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Dolphins at Osweiler pro day PLUS private workout coming

I'm not a big Brock Osweiler proponent. He reminds me of Dan McGwire who was a good college quarterback but never made it in the pros. I guess you can understand the comparison because Osweiler, at 6-foot-7 and 242 pounds, is built like McGwire.

The Dolphins, however, are doing their homework and that work includes the former Arizona State quarterback. Nothing against the kid, but I don't like his mechanics, I don't necessarily love his mobility and his accuracy is inconsistent.

Oswelier has been addressing his mechanics since the end of the college season.

"It's more over-the-top now," Osweiler said of a revamped throwing motion. "I was kind of always dragging my elbow when I was playing here at ASU, and we really wanted to utilize my full 6-7 frame, or whatever it is, and make sure the arm and delivery is over-the-top."

Osweiler, who seems like a third-round talent to me, will go on multiple private workouts for several NFL franchises including the Dolphins.

"I'm meeting with the Chiefs and the Broncos next week and I'm taking trips to Miami and Buffalo and a few other places," he said.

During his workout today -- attended by Dolphins brass, including general manager Jeff Ireland -- Osweiler competed 66 of 75 passes with seven overthrows and one dropped pass, according to ASUDevils.com.


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Posted by: Tim Knight | March 31, 2012 at 10:46 PM


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Home, Sweet Home Says:
March 31st, 2012 at 11:22 pm

“We” will not be taking anyone. lol

Jeff Ireland has to make a splash in the draft with someone who is actually going to play this year. Not someone who will still suck in three years like 6-6 college QB Tannehill.

The fish defense needs someone to cover TEs like those on New England
The fish also need a play maker to stop JETS QB Tebow from running them over in Sparano’s Wildcat

Home thinks Kuechley with his football instincts and power may be BETTER in the NFL than Zach Thomas

Dolphins should go with an immediate impact player in the 2012 NFL Draft!



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Hey Sammo How have you been? You think they would be out partying. So what are your thoughts on Tannehill @ 8??

We shall see...Go Fins Go !


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This guys sucks! Go check out his 2011 films. He really stunk it up in thier bowl too. Garbage.

Thr problem for Homes is that Internet belongs to the highly Educated(how many times do we have ro repeat that?) and he can't match up to all theae professional writers here and originals like I am, who know a whole bunch about the Dolphins since their inception. What will happen to Home? He will dissapear, insensibly.

Wow what a really great blog. I am sure to come back every single day.


It is really simple. We will not be a first-rate until we have a first-rate QB - that is what the rule changes have caused. But we have other needs and do not want to waste a pick that could be used to meet those needs. Hence, it is not about a value pick or not. If we think that Tannehill or Osweller or any of the others will become a franchise QB we draft them first round. No sense losing out on what we think will become a true franchise QB even if in 2-3 years because of fear of wasting a first round pick. If they re raw, that only influences the time to success, but if the leadership and brains, the arm and accuracy, the eye to spot receivers, the quickness to evade sack, the will to win are there - we draft them. If not, if we don't think he will be a franchise QB, we don't draft them. No sense spending a pick on a backup since we already have two backups as our starter.

It is really simple. We will not be a first-rate until we have a first-rate QB
Posted by: JTDeth | April 01, 2012 at 11:47 AM


And we wont get a first rate QB until after we get a GM that can spot one. Irescum wouldnt know an elite QB if one sat in his lap.

Gotta admit this blog is VERY entertaining. Lots of laughs and some good info too.

Ace doing great. Tannehill im not against. If drafted by miami he is going to have two informative teachers in philbin and sherman to help him quicken his learning curve in nfl. I also like that he has a wr outlook how to attack secondaries.

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