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David Garrard joins the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins this evening added a 34-year-old veteran and prepared to cut a 34-year-old veteran.

David Garrard has agreed to a one-year contract with the Miami Dolphins various media outlets are reporting, led by Foxsports.com which broke the story on twitter.

Garrard, who played 10 seasons in Jacksonville and has been a solid performer, obviously brings veteran experience in a backup role, assuming he does not win the starting job. It is unclear if he's been told he will able compete for the starting job or simply be the backup.

This much seems clear: It makes sense for the Dolphins to add at least one more quarterback, with that player probably being a draftee that can be groomed as the club's future franchise quarterback. It is also possible the Dolphins are still talking to Alex Smith but this is much less likely -- indeed, unlikely -- as Smith seems to be a better fit back in San Francisco.

The Dolphins did for all intents and purposes clear $4.3 million of cap space this afternoon by outlining to agent Drew Rosenhaus its intent to cut strong safety Yeremiah Bell. Bell has led the Dolphins in tackles in recent years but was seen as declining last year. While widely expected, this move was a departure from two weeks ago when general manager Jeff Ireland told Rosenhaus the team did not intend to cut Bell.

Garrard undoubtedly takes up some of the cap space created by the Bell move.

The Dolphins did not announce any of these moves. In truth, the Dolphins declined to confirm the fact Garrard visited Monday because he is a street free agent and the club does not announce visit from street free agents -- players that hit the open market because they were cut by other teams.

Garrard last season declined a chance to join the Dolphins in October after he was waived in Jacksonville. Two weeks later, while waiting to join the Oakland Raiders, he learned that he had a bulging disc injury in his neck and required surgery.

One assumes the Dolphins both worked out and gave Garrard a full physical before offering a contract. I also further assume Garrard's head did not fall off his shoulders during the physical because that would mean the Dolphins signed a headless quarterback.

Kidding. I personally like the addition. Worst-case scenario, the Dolphins have a better, more experienced backup QB than anyone else in the AFC East.


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Mando, please stop being a yes man!!!!
Have some balls and conviction.
I listen to all the dolphin commentators and you are the biggest kiss ass.
You were never in the military, but I can see you as the coward in the line of fire.
And yes I am a honorably discharged USMC captain with 2 tour of duty.

I haven't been on here lately, but, my take on this offseason is that the season is over before it's even started.

Missed on Fisher, Manning (not that I wanted him, but, it would have made the team better), Flynn (I DID want him), Eric Wright

Traded away your best player for 2 3rd round picks. Not debatable, regardless of your FEELINGS about Marshall. Who's the #1 WR? #2?

Cut Bell, who they said they wouldn't cut, who is a team leader and has 100+ tackles in each of the past 3 seasons (He hasn't had picks you say...I say, HE HAD OVER 100 TACKLES!)

Re-Signed Soliai (Maybe the only positive thing at all, Murtha, and some other people that are irrelevant)

Signed some DB and a journeyman lineman

GARRARD?! One year deal?! 34, didn't play last season, coming off an injury

First Porter, then Crowder, then Ryan Clark, now Porter again, ALL bashing IRELAND...

HOW can the owner look past all of this!?


Isn't that the GM's job?! He wouldn't give Flynn a modest contract, but, they made Long, Marshall, and Dansby the richest players at their respective positions...Overpaid for Smiley and Grove and let's not forget Wilford and Gibril Wilson...

The inepitude is astronomical!

Sad state of affairs.

Can't wait to draft a lineman with the #8 pick and pay them handsomly.

Oh, and the team SHOULD have drafted Mallet last year instead of reaching for a RB, who are a dime a dozen...He may or may not be better than Moore, but, if he was we wouldn't be having this discussion

Please Fire Jeff Ireland!!!! Also Mr. Ross please sell the team seirously. I will never pay for tickets to go to a dolphins game as long as your the owner. I've been a die hard fan but it hurts me way to much to see the way this owner is destroying this historic franchise. Please sell the team. Everyone should boycott buying tickets to games so Ross loses money and has to sell the team. Then we can all become happy fans again. Everyone should start a petition and there should be a website boycoting the current ownership of the dolphins. I'll still always be a phins fan first but man we need to make a stand to change this franchise we all love. Armando you should blog about how Ross should sell the team.

please wake me up from this nightmare. I am a 35 years dolphin fan living on the west coast but my roots are from south florida. Do this owner and general manager think the fans are incompetent/stupid. We will never accept this product of a team. The miami dolphins fans from around the world deserve better. This ownership needs to go away and bring someone in here that can take us back to top. Dolphin fan for life

When I was a kid, I took this stuff seriously - wanting the Dolphins to win a championship and to be a dominant team - when they lost, it bothered me and when they won it made me feel good. Somewhere along the way it stopped mattering which to me is a good thing. I still want them to win and hopefully one day they will make it back to the Super Bowl. But if they don't and if Ireland and Ross keep dismantling the team and destroying it, well, its just a game, thats all it is. I've got more important things to be concerned with - Like living life. Smile people! Its all good!

Are some of the people on this blog serious about David Garrad? The Jags fans had a party last year when he was released. He should of retired last year.Go on the radio tommorow and say you think Garrad was a good pick up and see what happens.

I am flying all the way from England to see the circus - I've got no hair if I had I would be all gray following the fins comes with a seriouse health warning

Who the MORON that is saying the Garrard is better then Smith?! It's idiots like that that make the other MORON Ireland think that he is doing the right move! What a joke these guys are.

How many times do you have to be told, get rid of freakin Ireland your a crap head and have taken Miami into the doldrums. Your absolutely pathetic please leave, leave us Dolphins alone, you've already messed it up. Get lost we don't want you anymore, just go your a total arse.


This move is sure to give season-ticket sales a boost.

Most experienced. Tom Brady is as experienced and much better.

Yeesh, talk about the bottom of the barrel. We lose Manning, we lose Flynn, now we are signing the Jaguars' cast-offs.

Can we sink any lower? Oh, wait, we were lower than this when we started Cleo Lemon.

Worst front office ever. Ross should be chewing nails and looking for ways to rebuild the front office.

I don´t think Garrard is a bad option it´s not a perfect one but i don´t see why they cut YB and trade BM that´s just stupid. Why it´s the plan draft a QB like Chad Henne Pat White Jhon Beck

Talented AND sexy! Yummm.

I am with the majority here. Seeing that headline today makes me just not care anymore. The front office and ownership seem to not care either. How the hell did Ross make enough money to own the Dolphins? Inheritance? Trust Fund? Sure as hell wasn't from knowledge of business or football! WTF?

You would think he would want to fill seats and sell merchandise. The only thing I see worth a crap right now is videos of games from the early 70's, a Shula autograph or a Marino jersey!

How the F do you NOT get a QB in over 11 years!!! I watch free agency come and go and draft after draft. NO F'ing QB. WTF? We had a chance for Brees and Manning and they couldn't pull it together. We watch our traded/released players go off and kick ass. Just makes me sad and not care! CRAP!!!

What happened to negotiations with A. Smith?
So again we start another season with a bona fide backup quarterback and a never really was at the helm. As much as i hate the UGGS wearing clown i going to have to seriously consider rooting for the Patriots.
Was Luke Mc-nown and his brother not available how adout David Carr at least he had a Super Bowl ring.
I completely confused about the FO choices.

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