyone wants to play MMQB....life doesn't work that way!

denver with homefield, forget about it. awful div so its doable

I posted awhile back that I thought San Fran would be the perfect situation for Manning.

I think Denever is probably a little better than most realize, but San Fran is the complete team all the way around.

I won't argue about Alex Smith being the weak link. But I will say Manning would have put them over the hump and had them challenging for the NFC Championship over the next two to three seasons.

I didn't really think of it like that until you mentioned it BB. I have to agree though now that I've thought about it. It appears Manning just went for the MONEY!


I agree with everything you said about Manning above but the things that I think swung his decision are that the NFC is the harder Conference to get to the Super Bowl and that his brother plays in the NFC Conference. I don't quite get that one but whatever....it seems it was a hungup for him. I also think the AFC WEST is a pretty weak division. We'll see going forward.

Personally I think he made a mistake but what do I know....

i believe Manning had no choice..neither Titans or Broncos are going to get by Ravens,Pats or Pitt...SF would have been nice but Bro with Jints..he does not want that. Roll the dice...Broncos


I'll judge him on his upcoming draft for sure.

Still, how does the future give him a free pass for this years free agency signing period?

His job is to find players that make this team better.

Any way you want to look at it, we haven't improved in any significant way during this years free agency. On the contrary, we've digressed if anything.

I applaud Ireland for not cap strapping us and/or not making the bonehead moves. I've also considered the screwed up situation in which Manning and Ross put him in. Having said all that though, it still doesn't negate the fact that Ireland pretty much laid an egg thus far in free agency.

I don't know about you Craig, but I don't get any free passes in my line of work. It's a what have you done for me lately situation. Ireland simply has not done much lately.

In light of this and the fact that talking heads/former players are casting aspersions upon Jeffy, I'm telling you, he's inching closer and CLOSER to the proverbial point of NO RETURN!

dusty--yeah, Denver is doable I guess, but even with manning (and assuming he stays healthy....remember that small issue?) I'm not sure they get by the top few AFC teams--maybe--but to me it looks like he went for the biggest paycheck....if winning was his highest priority, he'd have chosen SF-no question--they nearly went to the SB last year, with a mediocre QB--he signed for the most money--so again, going back to Ireland, we didn't "miss out" on him, or he didn't not sign here because of our GM--we probably made it clear that we couldn't pay him nearly that much-so he moved on.

The Dolphins ended up with Garrard who the Jaguars got rid of (you know, the other Florida team no one wants to play for).

Peyton is a shell of his old self. You'll see. Denver will have a losing record.

First of all Odin, who gives a f*ck about what former players or talking heads have to say. I'm not directing my wrath at you but I'm tired of hearing this stuff. Channing Crowder, Warren Sapp, Joey Porter, Ryan Clark? They're all scum....who cares! Half of them have a chip on their shoulder for being dumped.

Secondly, please tell me what you WISH he'd done in FA that he hasn't done. He resigned Soliai, at what I feel is a very reasonable contract. I'd said 'forget Soliai' because I thought we'd be looking at 5 year at $8-10 mil a year. Good signing! On top of that he added Marshall and Westerman and dumped Bell and Marshall. This team isn't close to winning it all this year but I think he's done a good job getting us on the right track for this year and next. Based on our cap situation, who is it you had hoped he would sign? Btw, the TOP teams build through the draft EVERY year. The mediocre teams, like the Cowboys, Raiders and Redskins do things through FA and it never works.

Yeah Denver will be great for him until it snows which will be in August in Colorado! Jk but seriously the guy isn't as good in cold weather. Can't believe he didn't go to SF. On a side note the Jets just payed a 4th rd and 6th rd pick as well as payed 2.5 million AND whatever his salary is for the season, TO BE A BACKUP! Are you f***king kidding me? And Irelands being ripped because Peyton went elsewhere and we didnt over pay for Flynn? I mean fair enough but how is it that no one is ripping the Jets GM for way overpaying for the worst rated qb in the league who's going to ride the bench? And Sean Payton was caught telling his assistants to cover up their illegal activity, suspended the whole season and the gm gets suspended 8 games for recruiting players by telling them about the bounty program being like a hidden bonus to their contracts! Why is the media not lambasting them?!!!! Instead they talk to Clark who visited thr Dolphins once for three hours and Porter the thug about how far WE'VE fallen! Total BS.

I think playing in the west almost guarantees playoffs while the East is almost up for grabs every year.

These players are part of a union.....they get pressure from their fellow players to sign the biggest deal, because thats better for the group, helps the next guy get a bigger deal--its not that complicated--Porter and Clark and others are a joke....they'd sign here if we offered them more money.....Flynn too--Winston too.....Peyton too---Ireland has nothing to do with it--why fans don't see this is beyond me-keep ragging on Ireland I guess, but if we offered the most money, they'd all come here....every....single.....hypocritcal.....mercenary.....one of them

Craig dont forget the Eagles on your list. The media fell in love with the Eagles last offseason, handed them the division and nfc championship before training camp even started. Every friggin year the stupid know nothing reporters who never played a down of football in their lives proclaim the team with the shiny new toys will be there at the end. And every year they're wrong. But most fans never catch on and continue getting themselves worked into a frenzy over offseason winners and losers.


Absolutely. Good point. Eagles will be much better this year with an offseason program, more time together and less pressure on them this year. They came on strong towards the end. Might be the team to beat in that division.

Your point is well made.

I'm not sure whats out there for TE still but I'm guessing Clark will goto Denver. I'm interested in Shockey or Boss to help Fasano out unless they believe Mastrud to be a guy to step up

I'm from Philly.....Eagles should be good this year--dont quite know what happened last year (Vick injuries didn't help) but if Vick stays healthy, and now with DeSean on board, they'll be very dangerous

B33--I agree, I'd take a look at Boss and Shockey too, for sure--especially Boss--frees up another draft pick too

Yo Irescum. How do you expect to get better signing Jaquar castoffs?

I think TE may get neglected becuz they believe in Mastrud and Clay can come up and play 3rd TE in goaline situations and Messam will can play FB then.

First of all Odin, who gives a f*ck about what former players or talking heads have to say. I'm not directing my wrath at you but I'm tired of hearing this stuff. Channing Crowder, Warren Sapp, Joey Porter, Ryan Clark? They're all scum....who cares! Half of them have a chip on their shoulder for being dumped.

Secondly, please tell me what you WISH he'd done in FA that he hasn't done.

Posted by: Craig M | March 21, 2012 at 10:10 PM

First of all Craig, let me say thanks for not directing your wrath at me-LOL! I just had neck and shoulder surgery and with these pain killers I'm on, I'm not into WRATH right now :)

I agree with you on what a lot of those guys are saying about Ireland. I think about 85% of it is SOUR GRAPES.

Also, me personally, I like the Marshall signing. I think he'll be an integral part of our defense right of the bat. I'm not sure where, but he'll contribute.......ALOT!

The thing I wish Ireland would have done is free up one spot where we wouldn't have to use a draft pick and a hope and a prayer.

If he would have just added the pass rusher or the offensive lineman I would have no complaint at this point.

Losing Marshall doesn't really bother so much as not even having anyone in mind to replace him. If you're going to trade away your no. 1 Pro Bowl WR, you have to have some type of plan for replacing him. As it is, Ireland created another area we will **TRY** to address in the draft.

Free Agency should be for minimizing needs and giving yourself some leeway and flexibility with your draft picks. I don't feel Ireland has done this, I think he's just tightening the noose.

PS: I also like the Artis Hicks signing. He'll definitely be an upgrade over Carey and Jerry at GUARD. Though, thus far, that's not saying much.

Hoping For The Best!


I think you're right--especially with Clay in the mix, TE could get upgraded but not as big a need compared to others

Not a fan of Mastrud but I think Clay could be good. So the question becomes does signing Boss (probably for a lot of money) stunt Clay's growth? My guess is they will stick with Clay, unless they see a kid in the draft that will ultimately reaplce Fasano.

BB, Phins78 and Craig,

Good stuff tonight guys!

Tell it like it is!

A blind monkey throwing darts would draft better then Irescum has. So why does he still have a job?

I predict that Charles Clay will excel in the WCO.

The guys skillset seems to fit the west coast offense perfectly.

Call me names or whatever, I've been wrong lots of times. I just have a feeling that Clay will look like a monster in Philbins/Sherman's system.

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