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Dolphins are still in Manning sweepstakes

This morning I did my usual round of texting/emailing/begging to my Dolphins and other NFL sources. And the question du jour (that means today) had to do with ESPN's constant reports that the Dolphins are down and nearly out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

I reported to you over the weekend that Miami is in lockdown mode on the information and informed sources front. And there is two ways to take this approach.

It is either good news because it means the team is shutting down as to not hurt any possibility of getting Manning -- a possibility that still exists. Or ...

It means the club has locked down because Manning has swatted them aside like a gnat and Miami is simply trying to mask the embarrassment.

So I asked my sources if it's fair to believe lockdown mode is a sign the club is still in the game for No. 18 and doesn't want to hurt those chances.

"Fair," one source responded.

"Correct," another source responded.

There you go, folks. The Dolphins are still in the Manning sweepstakes. It is not over after Manning's trips to Denver and Arizona.

Doesn't mean the Dolphins will get Manning. But there is still hope.


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ahh saw the new tweet that they r in the running.

Omar just posted it (Tweeter). He is afraid Miami is getting used to drive uo the price though.

Sigh: Spot on. I feel your pain and frustration.





Guy Craig isn't even here anymore, what are you in love? No one wants to hear about your little tiff with Craig, no one is going to take up sides, get over it.

I agree, Titans may push also. I read it is going to go past Tuesday, if you have a plan B or other targets, we should go that route, don't get held hostage, make your first and best offer and then get on with it!!

Exactly Betty. I'm sure you understand like I that most fans who visit this site are virtually brain dead.

Omar just tweeted it. He is afraid Dolphins are being used to drive up the price but admits Dolphins are back in.

rubbing a hot dog between a set of breasts is a good thing for your hot dog.


"Seriously, is it that hard to figure out? If we were such a prize, he'd at least visit! Instead he goes to Arizona? Why is it so hard to acknowledge how far this franchise has sunk? If you REALLY look at it, it's right there staring you in the face.

To ignore the reality shows how dumb the Miami fans are."

Reality? Guy my Father has cancer and I have a mortgage to pay, that's reality. This is just a distraction. To care about what other people think of your football team, in reality, is sad.

Stop mortgaging the future for damaged, aging, QBs.

Start Moore, re-sign Henne, draft the future QB.

Let Philbin & Sherman do what they were hired to do.

The Dolphins management should put out a press release stating that they are NO LONGER interested in Payton Manning. When are these guy's going to learn. They looked like snakes in the grass with Harbough, fools for Jeff Fisher and now beggars for Payton Manning. It's time for Ross and Ireland to grow a pair.






Reality? Guy my Father has cancer and I have a mortgage to pay, that's reality. This is just a distraction. To care about what other people think of your football team, in reality, is sad.
Posted by: Phins78 | March 12, 2012 at 01:37 PM

LOL you still need glasses. If you don't understand what people post about, don't reply. You just look dumb in the process.

Report: Peyton Manning won’t visit any more teams, may speak to Miami Dolphins by phone

How does Ireland survive this? This dude has 7 lives. Or a billionaire capital vulture hell bent on tanking this team and seeling it for a billion dollar profit.

Forget Manning!! Flynn is the man the Phins need and the one that is going to take us to the Promise Land. Get his but signed and bring in Donald Driver to make Matt feel comfortable. Then focus on getting some "Large, Aggressive Offensive Linemen," to protect the investment. Don't forget the outside hard rusher!! Then lets go out and Kick some AFC but!!!!!!!!!!

nning will put buts in the seats, but it doesn't start with Ma, it starts with Wi...

You're right Albert and I wrote the same exact thing last night. They should publicly withdraw there interest and go all in on Flynn. Then sign Tannehill to groom.

To the people who think Flynn can't run a west coast offense, are you for real? He came from Green Bay where the two games he played were played in the same offense Philbin will run here. He may make tweeks but it's the same language. Those were the two games he lit it up if you remember.

And Green Bay doesn't make a habit of drafting people that don't fit into their system. Did you even think about that before commenting? Do you think GB would have drafted a QB who couldn't run the west coast when they realize Rodgers could go down and Flynn would have had to play?


With Manning on the outs, hopefully this will keep him away for good.

If they put out a press release saying they are no longer interest in Peyton then someone needs to be fired immediately.

How you gonna put out a press release after an "insider" said Ross would sign Peyton "sight unseen"?

Manning is way too smart to join this trainwreck.

Moore deserves a chance to lead this team. We should be trying to get Mario Williams right now. If we are willing to spend X amount of dollars for a broke neck, why can't we spend X amount of dollars for a pass rusher?

Stepen Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

I don't like Henne but I like the suggestion above. Start Moore and resign Henne.

Ross will ne buying BOATLOADS of his own tickets....AGAIN!! LOL

I mean really, you guys are saying Flynn is the man right? What has Flynn done? He ain't won no Lombardi's. Neither has Moore. I am so against signing band aids when we alread have a band aid on the team.

nipples the size of erasers are what we should draft.

I dont get all the hate towards kolb. He put up big numbers in philly with receivers that barely touch 6ft tall .that requires accuracy.he played in a wco same as we are implementing now.and he played behind a leaky line in philly.then he goes to zona to a stretch the field offense that has 1 wr in the whole offense who isnt a burner and no help from anyone else. No te breaston gone to kc an oline that is worse than phillies and injury prone rbs.what did you guys expect him to do? As far as manning no loss there.indy was forced to form their O around him to the detriment of the defense. Just enough invested in pass rushers to get peyton the ball back to win shootouts.

Phins 78,

I agree that the Dolphins should sign another QB to compete with Matt Moore. Weather it's flynn or not that's for Philbin and Ireland to decide. I also agree that they should try and get Tannehill to groom for a couple of years. Our OC coached him in college and can continue to do the same here in Miami.


"LOL you still need glasses. If you don't understand what people post about, don't reply. You just look dumb in the process."

You're a kid right? It's obvious because you're having a hard time following in an adult conversation. My original post was pointing out that people should stop caring what others think of their team. You COMPLETELY ignored the content of my post and typed something back about how I'm blind because I don't see how far they've fallen. Spot your mistake yet? Let me make it more clear for you junior.

I know exactly how far they have fallen, my point was you shouldn't care because you don't play for them. So why would you take offense that anyone else thinks they are a laughing stock? Do you get it yet? Is this getting through your little pee brain? Go get yourself some chocolate milk and a cookie, you're getting cranky and stupid, blood sugar must be low. And when your mommy buys you some bug boy pants come back and find me so we can have a rational adult conversation. Good luck with finals!

Peyton was afraid Irescum was gonna ask him if his momma's a hooka!

Moore has my vote, NO to FLYNN!!! His salary will be 10 million a year... See sanchez/kolb.

I don't like Henne but I like the suggestion above. resign Henne.
Posted by: JackSparrow | March 12, 2012 at 01:48 PM \\

Yeah, we need someone to boo! LMAO!

You people are so stupid.
Mando's been playing you for 10 weeks now.
Tell me one person that hears Ross say that he wants Peyton.
Tell me the day/time/location.
Where can i find a recording of that announcement online?
No where.
It never happened.
The closest you get is Ireland saying, "...we need to upgrade the QB position...". That's what every team says that has Matt Moore starting.

Phins78, see My Name.

as an original dolphinfanatic I've witnessed the good bad and ugly over 47 yrs. I recall Griese only winninng 12 games his first three yrs 67-69...give matt moore a chance...with new coaches and a full preseason with the first team he may surprise everyone....Go Fins Forever!

I don't think it has anything to do with Ross/Ireland....or being a "laughing stock". The Phins aren't the laughing stock of the league, however, they are viewed as a franchise in serious transition.

Anyone ever worked for a company that is/has gone through a merger or aquisition? Ross has only been the owner for two years. GM is going into his 2nd season calling the shots sans Parcells. HC is a rookie....a well respected OC, but a rookie nonetheless.

That is major transition, and the dust takes some time to settle. I don't think it's anything personal against Ross/Ireland....I just think Manning looks at the "transition" state the Phins are in and says, "no...that doesn't give me the best chance to win RIGHT NOW."








“[Our general manager] kept assuring him, ‘We’re going to get a meeting with Manning and we’re going to do all our homework.’

Homework huh? Sounds like Ireland to me.

“But I’ll tell you, if we left it up to the owner, he might sign the guy, sight unseen.”

Who in the AFC would sign Peyton sight unseen? Who is that desparate besides Miami? What owern in the NFL would sign a broke neck sight unseen besides ROSS?

HAHAHAHAHA Guys against Flynn I would like to point something out.

First he is not Kevin Kolb okay? Everyone in the NFL has had nothing but good things to say about the kids work ethic, study habits, accuracy, footwork, ability to extend plays. Basically everything you need in a QB.

hOW ARE YOU EVEN COMING UP WITH THESE COMPARISONS? kOLB=fLYNN,,,,,mONTANA=Manning,,,,,,,,Orton=Sanchez. Where is this chart because I would like to use it. Explain the logic to me. Kolb was a back up that went to start for a team and failed so that's what Flynn will do? Because every back up who has switched teams to start has failed? I don't need to list the multiple backups who went to other teams and thrived do I? Why don't you look it up and compare him with some of those people? Stop with the dramatics.

I just don't see Flynn as an upgrade over Moore. It's tossing good dollars after bad, change for the sake of change. I believe Moore has the higher value, especially if your ultimate goal is to draft the next QB. In that case, signing Flynn makes no sense at all.

Jack Sparrow,

I would fire the "Insider" who said what he said. By the way the problem with Ross is that he is in the limelight of the team TOO much. You never heard Joe Robbie meddle or even Huiezenga meddle while they owned the Dolphins. Ross is ALWAYS being quoted. He should, as someone in this blog suggested, move to New York and leave the team to the people he hired.

Not knockinbg flynn or kobb, just dont want either at a hefty tag!!

koLB that is

Let henne go, stay away from matt flynn and let matt moore start for the year. Shore up the secondary and d-line with free agency and the draft and worry about a qb next year. Don't overpay and over invest in an unproven qb that will fail. Build the team and make it appealing to a proven free agent qb or a blue chip draftee. Let's face it this team is not a qb away from competing for a super bowl.

Dave Hyde just released a blog saying Dolphins are still major players for Manning. http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports/columnists/hyde/blog/2012/03/dolphins_not_out_of_the_runnin.html.

I just want to go on record against the conventional "wisdom" of Dolphans and say that I trust Jeff Ireland. He hasn't given me any reason to not trust him. Frankly, he was right with respect to Kyle Orton and many of his other decisions have been right, despite what the fans initially think. The whole "prostitute" issue...it was proven that it was just some ass with a history of being an ass trying to make him look bad in order to get attention. The problem is clearly our know-nothing owner who can't keep his mouth shut. I for one admit that I am not a GM and don't know what it takes to be a GM and I'm going to let Ireland work the quarterback issue and trust that he knows what he's doing, because I (and 99.99% of the fans) do not.

PS...Miami was the only team who wanted Peyton Manning to throw. Why even go after the guy if you don't trust him? Homework means not signing a guy sight unseen. JEFF IRELAND SAID THAT! No other GM would say that. So once again, Miami was not even serious about hiring players and coaches to turn this team around.

Good post wolman13,,,,very true. Players are looking for stability and Miami isn't there yet. I wish Ross could see this and realize they need to keep plugging away through the draft until they build some respect around the league. I know Ireland isn't all bad, yes he's made some mistakes but he's done some good as well. The bottom line is the perception of Jeff Ireland may not be good and that's all it takes. Could be the nicest guy in the world behind closed doors but if people don't like him it's going to make it terribly hard on the entire organization.

And I wonder, because Petersen shares an office with Ross and is constantly in his ear, I wonder if the fans perception of Ireland has been skewed by the media. If Ireland isn't respected around the NFL surely Petersen has informed him and suggested a parting of the ways?

Dolphins are communicating by phone out of respect of Manning family after what happened night he was released. If this is the case, this organization has played this pretty smart. You show respect to a man's family and throw alot of money on the table, Dolphins may still be favorites.

Blog fodder..
With you, and agree.
Only possible disagreement is to sign/not-sign henne. Could care less.
Draft a QB, and we will have 3 officially on roster, So that is plenty. Don't need Henne or anyone else.
Live or die by our potentials from the draft. it was Philbin's admitted philosophy. I'm fine with that.
Spend a little FA cash on a RT, and get that fixed, maybe a safety, and draft everyone else.
Like it.

A five year transition is a little much for me. However, we been transitioning for 30 years now.

It's time for this organization to tell us WTF they are doing. Are we rebuilding or plugging? I'm tired of plugging. RGIII was our only hope under ROSS. But Ireland is so hell bent on calling all our prospective players MOTHER a ho bag.

NO ONE WANTS TO COME TO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agreed blackcerote

NFL.com is reporting, Titans are preparing for a visit from Manning in next day or two.

What most Peyton wants at this moment is financial security for him and his family should any injury occurr to him. Let nobody tell me that 3 or 4 fused vertebrae are more flexible than if they were independently moving. The man is a competitor and he feels he still can and wants to play. He's doing his best for him and his Family. My opinion.

Agreed. I would start with trying to resign Soleai, Langford and Carrey. We had very good run defense last year. Let's not throw it away by lettting Langford and Soleai get away.

Titans may be the winners in this, a lot of connections and money!! Hasselback would be ok to compete!

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