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Dolphins are still in Manning sweepstakes

This morning I did my usual round of texting/emailing/begging to my Dolphins and other NFL sources. And the question du jour (that means today) had to do with ESPN's constant reports that the Dolphins are down and nearly out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

I reported to you over the weekend that Miami is in lockdown mode on the information and informed sources front. And there is two ways to take this approach.

It is either good news because it means the team is shutting down as to not hurt any possibility of getting Manning -- a possibility that still exists. Or ...

It means the club has locked down because Manning has swatted them aside like a gnat and Miami is simply trying to mask the embarrassment.

So I asked my sources if it's fair to believe lockdown mode is a sign the club is still in the game for No. 18 and doesn't want to hurt those chances.

"Fair," one source responded.

"Correct," another source responded.

There you go, folks. The Dolphins are still in the Manning sweepstakes. It is not over after Manning's trips to Denver and Arizona.

Doesn't mean the Dolphins will get Manning. But there is still hope.


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"There you go, folks. The Dolphins are still in the Manning sweepstakes. It is not over after Manning's trips to Denver and Arizona.
Doesn't mean the Dolphins will get Manning. But there is still hope."

Isn't this almost word for word what you said about Fisher? Let's face it Manning is a pretty smart guy so that pretty much automatically eliminates the phins from contention.

He'll visit alright, with the same purpose Fisher had in mind.

GA - you can say that about any round in the draft...not just the first round.

How many QB's drafted in the 2nd round flopped vs. success?

How bout rounds 3-7?

My favorite saying from an old boss is:

"Chance favors the prepared mind"

EVERYONE takes a chance in the draft...but the more you prepare the better your chances of succeeding.
We did not prepare with Chad Henne or Pat White.

Look Miami doesn't want Manning .. We dont want a old guy that will get hurt with one hit to bank our future on.... Joe Phinbin has already said we are gonna build threw the draft ... I dont think he is a lier.. only exception might be Matt Flynn cause he knows what he is getting.

They have no excuses not to be prepared since they have had 3 days to put together their best offer.

Posted by: dolphin fan in georgia | March 12, 2012 at 07:19 AM

If you follow the blog, only a few days ago Armando has indicated the fins have been working on Manning for months.

go for Tannelhill or Wheeden. Trade down in the draft, because that is to high for either player,get some extra picks along the way, keep Moore and have a
GOOD competition for QB. If you can get Flynn without mortgaging the farm than fine.

And how many second and later rounders have flopped. I bet its a whole lot more (way way more) than first rounders.

PS...what resume? A 1 game resume? What about the Patriots game when he made his first NFL start. Got sacked, lost the ball, game over.

this reminds me of the jeff fisher and harbaugh chase. elite QB's are going to want a first class FO which we dont have. our GM lacks credibility.

Posted by: greg z. | March 12, 2012 at 08:58 AM

mark in toronto looks like we might be drafting a Q/b in the first round this year even if we do Sign Flynn ...SO WHAT YOUR POINT!

The Peyton Manning tour was fun while it lasted.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, it’s over.

Appearing on SportsCenter Monday morning, Schefter stated repeatedly that Manning won’t be taking any more free agent visits.

Good point.

This loss is clearly on Ross & Ireland. I'm actually surprised we landed Philbin & Sherman!

Keep Moore, draft Tannehill and let Philbin execute his strategic plan to build the team via the draft.

Oh yea, we play AZ this year so tighten up those cleats and chin straps for Petyon!

Guess I watched the wrong games with respect to Tannehill. I came away unimpressed. Didn't see him vs Baylor. Maybe he is going to be good, don't know.

Just have a feeling that if/when we lose out on Manning it's going to be a 100% full court press toward Flynn, at most any cost. Because correct or not the Miami masses will perceive Flynn as the next best answer to the seemingly age old question - who's going to be the next Dan Marino?

The Fins franchise has sustained so many black eyes of late that (insert joke here). Can you imagine losing out on Flynn to Cleveland? That would be rock bottom, intervention type stuff.

And DC, I don't see how Moore could possibly start over Flynn. In order to put butts in the seats the fanbase must have hope, and by virtue of the unknown at least Flynn may provide that. At least for a while. We shall see.

DC, can't believe clowns like this Jeff row are still out there. Man, some people just don't get it. Hey, you know what, Jim sorgi hasn't had a chance to be a starter full time, maybe we should get him too. You never know???

By the way, I want the team to skip out on Flynn altogether. After peyton only tannehill or Weeden for me ...

Makes total sense. Franchise players want a top notch Owner & GM. This team has neither. When you get shunned by an over rated coach in Fisher & a 36 year old QB with no neck turning, you know it's bad.

Even sadder, some here still refuse to acknowledge it.

I just dont get it, we were the favorites all along to get Manning but now all of a sudden because he meets with Arizona and Denver now ESPN is reporting thoughs 2 teams are the favorites. It was also reported Manning didnt want to go to the NFC, what gives? This is all BS.

with the new CBA it doesnt matter if you take someone earlier than expected rookies dont get huge contracts anymore.

If those "sources" were correct...then we do have the most pathetic organization in the history of profootball. ITS OVA....He aint takin no mo visits and those sources only belie their own pathetic belief in their self worth. Complete laughingstock of a garbage flostom and jetsom flotilla anchored offshore cause they smell too bad to be near anybody else. NOBODY take this comedy central circus seriously.

Keep the money, keep Moore, draft smart, prove that you were an scout once, stop been a flip flop, we are in the last stages of the rebuild process that started when Parcell got hire. A few more draft picks if you trade down, find that diamond in the rough, when Manning gets hire someone is going to be released, if you like it go for it, give Moore some competition, if not, move on, we need the whole right side of the OL, a safety, and a TE, just to mention a few positions that would benefit from a good draft, let the new coach with the new system show you how Green Bay do it. BE PATIENT!! It took Manning 9 years to win a SB for Indianapolis, what make's you think he can win it in SoFl in 2 or 3 years?

Shefter is normally someone I like reporting, but he is driving me nuts with the Manning reports

I'm out. Its Monday, and its way too early in the week to be this pissed off.

If Manning doesnt sign here, now we have to deal with this weak armed QB in Flynn who cant even throw a decent long ball, back to dink and dunk offense. Flynn = Fiedler, Lucas, Huard, Feely and the rest of the srubs who tried to take #13 place.

I know many of you do not agree, But Flynn/Moore is not going to get me hyped up for the season. Hell I would prefer Flynn/Henne over that, and that still does not get me hyped for the season.

This Manning thing, although no guarentee changed my outlook on this team, and the approach to make a winning "feeling" or possibility that they carte to win ASAP.

without this its the same ol' shite

It took Manning 9 years to win a SB for Indianapolis, what make's you think he can win it in SoFl in 2 or 3 years?
Posted by: Fourtwister | March 12, 2012 at 09:59 AM

this makes too much sense for these fanboy bloggers to grasp.

@Chris in the 623
having a completion % over 65% isn't a shabby Q/B ...you must not watch many games ... tannehill is going in the top 10

Even the ones that did fail, take McNabb for instance, had great success. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Phillip Rivers, Drew Bledsoe.

I'm moving on from this but will say this. If I'm in Vegas, my money will always be on a first round draft pick. I would never put money on an unproven seventh rounder. He needs backup money. Not Brady money. Then we can talk Flynn as the next QB in the Miami QB carousal.

Harbaugh --- Strike 1
Fisher --- Strike 2
Manning --- Strike 3

The fat lady has sung!

How the hell did we go from becoming the favorites to land Manning to all of a sudden cant even get a visit from him, this makes no sense.

he isn't coming to miami! Manning that is .. dont think we want him ..if we did he would come here ...Like i said he had his boy trying to say he would come too if we signed him ...didn't work ...he is sitting in his condo waiting to see if we still want to talk to him without having to throw the football around ...and we aren't having none of that ..we are stupid like the other teams that throw themselves blindly at a washed up Q/B!

Mark, amen bro. I think it's actually a personal Hell I'm in, with this dumb viewpoint getting recycled OVER AND OVER again, just to irritate me. I know there are contrarians out there, but to see a tsunami not ABOUT to wash over you, but HAVING washed over you, destroyed your town, left everything in shambles, and then want to argue that it WASN'T a tsunami. I mean, it's maddening. It's like trying to discuss evolution with an Evangelical. It'll make you crazy.

I'm the idiot for falling into the trap though, so I guess I only have myself to blame.

Ross & Ireland are the bigest obstacles holding the phins back.

1st Harbaugh
2nd Fisher
3rd Potentially Manning

What more do any of you need to see or hear to realize it? Great weather, decent talent, nice city.....all meaningless without ownership & management.

It's Game Over, folks. Manning has moved on. This is what you get for dissing The Sanchise !!!

I've decided to try to stay positive.....

Maybe Manning choosing somewhere else would be a blessing in disguise? Maybe it avoids screwing up what Philibin might be up to create through young guys in the next 3 years?

I'll cheer for Peyton if comes here, but the pressure will definetly be on whatever team he goes to. Nobody even knows if he can play yet.

We've been in rebuilding mode for the last decade, Im sick of this non aggresive approach by Ireland because he's afraid of what his daddy(Parcells) might think. We should of mortgage our draft picks to get RG3 or demanded once we were 0 and 7 to play Devlin and secure the number 1 pick for Luck.

How the hell did we go from becoming the favorites to land Manning to all of a sudden cant even get a visit from him, this makes no sense.

Posted by: Clue | March 12, 2012 at 10:06 AM

Boy, you sound gullable.

two of those three things thatyou talk about "r u kidding" were great thinks that happened... just wait and see ... does anyone really want fisher or manning ? come on !!!

Time for Dolphins to move on. Need to turn attention to Flynn if Philbin sees him as a top QB in the league. If not then we focus in the draft. Only fear about draft is Tannehill will go to Cleveland and all that will be available is Wheeden.

No more whining about Fisher please!

Ohio, I'm the guy about to jump off the building (in Lethal Weapon). I'm gonna need you to be Riggs (Mel Gibson) and handcuff me and jump into the police air mattress. Either that or something bad is gonna happen (don't know what).

If I were a highly sought after free agent, how might I go about driving my contract up? I would probably go meet with a couple of teams that the talking heads say are contenders first, make it appear that those are my top choices, then follow up with my real top choice (which is now willing to throw more money at me and make greater concessions, like sign my aging WR friend) and sign with them. For better or worse, Manning and his agent could be doing just that.

this is clear!

All that cap money, already made it to the playoffs, with not a very good QB, and can add whoever they need in free agency to make the team even better with the cap money.....Manning would be stupid to go any where but Denver.
Manning will be a Bronco!
We will have, 'Fin Flynn',...
Let's get er done, and move forward.

Smart move not falling for the manning trap Ireland!!


Your analogy made me laugh..........but I'm confused if you liked or hated what I said?

OK, so it has been a while since I commented, but I must say something:
ESPN reports Denver and Arizona are the front runners, well thank you captain f'in obvious: Manning has only met with them 2 teams, so that is apparent that they are the front runners.

NO ONE has mentioned anything about Manning not meeting with the Dolphins yet they classify them as out of contention. Give it a break ESPN, you guys don't know what is going to happen.

NEWS FLASH: Manning will not be a good fot for the Indianapolis Colts, get on that report ESPN, because NO ONE knows that, just sayin'

Since everyone's guessing about what's going on, here's my wager: it's over. He was in Miami and left without a meeting. What's that tell you?
Posted by: Andrew | March 12, 2012 at 08:23 AM



As for Adam Shefter, we may not like him cause we see his reporting as biased. How could he not have the Dolphins the front-runner for Manning? It must be because he doesn't like the Dolphins. Maybe what Adam is reporting though is TRUE. We just don't like what he has to say.

Why Manning will MAY not choose South Florida.
1. Stephen Ross
2. Jeff Ireland
3. Cap room (Not as much as Broncos)
4. Only one playoff win in last decade+ and one division title. While Dolphins may feel their team is "close" it doesn't look that way to any one else.
5. Brady & BB. As long as they are around, Miami is not the front-runner to win the division, even with Manning.

It is as SIMPLE AS THAT. Unfortunately, Miami can't do anything overnight to fix these issues. Ross had the chance to get rid of Ireland and didn't. Jeff Ireland is a BIG NEGATIVE to landing Manning (or Fisher or anyone else). The Dolphins should have a TON more cap room considering the overall talent on this team. But they don't. Poor cap management.

Sorry guys, but it looks like Manning isn't coming. That means Jeff Ireland is going to have to OVERPAY to get Flynn from Seattle or Cleveland who are also desperate for a starting QB. If Flynn becomes a stud, great. If not, we will have a huge cap burden and will be right back in the same situation in a couple of years, but with no cap space.

Problem also is Dolphins are too good to get one of the top picks for a QB. And they have an easy schedule this year. Miami will NOT be in position to get a top QB next year either.

Happy days!

How the hell did we go from becoming the favorites to land Manning to all of a sudden cant even get a visit from him, this makes no sense.
Posted by: Clue | March 12, 2012 at 10:06 AM

Two Names doomed it... IRELAND/ROSS.

two of those three things thatyou talk about "r u kidding" were great thinks that happened... just wait and see ... does anyone really want fisher or manning ? come on !!!
Posted by: Jeff Row | March 12, 2012 at 10:12 AM

I agree. I didn't want Fisher or Manning. It's just the point of what's wrong with the franchise. Big names, over rated or not, don't wanna come here.

It's not the city, the talent, etc....It's the Owner & GM. Once is a coincidence. Twice is a trend. 3 times? Well that's iron clad bullet proof!

Only a fool would let this sorry Manning saga affect them on any level. Let him rehab on someone elses buck.

Ross is a joke for the organization. He has to sell the team. Until then we will always be a second rate organization.

Heard on ESPN that Manning doesn't like that Ross is only infatuated with celebrities. This is a circus of a franchise. This is embarrassing for all Dolphins and fans.

We are second rate. I don't want to hear that Manning and Fisher are blessings in disguise. No IT IS NOT. Its only a blessing if they did not go after these people. When you crawl on your knees with all your money...its not a blessing anymore. This is what they were focused on getting and failed. This was their game plan.

We suck.

Big Ben is a first rouder...and has won in RECENT memory....

Kidding, Like the old saying goes "If it walks like a duck,Quacks like a duck" ETC, ETC..

Now were suppose to be excited to go after Flynn, the guy who started a grand total of 3 games. Whoopty Doo another exciting Dolphins offseason. I cant wait to be 6 and 10 again.


Dolphins RESIGN Chad Henne to a 4 year, 30+ Million Dollar Deal!!!

Well, not really, but would it surprise you if it happened?

greg z,

You're a putz! I honestly thing your favourite thing to do every morning is roll out of bed and bad mouth the Dolphins and Ireland. You say Manning won't come to Miami because 'our GM has no credibility'. Quick.....who is Denver or Arizona's GM? Don't look it up. Cause you don't know.....and you don't know what their credibility is either.

If you want to take a look at 'no credibility', take a look in the mirror. I'm starting to think you and dusty are one and the same or at least brothers....

Peyton is 20 minutes away and he won't even give us a meeting. That's fantastic. Ross and Ireland are the two biggest morons in the history of this planet. And they're going to be here for decades. Fantastic. Although, how would the meeting have gone? Jeff Ireland would walk in and ask Peyton Manning if his mother was ever a prostitute, and that's that with that. Screw this franchise.


"I still have a chance!"

-Dumb & Dumber

Only idiots would think "we still have a chance!".
Move on.

RGIII to wash.
Flynn to cleveland
Manning to Az.
Miami w. squa-douche.

If peyton doesn't want to come here then good riddance. Let another team deal with his woes.

Would it be funny or sad if Flynn turns the Fish down next??

The downside of not getting Manning is more rebuilding under Flynn. By time hes ready Marshall, Long, Bush, Dansby etc will be old and need to be replaced. More rebuilding.. and so on... and so on... and so on...
Would rather roll the dice now for a couple of years of contention before going through another Jay Fiedler era or Chad Henne era.
On the other hand, once Flynn is established, Brady will be retired and Ryan will have blown up the Jets.... mmmm,
maybe waiting aint so bad !

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