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Dolphins at Osweiler pro day PLUS private workout coming

I'm not a big Brock Osweiler proponent. He reminds me of Dan McGwire who was a good college quarterback but never made it in the pros. I guess you can understand the comparison because Osweiler, at 6-foot-7 and 242 pounds, is built like McGwire.

The Dolphins, however, are doing their homework and that work includes the former Arizona State quarterback. Nothing against the kid, but I don't like his mechanics, I don't necessarily love his mobility and his accuracy is inconsistent.

Oswelier has been addressing his mechanics since the end of the college season.

"It's more over-the-top now," Osweiler said of a revamped throwing motion. "I was kind of always dragging my elbow when I was playing here at ASU, and we really wanted to utilize my full 6-7 frame, or whatever it is, and make sure the arm and delivery is over-the-top."

Osweiler, who seems like a third-round talent to me, will go on multiple private workouts for several NFL franchises including the Dolphins.

"I'm meeting with the Chiefs and the Broncos next week and I'm taking trips to Miami and Buffalo and a few other places," he said.

During his workout today -- attended by Dolphins brass, including general manager Jeff Ireland -- Osweiler competed 66 of 75 passes with seven overthrows and one dropped pass, according to ASUDevils.com.


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I don't like him!!!


Not Oswald!!! What show did I get that name from again?

Can somebody please remind me what happened with Tannehill faced RGIII big man on big man? Please.

Remind me, again, what the result was when Tannehill played RGIII big man on big man. Please.

20 games is a lot. What's all this stuff about only played 20 games? Apparently Tannehill had the QB position down pretty good by the time he played RGIII's team.

Many QBs, such as Cam Newton, played only one year of college. Newton, for example, was Tebow's BACKUP until he was kicked off the team and out of the school for various crimes and because his academics were not up UF's standards.

Again, however, what happened when Tannehill played the great RGIII head to head? Please remind me.

Hello? Is anyone here?


Educate yo' self.

I like this kid but he needs a year to learn behind a veteran-

Gil brandt said he was suprisingly very impressive-- he has flexible mobilty---huge arm good accuracy--

Brandt thinks he is a 1st round prospect now----

I think with tannehill or Osweiler neither guy is ready rite now----You have to weigh who fits ur scheme better, leadership, intangibles, and upside to make the pick on either 1.

Personally i rather have Osweiler not a huge fan of Tannehill, but if we can trade back into the teens and still get Osweiler its a no brainer for me

Feel much better about Osweiler at 15 then Tannehill at 8---but if we have to take either 1 at 8---its a tough call.


Why isn't Pete Carroll interested?

How can anyone tell? One is projected in the first round and the other in the 3rd. And doing their homework is what they are paid to do. We do have 2 3rd rounders.

Interesting read in NFL.com today about running qbs and how they can be utilized. A lot of the success of the wildcat and the spread offense was that it made the down a one on one matchup.

Hopefully we are thinking about how we are going to stop Tebow and the wets. And Brady and his smurf and the 2 big tight ends. Gees. Draft some guys that can crush the qb or at least give him a bear hug.

..We were talking a bit about Osweiler yesterday. A poster asked the blog which quarterback would we indivdualy perfer..Osweiler, or Tannehill. For me this was easy because I am not on board with taking Tannehill at 8. I also said that selecting Osweiler was dependant on where we invisioned taking him..Round 2. I would hope not. 3rd round?? Sure. He has a lot of work to do. I would perfer a guy like Cousins if we were going to select a mid round prospect...But I understand why GM's like the idea of a guy like Osweiler..It is the strong arm syndrome. The guy has a hand cannon. Will he be able to learn to become a proffesional quarterback? It is going to take awhile. he has a ways to go before he is ready for the NFL. I was suprised he came out this year.


It is called DUE DILIGENCE. It's their job to check out as many prospects as they can to evaluate their value. Nothing more should be read into it. For what its worth, they had Mallett in for a private work out last year. They did not pick him at 1, or at 2, or at 3.

From what we know and have seen, does anyone think Ireland will spend a #8 pick on a player not ready to contribute in his rookie season?

I think it was the Drew Carey show..

If you think Osweiler is a franchise QB after all your work ---Then it is fine if you take him at 8, 2nd round or 3rd round---i dont see the point in taking a QB in the 2nd or 3rd---i dont see why you waste a quality pick on a QB you dont really beleieve in--a 2nd or 3rd is a very valuable pick-

Qb is the only position in draft that you throw out all draft value boards----If you believe in the kid you have to go get him--

If you dont beleieve in any1 enough to spend a 1st Dont pick anyone--its a wasted pick to me-

2nd round 3rd round qbs almost never work out---If you go by percentages of what works the most in this league to get a QB ---its a 1st round pick you have to use.

I can live with reaching for Tannehill (please read the link below, best analysis I've seen of him so far) but Osweiler? Absolutely 100% NO. I like the kid, good personality, etc but none of the video I've seen warrants him a high pick, not even a 4th rounder.

Osweiler vs Boise State. See it for yourself please, this guy is NOT the answer and will be a waste of a pick!


Miami needs to go big or go home! Enough with these 2nd round QBs. I know there are gems to be found sometimes but Miami can't seem to find them. Miami needs to either roll the dice and take a chance on Tannehill or wait until next off season.

FYI Dolphin front office.....You are being baited by Cleveland right now. It is not a coincedence that the Browns GM said several days ago that they would be willing to draft as far back as #8. Shortly after that report there were articles written stating the Browns strong interest in Tannehill...Dont fall for it Miami!


I know we talked about this guy yesterday but I have to agree with TigerSam, I'm not sold on this guy at all. Hope he makes me out to be a fool but I just don't see it. I like his arm and his release but I think he'll get eaten up in the pros. Let's see....


Read your last comment from the last blog. All I can say is if Tannehill was a 'sure thing' he wouldn't be there for us at 8. I can make just as much of a case that Freeman and Flacco has flaws in their games but they still went first round. There's no sure things with these guys....at some point you have to take a risk.

Can't wait for the draft so all this Tannehill talk will stop. He is going to drop like Mallett did. Ireland is not spending a high first round pick on a project player.

I must agree that we really need defense...QB can wait..moore and GMan are servicible this year..no point reaching..we will end up with a colt mcoy..or mark sanchez....

Wow what a mess this team is in...feeling like a doormat to the rest of the NFL. been a fan since 1969 I'm not used to this. Please hire a front office to stop this madness!

The Dolphins should just draft Tannehill. All this stuff about #8 being too high is nonsense. #8 would have been too high to draft Tom Brady back in the day, but teams would give up multiple firsts to trade for him now. Not saying that Tannehill will be Brady, but if he turns out to be a good QB then the value stuff will be a mute point. Dolphins need to fill the QB position with someone who can learn the WCO and Tannehill is projected as being that guy. Just get it done DOLPHINS!

Osweilder? Wasn't he arrested for the Kennedy assassination?

Uh? Ok, nevermind

Just picking Tan with the 8 pick because everyone feels we need to go big is a huge mistake. Every year there is a player like Tanhill in the draft and most years their are three or four that are better.

You better use that 8 pick to get the pass rush situation under control. Anyone looked at the receivers Brady is stock piling. You better be able to get to him and that means you better pick the pass rusher stud you have to have.

Only Blackmon would be a better use of this pick maybe Floyd also.

You dont waste your most important pick on a project. Unless you think Tanhill is going to start for us this year. Not.

Weeden in the third would be fine. Go Dolphins!! I get the feeling Tanhill is going to be this years Ryan Mallet and will fall further than most think possible.



When did pro days become all the rage and kids draft status moved based on how they performed during pro days? What ever happened to watching GAME FILM and seeing how someone actually performs on the field.

You watch game film on Osweiler and you quickly realize he is AT BEST a late round pick in the draft. No issues with Dolphins doing their due diligence and talking to him - weather is nice in Phoenix I guess. But should be nothing more than a look at him as a late round pick if available or a FA if not drafted. This kid is nowhere near NFL ready.

But then again, neither is Tannehill - yet everyone is falling all over him. For what? One career game against a pathetic Baylor secondary? Please. So many other QBs in this draft have 3 & 4 year resumes against top competition ON TAPE.

I like turtles!

If a team drafts a qb inside the first ten picks, its to start him immediatly. Mid season the latest. If a qb needs a season or more to develop, he shouldn't be drafted that high.

I think all the talk about Tannehill is because the qb group was depleted. If Barkley and even Jones were in the mix, I think Tannehill would fall out of the first round and land with second tier group.

In my opinion, he might be worth a late first rounder. I don't think he's special enough to risk over reaching.

I must have missed it....are the Dolphins winning the Super Bowl this year? Then who cares if Tannehill is the wrong pick. This idea that we can find a QB after the first round or reclaim other teams castoffs is NONSENSE! You take Tannehill at 8 and if you're wrong you do it again in 3-4 years and if wrong then 3-4 years after that. Pass rush? OL? WRs? NONE of those positions will matter a damn until we get the QB position worked out. Is the franchise QB on the roster right now? Highly doubtful! Then do something about it!

JD.....love the post..and agree....the part about Hennehill @ least...

since when did you know anything about qb's, your nothing but a dumnass writer that should go to the funny section, what an idiot!!!

Craig M...

we can NOT keep drafting QBs every 3-4 years just because...if we do we will be in perpetual mediocrity......we didn't get here because we DIDN'T draft QBs....were here because we drafted the wrong QBs every 3-4 years....or earlier....

I know your on the QB side of thinking....and thats a good thing...but we still need to be EXTREMELY SMART in our picking of the QB....

Ireland and Parcells were in the business of throwing away 2nd rd picks....Ireland can NOT go into the business if throwing away 1st rd picks....

Dolphins should trade down for a 3rd rnd pick with "choker" dumbell Pete Carol which seems to like Tannehill and pick WR Michael Floyd at 12. Blackmon is going to St. Louis at 6.

Armando since when did u learn about qb mechanics?

i'm not sure either one is as good as Devlin. At some point we need to spend time and develop our own guys. If he ain't GREAT, don't waste a 1, 2, or 3 on a wannabee.

I agree with Allen. Taking a QB in the 2nd or 3rd is a complete waste. We're better off taking a backup in the 6th or 7th, and then getting one in the first next season. If they go Tannehill they'd better be damn sure he's going to be really good because I have my doubts.

Damn Greg, I really hope thats not the scenario, man. Thats another 8 yrs on top of the past eleven yrs.

That's to depressing.

Is everyone going to quarrel over every QB the Phins take a look at?

Boise State ate this kid for lunch. Granted, they are a very good team and the ASU coaching staff basically sent that poor team out uncoached, but still…he looked just awful.

Wish him the best, but I just don’t see it…

Tenahill is starting to smell a lot like that Brady Quinn.....

I bet Ireland drafts the guy who dropped the pass.

"As an NFL player, and as a veteran in this game, no one cares what you're doing during the offseason,"--Donavan McNabb

This is so true for a whole host of reasons. I don't care what folks do on their off time. All I care about is what they do on the clock. That means 8 hours a day for us and 16 games for NFL players.

Ireland can do whatever but that 16 games is what decides if he did his job right or wrong.

You want to rob a bank on your off time? I don't really care as long as you are there for training camp. If not, then bye bye.

NFL.com reports that Phins are trying to re-sign Long, Wake and some others with 1 season left.
Those that will not re-sign need to be traded NOW.

I think it's Funny that the media says that Ryan Tannehill is a project and will take 2 or 3 years to develop, and that he has mechanical problems like "HE PATS HIS BALLS" LOL ... but then turns around and says they think he is going #4 to Cleveland!?! LOL what a joke the media is...

Anyone ever wonder why the NFL doesn't require players to check in during the offseason? I don't think anyone can keep their nose clean for 6 months and a few million in their pocket.

I know I would be arrested in Vegas at least 3 times during six months.

Just think about that before you answer. Oh yeah, don't say they are grown men. I did time in the Corps. I was 38 years old and had to check in periodically.

Matter of fact, everyday I had to check in. On liberty, I had to check out and then check in. Couldn't be gone more that 24 hours without permission from some old crab sitting in HQ.

2jacksparrow .... the NFL isnt the MARINE'S BRO!

First we're hoping for Andrew Luck, then RG3, then Peyton Manning, and now who?? How low can they go?

Forget getting value with a QB, all this value talk is BS. If Sherman thinks Tannehill can be a franchise QB then draft him, at no 3 if necessary!!!

As Mike Mayock says, a franchise QB trumps all, Tannehill looked every bit a franchise QB when he outplayed RG3, he will only get better with time to develope behind Moore/Gerrard, notice I said Moore or Gerrard because I see the loser of the starting QB battle getting cut before the season starts, could be 3 in a row for Gerrard. Whichever is the starter in Moore or Gerrard I don;t see either of them doing better than 6 wins next year so we should have a top ten pick again when Tannehill is due to start next season.

Also ... we dont know the details yet ...just because you beat someone up or you get into a fight doesnt mean you have done something wrong. it might have been self defense or protecting a friend that was getting robbed.

Irescum will draft us another Pat White.

how will he do that .... Pat white isnt in the draft ....

And it was Bill Parcells who drafted Pat White, and over rode Ireland. cause he didnt like the way Chad Henne was developing... which messed up the rest of the draft Ireland had planned...

...Kris @ 6:55.. Great post. You nailed it. Seriously. That was the best post on the subject all year..Nice work, and well said.

You don't draft a project player at 8. Nobody does. Jeff won't either. Move along.

no one said they were drafting Osweiler at #8 SILVA they were just working him out in a private meeting maybe they will pick him up after the draft when no one drafts him and try him out and put him on the pratice sqaud

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