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David Garrard in his own words -- all of them

I have been remiss in introducing you properly to David Garrard. He is the Miami Dolphins' newest quarterback. He will be given a chance to compete for the starting job against Matt Moore after signing a one-year, $3.35 million deal that included $1 million in guarantees and a $100,000 workout bonus.

So here he is talking to the Dolphins media:

QB David Garrard 

(On how ready he is to get on the field and start playing) – “I feel great. I’m 100 percent ready to roll. I feel like I’m back to myself if not better. I’m excited to be back in the game and get back on the field.”

(On if it’s an open competition with Matt Moore) – “They said it was going to be a competition. A healthy competition is great for everybody. That’s what was presented to me. I wouldn’t expect anything else.”

(On the factors of choosing Miami now as opposed to last season) – “Last year I was kind of having the first stages of my herniated disk and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I kind of needed a little treatment at the time as I had just been released. I wasn’t really receiving treatment there early. I wanted to receive treatment first. My leg was really starting to bother me. I was just really trying to get myself healthy. It just ended up continuing to get worse. I knew by the time the Dolphins were calling that I just wasn’t feeling good enough. I didn’t find out for a couple weeks later I actually did herniate my disk. I wasn’t really in the best position to sign there and take any offers.”

 (On his impressions of Coach Philbin and the offense he’s going to be running) – “They were great. I think Coach Philbin is a great mind and a great coach. He really understands I believe what it takes to put together a great team. He’s a great vision, a great purpose it seems like to me. Everything he said kind of sounded like it was already in my head. I felt that was really one of the deciding factors for me in joining the Dolphins here, that and talking to him. You can just look at his history of what he’s done in the past. Hopefully that can continue over with the Dolphins and with us and really get that offense down there kind of upbeat and rolling. ”

(On choosing the Dolphins instead of visiting the Rams) - “Yeah, well the Rams kind of have a guy already in place there and not that I discounted being a solid backup somewhere. But with not being in my early years in my career, I want to give another shot of at least competing for a starting job. Be able to start somewhere else. I still have that ability. I wanted to go with it and talking with my agent, and talking with my wife, they thought the same thing too. It was just the best case scenario. It’s still here in Florida. It’s a great organization and it really was the place I had a chance to really compete for a starting job.”

(On still having to prove things in the NFL) - “Yeah, well I don’t think I have anything to prove. I think I’ve proved a lot of things as a starting quarterback, but I just want to go further than I’ve gone before. I want to go deeper in the playoffs. Get a taste, a shot at winning a championship. So those are things I want to prove to myself. I want to make sure that when my career is done that I poured everything I had into it. That was one thing I was thinking about all season last year when I was sitting home on the couch. Not knowing if I’ll get a chance to play again that I really didn’t empty my tank. I have a number of years of football left in me. I wanted to make sure that I left it all out there on the field. I leave this game with no questions on whether or not if I have anything left. That’s definitely fueling my purpose and getting to that championship glory. That’s the number one thing for me.”

(On running the West Coast offense and what type of skill set do you present) - “That’s definitely the type of offense that they’re planning on running, but that’s right up my alley. I was in it for a little while when Bryon (Leftwich) was the starting quarterback. I didn’t have a full year of it, but it’s perfect for me. I love getting the ball out of my hands fast, moving in the pocket, bootlegs, all those things are right up my alley and the style and scheme that they’re running will be great. A lot of the terminology is similar to what I was already running. So that’s going to be a nice, easier transition. It’s all not the same, but a lot of it is so that’s usually the hardest part with playing the position is getting all the terminology down and being able to sing it. So that’s great it’s already familiar to me. That’s a system I really wanted to be in again.”

(Reaction to Ryan Clark’s comments) - “I’m not sure why Ryan Clark would say that about any organization. Maybe he just has some hard feelings towards Miami. You can never go off one person's comments. It’s unfortunate that any player would ever dog an organization like that. It’s is sad to hear and it’s just sad for the NFL when players talk like that.”

(On staying in the AFC influence your decision) - “I wish I could say it plays a big apart, but it didn’t. I’ve played just about every team in the NFL. It’s not the AFC South so that would be a (division) I would be very familiar with. It’s still in the AFC and that’s a cool thing. I think it’s real easy the organization, the team, the fact that they’re still in Florida for my family would be able to easily relocate and that kind of stuff. The fact that it’s an open competition, those were a lot of the main things.”

(On Jamie Dukes’ comments about the team having no receivers) - “Well, I’m just excited to be in Miami. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for me, a great opportunity for the city, for the organization. It’s going to be great. A lot of people say different things. I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about winning ball games.”

(On assessing the receivers right now) - “I know that Mr. (Jeff) Ireland is going to a lot of things. Still moving forward with the team, I am sure he’s not set with a number of positions. So I’ll wait and see what he has in store for the receiving core, for all the different positions. I’m sure he’s not finished yet.”

(On if the team said they would bring in the a third quarterback in the draft or elsewhere) - “Yeah, they really didn’t talk much about it. I’m just sure like any other organization; they’re always looking at different positions so we’ll have to see with our coach and what (Jeff) Ireland have in store.”


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Great QB. Winning attitude. #winning

Garrard is black. You idiots who say Ireland is a racist are stupid.

Home, I'm concerned about you. I think you'd be happier somewhere else.

You should seek fellowship...

Jets Blog:

Tebow Blog:

Fire Jeff Ireland:

Discount Medications:

No need to thank me.

Reggie Bush is also black.


When a guy can't use the appropriate word, or variation of a word, or write a complete sentence that makes sense, I don't particularly concern myself with his judgement of my abilities. Pick up a dictionary. You will find articulate in the "A" section and can see the definition. I didn't define it, I exemplify it. Sure, you may find the odd error from time to time, but only because intellect is wasted on this blog.

Aaron Rogers commented, "whoever gets Matt Flynn will be getting a top 15 guy". We have a #12 guy right now in Moore. Flynn could not beat him out and was not an upgrade. I am not here to defend Ireland, but franchise QB's are not manufactured. Granted, this is Ireland's own fault by passing on many QB's in recent years (partially handcuffed by Parcells). There was NOBODY there to be had that was worthy. Period. The 2 most difficult positions to fill are QB and nose tackle. Who would you rather have... Solai or Flynn. Solai or Smith. Manning was not coming here. Denver sold the house for a 36 year old 4 neck surgeries in less than a year guy. We want to build a future and let's see if we get a guy in the draft (Tannenhill, Wheadon maybe). The Dolphin's braintrust has made some (many) mistakes, but this is not one of them.

How does Irelamd still have a job? Wake up Ross and DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Craig M

I missed some of your posts from Monday and Tuesday. Can you please re-post them?


I don't see you posting the same shyt every day in a desperate cry for attn.

I don't see you lecturing or belittling people you disagree with.

Exhibit some of those traits & I may have to reconsider.

Home is correct even though he says things in a weird way and some of you don't get it.

1. The Jets are now a powerhouse. Tebow helps teams win games. Even as a backup is rookie year coming in in the red zone he scored 7 TDs. Look it up. That's one more than B. Marshall scored playing all of last year.

2. Last year Tebow RUSHED for 650 yards in 11 games and threw 12 TD and only 5 or so INTs.

3. Jets will use Tebow in special packages (and if Sanchez gets hurt).

4. Read this carefully, monkeys. It is literally true. Jets' points per game just went from 17 to 25. That's the difference Tebow will make. About a TD per game.

5. You will see Tim Tebow on a Super Bowl winning team or 2 or 3 during his career. Perhaps not as a Tom Bradylike passer, but as a key contributer.

6. His winning attitude rubs off on the thug Marshall types and helps teams win games.

7. Re 6, oh gee, seems all the professional sports analysts are saying the same thing I've been saying. I've been telling you fools.

Write it down. All of this will come to pass.

Tim Tebow? sigh, the last time we had a QB play as poorly in a playoff game as Tebow did against the Pats, we made him retire....

Fair enough "go away" Fair enough

Craig M
I missed some of your posts from Monday and Tuesday. Can you please re-post them?

Posted by: blogwad | March 22, 2012 at 10:10 AM

EXACTLY! Drives him BONKERS if nobody responds to 1 of his posts. He needs this attn in the worst way!

Posted by: Ryan Leaf | March 22, 2012 at 10:11 AM

This is homely, homer home.

Matt Barkley stayed in school because he was afraid he'd be drafted by the Dullfins! LOL

If Ireland and Ross dont fly to New Orleans and get in Brees's jock today with 120 million they have no idea what they are doing.

Ozkar is correct about Tebow. Tebow is a 250 pound beast with a winning attitude. Of course you want him on your team.

He might not play QB like Tom Brady, but he will apply his good attitude to whatever he is asked to do, such as FB/TE and coming in in special situations.

Not only was there Tebowmania LAST YEAR, BUT LOOK IT UP: In his rookie year, TWO years ago, TEbow scored 7 TDs playing only in the red zone occassionally.

The dude gets into the end zone. As we suffering Fins fans know, it's not a given that a team will score ANY TDs in a game. Freakin' B. Marshall scored only 6 TDs last year, playing as our #1 WR. !!!

Tim Tebow will score 6 to 10 TDs for the Jets even if he plays as a backup or "wildcat" insert in the red zone (or he'll pass for 10 or 15 TDs out of the wildcat).

Eventually you will see Tim Tebow playing for teams that win in the playoffs and perhaps even the super bowl. The dude is a winner. It's just so obvious.

I am now a Jets fan, because of Tebow, and no I'm not religious at all. I'm talking only about football, period, not his in-your-face religion stuff, which I don't like.

THe dude shattered Herschel Walker's RUNNING TD records in the SEC for a reason. He's a beast.

You guys who focus only on the 46% just don't get it. It is not a fluke that he won 6 straight games and then beat the Steelers in the playoffs throwing for 316 yards.

When is the last time the Fins won a playoff game, with all our wimpy Fiedler/Pennington/Feely/Frerotte/Henne/Moore 215 pound QBs?

I think that Our franchise signed David Garrard just to placate the African-American Miami Dolphans.I'm all for giving any person a shot.
Contrary to some here I don't wish they would fall flat on their faces.It speaks volumes of that person's inferior complex to wish that upon others.
I hope Garrard does well wearing and Aqua and Orange jersey. I just don't believe in Affirmative Action. policies like that have been NEEDED.Matt Moore is as effective as David Garrard. This isn't an improvement or upgrade.

These bloggers that don't agree with Craig M are total morons.

This reminds me of the 1-15 season. Novice HC and no talent.

Ryan, aka Homely, homer home.

You write just like Home. You spam the same garbage like home. You're fooling no one with a partially functioning brain.

Do the world a favor & FALL OFF IT!

If anyone needs attention, it is this Home guy. I, for one, love the ignorance he demonstrates by employing fabrications of his own design.

We do believe that YG/DB/ Homes and all his other aliases are FOS. We always know the content and style of his writings as they are those of an uneducated hick.

If ya want a few laughs we can always turn on a Dolphin game! Oh, except for the blacked out home games.

I always liked Garrard. Certainly not the answer to the age old QB question but a solid QB and capable bridge guy.

Garrard has ability? Ability to do what? He doesnt throw the ball with a great deal of accruacy. Hes not fast a foot. And hes 34 yr old, about the time Marino began his decline. I understand the Dolphins will draft a QB, but in what rd and how good will that QB really be? Or just camp fodder? Ireland puked a big pile of crap in the chase for a QB. Flynn can paint a pretty picture of why he didnt sign with Miami but wheres theres smoke, theres fire. Something other then money killed that deal. Ireland will choke in the draft and will not be able to draft Tannehill, some NFL team will fake Ireland get him before Ireland can pull the trigger. Coach Philpin, good luck to you sir. Im afraid your stay wont be long. How can anyone expect you to have success with this motley crew(front office), no talent and no cap space on a team that went 6-10. Ive neve seen a franchise so incompetant.

Have we hit rock bottom yet?

Can someone please post the link to the Jets' blog again? I need to go there.

That's my new favorite team, after being a Fins fan since 1983 (the first year I was old enough to pay attention), and now I am a proud new Jets fan.

Thanks. Please post the link and I promise you'll never see me here again.

Go Jets!

Oh I got it. www.ganggreennation.com/

Thanks. I'm out.

Have fun watching the Dull-Fins finish last in the division next year. Also it's pretty clear the Dull Fins will go 0-6 in the division too. I also hope you enjoy it when Tebow pounds you for about 4 to 6 TDs in the 2 games we play each other.

Posted by: Truth | March 22, 2012 at 10:28 AM

You guess it more from the multiple personality deranged Homer, homely, loser home.

Home, you look dumber & dumber by the second & that's saying alot. Even for you!

Oh I got it. www.ganggreennation.com/
Thanks. I'm out.

Have fun watching the Dull-Fins finish last in the division next year. Also it's pretty clear the Dull Fins will go 0-6 in the division too. I also hope you enjoy it when Tebow pounds you for about 4 to 6 TDs in the 2 games we play each other.

Posted by: The Fan Formerly Known as Timmy Couch, Now a Proud Jets Fan (Go Tebow) | March 22, 2012 at 10:28 AM

Homely, homer, loserboy Home, stealer of names, if only that were true that you were going away.

I have to say I've never seen a franchise in such a mess. Ross needs to do something either fire Ireland or just sell the team to someone with a clue. This is a nightmare. Joe Robbie must be vomiting in his grave.


Ready for the POLL OF THE DAY?

How long until Philbin is fired?

A) This year
B) Next year
C) Who cares? Lets go Heat!

What a dumbasss is Home. Why should we have to put up with his BS here?

Ready for the POLL OF THE DAY?
How long until Philbin is fired?
A) This year
B) Next year
C) Who cares? Lets go Heat!

A This year

You guys who focus only on the 46% just don't get it. It is not a fluke that he won 6 straight games and then beat the Steelers in the playoffs throwing for 316 yards.

When is the last time the Fins won a playoff game, with all our wimpy Fiedler/Pennington/Feely/Frerotte/Henne/Moore 215 pound QBs?

Posted by: Ryan Leaf | March 22, 2012 at 10:20 AM

Lucky is what I call him. Statistically luck always runs out.

Let's see. Beside eeking into the playoffs in very weak division....

They backed into the playoffs after getting SHELLACKED by the Patriots and the BILLS, then they lose at home to Chiefs where they only managed 3 points late in the 4th Q.

Lucky against the Bears 10-0 lead with about 2 minutes left and Prater had to hit a 60 yard field goal with :03 left on the clock to force OT.

Lucky in last second win against terrible Minnesota team as time expired.

Scoring with :58 seconds left against the Jets.

He completed 2 PASSES against the Chiefs in victory.

Lucky Dolphins defense folded to give up 15 pts in last 2 minutes.....AND, on onside recovery by Miami would have ended it with 2:30 left.

Looks like he had a nice D to cover his A$X, and a whole lot of LUCK.

Just don't answer him. Anybody that answers, will be suspect of being YG/Home/etc himself, or, if not, for some reason collaborating with this dumb fukk.

Too funny. I see our resident psycho is still here. And still posting under multiple names talking to himself. LOL. "I hate Craig", "I hate Phins 78", "they are stupid" ,," I know I agree"! All the same guy trying to chase everyone out of here for some reason. LOL And then we leave and he writes back as if we can see it.

"Craig, nobody cares whatcya think or say.

So, why don't you take your dumb Canadian brain back over the border where it belongs?"


Do you know how easy it would be for all of us to use another sign in name and stalk you all day. It's not hard to figure out which posters you are, you write the same exact way with your screaming and blind hatred of people you don't know.

But who has time for that except you, we all have lives to live. Enjoy your day you oxygen thieving mental midget. I'm leaving now so you're going to want to write a post about how dumb or gay I am and how you're glad I'm gone. Whatever it is I'm sure all of the other posters will be better for reading it. You always offer up such great opinions and obviously have a wealth of football knowledge. F***ing putz.

I won't root for the jests,but it is going to be an intriguing team to watch.Rex wants to win no matter how.I guarantee you that Ryan has sworn off cursing for wins.Let's not feel bad for Sanchez. He will have an easier access to the hot dog vendors from the bench.

NY media circus this year.

How long before there is a QB controversy? Anyone actually think that Sparano is going to bring out the best in Sanchez and Tebow??


Anyone think that Tebow is going to straighten out the thugs in the locker room? Not a chance. LT is/was just as high character as Tebow, look at the results.

NY media is going to have a field day this year. The Jets are NOT a better team than they were last year and have had an equally uninspired FA period so far.

"Tebow pounds you for about 4 to 6 TDs in the 2 games we play each other."

How's he going to do that from the bench?

C. We suck and forever will

But who has time for that except you, we all have lives to live.

Posted by: Phins78 | March 22, 2012 at 10:54 AM

Apparently you don't. You are just another clueless windbag here that thinks you have something to say.

Yep. I swear on my life, and I'm a father of beautiful children, that I am not Home.

The "home is an idiot" guy is a moron. If you were educated, you would be able to detect from our writing styles that I am not Home.

I happen to agree with most of what Home writes here, including that it would have been good if we got Manning, the New World Order has made you all sheep, and Tebow is a winner who is a welcome addition to any football team.

Guys, which happens 1st?

A)Ireland is fired
B)Philbin is fired
C)Ross sells the team
D)Jake Long is traded for a 4th rd pick


If I started my own phins blog, would any of the regulars that actually have conversation consider visiting every once in awhile? Along with continuing to visit hear of course. :)

Hold up. Actually, I have decided on a new approach. I am no longer a fan of teams. Rather, I'm a fan of individual players. I like guys with heart and winning attitudes. I am a fan of Chad Henne--who showed us last year that he had heart and a winning attitude. I wish him well and predict he will have a good career. I'm a fan of Reggie Bush. He has a winning attitude and is the hardest worker on the team. I'm a fan of Ricky Williams, the best teammate one could hope for. I'm a fan of Tim Tebow, a winner who brings a winning effort to any team he is on. I'm a fan of Wes Welker and Tom Brady--winners who are gentlemen with winning attittudes.

I'm a fan of Matt Moore; he also showed us heart and a winning attitude. I'm a fan of David Gerrard, another winner with a great attitude.

I'm not a fan of thugs who can't speak English and who are racists, such as Warren Sapp and Joey Porter, who are perrenial losers (with a few exceptions) who literally cannot speak English yet are given a platform on national TV to spew their racist venom. Ditto re: Charles Barkley, an admitted anti-white racist who also, after all his years on earth, is unable to speak English.

I'm not a fan of other crybaby thugs, such as Brandon Marshall--although he has shown heart at times and Channing Crowder, even though he was a Gator, and Cromarties, a 4-time loser who has humiliated himself by bashing Tebow.

Apparently you don't. You are just another clueless windbag here that thinks you have something to say.

Posted by: vento

What have you ever said vento? No one has ever seen your name so I'm wondering why you think you can call someone out when you've never been in here before. You have anything to say about the draft? What's your take? Who will the Dolphins be taking first and besides QB what do you think our biggest need is?

I'm would be interest in a blog that talk about Our franchise.Sure.
Hey Fin Man my answer would be B)Philbin is fired.

What have you ever said vento? No one has ever seen your name so I'm wondering why you think you can call someone out when you've never been in here before.

Posted by: Kndrly | March 22, 2012 at 11:04 AM

And who the heck are you? Nobody has ever seen you here, or did you change your name and misspell it? Get a life.

I love you Miammmmiii

Ohio you start a blog let us all know. The intelligent posters who actually want to talk football would love to leave the Herald blog. Armando has allowed this a-hole to attack us all for too long and I know a lot of people just want to talk Fins football. And everyone would be happy. The idiot would be able to rule the house and berate anyone he likes, that's a win for him. And we could actually talk Dolphins without reading all of the nonsense. Win for us. Would love to see the Herald blog go down the tubes because of one f***ing coward. If they don't want to make or enforce rules then it would be great to see them stuck with this person posting under multiple names. But at least Armando would have his hits, they would just all be from one guy.

I've been here for 4 years you fool. I post at the Sentinel under the same name and could pull multiple posts, under this name that are talking football. How bout you? Can you direct us to one post you've written about the Dolphins?

stuck with this person posting under multiple names.

Posted by: Kndrly | March 22, 2012 at 11:11 AM

Thats you bud. Kndrly. LOL. Yeah, sure.

Phins78, pardon the length of this post but, because I learned from you, you should appreciate it!

You're repetitive, ignorant, dumb & a crybaby.

How insignificant is your life? A Blog policeman! LMAO How many names did you report to Armando today?

Maybe he can tell you that I'm not "Friend of Craig M" or "blogwad" or "Seriously?"

Funny how you call everyone out for ripping Craig but, not the guy ripping on Home in every post. Why? Cause Home is annoying as sh*t and it's warranted?

Well guess what, Craig is annoying as sh*t and so are you! You called me a mental midget when you think it's all 1 guy? AH AHHAH AHHAHAHAHAHAHA

You're about as relevant & smart as the dump I took this morning, junior. Now, do the blog a favor and....

Home sweet Home you Jets troll go to your own team site!

Whether you love or hate Home, he is right that the Dolphins are the laughingstock of the league.

Home sweet home are you so stupid that you don't realize Sanchez will be the starter for the Jets. I hope Tebow starts, everyone has film on him now and knows exactly how to stop him thanks to the end of the season. Worst rated qb in the league is going to beat us without that place kicker he had,,,,,,,,,,not happening kid. Tebow is going to fall back to earth and you will be crying.

Hey Homie calm down.I am also discouraged that We didn't trade for Tim Tebow. But let's no berate Our fellow Dolphans. I do think Tebow will win a Super Bowl and contribute a large % on that team.Everybody is already down on Our franchise.Let's not become cannabalistic.

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