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Dolphins answering other teams' moves ... not really

The Buffalo Bills just announced the signing of pass-rush machine Mario Williams, the biggest defensive prize in free agency. Oh yeah, the Dolphins can still answer that move because backup offensive lineman Artis Hicks is still being wooed by Miami!

Yeah, I'm sure the move makes Peyton Manning want to come to the Dolphins more. "I've been able to play against great quarterbacks," Williams said, "I'm looking forward to chasing down these [AFC East] quarterbacks."

Of course, better offensive lineman Eric Winston, who blocked Williams in practice every day for the Houston Texans, has left South Florida after a visit with Miami. He's looking to become the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL. And that is probably too rich for the Dolphins right now.

The Patriots are expected to soon start hosting visits, with LaRon Landry a likely target. No worries, the Dolphins don't worry about other teams' safeties because the word around the NFL is new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin doesn't like alpha wide receivers on his team. He likes his offense to have two or preferrably three good receivers rather than one supremely talented guy that demands the football.

So take that safeties! The Dolphins may not have better talent at receiver today than two days ago, but at least you can't gameplan for Miami's guys!

Plus the Dolphins just signed Steve Slaton to a one-year deal so they're ready to return kickoffs for touchdowns anyway ... and now they have a third running back in the mold of Reggie Bush.

The Jets are about to get a visit from safety Reggie Nelson, a former first-round pick and someone Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle knows well. No serious interest from the Dolphins so far.

On the Peyton Manning front, the Titans and Broncos are scheduling visits with reputed veteran pass-rusher John Abraham -- who in the previous games against the Dolphins has been a monster. The move suggests at least a couple of teams vying for Manning are not standing still on other fronts.

More proof of that is the Titans, hoping to upgrade the offensive line for Manning, just announced the signing of guard Steve Hutchinson -- a Fort Lauderdale native.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have re-signed try-hard bottom of the roster defensive end Ryan Baker but are apparently ready to lose Kendall Langford, who today is visiting with the Bengals and could next go to St. Louis.

Why am I not all that impressed with Miami's first couple of days in free agency, you ask? Read the last few paragraphs again. Tell me what move impresses so far?

The Dolphins remain on Manning watch. But as details of his visit to Tennessee continue to leak out -- the latest is he got a call from the governor while he was there, a shoutout from the legislature, and an offer to work for the club for the rest of his life after his playing days -- the less I'm inclined to think he's going to end up with the Dolphins.

They remain hopeful. They remain in it according to several sources. But this is looking more and more like the Dolphins are a one-way elevator.

And we're about to get let down.


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Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools, because they have to say something.

Dolphins front office management & ownership is less than impressive and may be unable to multitask. Tell us something we don't already know!

If they don't get Flynn, it all falls on the same group to draft well including finding a starting QB. Does Philbin have a good record of developing a guy? YES but it takes a little while so getting a READY ON DAY 1 Quarterback in Flynn is the right answer.

This fo shot its wad in 2008. Its been all down hill ever since. First Henning was the scape goat, now Sparano. Wake up guys the ship is sinking!

Is it true that everyone in the Dolphins organization is getting a large "L" tattooed on their foreheads later today?

Craig M -- you are right. The move for Daniel Thomas WAS desperate. Cost us a chance at Ryan Mallet. Better option would have been someone like Willis McGahee in free agency who wanted to play here and Miami wouldn't even bring him in for a tryout.

And they need to get a WR in the first.
Posted by: this sucks | March 15, 2012 at 04:4

No they don't, the draft is full of talented wrs this year, look it up.

Craig M -- Ireland was forced to do that cause free-agency hadn't started yet, so he didn't know who was available. So I take that back...

Hmmm....my post didn't post....must have pissed Armando off. I'll try again.

It seems that the mantra changes from year to year....when the Phins dip deep into FA, everyone cries that they should be building through the draft. When the Phins limit their FA acquisitions, everyone cries that they're not doing enough in FA and "everyone is passing us by."

Remember last year when all the cry babies on here were wetting themselves and saying how much better the Jets were making themselves with their FA moves and the Phins wern't doing enough? That was funny, because the Phins seem to have faired better with their acquisitions than the Jets...who are now saddled with a bunch of old, me first punks.

great post yesterdays gone. It was so insiteful and not insulting at all you must be very smart compared to the rest of us

A blind mind says, "I can not see". A blind fool says, "There a lack of light".

There's an awful lot of blind fools in here thinking Ireland turns this around. Nothing wrong with that but Vegas would love to take your money! LOL

Thanks for the perspective Phins78.

Ship is sinking? Here, let me help you off quitter. please leave if you hate yourt team so much noone wantes to hear your never ending belly aching. wah, wah, wah

Tennessee is giving their franchise away to Manning and that is wrong. He is doing exactly what everyone is criticizing Dwight Howard for doing, trying to run the franchise when he is just one person with no front office experience. I say let him go to Tenn and see where they are a few years from now after Manning is hurt and they sold their soul to him. I understand that their 90 year old owner wants to win before he dies but giving control to an aging QB is a huge mistake.

I would say Miami is going to draft Tannehill if available at #8 and Miami doesn't get a QB in free-agency, but NO ONE REALLY KNOWS.

No one knows if Miami even likes Tannehill... It is possible they have someone else they want.

I wouldn't be shocked if Tannehill is there at #8 and everyone at the draft party is chanting "RYAN" "RYAN" and the commissioner comes up to announce the pick and...

It's POE!

And everyone is in shock! Miami just resigned their DT so what is Miami doing?!

But that is how this team works. It is not shocking that Ireland can do something completely shocking at any point.

Posted by: wolfman13 | March 15, 2012 at 04:44 PM

Armando was (then) happy with Philbin because he was in the middle of a "don't you dare let Payton make off with our whole salary cap" rant/post.

And Manning winning Lottery goes to ...Drums please..............


The Dolphins should release Steve Ross and Carl Peterson.

Can't wait til they announce the re-signing of Marc Colombo to read the positive spin from delusional fans here.

Oh and btw, the head coach they hired to deal with this talent pool has an many head coaching wins as Mando. This is pathetic.

Ay ya ya ahyy scratching my head over the Fins latest fall back... now that Williams sign with the Bills we are officially at the bottom of the AFC East map...Am really hoping they do go out there and make up for this lack of inactivity so far, weather is through what ever is remaining on FA or Draft. "Am really REALLY trying to give Phibin the benefic of the doubt, but in al reality sound like BS to me that he doesn't like to have a big name WR in his roster!!! so JENNINGS is not a BIG time WR/and even DRIVER..am confuse? Whatever but as FINS fan since little this F ING way of rebuilding a team better work out because there will be many black out games next year....and even MORE fans lost including myself.

hell is for children-pat benatar

This ship is sinking.....SPLASH................. Im out drowning fools! LOL

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. boo hoo, sniffle, sniffle ,,mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ross is too cheap to pay Winston.

F Manning, he's a spoiled diva, who cant hold Tom Brady jock strap. True or Untrue?

Ross and Ireland have succeeded in lowering Dolfans standards. If we ever go 8-8 again we'll throw a parade.

Not one of you ignorant apes who were screaming like little girls last Friday evening that Manning would be signed with Dolphins by "end of weekend" or Monday has come forward to apologize to me for your ignorance. For shame!

I told you buffoons that it would not happen by Monday (if at all). The rest of the world does not exist to make you happy, little girls.

Here we are, Thursday is over, and still no Manning signing. As I told, very complicated contract negotiations have to occur. So far you little girls are off by 4 to 5 days (depending on if one measures from "before the end of the weekend" as most of you clueless regulars here were saying).

I think it's time for me to borrow a line from Pricemaster.

To clarify, I told you *IMMEDIATELY* upon the news of Peyton's release, last Friday early afternoon, that he would *NOT* be signed with the Dolphins by the end of the weekend or by Monday. Every single one of you little girls who are so hysterical here every day said the announcement would be made on Monday.

This proves you are sheeple who are fed your opinions by mainstream media.

I further explained *why* the signing would not be announced by Monday (4 days ago now). Very complex contractual negotiations to consider. New territory. Really wide range of possible ways to structure Manning's contract.

Not one of you has said "my bad" about your childish prediction that the signing of Manning by Miami would be announced Monday (4 days ago).

You are the same sheep who chanted for Orton before last season even began. Sheep!!!!

If you went to a Miami Dolphins preseason practice last year and booed our starting QB, you have forfeited your right to watch a Dolphins game ever again. That's how it would be if the world was fair.
And at a minimum you should mail Chad Henne a letter of apology.

You guys are flippin' sheep.

Now that I have established myself as the most credible person here, I will teach you sheep another thing:

* Manning will sign with Tennessee. This is beyond obvious to anyone who knows how to read between the lines. He has fallen in love with how Tennessee reminds him of his youth. Tennessee always has a monster defense, and if he manages to finish his career a Titan and win a Super Bowl there, they'll freakin' build a statute of him there the size of the statue of liberty and probably make him honorary governor of Tennessee. He also would not dhick Tebow over, as a member of the QB fraternity, even though Tebow is a Gator. Manning is a gentlemen and there is a certain respect there.

Mark my words. Manning will sign with Tennessee. It's storybook to finish his career there and it gives him as good a chance as any of the other options for winning another super bowl.

Another factor is Denver has Elway. That's their all time great. Miami has Marino. Tennessee does not have a similar QB hero. Manning goes to Tennessee, so he can have his statue built there.

If you don't understand what I have said and think Manning will sign with Denver or Miami, you are beyond help.

Also, I would like to apologize for being so harsh with you sheep. I need to control myself. Me debating you guys in here is like Albert Einstein discussing science with Mike Tyson or a child or an ape. Or like Mike Tyson fighting Justin Bieber in a boxing match. Totally mismatched contest that is not fair. So I apologize. Just read the substance of my posts if you want to learn something, such as the fact that Manning will sign with Tennessee.

Stop relying on mainstream media for "news." Both CNN and Fox News are equally ridiculous. Read. Educate yourself. www.fromthewilderness.com

Finally, I wrote this stuff about Manning on the last post before even reading Mando's thoughts above.

How deep is WR in this draft.. So i guess we will have to settle for one in the 3rd?
I rather take a chance on either Blackmon or Floyd in the first. I think Floyd will be better. Did any WR taken after the first round this year do better than any WR that was taken in the first?
Who do you want Miami to draft in the first round?

it's official. the fins just got the colts qb. i heard they traded reggie bush to the colts for kerry collins.

Armando really slammed the Fins with this one. What's with all the negative waves, man? (Donald Sutherland in Kelly's Heroes) I think Philbin is competent and he does have a plan and has somehow convinced Ireland to trust him (not f@#k things up) and we will have an upgrade a WR a fix for the right side of the O line and another qb to compete with Moore. Personally, I thought Moore was pretty good, he looked better than Henne did anyway. It's still a long way off till the start of the season, we have the draft and training camp cuts that become available. So hope is not lost yet, let's see how the first 3 or 4 games go before we even begin to pass judgement on Philbin & Co.

No Balls,

Reminds me of the year that Brady Quinn was supposed to be drafted by us at 9. We passed and took Ginn instead. I was pissed! Turns out both were the wrong picks. Coudl be the same with Tannehill this year. For me, Blackmon is the sleeper. Fits what Jeff Ireland likes in a QB but we'll see. I certainly wouldn't take him at 8.

Incidentally, Quinn is visiting the Jets now.

Man you are cynical. After 30+ years of watching the Dolphins and becoming agitated and going remote controls several times a year I've come to the conclusion is best to let things play out. None of this natters. What matters is whether they win on Sundays, whether it is with Matt Moore, Peyton Manning, whomever. So, chill out....nobody is listening anyway....well anyone that matters. Whatever results here the bottom line is whether they win or not.

Tiimmy Couch, F you, Im no sheep,buffoon or a little girl.

Timmy Couch >>>> Manning doesn't give two ####s about Tebow because they are both from the SEC. They never played against each other and I doubt they are buddies. I would think IF he went to Denver Tebow would be gone to both Manning's and Elway's delight.

It is beyond obvious that Peyton will sign with Tennessee, where he is already a hero, where he played in college. Where they will erect a huge statue of him when he's done. And where they always have a great D and where he has a good shot at another super bowl.

Mando the negativity is getting boring bro...your work is becoming predictable and stale I already know what direction your articles are going in before I even read them. You have talent but feel free to throw the occasional curve ball here and there and keep your readers on there toes...

Craig M >>> I would be shocked if Blackmon makes it to #8. I will also be shocked if Richardson makes it. I think Richardson is going much higher then people project. If Richardson is there and Tannehill is gone, I think Miami is going to be in good position to trade down.

For the bloggers asking - what so negative? And pointing to the inactivity of the Patriots, for example. Well no $h!t..the Pats were 31-3 last year so they all they will look to do is "tweak".
On the other hand, teams that $ucked@$$ last year (i.e. Dolphins, Skins, Bills, et al) need to make bold moves in FA, the draft, anywhere they can. That's why you see the moves the Skins and Bills have made the past couple of days. Meanwhile, the crickets are chirping at Miami's FO.
For those that say - be patient, the draft is how Philbin & Ireland stated they would "rebuild" the team. Again, I say BS as they apparently didn't get the memo from Ross to start winning now.
The people moaning to be patient are the same ones who'll be moaning at mid-season, hoping we win a few meaningless games again so that we can draft at #8 again.


"the latest is he got a call from the governor while he was there, a shoutout from the legislature, and an offer to work for the club for the rest of his life after his playing days"

Hey, I got a better idea, lets promise Peyton he'll be the next City of Miami Mayor!

In all seriousness, 1st round we're drafting Claiborne. 2nd round, If we get CB Cairborn, Stephen Hill should be available since SanFran already has their big free agent receiver. 3rd round, a good OT will be available ih this deep year for that position, or how about speedy runback LaMichael James if available (Think a young Bush)?

Here is an idea. How about Offering Manning a 5% stake in the team. You guys want to prove to Manning you are serious about him changing the team direction. Then give him a stake in it. It would be a win win for ownership. You offer Manning 5 years 50million guranteed then you offer him 1% of the team for every year he plays out the deal. Then you offer him a 5year qb coach positon after that deal runs out one that would make him a very high paid QB coach. I would think that would be a creative cap way to give Manning the highest paycheck in the History of football.

Plus ownership gets probably a 30 to 40 million boost in the bottom line this year and probably the value of the team would go up 100 plus Million.

We sell to Jay Lo and other stars. Why not give a piece to someone who can really make a difference to the bottom line. If it can work for silicon valley than why not football, after all Ross is supposed to be a billion dollar business man act like it and make an offer no one could refuse.

How about that idea for shooting for the stars.

Go Dolphins!! Personally if we draft the right people say Blackmon or Floyd I think Ireland has not done all that bad. We really dont look any worse on paper going into the season with Moore some other free agent qb and a rookie.

Marshall cost us two maybe three games great Receivers make good QB look great, just like great QB's make avg receivers look great. Two threes was probably a good move, but only if you get a stud or two in the draft. I was more worried about the D than the o and it looks to me Irealnd made some smart moves on that side. This Cb we signed will give our new DC, a man that Made the Cincy Mess look all pro a little bit of flexability. I would bet Bell is going to have to restructure or be cut also.

I really dont think the sky is falling. Go Dolphins!!

There is no way we get Manning when we traded or best reciever away for nothing. We now have the worst reciever staff in the NFL.

A blind mind says, "I can not see". A blind fool says, "There a lack of light".
There's an awful lot of blind fools in here thinking Ireland turns this around. Nothing wrong with that but Vegas would love to take your money! LOL
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 15, 2012 at 04:54 PM


It's not so much that I think Ireland can turn it around....not by himself. I agree that the ship has been rudderless for sometime and I blame that on a host of factors.

In RE to turning it around, it is my hope that Ireland and Philbin (and Ross) can work together to right the ship. I would assum Philbin will have some say, not final say, but some say in what players he thinks he needs for his system. My hope is that we have a HC who is actually bringing in a "system" and a philosophy that he is bringing along with him from Green Bay. My hope is that draft picks and FA moves will make more sense than they have in the past given that we will "hopefully" have a real philosophy and system in place.

Whatever...maybe I'm blind. But I'd rather be blinded by my hope than simply dismiss this new coach out of hand and slap the fail stamp on him before a single down is played.

The latest from PFW on Henne in J'ville:

It might seem odd to say the acquisition of Henne, brought in to push Gabbert, will benefit Jacksonville's incumbent starter — but it very well could end up doing just that. Henne is a big-time upgrade over former backup Luke McCown, whom the Jaguars couldn't realistically go back to as the starter after former head coach Jack Del Rio gave him the hook in Week Two last season. Not only should Henne make Gabbert better by pushing him every day in practice, the big and strong 26-year-old with a rocket arm has plenty of room to groom in the event Gabbert struggles out of the gate again next season.

$3mil signing bonus + $3.5mil sal + $2.75mil incentives

Henne signing bonus is equal to the sum of Thigpens ($1Mil) + Moore's ($2mil) total contract.

So far Philbin sucks !!

Which of you wrote here last Friday around 4 PM that Manning's signing with Miami would be done by the end of the weekend and/or announced on Monday?

Which of you?

Man up and admit it.

I asked the same type of question a few months back--which of you booed Henne at practice and chanted for Orton, and many of you sheep were indeed man enough to admit it.

If you predicted, last Friday around 4 PM, that Manning's signing with the Dolphins would be done by the end of (last) weekend or (last) Monday, you seriously are clueless and have no credibility here.

No Balls,

With Hillis now gone, I'm of the belief that Richardson will either go to the Browns, Bucs or Rams. It's high for a RB to go but all these teams have apparent needs there. I think the Browns will try and make the load easier for McCoy and Richardson does that. I think Blackmon could be had but we've got to get up above the Rams. Failing that it's got to be Floyd in my book.

Timmy go fly a kite !!

Sign Flynn please. With our first round pick take either Blackmon or Floyd,whichever is left. In the second take Perry or Curry or Mercilus or Andre Branch,whoever is there. Use both thirds and trade back into the second and get Zeebie Sanders or Massie or Schwartz, whichever is available. All have right tackle talent.
Doing this takes care of our biggest needs.
Some here think Flynn will suck, bit if we pay him 6 million and performance incentives he's not overpaid. If he plays really well and makes his incentives we don't have to use a first on a QB next year, if he doesn't then we do.

Come on, man. I don't have time to type it *all* out for you. On the Tebow thing, it's not only a matter of not dhicking over Tebow.

Manning also knows in his heart that there is a chance he won't be the same again, could be mediocre or suck, or could as some have predicted get knocked out (injured) after a few games. His comeback might not work. It would be a miserable experience for him to be in Denver with the fans putting up billboards for Tebow if Manning has a bad game or two. Did you watch football last season? Not just out of respect for Tebow---I don't have time to type it all out for you.

Manning will sign with Tennessee, not Denver or Miami.

I guarantee you that.

Now, the time is coming near. The Manning signing with Tennessee will be announced soon.

So what do you want us to do, Armando? We're just short of cash.

Good article Mando. The Fins have not only NOT filled one hole in Free Agency, they opened up another at WR. ???
I've defended these guys for years, but I'm now scratching my head. Matt Moore is not going to bring this team to a SuperBowl. We still are not in position to compete with the Patriots and look like we are losing ground in the AFC East. It could all change with a Peyton signing but jeeez, we look incompetent in Free Agency.


I would like us to get Wheeden with one of the 3rd round picks. The other 3rd will be an offensive lineman. I believe we will trade down. I think we'll have Flynn. So a WR in the first round. A TE in the second. our trade down pick should be a pass rusher.

Aww---Maybe--Probably not!!

I hope we're calling back Flynn's agent right now.

Boohoo Manning isn't coming to Miami. Maybe be get Manningbacon, the wide receiver. So we might be close.

If there is nothing you can do, there is nothing you can do. Signing free agents when you aren't going to be close to the superbowl guarantees you an 8-8 season. Guess what, you have no solid draft picks and have to sign more free agents.

Let it go, keep the picks and wait until we are ready to sign big name free agents. I like Moore. He isn't Brady but he did very well last year. I liked a lot of the players after TS and when he left the team changed to a bunch of guys that want to win. Not guys that were afraid to lose.

Have a good draft, wait a couple of seasons until that guy (however he is) becomes available and then draft the guy or sign the FA. Whatever or wherever it comes from. But crapping money and draft pics down the toilet is stupid.

Soliai n Marshall

Who needs star free agents when we can harvest acorns?

If Seattle signs Flynn we are Phuc-ed.
All other level 1 and !A FA QB's are gone.
We'll have to choose among Luke Mccown, John Beck, Mark Brunell & Caleb Hanie.

This is Phuc-ing disaster.

This is some real end-of-the-night-after-a-loada-beers journalism. You want to grade free agency activity by the DAY? You seriously think tit-for-tat signings is the way to approach filling the needs on the roster? From a man who usually sounds like he's trying to offer insight and sense, this pile of words you've given us is uncommonly awful.

1. Manning's signing with Tennessee will be announced soon, probably tomorrow.

2. In other news, Green Bay was pretty good the last few years. A big part of that is now our head coach.

Have faith people.

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