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Dolphins answering other teams' moves ... not really

The Buffalo Bills just announced the signing of pass-rush machine Mario Williams, the biggest defensive prize in free agency. Oh yeah, the Dolphins can still answer that move because backup offensive lineman Artis Hicks is still being wooed by Miami!

Yeah, I'm sure the move makes Peyton Manning want to come to the Dolphins more. "I've been able to play against great quarterbacks," Williams said, "I'm looking forward to chasing down these [AFC East] quarterbacks."

Of course, better offensive lineman Eric Winston, who blocked Williams in practice every day for the Houston Texans, has left South Florida after a visit with Miami. He's looking to become the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL. And that is probably too rich for the Dolphins right now.

The Patriots are expected to soon start hosting visits, with LaRon Landry a likely target. No worries, the Dolphins don't worry about other teams' safeties because the word around the NFL is new Dolphins coach Joe Philbin doesn't like alpha wide receivers on his team. He likes his offense to have two or preferrably three good receivers rather than one supremely talented guy that demands the football.

So take that safeties! The Dolphins may not have better talent at receiver today than two days ago, but at least you can't gameplan for Miami's guys!

Plus the Dolphins just signed Steve Slaton to a one-year deal so they're ready to return kickoffs for touchdowns anyway ... and now they have a third running back in the mold of Reggie Bush.

The Jets are about to get a visit from safety Reggie Nelson, a former first-round pick and someone Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle knows well. No serious interest from the Dolphins so far.

On the Peyton Manning front, the Titans and Broncos are scheduling visits with reputed veteran pass-rusher John Abraham -- who in the previous games against the Dolphins has been a monster. The move suggests at least a couple of teams vying for Manning are not standing still on other fronts.

More proof of that is the Titans, hoping to upgrade the offensive line for Manning, just announced the signing of guard Steve Hutchinson -- a Fort Lauderdale native.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, have re-signed try-hard bottom of the roster defensive end Ryan Baker but are apparently ready to lose Kendall Langford, who today is visiting with the Bengals and could next go to St. Louis.

Why am I not all that impressed with Miami's first couple of days in free agency, you ask? Read the last few paragraphs again. Tell me what move impresses so far?

The Dolphins remain on Manning watch. But as details of his visit to Tennessee continue to leak out -- the latest is he got a call from the governor while he was there, a shoutout from the legislature, and an offer to work for the club for the rest of his life after his playing days -- the less I'm inclined to think he's going to end up with the Dolphins.

They remain hopeful. They remain in it according to several sources. But this is looking more and more like the Dolphins are a one-way elevator.

And we're about to get let down.


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schefter just reported Flynn setup a meeting with Miami after Seattle

Well, I guess I've finally made it to the big-time since the trolls are making fun of me! Imitation is a rare form of flattery!

Thank you to the troll posting as "Tracy Dork"! I shall forever cherish your words!

I keep reading signing Soliai was a good move. Really? Soliai is a NT. NTs are used in a 3-4. New D is a 4-3. Soliai is a 2 down (1st and 2nd) NT. Too fat and slow on passing (3rd down) not like V Wilfork who stays in on 3rd down. With the signing, we are down to 10 mil under cap. Just sayin'

Does Peyton Manning know that Jake Long has more injuries then he does? And that Ross is too cheap to pay Winston? And that Brian Hartline is the #1 receiver? LOL

Does everyone know my mom is a prostitute!


Will Irescum ask Flynn if his momma's a hooka?

Umm MJ, the Dolphins after signing Soliai are basically broke. 10 mil under cap and have to pay (maybe) Flynn and draft pics.

Make that "Eric Winston" (Not sure where I came up with Winston Justice) should be our top priority. Secure a "good" right guard too. Plenty available right now.

It was just stated on NFL 32 that the Dolphins are pulling out of the Manning thing due to lack of interest on Mannings camps part and are now going all in on Flynn. Flynn will be in town in the next 48 hours. I'm thinking Philbin is probably the happiest guy in Miami right now. He won't have Peyton and Peytons offense forced on him and can now run his WCO the way he likes it.

Other people saying Philbin happy to let go of Marshall. He doesn't like diva receivers and his offense is predicated on ball distribution, much like Green Bay. He wants a team that plays for eachother, not for themselves individually.

And as the Williams signing is obviously great for the city of Buffalo lets not forget that he missed 11 games last year due to injury and has also had only 2 double digit sack seasons out of 6 seasons in the NFL. For 100 million dollars, 25 mil guaranteed for next year and 50 mil guaranteed overall you would think the guy has led the NFL in sacks every year since he was drafted. The Bills still have a bunch of injury prone players, they are not AFC east favorites because they signed one player.

The Dolphins are not broke. Cheap and stupid maybe, but not broke. Savvy GM's know how to manage the cap. Irescum, not so much.

Now with Sparano out of the way, Ross will be able to see just how bad Ireland can be on his own. Doesn't inspire confidence so far this off season...but there's still the Draft where he has worked wonders...
and yes, I will be glad to eat my words if Ireland builds a championship caliber team.

Don't be over reactive guys. Please look at all of the off season "winners" from last year and look at what it did for them. I think you will be very surprised at the results.

Take into account the Giants didn't do anything, then everyone in the NFL said they would finish third in the NFC east at 8-8. They went on to win the super bowl, that without signing any big name free agents.

Flynn is A.J. Feeley revisited.

"ESPN's Adam Schefter reports free agent QB Matt Flynn will visit the Dolphins after Friday's meeting with Seattle.
This news comes on the heels of a report by ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Miami has been effectively eliminated in the Peyton Manning chase. The two news items are certainly related. Owner Stephen Ross is determined to make an impact move at quarterback, and Flynn has a multi-year relationship with coach Joe Philbin. The Dolphins should have a substantial edge on the Seahawks for Flynn's "

Peyton is not coming to Miami. What a shock that is. So far the best moves we've made at QB are the ones we don't make like not getting Peyton or Orton last year. Here's hoping that Flynn (assuming we DO want him) is the man.

BTW--Just read that Winston wants to be the highest paid RT in football. If that's true look for Artis Hicks or Murtha @ RT Week One. I believe Ireland will go pass rusher with the 8th pick (maybe Ingram) & I expect we'll draft a WR in the 2nd round.

Thronton where are youuuuuu?! I miss you ! :)

After having hopes for Andrew Luck, then RG3, then Peyton Manning, I cant get excited about Matt friggin Flynn!

MJ, broke in the sense the money that they can spend this year....come on, you got to know that. And savy GMs? Wish we had one.

Great, what we all already knew. Now sign a wr. Dont throw money at flynn either.


At times I've been as critical in regards to Ireland & Ross as any Dolphin fan but some of these people on here are WAY over the top.

Still trying to find an NFL team that just cleaned house by "winning" the free agency race?

Maybe New Orleans with Drew Brees/Darren Sproles being impact free agent pick-ups? Pittsburgh? No. New England? Not really. Green Bay? No. Indy when they were good? No. San Fran? No. Houston? Atlanta? No. Houston? No. Jets? They've tried, but not really. Philly? Jury's still out on their pick-ups from last year.

So in other words, draft, draft, draft, and draft some more. And find a QB.

Cocoajoe I'm saying if we had a GM who knew what he's doing we'd have plenty of cap space.


Any chance the Dolphins trade down in the draft since it's looking less likely the QBs will be there by their pick?

I have a comment to make to all of those that don't like the way things are going; Accumulate 3 Billion Dollars, buy an NFL team and then we can see what mistakes you can make. You have a new head coach and staff. Give them a break please and wait for the games are played before passing judgement. They haven't even been in place for 3 whole months and most of you so called experts are condemming them before they begin.

Lordy nothing much changes with Miami recruitment does it.
1- Let Marshall go for next to nothing.
2-Who the heck is Artis Hicks and why are we chasing 'back ups'?
3-Re-signs Steve Slaton,you know that stud running back from last year.
4-Ryan Baker????
5-Re-sign Mark Colombo to a 5 year deal......ok only joking about that one......so far.

The future is looking pretty dour with the evidence so far.

Still trying to find an NFL team that just cleaned house by "winning" the free agency race?
Maybe New Orleans with Drew Brees/Darren Sproles being impact free agent pick-ups? Pittsburgh? No. New England? Not really. Green Bay? No. Indy when they were good? No. San Fran? No. Houston? Atlanta? No. Houston? No. Jets? They've tried, but not really. Philly? Jury's still out on their pick-ups from last year.
So in other words, draft, draft, draft, and draft some more. And find a QB.
Posted by: Mia73 | March 15, 2012 at 06:50 PM

Sounds great but Ireland cant draft for chit. On second thought all he does is draft chit.

Whether you land Manning (no way now) or Flynn or HeHateMe, without a decent line it will not matter, rebuilding or not.

Not signing a player like Eric Winston (from the U) who rarely becomes available, is a disgrace. Yes you build via draft but this has got to count as an exception to the rule. Very disappoint the team is wasting cap room in other players, including Solai who after all his role will be diminished in a 4-3 and is not an every down player, and not signing a player that will solidify the line tremendously. I mean haven't we seen enough of the Pats success formula: a solid line from top to bottom. Long, Winston, Pouncy, Jerry, and depth, that is one solid line you red-haired POS.

All these negative posters here are only 2 or at most 3 people using different nicks and at least 1 of them is getting paid to do so. Pay no attention to them.


MJ, oh I agree. I don't post as much these days and you're probably new. But I was one of the first to say Parcells was a bad idea and shortly after I knew Ireland was incompetent.

Since I'm on the subject, I want to enlighten some of those folks who don't blame Ireland for 2008, 2009 and 2010 because they still think Parcells who made ALL OF THE DECISIONS.

Do you really think a senior manager (Parcells in this case) would hire another junior manager (Ireland)and do all the work for him? No, that's not how it works. You (Parcells) does most of the work in the beginning and as the employee learns the job, you give him more responsibility....you let him do his job. Add to the the fact that that is was a given that Parcells wasn't a permanent fixture in Miami and wanted Ireland to stand on his own two feet. So, unless Parcells was hopelessly insane, Ireland had more to do with personnel than some of you think.

Funny thing is Green Bay hardly ever targets Free agents. But they build through the draft. I think that is what the dolphins are going to do. You look at most successful teams they build through the draft not F/A.

to all you nay-sayers, when did you turn from fans to haters. I've been a fan since marino's rookie year and i've seen so good moves and bad ones and the angst that comes with it but never have expressed so much negativity. miami has a new system by new coach. he knows who will fit system, hence the trade of the ball dropping BM. moore went 6-3 last nine games which is better than some of the elite QB's did. forget manning, to rich for our blood and a liability. the draft will give us what we need to improve, there are some good receivers in draft and not just blackmon. i'd rather have two productive rec. than a mediocre rec with supersrar status.(brandon marshall) we gained some money in terms of paying draft picks by dealing BM and all his problems, we have enough of them on our own. remember, draft picks are coachable and free agent superstars aren't. will be fine, smart coach and many picks for the draft.

The Bills overpaid for Mario Williams with twice as much as he's worth. Not that many teams are hitting the free agent market. Just a few. Miami has no elite QB for really any offensive stud to agree to sign. Something else is going on with Ross and Ireland that no one in the league likes. So attracking big talent will always be an issue. there isn't a quality receiver who will come there unless you really over pay for them and what good is that. If they could get Jacobs and Manningham - free agents from the Giants it would give some power up the middle on offense and some talent on the edge plus who we take in the draft. If we could trade up to get Blackmon tha would be incredible. Flynn's real upside is that he knows the offense and that cuts the learning curve. He can help teach as well as handle the role. Maybe like "Brady" in NE this kid is a diamond in the rough. no more gaurantee than Tannehill (sp) who would not even be ready to start this year.

I'll feel comfortable going into the season with Flynn/Moore, so long as the better QB starts and we fix the right side of our line.

The other starting QBs in the AFC east are Fitzpatric, Sanchez, and Brady. Only NE is sitting on a better QB situation, and I like our chances against their secondary.

why do we need a to get our qb this year? we aren't on the verge of anything.we aren't overtaking the pats this year. we aren't winning a superbowl this year. flynn isn't gonna be brought in here and handed the keys. if he does sign with miami, it will be to compete with moore. he knows the offense, that's his only advantage miami won't pay him starters money. not big on tannehill....get the qb next year. better crop to choose from. i'd like them to get blackmon, just don't see it happening. 8th pick will be a lineman.

We have faired better in free agency in the last few years than we have in the draft, everyone who knows the NFL knows the better teams, Pats, the Pack, giants, and I will throw the new 9ners in as of late do not go out and get stupid in free agency, Armondo, how did all that money and all the signings work out for the Egles last year...THE DREAM TEAM.Just because Buffalo broke the bank with a player doesnt mean the Fins have to, unless impressing you is in the front office job description which Im sure its not.

And another thing, for all those that want to bash the fins for who they sign or dont sign and make up your mind on how you feel there season will be in March, theres always fantasy football and Madden, that seems to fit what some of you guys are looking for in a team....I feel we finally have a culture "system" in place with Philbin and that will be bigger for us going forward than any one player we could have signed....

our owner and gm are so stupid and act like they know every thing about football when from what we have seen from past few years seems like they running a goodwill store. think im gonna give up on dolphins till ross sales the team and ireland gets a job as a bat boy for the marlins.

everybody take a deep breath now! All is not lost 6 loses last season that easilly could have been wins G men, Cowboys, Denver TBows, Browns Texans Pats, the team is not that bad A FULL training camp with the new coaching staff and the right moves draft day we'll be fine have FAITH MY FELLOW PHIN FANS

Craig M,
I don't even know where to start. I am highly disappointed right now.
1. I was pumped when the Fins were making Peyton Manning a priority. For some reason, we look awful right now. Like a second class organization. Peyton is willing to meet all these Owners at their facility but refuses to meet our owner on our turf??
2. Sporano and Henne are gone. Why?? Because Ireland convinced Ross that we have the players to win. Sporano did not coach properly. Do you see us having the ayers to compete with the Patriots?? I mean really, last year we were outclassed and out played by NE BIG TIME.
3. Brandon Marshall. We have TWO Playmakers on the team. TWO and now we trade one?? I don't want to hear about the West Coast Offense B/S either. Looks like rebuilding to me.
4. Matt Flynn? Really? Matt Flynn? Do you see teams falling over each other for this guy? I don't.
5. The Fins needed a big name to fill that Stadium. Tell me who is left that will do that? These guys don't get it. People down here are not coming out for Flynn to Bess. It is not going to happen.
6. I have zero confidence in the Draft. ZERO. If I saw a good free agency to fill some holes, get some names, I would be fine. But I already know we won't go for Blackmon. We are going to get a no one.
To finish this off, I do not see a full Stadium down here this year. I do not see the excitement. Ross must not be that smart if he believes you can sell tickets with out some names. Look at the Heat, the Marlins, to lesser extent the Panthers, who totally revamped the team. There is excitement in Miami, just not with the Dolphins.

Mando, you're so dramatic and unrealistic. The Broncos and Bills has soooo much cap money to spend this year. The Fins? Not soooo much.

If Solai left you would be compaining. They kept him.

The signing of CB Marshall is a good move considering Sean Smith is a Puss, Will Allen is tired and our FS spot is undetermined.

They couldn't spend big until they knew if Manning was in or out. Now they know he is out. Lets see what he does.

The Philbin approach to receivers and the idea of building through the draft was learned. By who? The Super Bowl winning GB Packers, that's who. Seems to have worked for them.

Stop the BS and crying like a woman. Let's see what happens the next few weeks in FA and the draft.

If we land a QB to compete with Moore, sign a solid DE/OLB, bring in a quality RT and WR and I say we are better than last year.

so we were 6-10 last year, but I think 6-6 with matt moore. And this was with Mindless Sparano as coach. Considering that Marshall dropped as many pases as he caught, I really don't think we have lost much. We have done better by keeping Solia and getting CB/S Marshall. Add a couple of top draft picks and we actually improved our roster from last year...... It might not look that way right now, but really in the end our roster will have more talent than last year come training camp. We will have Pouncey in year 2 and a healthy Long. When we loose Langford, it isn't really a loss, as really he is useless as a 4-3 DE and don't really have a need for him anyway.

The dolphins have made some &^% moves in the past off seasons and it seems like its not going to stop! I wouldnt be surprised if we are at the bottom of the afc or even the afc this year! heres my blog on the phins and their terrible moves! check it out http://halftimechat.com/2012/03/wagering-on-miami-dolphins-is-a-head-scratcher/

Isn't Paul Solai a Free Agent signing?

I thought that was huge. We are still hunting for a QB, Flynn will tie up some money if we take him. I hope we do, makes much more sense then a QB that's injured past prime and doesn't feel comfortable with the coaches or system they want to implement.

Oh, and yes. We want a WR that wants the ball all the time and blames the QB for all his woes (we all saw the balls hit your hands in the endzone). That makes sense in a Weast Coast offense.

Mando, you like to spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) and you shround it in a bunch of nonsense. Manning was the media darling. And because of that, Ross's darling. And the media wants to make this out to be a snub. But everyone but Ross knows it's not what's best for the team.

Dumb. I've been reading your columns for years, but I think I'm finally done reading your drivel. Hopefully your next furlough is for good.

Seriously do not understand why these morons are keeping the majority of this crappy team, (full of losers), on the roster!!! If they really wanted cap space, they could've gotten it! Instead, they get rid of their best offensive weapon, with no replaceable talent of equal value. All of the best free agents are gone, and not ONE is coming here. Phillip Merlin instead of Langford? Really? Of course Manning doesn't want to play here. I can't blame him. We the fans need to go after Ross and his butt buddy and evict him from our precious magic city!!!.

Matt Flynn Wonderlic scores
1st try: 26
2nd try: 38

Lex Hillard Wonderlic scores
1st try: 24
2nd try: perfect 50

Maybe Lex should be the quarterback.


The Texans are a team of the future. Actually, a team of the past which is coming back to the future. Okay, in my mind that made sense. But as Jeff would say, "I'll let you guys decide."


No one player is above that of another. On the surface, that's what Ireland is trying to do I guess. But he's filling the team with B team players and letting go of A team players. If you're going to plug and play, then plug and play with talent. Not toilet paper.

Winston wants to be the highest paid lineman in the league. That's too much for Ireland and Ross.

Look guys. I don't like Ireland for a whole bunch of reasons other than football. This dude been getting a free ride all his life. Its time for him to pay the cabby. I bet that's where Brandon Marshall got the idea to stiff a cabby. Got it from Ireland because he ain't paid for nothing his whole life.

>>>>>>>>>>Yeah Chase, they could ignore their WR problems or draft guys later in the draft. Only way Miami trades up is for Tannehill and even that possibility is small. Ireland will wait it out and see who drops to him. How can Miami possibly not take a top WR? Well, they didn't try to get one in free-agency even though they knew they were trading BM. Last year they knew they had to draft a QB to compete with Henne and they didn't. They even passed on Mallet when he fell back to them. This team doesn't do ANYTHING out of need or desperation. And that is why some many areas of deficiencies are never adequately addressed.
No Balls

** No Balls.. You Couldn't have said it Any Better! This Organization DOESN'T DO ANYTHING Like it Should.. Ireland & Ross Are CLOWNS!!!
Ross NEEDS to SELL this Team to a Football Family... Someone Who will Get us Back to Where We Need To Be.. Ross is a Clown Running a Circus.. He is P.T. Barnum & The Dolphins are Just the FREAKSHOW!! Its Pathetic How Low this Franchise Has Sunk.

Why isn't Mercury Morris on the Dolphins Wall of Fame? Are the Dolphins racist?

Posted by: No Balls

*** I Dont Think They Are Racist... I Believe Mercury Morris isn't on the Dolphins Wall of Fame/ Ring of Honor is the Same Reason you "WONT" see Ricky Williams.. Drug Use & Arrests.. That is NOT Something Of HONOR or Something that Should be looked up to. I Do Believe Both Mercury & Williams SHOULD be Considered for the Contributions for what the Did for the Dolphins Organizations to WIN While they were there as opposed to there off the field problems... But its Just My Oppinion..

What can the fan base do to make ownership sell? STOP BUYING TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

exactly what moves have the rest of the teams in the east made?
buffalo had a pile of cap room and got m. williams.
NE nothing
jets nothing
miami resigned solai and signed r. marshall.
I would have liked to have seen manning in miami, but in 2-3 years miami would have been faced with the same task of getting a QB yet again. Is flynn the answer? dont know yet, but can the jets be happy with sanchez? (they went after manning, so no), fitzpatrick in buffalo? LOL no.
trading away marshall was a questionable move, beating up a woman in a club after the stabbing last year was probably just the last straw they wanted to deal with, so I can at least understand it. could they have gotten better than 2 3rd round choices? maybe, but after seeing some of the trades for supposed top wrs in prior years it wasnt terrible either. And was miami just supposed to throw money at free agent WRs to replace him? NO. almost every top WR was not a 1st round pick anyways so having a couple of 3rd to find a replacement isnt the end of the world either.

Honestly they really dropped the ball this offseason! With the losing of peyton and now the only hope is for them to pick up flynn an unproven rookie? Some guys saying they should go all in on flynn? theres no proof behind this pudding...when we will get out of the proverbial basement? I wrote about it in my blog come check it out if ur interested http://halftimechat.com/2012/03/wagering-on-miami-dolphins-is-a-head-scratcher/

Kind of annoying that Armando doesnt mention the 2 pretty awesome signings we did make (Top free agent Nose tackle for $6 mill/yr?) and only mentions the no-name signings. Where did darlington go, the Hearald used to be much more credible?

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