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David Garrard joins the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins this evening added a 34-year-old veteran and prepared to cut a 34-year-old veteran.

David Garrard has agreed to a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins various media outlets are reporting, led by Foxsports.com which broke the story on twitter.

Garrard, who played 10 seasons in Jacksonville and has been a solid performer, obviously brings veteran experience in a backup role, assuming he does not win the starting job. It is unclear if he's been told he will able compete for the starting job or simply be the backup.

This much seems clear: It makes sense for the Dolphins to add at least one more quarterback, with that player probably being a draftee that can be groomed as the club's future franchise quarterback. It is also possible the Dolphins are still talking to Alex Smith but this is much less likely -- indeed, unlikely -- as Smith seems to be a better fit back in San Francisco.

The Dolphins did for all intents and purposes clear $4.3 million of cap space this afternoon by outlining to agent Drew Rosenhaus its intent to cut strong safety Yeremiah Bell. Bell has led the Dolphins in tackles in recent years but was seen as declining last year. While widely expected, this move was a departure from two weeks ago when general manager Jeff Ireland told Rosenhaus the team did not intend to cut Bell.

Garrard undoubtedly takes up some of the cap space created by the Bell move.

The Dolphins did not announce any of these moves. In truth, the Dolphins declined to confirm the fact Garrard visited Monday because he is a street free agent and the club does not announce visit from street free agents -- players that hit the open market because they were cut by other teams.

Garrard last season declined a chance to join the Dolphins in October after he was waived in Jacksonville. Two weeks later, while waiting to join the Oakland Raiders, he learned that he had a bulging disc injury in his neck and required surgery.

One assumes the Dolphins both worked out and gave Garrard a full physical before offering a contract. I also further assume Garrard's head did not fall off his shoulders during the physical because that would mean the Dolphins signed a headless quarterback.

Kidding. I personally like the addition. Worst-case scenario, the Dolphins have a better, more experienced backup QB than anyone else in the AFC East.


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Tebow tebow... ohhh wait, not tebow??


this has got to be an early april fools joke.

Mando, have you learned anything? Nothing seems clear with these bozos running the show!!!











fins dont need a new stadium;a large circus tent would be more appropriate.

garrard is better than moore and smith. will be fine in the short term. now miami can draft a qb, which is what they should have done all along.

Pathetic !!

Why is Glazer/Shefter/Mort breaking Dolphin news? Are the local reporters that clueless of the team they are supposed to cover?

should have done all along, theats what they will do. Kicking tires on manning is ok. The others they were not going to sign!

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You guys need THE SANCHIZE !!!

Gerard? Is that it? The Dolphins haven't even bothered to announce it?

Do the Dolphins hate their fans? Why cut them off? Why ignore them?

The whole organisation is paranoid. They're so scared of failure they hide their intentions so that they can't be seen to fail. What are they so ashamed of? How is that perceived by people they hope to attract?

Is this the big name Ross promised us? Anyways the NFL chanel did a number on the fins, especially ireland, sapp and porter went balastic.

garrard is better than smith and probably much cheaper. It just means we'll take a QB in the draft and probably not with the 8th pick. 8th pick will go to WR or pass rush.

Vince young,tebow,garrard....moore.....all suck

Love this Move, great competition for Matt Moore, draft a good WR in 1st round. Good move, when Healthy Garrard is a tough QB.

What time is the protest tomorrow? It is time for the fans to rise up and demand that Ireland be fired. Time to bring in Polian.

Un-effing-believable. This can not be. I'm stunned by the incompetence of this regime. Everytime they make a stupid move, I think, thats the stupidest move they could ever make and everytime they up the ante.

Season ticket phone lines now open...operators are standing by.,

so much for not being in rebuilding mode.

They've needed a solid #2 receiver for a few years - so they cut the #1 receiver.

They've needed a FS for several years - so they cut the SS.

At least Garrard isn't Tebow. If they draft a QB, and don't carry 3 on the opening day roster, Garrard will probably be cut. Wait what am I thinking? They don't make sensible moves - if they don't carry 3 QBs, Moore will be cut.

This is the SPLASH the Phins were going to make this off-season?

I'm disappointed.



draft who...All of them suck after the #2 pick...stop...We have to wait another year for the future QB...No more wasted 2nd round QB picks...See Henne...White....Beck...all crap!

Correction ** I meant trade the #1 WR.

Tebow is next, moore will be released. TEBOW

I just want to go cry somewhere. Watching one debacle after another is very sad to me. We were once a proud franchise, the envy of most other teams. Ireland and Ross have turned us into a very pathetic joke! I want this idiot gone!!!! Y Bell gets released to save cap room for what??? Garrard? If he is getting anything over the minimum then he is the latest in a long line that swindled Ireland.

Marino Curse strikes again.

At least with this move, we wont chase Tebow.



Mike S,

They could draft Weeden in the 2nd round. If it weren't for his age, he'd be a 1st rd pick, hands down.

This has to be a joke right? Right???????????

Free agency started with Miami having 4 holes to fill. Now they have 6. Am I missing something?

garrard is almost as old as peyton and has had back surgery. we are so lucky(?) no other team wanted him.

The promised "splash" turned out to be another one of Ireland's turds hitting the toilet water.

Great move!!!...Garrard is better than Matt Flynn, Alex Smith & probaly will win the starting position from Matt Moore.


I think it's Ireland that's missing something (hint: it has to do with the brain)

This whole off season has been a joke, Ireland and Ross have no clue what their doing. The Miami Dolphins used to be one of the highest regarded franchise in all sports. Now they are damaged goods because of this public relations and all the gimmicks Ross does to try and attract fans. He needs to realize the fans want a class organization. He should speak with Shula, Griese & Marino and learn how you gain respect from the fans. Let people who actually played the game make the front office decisions. Ross go away and provide a budget and let someone other than Ireland make football moves.



ugly plain ugly. lets rebuild this thing, gonna take couple tyears. but ireland has to go

Pete, this is the Parcells culture. Everything must be hidden from the media for some stupid reason (like it's the freakin Manhattan Project they are working on). Parcells was (is) an idiot and unfortunately he left his stooge here when he left the building.

Armando has been in this game too long not to know what this was probably about.

"this move was a departure from two weeks ago when general manager Jeff Ireland told Rosenhaus the team did not intend to cut Bell."

GMs say these things to try and get something for a trade. Ireland was probably talking to a couple of teams about it seeing how a lot of people were looking for safeties. Then he used you guys by saying they wouldn't cut him. Thus telling teams don't wait for him to become available because we're keeping him, better make me an offer. They called his bluff and he waited until the last minute. I know I'm speculating as well but this happens all of the time as Armando knows so it is more likely what happened IMO.

Rick Spielman > Jeff Ireland

No one wanted him, but he was the only one that wanted to play for the Dolphins.

The Dolphins settled for the fat chick at the dance, after being turned down acouple of times.



Is Ireland still Parcells Puppet and he's secretley putting it to Ross WTF? This is the worst I've ever seen!! Garrard? Artis Hicks? Richard Marshall? Cut Bell, trade BM? what are they building for? 2 & 14 is that the goal? SH*&%^&^%(&)TT, never been more frustrated by this team. Lifelong fan that always will be but I won't be spending many Sunday's next year wastin my time watchin this shite!!

This is a desperation move and a pretty shi... One at that. This is a 34 yr old QB with serious back problems u gotta be kidding me. Ireland an Ross are a bunch of dumbasses this must be the QB they preached about going after.............. Ha Ha April fools is still a couple days away. Somebody tell me this is a joke or a bad dream

So lets see, bills got Mario & we got Gerrardd, and lost marshall/bell

Yeremiah Bell was their best player in the secondary last year and probably their best player on defense. He will be in Foxboro with Belicheat by the end of the week.

I like the signing.....if we get a real qb prospect in the draft. And by real qb prospect I mean tannehill or Weeden.


I thought stooges were more competent than this.

Boooo!!!! Boooo!!!!! This is completely pathetic

this is unreal, impossible to imagine, amazing, insane,etc that jeff ireladns till has a job. worst team in nfl? im sick of this bs.ripping my hair out over how retarded ross is and blind to let some short bus fool sink this franchise

David Garrard? Really? I've grown up being a dolphin fan (45 years), but I will not watch David Garrard. No how, no way.

why like the signing, if ur gonna draft a qb, no need for garrard.

We cut YB for this guy. This is ridiculous... YB for Garrard is a JOKE!!!!!!!

through his own incompetence, dumb luck, or conservatism, ireland actually avoided making a catastrophic financial mistake with flynn or smith. pete carroll will crash and burn with flynn.


Sorry just had to scream! The Dolphins (especially Ireland) are even worse then I could dream.



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