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Dolphins at Osweiler pro day PLUS private workout coming

I'm not a big Brock Osweiler proponent. He reminds me of Dan McGwire who was a good college quarterback but never made it in the pros. I guess you can understand the comparison because Osweiler, at 6-foot-7 and 242 pounds, is built like McGwire.

The Dolphins, however, are doing their homework and that work includes the former Arizona State quarterback. Nothing against the kid, but I don't like his mechanics, I don't necessarily love his mobility and his accuracy is inconsistent.

Oswelier has been addressing his mechanics since the end of the college season.

"It's more over-the-top now," Osweiler said of a revamped throwing motion. "I was kind of always dragging my elbow when I was playing here at ASU, and we really wanted to utilize my full 6-7 frame, or whatever it is, and make sure the arm and delivery is over-the-top."

Osweiler, who seems like a third-round talent to me, will go on multiple private workouts for several NFL franchises including the Dolphins.

"I'm meeting with the Chiefs and the Broncos next week and I'm taking trips to Miami and Buffalo and a few other places," he said.

During his workout today -- attended by Dolphins brass, including general manager Jeff Ireland -- Osweiler competed 66 of 75 passes with seven overthrows and one dropped pass, according to ASUDevils.com.


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Ok Hon. smoooch! xoxoxoxo

Anyone want to play golf? O Howie you shouldn't drive a lawn tractor drunk.

I'm fine O Rob and already have a mother, Thanks!
Get your score prediction's in fro Sept. 5th Dallas vs Giants.

Go Phins!

I own you bietches!


Old Dolfan
April 1, 2012 at 1:18 pm

WALKER; Whatever your plans are, I want to be a part of them. Young Stangeris my lover and has my home phone number and, I believe, my email. Mike E. I know has my email. If you need more info on me, call me at work (813) 963-2401 extension 218.

Murtha is overrated and the whole o-line basically sucks. No team can win without a good o-line!
Did i tell you that before? *L*

Tim, what about a 4-way?!

Old Dolfan
April 1, 2012 at 1:33 pm

FFDIM–You are absolutely right about the parameters of the one-day boycott.


NJ, No thanks!
Old Dolfans old wrinkly AZZZ and his boisterous rants are not for my liking and you know how i feel about smoking. Like kissing an ashtray. Stanger is a chain smoker - yuk, Cough, cough!

If you think about it...

Spoofing the Mobsters from the Sentinal is more SICK than it is entertaining..

So whom ever you are...

PLEASE do us all a favor and get back on your Meds.

Oh, a picnic sounds just grand! May I come, too?

I cant spell for chit... but the SS bloggers dont notice.


50 / 50 probability on this question...

Do you live closer to West Orange or West Caldwell?

Went smelting with some local Indians until 6:00am.

They have fishing rights and are able to use nets. They do it commercially, so we were drinking and picking nets all night long.

Vikings and Indians just go good together.

I came home with 100 lbs of smelt and a wicked buzz. Don't what I'll do with 100 lbs worth, but tonight were cooking it up at our campsite!

God loves the Great White North!


I think the steroids have fried my brain.

I think you need to get back on your Meds...

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Waisted Talent - Home......Waisted Talent.


Jake long was just traded to the Detroit lions for
their 2nd and 5th pick this year


^ Wasted Talent - Wasted Talent

Tim, look i did it. told you i could!

Odinseye you live in the u.p. Dont ya? Happen to hunt with any Hoodies or Keefes?

If you think about it...

Spoofing the Mobsters from the Sentinal is more SICK than it is entertaining..

So whom ever you are...

PLEASE do us all a favor and get back on your Meds.

Rick Scott's Offshore Bank Accounts | April 01, 2012 at 01:43 PM

My sentiments exactly!!!!!!!!!!

odin, sounds like a feast, your thoughts on Tannehill at 8, not buying the Browns here, kind of smell a bluff but stranger things have happened. If not the QB then what move would you make round 1 and whose the 2nd round QB????????

Nuooooooo.....in your case it IS
"Waisted" Talent..

H O M E.

That was my line Homey D Clown!

Now give Stephen Ross his big red rubber nose back!

WALKER;–DID you get my email? Perhaps you could list ALL the emails you’ve received today from the Mobsters looking to join your porpoise new dolphins’ site??

I'm out! Early bird dinner @ 3:15 PM and then to bed.
Go fish!

Home is a fairy.

Old Dolfan, perhaps you can reach out, ... and Jerk Me Off!

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In my fantasy scenario I'm going straight up BPA in the 1st. I would hope for Blackmon or Coples. Then, if not, I would even consider Kuechley the middle linebacker at 8.

In the 2nd round I would **TRY** to get my Right Tackle.

To address the QB position I would pull an Ireland/Daniel Thomas type of trade up with my two 3rd rounders. I would try to package them, move up into the end of the 2nd round and Cousins.

Sammo, I am doing fine. Not been here in a great while. I heard they will start charging the folks at the SS to blog. What a joke. You still working for the feds?

You don't draft a project player at 8. Nobody does. Jeff won't either. Move along.

Posted by: Silva





have some PRIDE i your blog...



What are ALL the things that Home and Heath Ledger have in common?

Why my finger smell like green cheese?

Without avatars here this site is a joke, this prick Home should be put out of his misery.

Now go get your shine box

So what is up Steve? This place has gone to hell in a handbasket..LOL

You don't draft a project player at 8. Nobody does. Jeff won't either. Move along.
Posted by: Silva


If his momma's a hooka he would.

mu mother busted me with dick breath again.

Sorry, my bad.

I thought Armando's new security program(big joke)got rid of these idiot, immature duschebag Tardos.

Carry on Fck Wads.

PS: Don't forget to charge up your Hover Rounds, less your miserable existence becomes(God Forbid)EVEN WORSE!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!

Fcking Tardo Losers-ROTFLMAO!

Cousins should be our second look at QB !!!

So what is up Steve? This place has gone to hell in a handbasket..LOL
Posted by: Ace | April 01, 2012 at 02:58 PM



This place is pretty popular. Lots of posts here. And some funny friggin stuff.

So what are your thoughts on Tannehill @ 8??
Posted by: Ace | April 01, 2012 at 10:03 AM

If his momma's a hooka its a GO!

Anna Paquin is a sexy cool fairy

Posted by: Home True Blood | April 01, 2012 at 02:29 PM

But Home True B!tch is a revolting 50 year old mama's boy type of fairy.

How do these morons running the Dullfins dump an all-pro Marshall, but not Misi the bust? Or Merling the pregnant girl beater? Can you say dysfunctional franchise?

I think it's ironic how people want to completely dump on Ireland. I won't defend him because I don't like stupid and I don't like Ireland.

Having said that though, the Dolphins haven't really gone to hell in a handbasket this off season.

We have a Brand New Coaching staff that I beleieve will prove to be head and shoulders above SpOrano's staff.

The ironic part about Jeffy is this. The ONLY really questionable move he's made this off season is dumping Marshall. OK, FINE!

However, these same pitchfork carrying yahoos would be praising Belicheat for making the exact same move(ala Randy Moss). They'd be dusting off the knee pads and drooling all over the Hoodie.

But, because it's Ross, Philbin and Ireland doing it, you want to cry like little beatches!

Kiss my Mutha Fcking Asss!

Could Ross/Irescum have found a worse coaching staff? LOL

tannehill will be our pick, and a bad one at that. should take the best player on the board but idiot ireland will take backup at best tannehill

Hiring their 4th straight novice NFL HC was insanity. Especially when the previous 3 novices all FAILED MISERABLY and are no longer HC's in the league.

Some fans are as excited about Philbin as they were about Cameron.

least philbin seems to have a brain, we knew right away cameron was horrible

Never a fed Ace. Did have a badge of sorts for awhile but that company folded 2.5 years ago so now im a full time dad. I seen the SS was gonna start charging to read their stories but didnt know it included blogging but it makes sense. Now a days everyone wants to get paid and it is one way to keep the riff raff away .

Philbin will learn more this year as a hc than sparano learned in four.

Other than fisher and morris was there even an expierianced coach our there to hire? Guys here wanted chudzinski or carmicheal neither of which were ever head coaches. Ross went with the guy who he thinks can get the job done and the guy who comes from the more succesful background. He may not have called the plays bur philbin was the guy putting together the offensive gameplan.

Weeden is better than Tannehill and Osweiler. I don't care about his age, he doesn't need 2 or 3 years to mature. Plus he has bragging rights, he's the only QB to beat both Luck and RG3! Other than that, I see the same old caterwauling is going on this blog!

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