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David Garrard joins the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins this evening added a 34-year-old veteran and prepared to cut a 34-year-old veteran.

David Garrard has agreed to a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins various media outlets are reporting, led by Foxsports.com which broke the story on twitter.

Garrard, who played 10 seasons in Jacksonville and has been a solid performer, obviously brings veteran experience in a backup role, assuming he does not win the starting job. It is unclear if he's been told he will able compete for the starting job or simply be the backup.

This much seems clear: It makes sense for the Dolphins to add at least one more quarterback, with that player probably being a draftee that can be groomed as the club's future franchise quarterback. It is also possible the Dolphins are still talking to Alex Smith but this is much less likely -- indeed, unlikely -- as Smith seems to be a better fit back in San Francisco.

The Dolphins did for all intents and purposes clear $4.3 million of cap space this afternoon by outlining to agent Drew Rosenhaus its intent to cut strong safety Yeremiah Bell. Bell has led the Dolphins in tackles in recent years but was seen as declining last year. While widely expected, this move was a departure from two weeks ago when general manager Jeff Ireland told Rosenhaus the team did not intend to cut Bell.

Garrard undoubtedly takes up some of the cap space created by the Bell move.

The Dolphins did not announce any of these moves. In truth, the Dolphins declined to confirm the fact Garrard visited Monday because he is a street free agent and the club does not announce visit from street free agents -- players that hit the open market because they were cut by other teams.

Garrard last season declined a chance to join the Dolphins in October after he was waived in Jacksonville. Two weeks later, while waiting to join the Oakland Raiders, he learned that he had a bulging disc injury in his neck and required surgery.

One assumes the Dolphins both worked out and gave Garrard a full physical before offering a contract. I also further assume Garrard's head did not fall off his shoulders during the physical because that would mean the Dolphins signed a headless quarterback.

Kidding. I personally like the addition. Worst-case scenario, the Dolphins have a better, more experienced backup QB than anyone else in the AFC East.


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More nonsense from the most retarded fans in the NFL. You Dolphin fans don't even know how or when to complain. The offseason is not over you lunatics. In fact, it's has only just begun. If the Dolphins go into game one with the current roster then it is time to complain. Meanwhile, we have a brand new, very intelligent coach who is going to run a new brand of offense. Trust him until there is reason not to.

I keep on thinking that I will wake up from this nightmare...but it keeps going and going.

OK now they are just slapping us in the face.

Cut YB to Sign David "I got a gap in my teeth" Garrard. Is a JOKE...

Cutting a starter for a backup QB is a Joke....

Cutting the leading tackler four years in a row, for a backup QB is a Joke...

YB looked pretty good last year to me, Garrard is okay, probably better then flynn and smith but we still need a qb for the future maybe we can pick one up in the draft or in next years draft because we probably aren't going to win too many games this year coming.IF THIS IS ANOTHER BAD SEASON HOPEFULLY WE WILL GET RID OF IRELAND, THIS WILL BE HIS FIFTH SEASON AND THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TALENT ON THIS TEAM AND HE KEEPS CUTTING GOOD PLAYERS AND TRADING THEM AS WELL AT LEAST WE KEPT SOLIA , HOWEVER BELL WAS OUR BEST SAFETY, WE WILL PROBABLY BRING IN SOMEONES BACK UP TO TAKE BELLS PLACE IRELAND SUCKS HE IS MAKING THE TEAM WORSE PERIOD

oh man, i have so had my fill of Ireland. What are we doing signing garrard ? another old qb with recent injury problems. What is Ireland thinking? Cutting Bell (one of our best players, who wasn't getting insane money) and signing bottom of the barrel qb's with absolutely no future with the phins.

I think a monkey could do a better job picking roster options from a hat. I am serious.



the signings are so bad the fins don't even announce them.

about time to hang up all my dolphins jerseys cus i am so disapointed in what this franchise is doing.its a sad day being a fan.until ross and ireland are gone we never be anything again.starting to feel like a bengals fan from 90's and tampa fan from 80's this sucks

Dolphins Redskins, 2 special, historical franchises , both turned to crap, every year just crap, we both need new owners!!!

so much for not being in rebuilding mode.

They've needed a solid #2 receiver for a few years - so they cut the #1 receiver.

They've needed a FS for several years - so they cut the SS.

At least Garrard isn't Tebow. If they draft a QB, and don't carry 3 on the opening day roster, Garrard will probably be cut. Wait what am I thinking? They don't make sensible moves - if they don't carry 3 QBs, Moore will be cut.

Posted by: Ithaca phin fan | March 19, 2012 at 08:54 PM


The writing was on the wall when they let the whole coaching staff go and brought in a rookie HC. To boot, a franchise that isn't in re-build mode doesn't need to advertise that...

What I'm saying is that a team that says, "we're NOT in re-build mode"...probably is in re-build mode.


read that, u know its getting bad now

Steve-o that's right..the nightmare is only beginning!! It gets worse every day. The Dolphins are liars. They said they were in Win Now mode to season ticket holders. Someone should do a class-action lawsuit. No I am not kidding.






If Garrard is healthy....he will be an upgrade over Matt Moore.....If Bill Polian, ex GM of the Colts is available...It would be a mountain of an upgrade over Ireland....Fire him NOW!! Before the draft!! Pay Polian big bucks to straighten this stuff out!!!

Mando you fat ass cuban F...ck!
I WILL KILL YOUR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Fins needs Teabow more than ever if they want to make it to the Super Bowl this year ;)

The Dolphins have added more holes in their depth charts in free agency, than fixing anything.

how did ross become a billionaire????? he just appears clueless.

At this point does it really matter? Ireland is poisen to this franchise.

the polian thing is so true. the garrard thing isnt, hes 34 and done.

Whomever took my name in vain @ 8:56 is coward who hides.
I do however think that We should trade for Tim Tebow.
Most sheep around here finally heard it from the wolf's mouth about Alex Smith belonging to the 49ers. I told you so.
I'm truly disappointed that We signed David Garrard.He was only mediocre when healthy.But I guess I should be used to being disappointed by the Miami Dolphins by now.
Let's go after Tim Tebow.We have nothing lose.We are pathetic franchise anyways.With Tebow We would at least have some hope.And with Tim We don't recievers.Let's just acquire some tough competent offensive linemen.

Is there anyway to get Ross to sell the dolphins?
ANY owner would be better than him at this point. Aside from him selling the team, the only way the phins get better is if they really suck this year. Ross gets more embarrassed and gives the he-ho to Ireland.

When did the dolphins get the worst front office in all of professional sports? I can't take it anymore...

You blind faith buffoons...

Buy your season tickets...Waste your own money.

You love ireland and his mediocrity.



Breaking NEWS .... Herraldo Revarro has just reported that Jeff Irland is actually an undercover agent working for the NY Jets and is charged with ruining this franchise.

Anybody on this board who thinks Garrard is better than Alex Smith and Matt Flynn is a complete idiot or work for Jeff Ireland!!! Garrard at his best stunk in Jacksonville and never did anything of consequence in Jacksonville. Ask Jaguar fans what they think of this loser. The whole league is laughing at us. We are officially a joke!!! I am done with this team until Ireland and Ross are gone!!!

this is the worst team in the nfl, so do not draft a qb at 8. draft barkley next april

If we are going down, we might as well do the Tebow thing , change the offense , run the ball, play big time D, fill the damn seats, we are becoming the joke of the league, do you thing Joe wishes he stayed cheesy


See I told you we would get a great "?". Ireland delivered.

Only great GM's can work in the dark!

Back to the manure in the barn.

Who was the 26 year Rookie old bust the Panthers had years ago?

They wont go for Tebow unless he is released. Yes, to the Polian comments. Ireland, is poisen, NLF players do not want to work for him. Can we get another plane flying the "Fire Ireland" nbanner again.

BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO, David Garrard is a very good qb. He will likely be out Matt moore because of his ability to evade rushers and he throws a great deep ball. I would rather have David Garrard than Manning. You all will see when the season starts how a qb with that kill instinct and red zone awareness can improve a team immediately! Now all we need to do is get our 2 wide receivers and a pass rusher. I do not care what they do with the other picks.

2 ways to fix the Dolphins:

A. Ross fires Jeff Ireland
B. Ross sells the team & the new owner fires Ireland

Mr. Ross, I was excited about the prospect of this season prior to these last two weeks being played out. I will not step into the stadium and witness another dolphins game as long as Jeff Ireland and or you, or both are no longer making football decisions for the Miami Dolphins!!!

Ireland should be replaced by a carnival monkey.
we would be better off.

Simply Pathetic...this franchise is the worst in the NFL. When are South Floridians going to wake up and boycott Jeff Ireland and his stupid moves and Stephen Ross as the clueless owners. The only way these stupid moves are going to affect the Dolphins is when everyone stops buying merchandise and tickets to the games. That stadium needs to be empty....Get ready for finally getting the record they always wanted 0-16. F-ing losers! I hate Jeff Ireland.




anyone who thinks garrard is a bad pickup simply hasen't been paying attention. next to peyton garrard is the best quarterback miami has looked at this off-season. i would argue he's the best quarterback the dolphins have employed since marino.

Is this a joke? You guys didn't even look at Tebow? Another losing season!

I have never read a more depressing Football Headline....

This Qb does not run the West Coast Offense.

David-EFFIN-Garrard?!!!!!.... If we're rebuilding then why are we wasting money on the QB position?.... Moore, Tannehill, Devlin in that order... Why wait til now to cut Y. Bell?... We couldve used this extra money to sign Winston but now we gotta waste our 8th pick on a RT!!!.... and you KNOW we will cause Jeff is a "Parcells Guy"..... You know,the kind that draft RTs over QBs with the 1st overall....Oh yeah,...And I'm still waiting on this "plan" of his.... Not to thrilled bout it... But I'm waiting... Wake up people!!!... There is no "plan"... This guy is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

Have We called the Elway Broncos to acquire Tim Tebow yet?

breaking news, Tebow spurns Dolphiins for St. Thomas Aquinas..................

you gotta be effen me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Reminds me of a interview I saw about the war in Vietnam "We Had to destroy the village to save it".

Hey Mr. Ireland,

JaMarcus Russell still available. If the Dolphins want to make any more bad moves. Keep him coming. He his willing to play for free, just provide codeine.

Local Dolfans should protest at Davie with huge FIRE Ireland Banners!!!!!!!!!
I cannot fight the sick feeling in my stomach any more. It keeps getting worse, I was actually optomistic with Filbin coming. But this last 2 weeks has just been a f****** joke, a bad dream that I cannot wake up from.
I hate what this franchise has become and cannot bring myself to cheer for them any longer, I will cheer against them again next year to lose every game as this is the only way change will happen. This franchise will never be what it was until Ireland is gone and probably Ross too.

I don;t get this. All you folks in the media have said repeatedly that Philbin MUST have rejected Flynn yet you also report that Ireland is in charge of player personnel. So which is it? Is Ireland in charge or personnel or is Philbin making QB decisions? Why can't the Miami media get its story straight for once? First the Dolphins are "one piece away" and the next week they are "completely rebuilding the team". This isn't rocket science you know...

Hey Armando good one, the headless QB LOL. I can't stop laughing. A headless GM hiring a Headless QB OMG! I need water, I'm dying!

felix they have woken up, trust me that stadium will be epmty,blackouts. 2-14 record, ireland finally resigns and we draft barkley

If this is the Dolphin's answer to free agency(much less at QB) then I am done as a Dolphin fan. I always disliked Gerrard so they pick up this poor excuse for a QB who is old and broken? Now we are at the mercy of of reaching for Tanehill if we do draft him and passing on much needed pass rushers. This is truly a dark day in Dolphin land.

Anybody see the piece on the NFL network discussing the state of the Dolphins? Joey Porter basically said you can't believe anything that comes out of Irelands mouth,and as long as he is GM,the team will not improve. Former player saying this? Hey Ross,are you deaf as well as stupid? Ireland needs to be fired ASAP. He just cut Y Bell too. Can it get any worse?


like this page if you can't stand this!

terrible move. hapless. hopeless. we are at the bottom of the barrel. lets get vinny testaverde out of retirement before signing david garrard. i live in north florida and even jaguar fans hate garrard. you think he is going to put south floridians in seats?

let's go fish!!! cmon folks, u never know. maybe just maybe, there's a kid in cuba who's throwing a football as we speak and irelnd has the inside scoop. hope his mom is clean...HELP!!

Garrard is a good veteran QB now please draft Russell Wilson!

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