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Dolphins answering other teams' moves ... not really

The Buffalo Bills just announced the signing of pass-rush machine Mario Williams, the biggest defensive prize in free agency. Oh yeah, the Dolphins can still answer that move because backup offensive lineman Artis Hicks is still being wooed by Miami!

Yeah, I'm sure the move makes Peyton Manning want to come to the Dolphins more. "I've been able to play against great quarterbacks," Williams said, "I'm looking forward to chasing down these [AFC East] quarterbacks."

Of course, better offensive lineman Eric Winston, who blocked Williams in practice every day for the Houston Texans, has left South Florida after a visit with Miami. He's looking to become the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL. And that is probably too rich for the Dolphins right now.

The Patriots are expected to soon start hosting visits, with LaRon Landry a likely target. No worries, the Dolphins don't worry about other teams' safeties because the word around the NFL is new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin doesn't like alpha wide receivers on his team. He likes his offense to have two or preferrably three good receivers rather than one supremely talented guy that demands the football.

So take that safeties! The Dolphins may not have better talent at receiver today than two days ago, but at least you can't gameplan for Miami's guys!

Plus the Dolphins just signed Steve Slaton to a one-year deal so they're ready to return kickoffs for touchdowns anyway ... and now they have a third running back in the mold of Reggie Bush.

The Jets are about to get a visit from safety Reggie Nelson, a former first-round pick and someone Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle knows well. No serious interest from the Dolphins so far.

On the Peyton Manning front, the Titans and Broncos are scheduling visits with reputed veteran pass-rusher John Abraham -- who in the previous games against the Dolphins has been a monster. The move suggests at least a couple of teams vying for Manning are not standing still on other fronts.

More proof of that is the Titans, hoping to upgrade the offensive line for Manning, just announced the signing of guard Steve Hutchinson -- a Fort Lauderdale native.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have re-signed try-hard bottom of the roster defensive end Ryan Baker but are apparently ready to lose Kendall Langford, who today is visiting with the Bengals and could next go to St. Louis.

Why am I not all that impressed with Miami's first couple of days in free agency, you ask? Read the last few paragraphs again. Tell me what move impresses so far?

The Dolphins remain on Manning watch. But as details of his visit to Tennessee continue to leak out -- the latest is he got a call from the governor while he was there, a shoutout from the legislature, and an offer to work for the club for the rest of his life after his playing days -- the less I'm inclined to think he's going to end up with the Dolphins.

They remain hopeful. They remain in it according to several sources. But this is looking more and more like the Dolphins are a one-way elevator.

And we're about to get let down.


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Cut the signing Manning crap already!


Armando....stirring the pot....whacking the bee hive

What have the Jets or Pats done to improve their team? When we go 14 and 2 this season, then what will you all say about this FO? Or will you change your names? Yeah, I thought so.

Someone in the Dolphins organization must of insulted Armando somewhere along the way. Geez dude can you be any more negative?

Im so sick of the Manning circus..And I know we are on the outside, the FO gets paid to know more about football than we do. So, Im going to continue trying to give them credit that they actualy have a master plan. And that we are all just over reacting..BUT I WILL BE HONEST ITS Fn HARD TO KEEP THE FAITH.

I've been one of the most HARDCORE do or die fans for the last 30 Yrs. plus without argument really but will now will RANT!!!!

We trade Marshall for less than what we got him for 2 Yrs. ago!! We talk this game about Manning or moving up for a QB and our H.C. doesn't even get the meeting the Broncos or Arz. got but has to fly to Indy to meet for 6 hours with a guy who lives 45 minutes from our Davie facility. So to take Mando's dating corn ball analogy further we didn't even strike 1st base on our meeting and regardless minus some J.Blackmon type trade up we are all but done in the Peyton sweepstakes given he won't enter a Season with Bess or Hartline at #1.

I was NEVER 100% sold on the Manning deal but was 110% sold on Flynn not being the answer either!! Nobody has bothered I believe in analyzing the fact that Flynn didn't even start the SEC Conf. Champ game for LSU when they won their Natl. Title. He reminds me so much of another College great in Ken Dorsey who only lost twice in 3 Yrs. it makes me SICK, the difference being Dorsey for all his NOODLE Flynn like arm was a true leader at the U of M!!!

I would have dumped the VERY MEDIOCRE Dansby and his 11.5 Million before Marshall and I don't care about the incident regarding his wife because he only stopped the other woman from beating her if you read the facts and by the way the Cowboys didn't cut UM's COKE HEAD Irvin after the video of him buying an ounce of blow either and I believe Marshall to be every bit the same talent minus Aikman.

We are hamstrung with the worst and I repeat WORST owner who couldn't take a dump between his own shoes in Ross and his GM who must have some naked pics of him or something. This always a brides maid but NEVER a bride thing is to re-occuring for me at this point. I've HATED trades in the past but felt kicked in the gut by this one that tells me were back in FULL BLOWN rebuidling mode for the 4th time in 12 Yrs. I'M SICK AND TIRED AND BELIEVING THAY AS LONG AS ROSS OWNS THE TEAM WE WILL ABSOLUTELY SUCK, GOOD LUCK TO HIM IN HIS EMPTY STADIUM 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 and 2?? man let me have some of what your smoking.

I am not at all surprised by this. The management of this team is a complete mess. It just keeps getting uglier and uglier.


Both Philbin and Ireland stated that their way of building a team LONG term is to resign and reward your players. Then sign one or two mid level FA and do the bulk of work thru the draft. Did you not here that in their press conferences or were you ZZZZ? Why the big surprise and negativity from you? They are doing what they said they were going to do.

I agree with Clue no more Manning talk sick of hearing about it.

nice to know im not the onlt one that has been suffering for years with this franchise. I suppose I should be greatfull, I witnessed the 72 Dolphins, Superbowl wins and losses. Csonka, Kick, Warfield, Griese, oh how i hate thinking back to the good ole days

The stadium very well will be empty in 2012. The Dolphins do not have any marquee match-ups at home except the Patriots and Jets. Look for some blackouts this year.

you forgot R marshall signing and Solai (best FA NT) signing, but Phins need to sign Flynn and move forward

Sign Winston, draft Blackmon, and get fylnn! Please
Run your new offense and things will be looking up, if we do nothing then we are new lions

So who did you want them to sign? Nicks? Williams? You know players can actually pick which teams they want to visit. Everybody thinks when a FA signs somewhere else, it must be the Dolphins front office's fault. Marshall had to go. HE asked for the trade. Enough of him and his mouth and his arrests and his dropped TD's. That is what happens when you kneejerk and go after a guy that doesn't fit your plan.

If they were rebuilding they would not chase old Manning

Fin4Life- I agree with you. Dansby is not worth his 11.5M salary. Another questionable signing by Ireland & Co.

Hey Armando....resigning Soliai was a huge deal to me. The guy is our best run stuffing DL and he would have been hard to replace.
Trading Marshall(cancer) was very smart.
Now, let's see which QB lands here and then and only then can we judge how Ireland & Co. did in FA this year.
As the old saying goes: there's still some meat left on that bone"

That's true. It's how all the perennially good teams do it. Go down the list...Pats, Giants, Steelers, Ravens, Packers.

This is what the majority on this blog have been asking for...and now it's here.

Accept it.

Speaking of short sighted.

Am I wrong or do all of the teams that Armando listed have more money under the cap? And the Dolphins need to save every penny they have in case Manning decides on Miami (I f***ing know he's not coming here but Ross is going to wait until the last second!:) So how is it shocking that Miami isn't using up their cap space on expensive players when they need the money to sign Manning or Flynn?

And didn't the Dolphins sign a pro bowl DT who was the #1 free agent at his position? And didn't they sign the best nickle corner in free agency?

OBJECTIVITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it too hard for you people in South Florida to look at both sides of the coin? Has the heat melted your brains? I'm, all for calling people out but if you don't credit them for the good things you do you just look like a hater.

Haters hate and don't look at anything objectively and can't be taken seriously.

Armando this isn't investigative journalism. You are trying to instigate trouble, as if you want people to hate on their own team? It is in essence INSTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. Yes I realize that isn't a word but I have contacted the people at Websters and gave them pages upon pages or written "reports" from Miamis media. I expect with such overwhelming documentation we will see my word in the new dictionary this fall.

I can't wait until the Dolphins receive another kick to nuts by Peyton Manning.

The organization is one giant kick to the nuts.

Dolphin fans are not surprised by this....mediocrity at its finest again. No wonder we haven't made the playoffs but once in a decade. I HATE to be negative, I really do. Why is this team so close to the cap and there is NOT one superstar on the team. My fear is we are drafting Ryan Tannenhill with that 8th pick and it's going to be a wasted pick. Manning and Flynn are not coming here. We probably will have to Number 1 pick next year. Too bad because Andrew Luck will be rookie of the year.

All the papers talk about ross having deep pockets.....they are deep cause he has no BALLS! If this guy wants to win....then DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

(good things THEY do)

Manning is not comming to Miami, the Wayne siging in Indy is proof. Wayne was going to follow Peyton to Miami and not anywhere else.
The front office, the owner and whoever else who believes otherwise is stupid!!
But then again they have never proved they were smart to begin with. To discuss trading Marshall at the combine and not even getting a vist with any of the top FA WRs, is beyond stupid. Any of us fans could have done better.
So Ross whats your next brilliant move? Selling the team i hope, Maybe to someone that actually cares!!

Buffalo got the top Free Agent. Buffalo? really?

This is one of the few times were losing is better than winning. If they fail (losing record) then at least people will get fired. Of course that didnt happen the last 4 years!!

Well, Nelson going without notice, and Winston looking less likely.

My Evil Plan ... dwindling a bit.
I sill have faith that my evil plan will be instituted in the draft though.

Mwaaa haa haaa haa haaa haaaaaaaah!!!

Why isn't Mercury Morris on the Dolphins Wall of Fame? Are the Dolphins racist?

I dont see how were gonna compete in the east next yr everyones making moves and were worried about 3rd string rb, when we can use Reggie Nelson at FS or a manniham. I say WR sign Flynn and draft Michael floyd he's big like Marshall and ran a faster time than blackmon

Miami is not going to get Manning and they are going to do nothing long enough that Flynn signs somewhere else and Cleveland is going to take Tannehill at 4 and here we sit - AGAIN - with no QB that can take the team anywhere

Why so negative? We got rid of a huge distraction by dumping Marshall lickitysplit!
All I heard and read for a month is that we were going to lose Solia but low and behold, he re-signs. We are chasing a mega-star and are at least in the conversation when in reality he is 36 and injured, so missing him and landing Flynn is not a bad thing.
We have some holes but so do 30 other teams. We finished last year at 6-3 which should give us hope and I believe we upgraded the coaching staff. We have the 8th overall pick.
We aren't Super Bowl bound, but I believe we are moving in the right direction.

Terrible job, as always.

Blog Fodder,

You kind of took the words right out of my mouth. Does anyone know if the fans on the Steelers, Ravens, Pats and Packers blogs are going ballistic becaue they haven't been active in FA? Just curious. Seems to me that these are the models to follow, rather the Cowboys and 'Skins, which never seem to work.

Why is this team so close to the cap and there is NOT one superstar on the team.

Posted by: nickybarto

>>>This basically sums up the problems of the Miami Dolphins. You pay your STUDS the big bucks or you get them cheap when you draft them. Miami has to overpay for "good" players in free agency like Dansby at 11.5M+. So we have a bunch of "good" players earning stud money.

Particularly snarky for so soon.

I think its pretty obvious the fins plan to trade up for Blackmon... Do they really have any other choice. We aren't going to draft Floyd, because hes just as much of a headcase as marshall. And all the other WRs who are rated highly whom im not all that impressed with will be gone by our 2nd round pick

Guys I like Armando as much as the next person but these are his opinions. You have to stop reading his articles and then immediately commenting on them as if they are factual. Think for yourself for a second before commenting. He made it sound as if we've signed no one and everyone in the afc east are making these huge moves. What did the Jets do? Sign Sanchez and Sparano? How is that better than what we've done?

The Bills signed Mario Williams and strapped their cap and now can't afford any other quality players and they have more holes than us!

The Pats have done nothing.

And here's the kicker. Armando doesn't give a flying s**t about any of this. He wrote this to keep all of you cry babies whining your eyes out in his blog so he gets tons of page hits. And just when I thought we got people calmed down! Thanks Armando! :)

He's playing to your weakness' and you're a fool if you don't see it. He knows the guys who will hang out in here all night are the complaining dogs and he just threw you guys a big piece of f***ing meant to fight over. I'm not participating any further, have fun.

This is about Ross' ego not what is best for the dolphins. Mr. rich man wants something and his feelings are hurt because he is not getting what he wants. Maybe he should work on his reputation and improve that (inside the nfl circle). He may be a sucessful businessman outside of football but he sure is ignorant about the business workings inside of football. Maybe he should change who he is getting his reccomendations from.

Mando, Marshall does not fit in either a west coast offense or Peyton's offense, both of which require receivers being in spots. Marshall, for all his gifts, is definitely known for freelancing, not a trait that is looked upon with glee from someone that thinks like Bill Walsh. Getting two third rounders for a square peg, while not a good deal is certainly not a bad one, in my opinion.

Steve Slaton's best season as a pro came in 2008 with the Texans. Remind me, who was the offensive coordinator for that team?

Some team is probably going to overpay for Winston, but Miami will not be it.

There may be a reason that Kevin Coyle is not pushing to bring Nelson in. Nelson was TERRIBLE for Jacksonville, thus the reason was not with the team last year. Did the system make the safety?

There is a plan in place, Mando, even if you do not see it. Chasing every free agent that is "perceived" as an upgrade..... well, just ask Washington how that works

big piece of (meat), gosh darn new keyboard! See ya guys, don't wet yourselves too bad over this "story".


You're fighting a losing battle. You're asking some of these guys to something they've never done before in their lives....think for themselves.

As wolf would say....'Douches of Despair'....LOL

I think its pretty obvious the fins plan to trade up for Blackmon... Do they really have any other choice.

Posted by: Chase

>>>>>>>>>>Yeah Chase, they could ignore their WR problems or draft guys later in the draft. Only way Miami trades up is for Tannehill and even that possibility is small. Ireland will wait it out and see who drops to him. How can Miami possibly not take a top WR? Well, they didn't try to get one in free-agency even though they knew they were trading BM. Last year they knew they had to draft a QB to compete with Henne and they didn't. They even passed on Mallet when he fell back to them. This team doesn't do ANYTHING out of need or desperation. And that is why some many areas of deficiencies are never adequately addressed.

I agree with Clue no more Manning talk sick of hearing about it.

Posted by: robert az | March 15, 2012 at 04:22 PM

Agree. No mas!

This team operates like a Sicilian brothel. Rather than go out and get some pretty girls, they keep the sweaty,smelly, ugly local girls and charge their customers double.

Wake me when it's September. Do not hang onto every word the media says, if get paid to guess.

Let's see....according to the blog Armondo wrote several days ago, Philbin is a big believer in the draft, and building through the draft....it's the way it was done when he was in Green Bay. Additionally, signing and keeping your good players and letting the bad ones go is also an aspect of the "Packer Way." One would assume that the Phins brough Philbin in to bring some of that "Packer Way" to south beach....so is it really a huge surprise that they're not looking at making huge splashes left and right in FA?

Negative Mando rears his head again, go pack san d, you'll never be satisfied with any signings.

What did the Jets do? Sign Sanchez and Sparano? How is that better than what we've done?

They did not lose any players, and they can still add players. If anything they stayed the same.

Miami got worse. Maybe they couldnt keep Marshall, but we didnt replace him either. We have to draft a Wr in the first round just to make up for it. That means another need can not be filled, with a high draft pick.

And they need to get a WR in the first.

Tenn gonna get a big surprise when Peyton goes down in the first game. I wonder how that lifetime offer will look then.

How many Free Agents has Breen bay signed in the last 3 years?

Trade up for Tannehil LOL. He will drop to the mid second round, he sucks.

4 Straight seasons I was one of you overly optimistic blind sheep. Every one of those seasons this fo proved me wrong.

Based on all of this real evidence you blind sheep call us who no longer drink the koolaid douches of despair and gtang of defeat. Have you guys had your heads up your bungholes the last 4 years? Was 6-10 last season a total mirage?

I can only assume (regarding the Morris question) that it has to do with his drug issues, and later prison term..other than that, i have no clue

Thank you...This is not rocket science...If we want to compete to win and make the playoffs we sign Winston...If we are in transition mode, then best to hold off and makes me wonder why even bother with Solai?

Dolphins are the biggest JOKE in the NFL. How do they think we as fans want to go down this rebuilding stage again. They havee been rebuilding for what 10 or 15 years now. I can't sit back every year and watch the same owe mess. Dolphins is a JOKE. 4-12 again a losing season.

Watch us try and sign Hasselbeck after he is cut by Tennessee to make room for Peyton.

No Balls,

There was a desperate need for a running back in the draft last year. Ireland did that by trading three picks for one. For that he got loudly criticized on here by numerous posters.

What a joke all this free agent crap is. Great team dont go crazy in free agency. Name me the best free agent the pats have signed lately................................................................................................................ o ya they dont great teams build threw draft not fre agency.This team had no not a stich of a fondation only 4 years ago. Now its time to start with big play guys and a QB. Thats it a QB if Ireland gets lucky like belicheck and every other great coach before him and gets a top qb this team will be on top and philbin will be a hall of fame coach. Bottom line that is what football is all about.

Wolfman - they don't have the money to be big players in FA. Yeah and that includes Manning who would likely ruin our salary cap and cause all types of chaos. Only reason they want Manning is to sell tickets and jerseys. Otherwise, look for Miami to draft Tannehill or someone else.


That elevator is SCREAMING towards the bottom baby! From the 80th floor!

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