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Dolphins at Osweiler pro day PLUS private workout coming

I'm not a big Brock Osweiler proponent. He reminds me of Dan McGwire who was a good college quarterback but never made it in the pros. I guess you can understand the comparison because Osweiler, at 6-foot-7 and 242 pounds, is built like McGwire.

The Dolphins, however, are doing their homework and that work includes the former Arizona State quarterback. Nothing against the kid, but I don't like his mechanics, I don't necessarily love his mobility and his accuracy is inconsistent.

Oswelier has been addressing his mechanics since the end of the college season.

"It's more over-the-top now," Osweiler said of a revamped throwing motion. "I was kind of always dragging my elbow when I was playing here at ASU, and we really wanted to utilize my full 6-7 frame, or whatever it is, and make sure the arm and delivery is over-the-top."

Osweiler, who seems like a third-round talent to me, will go on multiple private workouts for several NFL franchises including the Dolphins.

"I'm meeting with the Chiefs and the Broncos next week and I'm taking trips to Miami and Buffalo and a few other places," he said.

During his workout today -- attended by Dolphins brass, including general manager Jeff Ireland -- Osweiler competed 66 of 75 passes with seven overthrows and one dropped pass, according to ASUDevils.com.


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Home we say we not trolls, but we are only pathetic hypocritical losers and when engaged we use insults and foul language also.
Your thesis paper and book on the psychology of a sport's blogger is going to be a best seller 4 sure.
I have been using several identities on up to 6 different Miami Dolphin themed sports blogs and even though lying about it, have been directly caught red handed over and over again.
I like to think somehow what i have to say is important to someone out there, but clearly i am delusional.
You are right we are wasting our lives, me being the leading culprit.
I am in truth nothing but a hypocrite and outright liar with nothing to do but pretend i'm running the Miami Dolphins or vicariously giving worldly advice to the Dolphin's management. lol
I am such an idiot and only now am i starting to see it.
Thanks for the heads up, Home

Tim Knight


You are basing you're argument and feelings on the fact that the COPS didn't do their job....seriously....seriously?????

Isn't their a a case in FL right now going on be because the cops didn't do their job....

Google..... Taryvon Martin or George Zimmerman.....read a little about that case....and see if cops are always on their game....

I always like your post F4L.....but to make a case based on cop action...ot LACK THERE OF is a terrible way to look @ this IMO.....

forget the INCREDIBLY DUMB ACT by Misi.....

the steps that he took to commit that act...the sheer effort, will, and determination that it took just to punch a guy in the face...c'mon man...

@ NO POINT did common sense ever kick in for Misi...and that is sad for him....and its sad for us as fans to have to look forward to cheering for a guy....who may not have the mental capacity to EVER get it.....

He will be a step slow on most plays....simply because he will be thinking and not reacting....he will be wondering if he is in man to man...or zone.....is he suppose to set the edge...or rush the passer.....

simply put....I don't think he has it upstairs....and those actions prove it...as far as I am concerned.....

We don't need any more dumb football players....and HEART isn't always enough...and neither is being as "nice" guy....

You can do it!

Tim Bunghole Knight, pass me some toilet paper under the door.


NJ1 Mike e the proud Jesus killer says, " I dont recognize Christmas, so it's Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays!"

"Screw the Christians, I'm not paying for anything!"

Tim Bungle Hole Knight says I can't stand Tebow and he can't play QB either."

"Now watch me lazy weak pathetic 5.8 out of shape loser self throw a football"

"Ok, now back to Tebow bashing. lol"

"God, i mean not God, i mean Big Bang theory or whatever, i'm such a pathetic hypocritical loser please help me!"

So I cant call out spike lee in response to kris's comment above but the special eds can talk about jumpin' up in each others mudcutters? Nice.

anybody want to know my hours at work today. Too bad here it goes anyway. Football blog myAZZZZ.

Tim WTF Knight NO PAY
March 31, 2012 at 5:11 pm

There in lies the problem. That was on me using several identities and thinking i was lick enough to get away with it. Always has been. I don't get along with most on the blog. I eat Capt. Crunch.

Okay done talking about Home.

So, How's Home doing? lol


Tim, I remeber when you got busted by the karate instructor blogger "LIL EARL" as he knew employees on the inside and busted you with a half dozen different names. Yo phucking lying troll SOB! You're such a phucking hypocrite liar!

Tim WTF Knight NO PAY
March 31, 2012 at 7:09 pm

It’s been going on for days. He’s been exposing my sorry troll AZZZ and now i feel like such an idiot, cuz i know i'm busted and i'm a full of shiet liar.

When i see Home, i will apologize and we can end this whole thing. Sorry fellow chronic bloggers, i know i have no credibility, but let's just start all over on a new blog.
I want be a hypocritical liar on the new blog. promise.

^ I wont be a hypocritical liar *

LMAO! I'm getting good at this huh, Tim?

Go to go shave my back and legs, be back later.

Yup Tim!

I hope they draft QB Russell Wilson he is being way undervalued!

Every cracka is gonna pay me $60.00 a year for me to insult or ignore your sorry lilly white puke bodies.
I've been working out with B-Marsh from coast to coast and hangin with my gansta rapppers. Home was the only black guy in the Mob. Then Home outwitted me every day and joined the Hispanic literate veteran Armando on the Herald.
Who need literacy?

I can't even get through a doorway my head is so blown up. Not sure why, but God (that's right Tim, .. God) is my ego huge!

psssst. You wanna buy some knock off sunglasses $20 bucks.
How bout a $300.00 Miami Dolphin Garrard jersey?

Oh the Giants won the Super Bowl?

What the Hell am i doing jumping up and down yelling Go Colombo! Go sean smith! Go Garrard! Go Dolphins! for

No wonder everyone in NJ/NY thinks i'm mentally challenged.

That's alright Mik e,

I'm such an idiot my first pick is college 6-6 in an easy division QB Tannehill even though he sucks and is not even half as good as Chad Henne. I thought we could use 3 below average QBs. Duh!

Why do i root for the Dolphins in NJ when the Giants and Jets rule and play right here?

I'm such an idiot, everyone in NJ/NY thinks i'm the ultimate loser. lol

As poluted as this board is, guess no one will ever read this but I am going to try anyway.

You know why Home popes out like this here in so many different names from the Sentinel?.....cause he has been banned from the SS many times over.

Read up and decide where you wanna be. A much better world.


In case you haven't figured it out yet, and you haven't....fin4life is your typical backwards, shortsighted, primitive redneck, only he happens to have a cuban accent instead of a dumb southern drawl.

Home -- you ever want to seriously talk about life let me know. Not saying I have all the answers, but some things you can use might come out of it.

We can arrange off-line. Just let me know. Life can be better my friend.

"Home after repeatedly insulting you when you where not around to defend yourself"

And so I assume you've never done anything like post idiotic things while assuming the identity of a poster on another blog that they never visit.

You can't have it both ways home.

I am an ASU alum and an ASU season ticket holder and I would not take Osweiler anywhere before the 6th round. I hate to say this but I rather have Folwes from U of A and to say that really tells you how bad Osweiler is.

Go Devils!!

But, the question remains in my studies Minister Stanger,

"post idiotic things while assuming the identity of a poster on another blog that they never visit."

Will they visit, to see, well, .... themselves?

OMG! Home has always scared me and that's no joke.
I had a family member with paranoia schizophrenia and i knew one day Home would blow up!

I'm sorry. I've been in the jacuzzi all day. Has anyone favored me with an answer to my question regarding what happened when Tannehill played the great RG3 big man on big man?

I dont think Home can be reached, but like to reach out and put a lip lock on Chad Pennington! (sigh)

I would like to marvel at Chad Pennington's brown eye!

I mean Brown eyes! LMAO!

Oh Tim, i think that was Freudian Slip?


F!@#! this!

I'm out of cigs and beer!

Walker wont share the dope and the hooker is late!

oh, by the way Home can i help you, please?

Lemmus -- there but for god walk I.

Be glad to talk with you Home whenever you are ready.

Hey dad , why do u lie to these good people . Nobody can have a great body , play in all the sports you claim to play and at the same time be on all these blogs 24/7 spanking your penis to the computer . Now come back to bed and give it to me in the arse , will ya ? It will be my turn to return the favor tomorrow , I PROMISE !

Please have some bscking for the Footbsll talk you spew here. For instance, Tannehill suck/does not suck. Why?

Kia Misi beats up 19 year old kid...,and some find that worthy of applause.... Or worse....sympathy....cause Misi was called some names in front of the opposite sex....


Right On Misi!!! Kick Fk'n asss! Fk the team and your responsibilities!

Hey, Home you are bothering the fukk out of People here.We have no $ but we can promise you some things thst might be of use for you, like no more jail time, no more involuntsry hospitalizations in the Psychiatric unit and such. We believe is a fair offer. Think about it.

I'm not a big Brock Osweiler proponent. He reminds me of Dan McGwire who was a good college quarterback but never made it in the pros. I guess you can understand the comparison because Osweiler, at 6-foot-7 and 242 pounds, is built like McGwire.


Mando,this is an ignorant statement, and I don't like Osweiler, but to compare him to McGwire makes me think you didn't even watch him play. McGwire had a big arm, but was a statue, Osweiler's arm isn't anywhere near as strong, but he's athletic. That's like saying saying Pat White reminds me of Mike Vick, or picking 2 guys out of a police line-up that have similar height/weight, and saying they remind me of each other :P

What's up losers?

To say the loser of the starting qb battle between Moore/Garrard will be cut makes no sense. Garrard was brought in to give Moore some competition, and the loser of the battle will be a viable backup, which is needed in the NFL, see Dolphins last yr.

When I went to the store my plan was to get an Evan Williams 83 375ml and a Bud Light Platinum 12 pack.
But when I saw the Bud 20 pack on sale for $11.49 and the born on date was March 2, it was No Contest! I saved $5 and got 8 extra beers! Fresh ones too!

Say it isn't so!

I found Home on "The Jets Blog"

Home on the Herald says:
March 31, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Go Tebow!

Go Sparano!

Go Jets!

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No way!

Tim, I'm going there to check it out!

I thought Home was only kidding.
Home really does like Tebow, Sparano, Holmes, Turner and the rest of the Jets!

I'm surprised to find someone else in here with a brain.
In fact other posters think you and I are the same person because we can actually do things like
-count the players on the roster

Just don't get gay on me dude.

What's wrong with gay men. Dont make me angry, You wouldn't like me when i'm angry!

Home, come back!


Not the hated JETS!

Oscar , thanks for the offers but i'd rather have a nice hard penis in my arse . I think that would shut me up for a bit but if you really want to shut me up , a nice hard penis in my mouth at the same time should do it .

I couldn't do it, - be a Jets fan.

Relax yo!
Your lifestyle is none of my business.
We all good.
It's a large world.

This blog is a piece of shyte, I hope the Sunsentinel rethinks this blog for money BS.

All right! We're cool then. No more gay jokes!

I can't spare a square.

Ditto. Thanks for covering my back, NJ


That's the thing - I wasn't joking.
I read Steve's posts and saw intelligence.
So I commended him and just wanted to let him know that just because I admired his work he was not to assume that I was his boyfriend and he was my girlfriend.
Just keeping everything straight yo!

I Gotcha Tim!
Everyone already knows about us anyway, what better place to come out than on the blog. I mean i'm 49 yrs old, single, no kids, no girlfriend ever, i like hanging at the men's gym and lingering.
I mean Tim, people aren't that stupid. LMAO!
So lets just do our thing and not worry about what other people think.
The Sun Sentinel blog is closing anyway.
We might as well let em know.
Love you Tim!
OMG! I can't believe i said that live on the blog!
Your turn Tim.

NJ you are making blush!
OK, here goes, ...... I Love You Too NJ PHIN FAN!


It feels good just saying it in public, finally NJ!


Tim, ..... really !!!

Yes really, NJ i cannot live with out you!


Tim Knight I do, I will , I mean YES I WILL MARRY YOU TIM KNIGHT!!!

Oh this is beautiful!

I must be tripping dude!

Did Tim Knight just MARRY NJ PHIN FAN!

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