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Dolphins agree to deal with CB Marshall

The Dolphins and cornerback Richard Marshall have agreed to a three-year contract.

The deal was confirmed by Marshall himself on his twiter feed.

"Just agreed with the dolphins on a 3 yr deal they made me stay in Miami lol," Marshall tweeted.

Marshall, 27, is a six-year veteran who played five seasons with Carolina and last season with Arizona. In 2011, he started six games, played in 16 and finished with three interceptions and 11 passes defensed.

The details of the deal are not yet available as it is not yet signed.

[Update: A source tells me the contract will be for three years and $15.975 million with $6 million in guaranteed money.]

The Dolphins have been searching for a cornerback that could compete with Sean Smith for a starting job. A likely scenario could be to have the so-called loser of that competition still play as the third corner in nickel and dime packages.

The role of the nickel corner has increased dramatically in recent years as passing has become an NFL staple. Third corners are really starters without getting the pregame introduction. They typcially play up to 60-65 percent of the plays.

Marshall has also spent time at safety. There is a chance he might get a shot at Miami's free safety position. The idea, ultimately, is to improve a secondary and defense that finished 21st in the NFL in percentage of passes intercepted.

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Jets fan is first !!

How long before Fish Fanatics imply that Marshall is as good as Revis Island ?

Dolphins need to draft a QB. Don't go for Manning, forget the GB backup. Draft a guy YOU LIKE in the #8 spot and develop him. He doesn't have to be an All-Pro, just a playoff-caliber QB. You telling me there aren't any beyond Luck and RG III ?

Jets fan is first !!
Posted by: JetsRule ! | March 14, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Lol about the only thing the Jets can come first in

So who's getting cut so they can sign some players on offense?

Can't fill all their holes via the draft.....

yes!! a great addition towards being a superbowl contender....sike..what a waste. 21 year fan.and i will not be watching this year if
A. Either Matt's are starting for this team
B.Tannehill is drafted period no matter what round
C.Or an 1st round O-lineman

I think we should sign flynn then get manningham and give our first round pic for wallace ... that would be huge

Hi odin dear? Coming by again tonight?

At this point, we are in full blown rebuilding mode, and you are fooling yourself if you think otherwise. That being said, there is no drafting for need this year. You draft the best player available, every pick.


I thought we needed a FS and not a CB? 5m per year is huge could have gone to the LT that just left - a TRUE position of need

Hey Jets.. The simple fact thy a grown man like yourself is content with calling another guy Revis Island...well that speaks for itself loser. Good luck getting stuck with Sancheeze the next three years lol, maybe henne too. Hahahahahaha Garbage Jets

It seems like no one any good wants to be in miami {coaches or players} the only people they sign are 2nd or 3rd tier guys, there is something REALLY wrong with Miami's ownership and front office. Forget Peyton Manning, we need to worry about replaing another high caliber player now as Marshall is gone. I agree with odds zonn on this one, I also have been a fins fan for 40 years now and I wont be watching any games this year because they just keep screwwing the pooch on personnel moves. Good news is we will most likely get one of the first 2 picks next year, then maybe we can draft Barkley.

TFK...you are correct...this upcoming season is rebuild time..and that's the extent of it. I'm sure we will still hear some strange people saying we are a playoff team... Get it in your head... Rebuild Rebuild and Rebuild

People complain the secondary sucks miami adds a quality corner and people still cry. Rookie corners usually dont shore up a bad secondary.

2 Marshalls dont make a Right!!!

Amazing how much time and money dolphins spend on defense.

Soliai and Marshall signings have made us a little better on the defensive side of the ball. Now we desperately need the complimentary pass rusher to Wake.

Because we have gotten a little worse on offense(the other Marshall) defense has to become dominant to have realistic chance not to finish in the afc east cellar.

Hey, we reached the AFC CG 2 years running...bad year last year and still 8-8...look, our owner is spending $$$ and we have a GM who tries and doesn't backstab his coach (MT fought to keep Mangini). You guys got a lot of problems down there. Thank God Armando does a good job on his blog to keep you guys informed.

Last thing you need or want is Peyton Manning. 2 good years of what, 10-6 and maybe 2nd round of playoffs ? Do it right...draft the QB !!

This is way too pricey for a number 2 or 3 corner. We could have used this money on Winston or Flynn.

Now if only this Marshall can get the #19. Then I wont have to burn my Marshall jersey yet. LOL

This moves proves the new hc isnt sold on Sean "poser" Smith. If I were gm this would be a feast bor famine year for Smith. It would be pro bowl or bust.

Smith becomes a pro bowler this year or ship his a.. out!

The path to mediocrity continues, Ahhh, I get it! It's the 100th year of the Titanic sinking, the dolphins are commemorating the occasion with another disaster!!!!!

$6 million over 3 yrs guaranteed isnt too pricey(#2-#3 corner). Are vyou kidding me? That's only $2 million guaranteed. He has "to earn" the rest.

$2 million a year is "backup corner" money. Do you know anything about the nfl? LOL

Out with the old Marshall, in with new. Now They need to sign Winston, trade up for Blackmon and Draft Weedle.

I really hate this signing. While I lived in Charlotte Marshall wasn't a playmaker, that contract is baffling as other have stated we have still ways to go in bringing both Flynn (not my choice but Philbin's and his that one that matters) and Winston. Winston is a MUST sign. Then you will need room for all the rookie salaries.

I really do not get this move, we could have found similar or heck even better talent in the draft and for way cheaper. Great scout, horrible GM, I'll keep saying that until he proves me wrong, til then we will continue our extended stay in MediocreLand.

I have an under the radar move i think Miami should make as far as WR goes and no i am not saying this is a cure all woes move. The redskins just dealt a lot of picks for RG3 and signed Garcon and Josh Morgan and are still looking for more receivers. Why not offer a pick such as the 3rd we got for Marshall or a 4 to the skins for The U's own Leonard Hankerson? He started to show some real potential last year before the injury and has some skills.

Just a thought.

The Miami Dolphins
"Rebuilding since 1999"

Hope we sign Winston...That would be top shelf quality right there...Pay the man!

Also, R. Marshall didnt rate too high at profootballfocus.com. Hope he is not second coming of Benny Sapp.

The will average 10 points a game this season and end up last again. Get ready for a long ride until Ross sells the team and we can a real GM in here.

I have one question for Ireland. Is this team any better now that it was before you started?

For every hole we fill we create two more. No way I see this team anywhere near playoff territory. Next season will be over faster than last season.

Coyle was marshalls d cordinater in college so maybe he was brought in due to system knowledge? Would certainly help our current guys quicken the learning curve. 17 picks and 7 sacks in a 6 year career aint too shabby either.


Whaddaya mean "under the radar move"? Isnt this exactly what Ireland's been doing since he's been in charge?

"Under the radar" guaranteed us the afc east cellar last season right?

I don't know how the money breaks down year by year, but it seems on the high side. We will see

"Under the radar move", ROTFLMAO! Whaddaya think Jeff "under the radar" Ireland has been doing since he's been here! LOL

Ireland is infatuated with mediocrity. He loves players he can get on a bargain. His problem is that he doesn't hate losing as much as he should.

We're now the Miami "under the rest of the afc east" Dolphins! LOL

True yesterday, i kind of meant a move that will not cost us much but can bring in some talent especially now since the free agent WR crop is pretty barren outside of Manningham who I am not a big fan of.

It looks like at this point WR talent can only be acquired via a trade or through the draft.

I see Buffalo being the most improved team in the AFC East and I see the fins and jets battling for last place. I think Fat Rex will be wearing out his welcome by mid season.

could Locker be in play if TENN signs Manning?--trade the 8th pick for him

solid reporting this time Mondo.I like the signing a good young DB to compete and one less draft pick to use in the first 4 rounds

Honestly some of you so called fans need to go away already. Two days into free agency and your down in the dumps because the Dolphins haven't signed the guy "you" wanted. Of course we all know the Dolphins weren't going to be major players in free agency anyways. If the Dolphins can take care of right tackle in free agency then they are in good shape for the draft. Manning probably won't be a Dolphin and Flynns stock has dropped to the point that teams once considered to sign him have opted out of the Flynn sweepstakes. Why should the Dolphins jump at him?

Like it or not, Ireland has been patient and like the Soliai situation the Dolphins did not over pay. I am not a fan of Ireland but he deserves credit and has done a decent job now that he's out from under the floppy Tuna.

Chris @11:09 PM,

Eaxactly what Im talking about too. Jeff Ireland calls those moves "ACORNS". If there's an acorn out there you best believe Ireland's already explored it.

Acorns are Ireland's favorites. He will leave no acorn unturned. Acorn hunting is for teams that are already great. Not for teams seeking to be great.


This fo plays the exact same offseason music every years. It isnt the fans that need to go away. Its this "dmbfins" organization that needs to go away! LOL

"How long before Fish Fanatics imply that Marshall is as good as Revis Island ?"

There is no way he's going to be as good as getting away with pass interference as Revis is.

If I had signed as fins new hc. Right now I would be wondering wth have I gotten myself into. Im sure that's crossed Philbin's mind a time or two already! LOL

i heard a rumor of a comment made about the cowboys and matt moore. i know they have orton now, and its gotta be total crap, but with miami's moves who knows. but is it possible that sometime through all this that could or might have been dicussed? my goodness not moore! not yet or now! total b.s, no way.

Revis has no rings, and will never have one as a Jet. Rex is a hot air balloon that has now been pricked.

YG.....gotta think Philbin, at age 50, is thrilled to have any NFL head coaching job--there are only 32 of them and the guy probably just wanted an opportunity

Are you saying there will be competition? Like there has been competition for the last 4 years? Personally, I think they were just DESPERATE to sign anyone at this point. Even a scrub like Marshall.

solid reporting this time Mondo.I like the signing a good young DB to compete and one less draft pick to use in the first 4 rounds

Posted by: sickof fareweather fans | March 14, 2012 at 11:15 PM


Funny, solid reporting huh? Marshall tweeted it! That's called self reporting. All Mando did was check his tweets.

No disrespect Mando.


How about the Dolphins sign the very best free agents out there and pick all the ones you cry for too. It can be just like "YESTERDAY," say 1995. The team heralded for having something like 11 first round draft choices on the team starting. Everything was great, except the egos! That's when Harbaugh earned Captain Comeback against the Dolphins.

So just how far back does "Yesterdays Gone" mean anyway? 1984? 1973? 1972? You can "ROTFLMAO" all you want but until the Dolphins draft better they are going nowhere!

Actually, the FA moves by Ireland aren't really that bad, except for trading BM. And, I understand that based on his attitude and the fact that the Fins gave him a chance, but told him to stay out of trouble, which he can't do. Brandon's latest escapade may put him on the bench for 6 games this year! And, this new kid (also goes by Marshall) can play corner or safety and is familiar with the defense. So, he's versatile and should help shore up our leaky secondary (a rookie corner would struggle for a while). Getting "Big Paul" back on the D-line is a coup, in my opinion.

Pick up a good WR in the draft and maybe a pass-rusher and a TE. Give Manning till Friday to make a decision or pull the trigger on Flynn. Ireland likes to double-up on some positions in the draft which gives us better odds in finding decent players.

Hey, it may not be pretty (cause it hasn't been so far), but it seems to be a plan and they're working it....I think.???

These jokers dont deserve Peyton Manning, They arent close to worthy. The organization is pathetic.

Jaquar fans better pray Gabbert doesnt get hurt. HennePuke's the backup! LOL

could Locker be in play if TENN signs Manning?--trade the 8th pick for him

Posted by: BB | March 14, 2012 at 11:12 PM

I was thinking that this morning. I think the Titans would keep him as a backup plan. If they sign Manning,I don't see a reason why they would keep Hasselbeck.

Even if MM is the starter , still feel better than last yrs starter. Way way way way way better!!!!


I never cry to sign every fa that comes along year after. If Ireland had done a better job with drafting and desicion making. We wouldnt be where we are now.

You build a great team thru great drafting. You use free agency to grab that "ONE" "TWO" max player the puts you over the top. Any idiot should know you dont use free agency to build a team. Just to add that final piece or two that puts you over the top.


Well at least we can agree on that.

solid signing, keep building that defense this year

When Brandon Marshall is on the sidelines serving a league suspension, this trade will suddenly make Ireland look pretty damn smart.

I know you people are incapable of giving him ANY credit for anything because of your simplistic and semi-retarded vendettas, but I think it was a bright and prescient move on the Dolphins part.

(you can look up the word 'prescient,' by the way)

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