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Dolphins agree to deal with CB Marshall

The Dolphins and cornerback Richard Marshall have agreed to a three-year contract.

The deal was confirmed by Marshall himself on his twiter feed.

"Just agreed with the dolphins on a 3 yr deal they made me stay in Miami lol," Marshall tweeted.

Marshall, 27, is a six-year veteran who played five seasons with Carolina and last season with Arizona. In 2011, he started six games, played in 16 and finished with three interceptions and 11 passes defensed.

The details of the deal are not yet available as it is not yet signed.

[Update: A source tells me the contract will be for three years and $15.975 million with $6 million in guaranteed money.]

The Dolphins have been searching for a cornerback that could compete with Sean Smith for a starting job. A likely scenario could be to have the so-called loser of that competition still play as the third corner in nickel and dime packages.

The role of the nickel corner has increased dramatically in recent years as passing has become an NFL staple. Third corners are really starters without getting the pregame introduction. They typcially play up to 60-65 percent of the plays.

Marshall has also spent time at safety. There is a chance he might get a shot at Miami's free safety position. The idea, ultimately, is to improve a secondary and defense that finished 21st in the NFL in percentage of passes intercepted.

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i wish they would deal locker, guy looked awesome last year. but they love him


This dumb organiazation has used free agency to try and build a team.

1. Wilford
2. Gerbril Wilson
3. Smiley
4. Grove
5. MLB #58
6. Burnett
7. Marshall

We've far overused fa in attempts to build a team. But have been forced to because of plain average at best drafting and player development. Im sure I even left off a couple names on this list.

Like I said, wise use of fa is to add a player or two to put you over the top after wise drafting. Fa cant become your primary building plan as it has become for the Dolphins. Mainly due to poor drafting and player development.

Never heard of Richard Marshall. I guess Will Allen will be shown the door.

winston would of been huge

Philbin has said that, to him, the most important positions are, QB, pass Rusher and CB. Well, seems everything is going according to plan.

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When waterboy Ireland squanders the picks he got from the Marshall trade, maybe he will finally be fired.

I am a kool aid homer.

they are? pass rusher and qb? where are they, flynn wont cut it. pass on him

Philbins never been a HC. Who cares what he says?

anyone think ireland is actually working with and listening to the coaches this time around as to what they need to make their respective systems work?

Hey, bro, I couldn't care less how frustrated you are. Just don't impersonate me. ok?

pat white!!! hahaha

All succesful head coaches past and present weren't head coaches at one time before they got their chance to lead a team so give philbin a chance to show us what he's got.

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Most successful GM's already have a formula for a successfully proven championship team. He then hires a hc that shares his philosophy and together they build a championship team.

Ireland's a talent scout and has zero team building philosophy or experience. Just because a guy has talent doesnt mean he fits certain systems. I fear Ireland drafts on talent not system.

Drafting the talent to fit the system is the major difference in building a championship team or non championship nightmare. Many players on this team dont neccessarily fit the system. Thats why we are where we are now.

Yesterdays Gone have you ever watched a football game? You seem quite naive.


Sure have. Mostly when your mother's tickling my balls with her foot.

I don't know, Yeah. Girls just seem unable to get past me, even if I didn't go down on them. They always come back to fukk me, one more time. I guess it's my Rythm.

Yesterdays Gone. Your response confirms my thoughts. Well, happy blogging.


95% of novice HC's fail misearably. Sparano, Saban, and Cameron should be familiar to you.

This was actually not a good signing but a great signing. Richard Marshall is a very good player & I wouldn't be surprised if he beats out S. Smith @ CB or becomes our starting FS.

Obviously we still have MAJOR holes on offense @ WR, RT, RG, & TE but if we hit on another pass rusher like Melvin Ingram our defense can be outstanding.

If team wants Flynn (& at this point I have no idea if they do) they're going to have to restructure some contracts b/c I believe that we only have about 5 million of cap space left to work with in FA.

Megatron gets extension. $132 million dollars, $60 million guaranteed. The highest guaranteed money in nfl history. WOW!

Please, don't disrespect YG. He's doing his best to learn Football.

3 coaches equal 95% huh? Usually novice coach equals bad teams hired them.thing I like about philbin is he learned how to build a winner in green bay and was part of an offense that attacked defenses. He knows how to gameplan.

We still a couple of years away. Not enough bench at many positions.

There was an Otterman here some time ago..not sure why.

If we're hiring a west coast offense hc. We need a gm that knows west coat system inside and out. That way both hc and gm are almost always on same page.

That gm also has to have a certain proven successful defensive philosophy/system and can correctly identify players that fit that sytem.

Right now in Miami all we have is a glorified talent scout, not a gm.


As long as Ireland and Ross are running this team. We'll always be at least 2yrs away. Too many moves are consistently one step forward, two steps backwards. Changing hc's wont change this.

Maybe so, YG. Maybe not. We'll see. GN.

Pastor Gumm,

Would love to take you up on your offer. Hope your're wearing your bullet proof Sunday vest. Things could get very hot, if you know what I mean. LOL

I don't care how you interpret it.

So far Ireland has created a massive hole at the second most important skill position in todays NFL.

OK, so he resigned our own NT. Fine, but Solia should have been resigned BEFORE he was franchised. TRANSLATION: Ireland covered a player he ALREADY fcked up on.

Not COMPLETELY disimilar to what he just did with Brandon Marshall. He either fcked up trading for him originally, or trading him away. Either way, both moves(Solia and Marshall)are covering for previous mistakes. We aren't gaining any ground.

That brings us too the signing of the new Marshall. Great, except with Davis, Smith Allen and Wilson, it's probably an area of the least need. QB, Pass Rusher, Right Tackle, Tight End and now Wide Receiver are all areas of bigger need.

We've just barely waded into Free Agency and Ireland has been losing ground at best. The fact is, we were a better team before free agency started. It's disgusting! How many times is he going to get away with taking one step forward and three steps back?

PS: I'm so pissed I can't even drink enough to get DRUNK!!!!

dbmfins... Keep telling yourself what you say here because we will be dormant the next 10 years because this is exactly what's been happening all along since Man Darino left... We've been stuck in a rutt...bad drafting and bad player development along with a terrible GM Ireland spells exactly what they fielded for us to watch last year.

You can't continue along like this in today's league like we've been doing..patchwork, bargain basement, and acorn QB's have gotten is nowhere fast

Tipycal crap move

Well said Odin and YG...that's the facts, and that's why we are where we are today.
QB should be all out until one is found that works...forget the rest until you solve this. Ireland just doesn't get it.

Yup, always damage control. Wilford, Smiley, Grove, Wilson, overpaying Soliai by $8 million last year($14 mil), now Marshall. Every time this organization takes 1 step forward. It almost always end in 2 steps backward.

We continue to have to re-address positions we thought we had addressed. While still having position that have never been adequately addressed. And there's some here saying Ireland's doing a good job.

It's like a guy driving a bus having a wreck killing two passengers. Then minimixing it by saying at least he wasnt piloting a plane that could have killed 126 passengers. Geesh!

If we get Peyton, and we get to sign the free agents that have visited us, and are interested in signing with us: Eric Winston Right Tackle, and defensive end/outside linebacker Jamaal Westerman, and offensive tackle/guard Artis Hicks, that would mean that we no longer need a right tackle or a safety or a DE in the first 3 rounds of the draft – we could always draft those positions later as insurance. But this means we solve the DE and Tackle problem. Now we concentrate on other needs in the draft. Therefore now we can go for a tight end, and receiver in the first 3 rounds. So here is a possible scenario
If we sign ex Colts tight end Dallas Clark,(only if we bring Peyton on board) and maybe center Jeff Saturday to play with Manning, then we would need a number one receiver in the draft as our first priority. (Pouncy moves to Right Tackle if we sign Saturday, which he has played before at UF) We all know we are going to draft 2 receivers this year. We will hope one turns into a number one receiver. If both pan out then we are in great shape. There are no Number ones left in Free agency, but this is a very good draft year for receivers. It looks like there are many that could become stars.
Ok so using this logic (that we need a #1 receiver as our first priority) we could trade draft picks with Cleveland Browns - Yes because if they want to take Ryan Tannehill (this is the big IF but all indications point to that being the case), and if we got Peyton as our QB then we are not going to take Ryan Tannehill in the first round and neither is Tampa or St Louis or Jacksonville. So Cleveland gets their franchise QB at pick Number 8 instead of 4. This move saves them serious Money, since they took him with the 8th pick of the draft and not 4th pick, plus they get an additional pick from us in the third round. We get Blackmon assuredly a number 1 receiver, and we give Cleveland our new #3 pick we got from Chicago, this year as additional compensation as well as switching first round positions.
Cleveland is really not risking not being able to draft Tannehill. Chances of Jax taking Tannehill went exponentially south as soon as they signed our beloved Chad Henne today as a back-up, and already invested heavily on their QB. So the teams picking 5th 6th and 7th do not need QB’s.
So it all hinges on Cleveland Browns making the trade with us. We have to make Cleveland know that they got a good deal, which of course they are getting. I wonder if Ireland has though of the same scenario, and has already approached Cleveland to talk about trading spots in the first round. Pending Peyton signing with us. Of course the stars have to align for Cleveland to pull the trigger, but the temptation will be there, especially if they are truly going after a QB in the first round as has been reported. The only question here is Mike Holmgreen. As their new coach does he want a second top notch corner more than he wants a franchise QB? If he sees it our way, then it might be a very low risk trade for them, and we get what we want Blackmon and Peyton and Clark and a good OL then our Offense will really thrive.
Hey Jeff I am just trying to present to you a scenario that us fans would go wild with and fill the stadium and call you a genius whether we win or many games or not, it will look like we did the right thing and Ross will be happy filling all the seats this year.
Yes this of course this plan assumes we get Peyton. That is another big IF. Now if Peyton goes somewhere else, and if Cleveland does not pick Tannehill with the 4th pick, then that means we will almost surely have to pick him at #8. If Cleveland takes him at #4 then we have to pick one of the remaining QB’s in the second round, regardless of Flynn signing with us, we need to draft a QB as insurance, just in case Flynn does not pan out for us. Yes I think Flynn is a gamble. It could go either way, he becomes a star or he is a bust. I prefer Weeden in the second round over Flynn.(my opinion but it is a gamble) With our first pick we should then target Claiborne a have a great corner and make Marshall and Sean Smith the nickel and the FS. That would solidify our defense. Of course again this assumes that Claiborne would be there at 8. (not probable I think St Louis would take him at 6). But if he is there …………..Boy we would have 2 great shut down corners our D just jumped 20 spots up. Now if we do not want Blackmon it still makes sense to trade with Cleveland if we are to go for Claiborne instead of Blackmon

Even Parcells didnt have a true football system. Smash mouth football is a philosophy not a system.

He didnt build the Giants championship dynasty, he cried Robert Kraft wouldnt let him buy the groceries. The team he co-built(Jerry Jones) still hasnt won a championship. Neither did the Jets, and now Miami's looking like the worst Parcells touched project of all.

Bravo Odin and YG, excellent posts. Yes on paper some of these moves seem good ones but people easily forget that they are mere band aids over previous fk ups. Our precarious cap situation begins and ends with Ireland.

We got the short end of the stick on the Marshal trade because it was a reaction to the inevitable. We pleaded Ireland last year after 0-7 to trade Marshall to get the best possible value while getting the team much needed ammo for the offseason but nope deaf ears, and now this. So you deduct that if this incident would not have happened we would still have a locker cancer like Marshall? Eventually we would have gotten screwed by someone else.

Ireland may be a good scout but he is certainly a crappy GM, Odin and YG gave perfect examples of it. We had more time than anyone last year to prepare for this offseason and so far we stroke out on Fisher and apparently on Manning, this despite telling the world we were going to be all-in for both.

So far I'm at odds with the moves so far, the signing of Marshall as someone else pointed out is not a position of need and it is one that is easier to address via draft -by a good evaluator- than OL or pass rusher. Why sign a backup CB to $2+ million/year when we still need to sign a QB. I'm gonna be really pissed if we can not bring Winston in, that is one position you have to go for if he's there for the taking.


Wished I could get a penny for every "if" you hjave in your upper post. LOL


$2 mkillion a year "guaranteed money" for a backup corner may end up being both a blessing and curse in disguise.

A blessing becuase if he outplays Sean Smith he's a much cheaper option as a starting corner moving forward. A curse because it means yet another 2nd rd pick(Smith) wasted.


Ralph..you are insane buddy. That's all GabbleDeGook for one because manning isn't coming here..

could Locker be in play if TENN signs Manning?--trade the 8th pick for him

Posted by: BB | March 14, 2012 at 11:12 PM

As I live in a Nashville 'burb, I watched many A LOT of Titans games, including those where Locker played. He is erratic, but exciting, can run really well, but he's as advertised, as he completes about 55%.
Still, I'd have to guess that It's more likely Hasselbeck, a 16 year veteran, will be the guy to go. The NFL ain't the place for 2 over 36 year old QB's on the same team.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 14, 2012 at 11:40 PM

Agree, but when your draft is consistently mediocre, FA is a viable alternative.
I truly believe this franchise is cursed....by 15 years of bad ownership.

Even Don Shula screwed the pooch, retaining horrible coaches like Olivadotti, who probably cost the Fins at least 2 AFC East Championships...the fool couldn't figure out a way to stop a screen pass. Anyone remember the Fins/Bills AFC Championship game, where Thurman Thomas got over 200 yards on screens?
I believe they threw it about 15 times, never a negative yard.

Cursed, I say...CURSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes!! a great addition towards being a superbowl contender....sike..what a waste. 21 year fan.and i will not be watching this year if
A. Either Matt's are starting for this team
B.Tannehill is drafted period no matter what round
C.Or an 1st round O-lineman

Posted by: @odds_zonn


Ireland Strikes Again!

Quit acting like your GM and have all the answers!!!
your post are stupid and are just a guess on everything ... glad your not GM cause everything you want to do could never happen which would make you a worse GM than JEFF IRELAND cause you would miss out on everything ... You dont build a team through Free agency.. Washington had been doing that for years and they are worse than the dolphins. everybody always gets worked up every year that teams like the skins get all the free agents and guess what they get less wins than Jeff Irelands "ACORN" team. so quit foolin yourself! If you wre GM you would have already been fired... And your a complete fool BECAUSE YOU THINK JEFF IERLAND READS THIS COMMENT SECTION OF THIS BLOG MUCH LESS THE BLOG ITSELF! They have to work 18-20 hours days and could careless what the sports media has to say. So guess what go back to your FANTASY FOOTBALL.. cause you know very little about REAL FOOTBAL ... Have a nice day : ) peace , love , and light.. OUTTTTT of here (~);}

soliai and marshall signings were important for us. westerman would have been nice and cheap. matt moore is better than flynn but both would be great as they would push eachother. we need WR and TE's!


The Miami Dolphins will pursue Ryan Tannehill with the same aggressive nature in which they have pursued Matt Flynn.

"Just agreed with the dolphins on a 3 yr deal they made me stay in Miami lol," Marshall tweeted.

I don't know much about this guy...but what kinda TWIT is this...."...they made me stay in miami lol......

You signed a contract and got paid....NOBODY made you do anything.....and if you think this team is a laughing matter....maybe you should have signed elsewhere.....

I;m not loving this guys character......

Another example of why Athletes and Twitter don't mix.....

I guess I will google him....

17 interceptions fo his career and to include 3 last year (Marshall).....

Heck....his 17 pick in 3 season's are probably 16 more picks than Smith and Davis have had as a tandem since they have been here....

I still hate the tweeting...but I love the ball hawking.....welcome to Miami Mr. Marshall....

Holy crap....

did we just get DEPTH in the secondary......

Depth in the secondary...depth @ d-line.....

Watch out FIN FANS....Ireland MIGHT just build us a football team....





@kris ... He is sayin' he thinks they gave him a good contract .. thats the meaning of they made me stay.. you know opposed to leavin' without a contract!

If Mike Wallace was sitting there at Pick #8 would you draft him? I would, let's go get Wallace and get the only other TRUE #1 receiver there is out there.


With the signing of Soliai and the new DB, Miami has to focus on the offense now. We are all waiting for the big QB shoe to drop anytime now but I can't help thinking that the Marshal trade will force them to go for a WR in the first round. Could be "the plan" all along. There are two good prospects in reach, Blackmon and Floyd. Question is now, which is most important, WR or pass-rusher?

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