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David Garrard in his own words -- all of them

I have been remiss in introducing you properly to David Garrard. He is the Miami Dolphins' newest quarterback. He will be given a chance to compete for the starting job against Matt Moore after signing a one-year, $3.35 million deal that included $1 million in guarantees and a $100,000 workout bonus.

So here he is talking to the Dolphins media:

QB David Garrard 

(On how ready he is to get on the field and start playing) – “I feel great. I’m 100 percent ready to roll. I feel like I’m back to myself if not better. I’m excited to be back in the game and get back on the field.”

(On if it’s an open competition with Matt Moore) – “They said it was going to be a competition. A healthy competition is great for everybody. That’s what was presented to me. I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

(On the factors of choosing Miami now as opposed to last season) – “Last year I was kind of having the first stages of my herniated disk and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I kind of needed a little treatment at the time as I had just been released. I wasn’t really receiving treatment there early. I wanted to receive treatment first. My leg was really starting to bother me. I was just really trying to get myself healthy. It just ended up continuing to get worse. I knew by the time the Dolphins were calling that I just wasn’t feeling good enough. I didn’t find out for a couple weeks later I actually did herniate my disk. I wasn’t really in the best position to sign there and take any offers.”

 (On his impressions of Coach Philbin and the offense he’s going to be running) – “They were great. I think Coach Philbin is a great mind and a great coach. He really understands I believe what it takes to put together a great team. He’s a great vision, a great purpose it seems like to me. Everything he said kind of sounded like it was already in my head. I felt that was really one of the deciding factors for me in joining the Dolphins here, that and talking to him. You can just look at his history of what he’s done in the past. Hopefully that can continue over with the Dolphins and with us and really get that offense down there kind of upbeat and rolling. ”

(On choosing the Dolphins instead of visiting the Rams) - “Yeah, well the Rams kind of have a guy already in place there and not that I discounted being a solid backup somewhere. But with not being in my early years in my career, I want to give another shot of at least competing for a starting job. Be able to start somewhere else. I still have that ability. I wanted to go with it and talking with my agent, and talking with my wife, they thought the same thing too. It was just the best case scenario. It’s still here in Florida. It’s a great organization and it really was the place I had a chance to really compete for a starting job.”

(On still having to prove things in the NFL) - “Yeah, well I don’t think I have anything to prove. I think I’ve proved a lot of things as a starting quarterback, but I just want to go further than I’ve gone before. I want to go deeper in the playoffs. Get a taste, a shot at winning a championship. So those are things I want to prove to myself. I want to make sure that when my career is done that I poured everything I had into it. That was one thing I was thinking about all season last year when I was sitting home on the couch. Not knowing if I’ll get a chance to play again that I really didn’t empty my tank. I have a number of years of football left in me. I wanted to make sure that I left it all out there on the field. I leave this game with no questions on whether or not if I have anything left. That’s definitely fueling my purpose and getting to that championship glory. That’s the number one thing for me.”

(On running the West Coast offense and what type of skill set do you present) - “That’s definitely the type of offense that they’re planning on running, but that’s right up my alley. I was in it for a little while when Bryon (Leftwich) was the starting quarterback. I didn’t have a full year of it, but it’s perfect for me. I love getting the ball out of my hands fast, moving in the pocket, bootlegs, all those things are right up my alley and the style and scheme that they’re running will be great. A lot of the terminology is similar to what I was already running. So that’s going to be a nice, easier transition. It’s all not the same, but a lot of it is so that’s usually the hardest part with playing the position is getting all the terminology down and being able to sing it. So that’s great it’s already familiar to me. That’s a system I really wanted to be in again.”

(Reaction to Ryan Clark’s comments) - “I’m not sure why Ryan Clark would say that about any organization. Maybe he just has some hard feelings towards Miami. You can never go off one person's comments. It’s unfortunate that any player would ever dog an organization like that. It’s is sad to hear and it’s just sad for the NFL when players talk like that.”

(On staying in the AFC influence your decision) - “I wish I could say it plays a big apart, but it didn’t. I’ve played just about every team in the NFL. It’s not the AFC South so that would be a (division) I would be very familiar with. It’s still in the AFC and that’s a cool thing. I think it’s real easy the organization, the team, the fact that they’re still in Florida for my family would be able to easily relocate and that kind of stuff. The fact that it’s an open competition, those were a lot of the main things.”

(On Jamie Dukes’ comments about the team having no receivers) - “Well, I’m just excited to be in Miami. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me, a great opportunity for the city, for the organization. It’s going to be great. A lot of people say different things. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about winning ball games.”

(On assessing the receivers right now) - “I know that Mr. (Jeff) Ireland is going to a lot of things. Still moving forward with the team, I am sure he’s not set with a number of positions. So I’ll wait and see what he has in store for the receiving core, for all the different positions. I’m sure he’s not finished yet.”

(On if the team said they would bring in the a third quarterback in the draft or elsewhere) - “Yeah, they really didn’t talk much about it. I’m just sure like any other organization; they’re always looking at different positions so we’ll have to see with our coach and what (Jeff) Ireland have in store.”


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well thank you scotty, for your.....uh....blind monkey contribution--dude, Ireland has had 1 draft of his own, the others were Parcells'.....everbody knows that--and his one draft was ok, considering he initially didn't have a 2nd rd pick--Pouncey is quality, Thomas too (needs to stay healthy)....Clay flashed some skills late in the year, Wilson was a nice get in the 7th--we'll see about Gates, but he at least contributed--not bad

Ross has the cheapest GM, HC, and QB's in football. Yet he charges NFL prices to watch this garbage. Unreal.

When you look at the role of TE in the west coast, even GB's TE's, Fasano seems to have a very, very short shelf life left in Miami. He's neither fast nor quick. I believe Mastrud may have been resign to be the short yardage bloocking kind of TE.

With Clay's speed he will excell in the west coast. Just a matter of the qb getting him the ball.

well thank you scotty, for your.....uh....blind monkey contribution--dude, Ireland has had 1 draft of his own, the others were Parcells'.....everbody knows that--and his one draft was ok, considering he initially didn't have a 2nd rd pick--Pouncey is quality, Thomas too (needs to stay healthy)....Clay flashed some skills late in the year, Wilson was a nice get in the 7th--we'll see about Gates, but he at least contributed--not bad
Posted by: BB | March 21, 2012 at 10:51 PM


BB if you believe that hogwash I have some ice in Alaska to sell ya! LOL!

NE signed Will Allen. Anyone else notice that they sign our old players the way Ireland signs Dallas's trash?

agree YG.....I like Fasano but he's limited.....could use a better athlete there--hopefully they;ll address it in the draft, just not sure we have enough picks to go around

Not drafting ANY QB last year was INSANELY STUPID! Not to mention squandering 3 picks on a backup RB. Or drafting Pat White or RoboHenne. Or Merling or Pat Turner. Irelands a MORON!

And the Dez Bryant debacle alienated players and coaches, NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY OR COACH HERE..IF THEY HAVE A CHOICE!!

trade down mock draft for #2 and #4 + #6

The competition is going to be betweem Garrard & Matt Moore for the backup position

1st rd Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State
2nd rd Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin
2nd rd Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers
3rd rd Derek Wolfe DL Cinncinnati
3rd rd Tommy Streeter WR The University of Miami
4th rd Brett Roy DL Nevada
4th rd Tank Carder LB TCU
5th rd Philip Thomas FS Syracuse
6th rd Ron Brooks CB LSU
6th rd Miles Burris OLB San Diego State
7th rd Tony Dye SS UCLA

Let's face it guys. We're the joke of the NFL now. Expect nothing, receive plenty. I have no hope anymore.

Scotty....which part of that "hogwash" do you not agree with? And again, in case you missed it.....Ireland didn't draft any of the guys you mentioned......Parcells was making the decisions--is that difficult to understand?

Scotty.....they'd come here if we paid them the most money--its as simple as that--its not my opinion, its just the way it is.....Dez Bryant included--but everybody wants to make it more complicated.....its not.

Fire Ross! http://www.change.org/petitions/owner-miami-dolphins-sell-the-miami-dolphins

You can see the education and intelligence in Garrard. He throws very few picks, so obviously he makes good decisions. I wonder why he never became a top 5 QB.

Does this idiot not realize that you can't fire an owner? Get yourself a billion dollars and make an offer to buy the team instead of useless idiotic online petitions if you really what an ownership change.

Im not a Redskins fan, but, I think I will be buying a RG3 jersey sometime in my not so distant future,

I hear he absolutely blew pro day away. Gill Brandt says he's not so sure whether Luck or RG3 should be 1st overall.

It would be the shocker of the day if at the last minute the Colts decide to take RG3 over Luck. Keep your seat belts buckled draft day. It could began with a shocking boom! LOL

"They would come here if we paid them the best money." Unfortunately, Miami has no one of note on their roster yet is bouncing at the cap limit. If we found a superstar player who wanted to come here, we couldn't manage to pay them.

Miami is not close. Ireland created more needs and resolved none. You have to be a fool to believe that Ireland will draft 7 players who will contribute to the Dolphins in any meaningful fashion. I will go out on a limb right now and state that Ireland will NOT draft a single player who is a play maker for the Dolphins this year or next.

Our offense is in worse shape than it was last year and our secondary is absolute garbage. Miami better get used to 11 men in the box because no one will be remotely concerned about Miami throwing the ball. Unfortunately, this means our defense will spend most of the time on the field and when one considers our secondary already had to make most of the tackles, it tells you the line and linebacker corp is lacking as well. I am sure the delusional will find solace in Soliai making a couple tackles this year - maybe he even collects a sack.

The ship has already sailed in Miami.

WTH is it with us "WHITE" people. Every time a black person speaks with intelligence he's "very articulate", "sounds educated", "sounds intelligent". I know lots of fellow white people dumber than the days are long.

Hell I know white people you couldnt understand what are saying if they brought along thier own interpreter. Hell, Tony Sparano isnt white. Why with black people you can understand it always has to be "oh, he's so articulate" bs?

I have many black friends who are very smart. White friends who are very smart. Black friends who arent as smart and white friends who arent as smart.

Do you know how ridiculous you sound when making those kind of statements? You sound like racist refering to intelligence by blacks as being "a very rare event". Geesh, some of you white people need to get out of mommy's basement and meet the rest of the world. Youre sounding like true idiots and dont even know it!

If I were black and one of you racistn pigs came up to me and said "you sound so articulate", "educated", or anything else referencing a very rare thing based on my skin color.

I would beat you down and stomp on your stupid heads until I stomped it thru the earth. Its white people like you that give the rest of us bad names. I would give you something to "articulate" alright. Its called an ass-whuppin!


Dying Goon passing judgement on others?

How hypocritical!!

Are you upset for any reason, YG? Did I mention Garrard, the black QB? No, I only said Garrard, as I could have said, Luck, Manning, RG3. All those are also articulate and intelligent, and are of mixed colors. What's wrong with you, Man?

Yesterday's Gone--

Absolutely 100% agreed and well said.

What I suspect is that SOME whites (by no means all or even a plurality) are so obsessed with race and "differences" that when a black athlete/politician/entertainer or simply an anonymous 'John Doe' reveal themselves to be highly articulate and intelligent, they are threatened by it at some level and react by either deluding themselves that it is some kind of aberration or (in the worst cases) with outright anger and hostility.

Fortunately, time and a changing society is marginalizing those types of people to the sidelines. Few younger folks have the same racial hangups their parents and grandparents may have been encumbered with.

By the way, I was agreeing with the first post---not so much the allusions to "ass whupping."

Your post at 11:38PM is great, tj. I was looking for a way to express the same thing you did, but you came up with it in a minute. Some kind of Bulb!


You mentioned Garrard, then the "sounds well educated, smart" came out. Almost every pro football player in the league is well educated. They've completed high school and at least 2yrs of college. Duhhhhhhhh.......

But sny remarks seem to almost always surface when talking about black people. Its like you feel you're giving some type of reward in being "so rare" for thier skin color.

Oscar, Im white, and if you made a statement like that specifically refering to a black person. When I've never heard you reference those terms speaking of anyone else of color. I would smack you right in the mouth. I know my black friends would.

You might be white, but you are an angry as all Hell individual, YG. Why are you upset, because all this foolishness with the Dolphins? If so, you are not also angry, but immature. BTW, you couldn't catch up with me to give that promised ass-whupping even if you tried.

Being raised in a ghetto doesnt neccessarily make a person dumb. Just like having an education doesnt neccessarily make a person smart.

One or the other only increases your chances of having a better or worse "ECONOMICAL" oportunity. Nothing more, nothing less.

Regardless of color, having more than the next man doesnt make you smarter. Having less than the next man doesnt make you dumber.

Oscar @11:53 PM,

Reread your own post. It sounds so uneducated and non-articulate. LOL

Wow, Garrard was somewhat articulate. Good sign.

The true ghetto is between your ears. Oscar has shown us exactly where he lives! LOL

Dialect and slang are directly linked to enviroment. Just because you cant understand what a person is saying doesnt mean they are non-articulate. Hell, while listening to you they maybe feeling the exact same thing. LOL

If Marino was black, still nobody would call him articulate. Heck of a QB, borderline illiterate otherwise. Just listen to him as a network analyst, he never has anything remotely interesting to say. Dumb as a rock IMO.

No kidding, YG.

When learning the english language foreign white people dont usually speak it as we do. Does that make them unintelligent too?

To us they seem to be speaking english backwards. But did some of you white American Eienstiens know that English is the only language in the world spoken backwards. Did you know we read left to right and many other world languages read right to left(Or in our terms backwards)? Boy, some of you need out of mommy's basement. LOL

Hey, YG, how much is Armando paying you to fill this blog with your bull-crap?

Miami will draft an OT in Round 1.

Pick a second tier, crappy QB in round 2-4.

Wash, rinse, repeat.


So funny Fisher would have brought d-cordinator Greg Williams to Miami with him.

And some of you say nothing went right for Miami this offseason. LOL


Oh yeah, Im not an angry person. But I do get angry and then I get over it! LOL

Sean Payton suspended for 1yr. Looks like nfl flag football's not so far into our distant future! LOL

That's a good attribute to have, YG.

Once the nfl goes flag football. I promise Im done with this game. I go to a new sport where people really get hurt. Like watching soap opera's.

Oh yeah, soap operas are going off the air too. I guess very soon soap operas will be more violent than nfl football! LOL


I learned a while ago. When Im angry, Im doing the person Im angry with a huge favor. Im terrorizing myself. Because Im the one who feels bad. LOL

I'd like to know, YG, how are they paying you, per post, per hour, fixed salary or contract? Or are you one of these poor jailbirds they use to increase their earnings and that work to have their sentences reduced? C'mon, don't be shy, tell me.

The Architect Frank Lloyd Wright use to have a famous line that went something like 'only fools and women give opinions before the work is competed'. I think we should all reserve judgment until after the Draft...let's see the entire and complete team, how it's put together. Thereafter, if they don't meet expectations (and they are now plaing from behind) then...as the old saying goes; heads should roll. Let's let it unfold...we'll see soon enough. In the meantime let's enjoy the ride!!!

Manning is an ego headed dk. He took a former Denver players retired number. No class, no respect. The player did say Manning could have it, but he was being a gentleman. The organization retired the number, but Peyton Ego is bigger than the world in his nerve dead mind.

Brees is a fool. Today he was demanding an explanation as to why Payton was suspeneded for the full season. Mr. Brees, if you read the publicly released report, the explanation is in there loud and clear. Not only did they break the rules they knew they were breaking, but lied about it to the commissioner for years. That's why Drew cry baby.

These athletes think they are enlightened gifts to society. They are greedy immature slugs when it comes down to it. Fk Brees, Fk Manning and Fk Sean Payton. They are dirty people. Peytons southern drawl fake charm doesn'tfool me, he's a cold greedy snake.

Henne's lucky the Jags didnt get Tebow or he would'vs been 3rd string....ON THE JAG!

Henne's a millionaire and set for life. He is lucky no matter what.

Some of you laugh and pity these athletes and don't stop to think how many of them can retire before they are 30 and live the good life, nary a financial worry ever again.


Im one of those jailbirds working online to get my sentence reduced. I want to get your mom on my conjuncle visitors list. After she meets the "big boy" I want have to ask for commissary money. She'll just send it to me. LOLO

YG you have to admit Garrard sounds smarter then most black boyz.


95% of these athletes maybe able to retire before 30. But many of them are dead broke by 30 too. LOL

True enough. I'd say still half manage their money well enough. The other half party with an entourage for 3 years before they realize they are flat broke.

YG you have to admit Garrard sounds smarter then most black boyz.

Posted by: ... | March 22, 2012 at 12:49 AM

I'll admit that whomever's the dumbest black person alive. Would probably sound "MUCH, MUCH" smarter thyan you! LOL

Money doesnt buy them happiness when they're athletes and sitting on the bench.


Managing money isnt an easy thing. People who've never had it automatically assume the more you have the easier it is to manage. That's far from true.

Rule of thumb is: "If you cant manage a little, you'll never be able to manage a lot". The better you are at managing a little money. Usually the better you'll be at managing a lot of money. The exact same principles are involved.

Most pro athletes that go broke quickest are those that never managed to learn how to manage a little money.

Money does buy buy happiness. Its just that's its one helluva long payment plan! LOL

Money just doesnt buy contentment. You'll almost never be content when you have money! LOL

Money doesnt buy them happiness when they're athletes and sitting on the bench.

Posted by: Ron Son | March 22, 2012 at 12:53 AM

Think about that every time you dread going to work or dealing with your boss or spend months waiting for your measly two week vacation to arrive. Think about it when you find yourself ordering chicken instead of lobster or buying the on sale clothes instead of the fine Italian styles. Money may not buy happiness, but it has a way of eliminating depression. LOL.

Its just with money you cant try and buy all of your happiness in one place. Spread it out. Or quickly you will be broke. LOL

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