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Dolphins are still in Manning sweepstakes

This morning I did my usual round of texting/emailing/begging to my Dolphins and other NFL sources. And the question du jour (that means today) had to do with ESPN's constant reports that the Dolphins are down and nearly out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

I reported to you over the weekend that Miami is in lockdown mode on the information and informed sources front. And there is two ways to take this approach.

It is either good news because it means the team is shutting down as to not hurt any possibility of getting Manning -- a possibility that still exists. Or ...

It means the club has locked down because Manning has swatted them aside like a gnat and Miami is simply trying to mask the embarrassment.

So I asked my sources if it's fair to believe lockdown mode is a sign the club is still in the game for No. 18 and doesn't want to hurt those chances.

"Fair," one source responded.

"Correct," another source responded.

There you go, folks. The Dolphins are still in the Manning sweepstakes. It is not over after Manning's trips to Denver and Arizona.

Doesn't mean the Dolphins will get Manning. But there is still hope.


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NHFINSFAN - you're surprised we landed Philbin and Sherman? Why? Who the hell are Philbin and Sherman? Sherman was a failure in the NFL and at the collegiate level. Philbin's a bleepin' Larry Choker lookalike who didn't even call plays in Green Bay. They're bums.

Breaking news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ireland seen on Peyton's front steps on his knees begging Manning to come to the Dolphins so he will have a job next year. Ross is seen in Limo outside of Mannings Florida home while Jeffy pours his heart out.

Craig M -- true no one knows the Denver or Arizona GM. But EVERYONE knows Jeff Ireland is the Dolphins GM over the "Is Your Mom a Prostitute" fiasco! So Ireland is well known, but for the wrong reasons!

When are you going to acknowledge that Jeff Ireland could be more of a liability to the Dolphins then an asset?

Anyone know how long it took the Lions to get rid of Matt Millen? Will it take Ross that long to realize maybe Ireland is a problem? We can't do anything about Ross (he isn't going to sell the Dolphins anytime soon, especially since right now he would take a huge loss).

HOw about??? He spoke to ireland and ross and they told him to go get other offers and come back. They will match or beat anything out there provided he can throw.

So we keep hearing over and over again that Peyton wants to win a Super Bowl again and he doesn't have long left to play. Fair enough. But do ANY of the three choices make you stop and go 'yeah, that's the best chance right there'. I've heard from guys on here that Denver has a GREAT defence. REALLY? FIVE times last year they gave up more than 40 points and they play in one of the wealest divsions in the NFL. They were 18th in team defence last year. Fair enough that they have a lot of money they can spend in FA, but how often does that instantly make you a great defence? (see the 2011 Philadelphia Eagles). Peyton has a LOUSY record in cold weather and there are sure to be lots of late season cold weather games, either in Denver or somewhere else.

As far as the Cards go, they will have to cut players to make room for Manning. They're not a great team to start with. On top of that they play in a much harder conference and the Niners will be good for years.

Makes me wonder if a team like Houston or KC won't get involved in this late. Maybe even SF, if they have a chance of heart on Smith.

Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Police carry Jeffy off in hand cuffs. Ross is no where to be found.

Stephen Ross Still A Joke...The Once Mighty Dolphin Franchise Rebuked Yet Again....Ireland Still Sucks And This Dolphin Fan Hanging By A Thread..I never thought Manning was a good fit for us for the simple fact that he is not a long term answer...Peyton might invigorate the franchise for two or three years..but in term of a long term solution at the QB position, he would not be the answer...Next The Redskins are able to negotiate with the Rams for the two pick...Bold moves for a team looking to land a Franchise Quarterback...Our Management Is A Joke And They Have Proven It Time And Again.....

I've never seen such a SAD group of DEFEATIST in all my life....

how do you guys even get out of bed without your ANTI-SUICIDE drugs....


I'll agree with the masses here (which is rare for me), if Manning hasn't met with the Dolphins by tomorrow at the very latest, it's time to move on. Id' be having conversations with Flynn tomorrow at 4pm and make certain we're at least positioned to be a player with this guy. I expect heavy competition from Cleveland and Seattle, so we have to cover our bases.

I also stick to my premise, that should Kolb become available (he has a $7 million bonus due to him Saturday), he's a guy I'd be talking to also. I'll say it again, we haven't seen the best from Kevin Kolb yet and he could be an effective QB in tandem with Moore in Philbin's offence. I don't expect to be in the majority on that one.

We have to stop getting suckered in every time a big name is out there.

The big names will stay away from Dophins due to Ross. He's a crazy owner thats infatuated with big names to draw in the attendance and ratings. Thats what he is about. He is not a football man, he is trying to build an entertainment mecca and he is failing all the time

Please can't someone lock Ross in a closet somewhere.

We will always be second rate as long as he owns the team. We are losers

Better hope Cleveland gets Flynn if we don't, otherwise they could take Tannehill ahead of us. Also watch out for a Seahawks trade up ahead of us to get Tannehill too. I can just see it now...

Miami TRADES UP and give up it's 2nd round pick or more on fear they will lose out on Tannehill after losing out on Manning and RGIII and Flynn.


Kindry @ 10:36....why would you want to bring common sense and logic to this blog....that is highly frowned apoun here....

This is a SKY IS FALLING...kinda crowd....

I don't see Manning going to Arizona. How can they afford him? If Manning does go to Arizona and Kolb becomes available would Miami be interested? Would Kolb fit the Dolphins offense better then Arizona? Why did Kolb struggle so much (even with Fitz)?

How the hell did we go from becoming the favorites to land Manning to all of a sudden cant even get a visit from him, this makes no sense.
Posted by: Clue | March 12, 2012 at 10:06 AM


Ask yourself this....who made Manning a favorite to land in Miami? The MEDIA! And everyone simply bought into that hype. There have been numerous media sources outside the "mainstream" (i.e. ESPN, etc) who have had their doubts about Manning landing in Miami.

Manning will go wherever he is most likely to win right now. It won't have anything to do with Ross/Ireland...if he doesn't land in Miami, it means he has doubts that Miami can really win now.

One major sticking points that several media sources outside of the "mainstream" have brought up is, the fact that Miami has a rookie HC....with the thought being that Manning would prefer to work under a seasoned HC to "win now".


That's what the New York media wants you to believe, brother. Stop listening to the negativity. You're only a loser if you believe yourself to be.

You say Ross isn't a football man. What does that even mean? None of these guys are football men. They're business men. It's about ego and making money and a play thing for them. Who are the 'football men' in the NFL? Jerry Jones, because he acts as GM? Come on! How's that working out? Robert Kraft? He sits back and let's his football people do their job. Dan Synder, who does some of the craziest things any owner in pro sports ever does? I'm missing your point. Ross wants a winner because he's ego driven and because he knows a winner will sell seats and make money. I'm not sure what you're trying to imply.

Kolb sucks. And thats what I'm afraid of with Flynn. The "hot"
backup creates lots of interest, but history shows they usually fail.

Its not hard for a backup to step up in the Packers offense and produce.
Thinking there may be a reason he was drafted in the seventh round, rather than us finding another Tom Brady.

Kolb is similar....these guys are not winners.

Sorry if I sound like a fool, what is the matter with having Moore take the reigns (if indeed manning does not want to be here) and bringing in a rookie qb and a veteran backup. Save the cap space for Mario williams, or a few other pieces. 6-10 is not an acceptable record, but were we really that bad last year, can we improve what we have???

craig m, pms again? i'm not sure if you even realize it but its evident you lack football knowledge. in addition,very few here respect your opinions or even like you. your posts are generally arrogant and mean spirited unless someone happens to agree with you which isnt often.


I don't buy that rationale. Philbin is coming from a very succesful program, the GB Packers. He's been around some of the most successful people in the game the last few years. Mike Sherman is no rookie either and knows what he's doing. Philbin is articulate, very well organized and knows exactly what he wants. Who wouldn't want to be around that? Jim Harbaugh was a rookie head coach in the NFL last year. Seems to have turned out OK for him.

I know this is the New ork media saying this and not you but I'm not buying the argument.

Everyone is acting like we would be getting Peyton during his super bowl years! He isn't that guy anymore. I would require him to throw before I would invest that kind of money. You can get Flynn or another QB who is healthy and draft a Tannehill and groom him cheaper than signing a 36 year old injured QB. Im sure Peyton will be like Favre when he went to the Vikings, give that team an instant boost but he will be hit early and often, lets see how his body handles that.

If Marino is Manning favorite QB after his dad and brother, why not sign with the Dolphins

Maybe, NO, for sure, it would be a blessing if Manning doesn't come to Miami. To put Philbin in this predicament is UNFAIR to him and to the fans.

Remember when Ross snapped at the end of the year, "we know we need to upgrade the qb position, we are not stupid ..."

Rg3 gone, manning gone, hmmm, they may not be stupid but incompetent? That may be an easier argument to make

greg z,

I know...the world would be a much happier place if I just criticized Ireland and the Dolphins like you do with every key you punch on your keyboard.

Keep taking the potshots and the organization and me buddy...it's very becoming!

Manning already knows Miami. Why would he have to visit? He probably just wants to make it look like he prefers other places just so the choice doesn't appear so blind.

Denver is his best option. When your QB has the most awful completion percentage, your offense doesn't stay on the field and your D is going to give up some big points.

Matt....Wrong Wrong Wrong

Flynn and Tannehill equate to mediocrity forever. May as well stayed with Henne.
You won't see a difference.

Manning may not be the same, but he is miles ahead of the others mentioned.

The Dolphins have the benefit of an easy schedule this year. They could have actually won the division with Manning. Second rate quarterbacks do not win.

Its a fact

it's very telling here that the only fans that want Peyton Manning to come to miami that post on this blog talk about miami like they haven't a clue ... Just goes to show you who the true fans are ! screw Manning .. it's a good thing he isnt coming to miami that would have set the franchise back decades!

I think Philbin and Mike Sherman are a PLUS. They are who I would want talking to Manning. Not Jeff Ireland or Stephen Ross.

Stephen Ross' conversation with Manning should go something like this: "Hi I am Stephen Ross and I am happy to meet you. I want you to know I am fully committed to bringing a championship to South Florida and if we are honored enough to have you to be our QB, I will devote any finances necessary and make sure my football guys surround you with the talent necessary for you to be successful. I would love for you to be QB of the Miami Dolphins".

And that should be the extent of it.

ESPN is not much of a 'news organization'.
Their reporting so far
~the two teams visited seem to be frontrunners
~nobody knows anything about future visits
~stay tuned for breaking updates

craig m, i've been posting here for 2 years and you are the only person on here that i've had "words" with. i'm not changing my opinions because they might "bother" you. go belittle someone else who doesnt happen to share your views. you must live alone?


Why do you say Kevin Kolb and Flynn are the same? Kolb was taken as the 36th pick in the 2007 draft and Flynn in the 7th round. Kolb was traded to the Cardinals a month before last season started and had a month to learn a brand new offence, with brand new players.....not a lot of time. He signed a huge contract, so there were expectations from the fans and team right off the bat. Couple that with the fact that the team gave up a good player and a second round pick for him. He was in over his head from the get-go and then he got hurt. Kevin Kolb is a much better player than what he showed last year, in the wrong offence for him. If he becomes available, he's a guy we should be talking to. He's not even 28 year old yet. Some guys want us to draft Weedon, a guy who's never set foot in the NFL but not look at Kolb. I don't get that.

Ohio, I respect that you're trying to stay positive.

In all seriousness, TYPICALLY, the best way to get a franchise QB is to draft then develop one, not through free agency.

We "supposedly" (I say this because we haven't seen him in action yet) have a HC and staff that understands and is developing a more explosive offense, so they may be able to take a seemingly underrated player and make him special in their system. Not closing the door on Flynn, or Tannehill or whomever.

Just not very confident is all. And remembering the past, it's hard not to fall into pessimism.

I'm offering Craig M a pin. To pop the bubble you appear to be living in.

An honest fan isn't afraid to acknowledge their teams faults. A blind one will stop at nothing to defend it. What's there to be excited about? 3 straight losing seasons?

Ross & Ireland are hinderances. We've seen it 2 offseasons in a row. I was wondering if you could answer me this: Name one team to get spurned by every single top tier FA or coach in succesive offseasons?

I guess Fisher, Harbaugh or Manning didn't get the memo about Ross & Irelands stellar track record. I guess they're just ignoring all the postives you've made up in your mind. They see what most of us do about this team, which is, not a whole lot.

Take your blinders off & embrace reality.

I don't see Manning going to Arizona. How can they afford him? If Manning does go to Arizona and Kolb becomes available would Miami be interested? Would Kolb fit the Dolphins offense better then Arizona? Why did Kolb struggle so much (even with Fitz)?
Posted by: No Balls | March 12, 2012 at 10:45 AM


By cutting Kolb, AZ would create cap space....but they will be forced to make that decision by Saturday before Kolb is owed his option bonus. The local articles I've been reading say they would owe Kolb about $2M rather than the $10.5M he was scheduled to make this year. They may have to do some other maneuvering with contracts, but it can be done.

In RE to Kolb not looking as good in AZ....many believe he is having difficulty transitioning from the WC type offense run in Philly to the more traditional vertical offense run in AZ. Many consider Kolb to be more of a "system" QB.

greg z,

You talk about ME having pms......have you EVER said anything nice about the Dolphins. I don't even know you and I know you're one of those guys that walks around and never smiles.

You want to take potshots and Ireland and the team, be prepared to get potshots back. You can't handle it, then don't read my posts back to you.

What a pathetic franchise. They keep the fans in the dark so they dont get embarrassed. Ross, fire Ireland or sell the team. You guys are friggin clueless and have run this franchise into the ground.

craig m, pms again? i'm not sure if you even realize it but its evident you lack football knowledge. in addition,very few here respect your opinions or even like you. your posts are generally arrogant and mean spirited unless someone happens to agree with you which isnt often.

Posted by: greg z. | March 12, 2012 at 10:50 AM


craig m, i have heard you have a nice chin to rest a pair of nuts on.

@U R ALL KIDDING YOURSELVES .... We are better off without fisher and manning! both of them guys would have set this franchise back a decade ... looks like things are going good for the dolphins after all.

No player or coach with a choice will join the hapless Dolphins. Sad....

How about this people, I call it Plan Z.

If the premise is that our offense will be similar (in efficiency, not in philosophy) to last year, then you BETTER improve your defense to win more games (that and the easier schedule).

So in that case do you take Mario Williams (and Reggie Nelson)? Can we form a Top 3 defense in 1 offseason?

Think about it. Goes against everything I believe in, but when all you want to do is get to the Playoffs, you're willing to do ANYTHING!!!!

This is not a joke. Palm Beach reports a QB is in Dolphins camp with Ross arriving 30 minutes ago. It is not Manning. It is Mr. Miami, Chad Henne.

Did someone just chastize another blogger for not saying anything nice about the phins? Holy sensitivity Batman!

Call Websters! I think we just redefined pathetic!

Man there isn't one dolphin fan on this blog ...Nothing BUT DOLPHIN HATERS!.. Go troll someone elses blog guy!

Whining yes, but please no more whining about Fisher!

I don't buy that rationale. Philbin is coming from a very succesful program, the GB Packers. He's been around some of the most successful people in the game the last few years. Mike Sherman is no rookie either and knows what he's doing. Philbin is articulate, very well organized and knows exactly what he wants. Who wouldn't want to be around that? Jim Harbaugh was a rookie head coach in the NFL last year. Seems to have turned out OK for him.
I know this is the New ork media saying this and not you but I'm not buying the argument.
Posted by: Craig M | March 12, 2012 at 10:51 AM


This is actually a lot of other media sources outside that "mainstream"....they've been a bit more out of the box on this whole thing from day one. Many of them are local/regional guys....they all marked off Washinton and NY Jets months ago while the rest of the "mainstream" was talking Miami/Washington/NY.

The local guys here have had it AZ, KC or Denver, and then Miami as the 3 horse. So far, they have been right, so that's what I'm going off of.

Yes, Philbin has been in a great organization, but he's still a rookie. He hasn't established anything yet. That's where these guys are coming from...not necessarily that he can't win, but that nothing is established...and Manning may prefer an established and rooted coaching staff to work under.

At anyrate, the point is really moote....I've been saying this for months...Manning will select whatever team he feels that he has the best shot to "win now"....that may or may not be Miami.


What does that say about you, if you're spending all your time on a team you have no confidence in?

You're skewing the facts to meet your argument. The Harbaugh deal was done for all intents and purposes with SF. Ross was late to the table on that one. Think about it for second. You've been a successful coach at Stanford, your family lives in California, you enjoy it there, you're revered there and there's a vacancy there for a coach with a good defence. Would you rather take that or uproot your family and move cross country to a situation you're not as familiar with. No brainer.

Fisher could have had the job in Miami but he wanted full control. Ross, probably from advice from Parcells, wasn't prepared to take the control away from his GM. We can argue all day whether that was the right move or not but it's what he did and it was the breaking point.

The Manning story hasn't played out yet....pretty clear you've made up your mind he's not coming. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself and the team, maybe we should move on to the next option, if that's the case.

@LOL .. i think the point is is that yall never have anything good to say about the dolphins ...why? because yall aren't dolphin fans ! Go troll someone elses blog!

I can't believe you Fish Fools keep dishing The Sanchize !!

craig m is the blogs #1 dk head.

he ignores most of what anybody says and never sees the flaws is his own arguments.

Also, what has all this done to Matt Moore's confidence? The entire franchise wants to upgrade, and this guy is saying, "heck, I was the #12 ranked QB last year, coming in off the bench with no offseason and just brought to the team. I understand the guy is a professional, but that can't be a good feeling to have. Can't INCREASE his confidence.

Another side-effect of not getting one of the QBs you've made public you're actually pursuing. Not saying it's the worst thing to happen, we just don't know the full effect (maybe it throws Moore off his game, who knows).

I am not going to complain about Ross anymore because let's face it. He is the owner of the Dolphins and isn't going anywhere soon. We are stuck with him for likely a while.

Ireland on the other hand is expendable. And once Ross sees that Ireland is a liability, then we can start to see some changes.

For a team with a losing record the last 3 years, Miami doesn't have a ton of cap space or a ton of YOUNG talent on this team. That means for the most part, we have failed at drafting studs or finding "acorns" in the draft.

We have a lot of good and serviceable young players, but not great.

So what are we to do? Philbin and Sherman will turn out to be good hires. Not sure why people are bashing them. As for the overall talent on the team, this team needs to start hitting on studs in the draft. Can they do it? Can Ireland do it? I don't have any faith in him, but I am HOPING we strike gold somehow this year.

As for finding a starting QB, Miami really needs a miracle. We need to sign Flynn and somehow he turns out to be a Stud (doubtful) or we need to draft Tannehill or someone else who ends up becoming a stud (possibility? yes. probable? no.)

I don't think Manning is the answer but the fact the DOLPHINS MANAGEMENT AND OWNER want him and it looks like they are going to completely strike out is a little embarrassing again.

As for being a fan, you have the right to criticize the team especially considering their track record the last decade+. To say you aren't a real fan for criticizing the team is ludicrous!

@wolfman13 they give Philbin a hard time before he ever started because they aren't FIN fans ...They are NY yets FANS ...can you say TROLLS!

Jeff Row,

This is the culture on here and with the Miami fanbase. So many of the guys aren't here to talk football, they are here to bash the team any way they can. It's a no win situation for Irleand and Ross. A lot of these guys would rather fight amongst themselves than talk football.

If you're going to hang around, you'd better get used to it.

DC if Moore is thrown off by this he is no pro. Most QB's deal with this almost every season on some level. I wouldn't sob a tear for him. He is getting paid very well.





Don't get the philosophy that you're not a fan if you criticize your team. By standing pat and kissing the Dolphin brass's azzes all you are doing is saying "we like what you're doing, keep it up." And I for one deserve better as a fan, and you do too!

I joke around a lot, calling many of you stupid, but seriously, I love you guys. Most of the people who are here regularly have some informed opinions about Dolphins football (even if we don't always agree).

On the other hand, if you go over to the comments sections on the regular "articles" that are part of miamiherald.com, those are some total moron "regular" people over there, who know nothing about football at all.

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