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Dolphins eliminated from Manning chase, Flynn visiting

Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins in the next two days, a club source is saying at this hour.

Two things: This is the clearest and most obvious sign the Dolphins are done in the Peyton Manning chase. They will not get Manning.

And if you don't believe it, I point you to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who has been the most accurate and timely reporter on the Peyton Manning story.

Mort, on NFL32 just now, said "at least three teams are still alive" in the chase for the free agent quarterback. He mentioned Arizona. He mentioned Denver. He mentioned Tennessee.

He did not mention Miami.

And as if to drive home the point, Mortensen added "you notice we did not mention the Miami Dolphins."

Yes, we noticed.

So if ESPN is reporting three teams are still alive and the Dolphins are obviously moving on with a Flynn visit, what we have here is a pivot from the team -- Manning and Plan A to Flynn and Plan B.

Surprised? I'm not. I've you've been reading the posts the past two days, the vibe you should have gotten is that Manning was inching steadily away from Miami based on his actions, recent visit, and uncovering of what he's most looking for -- relationship he is comfortable with.

What does this mean going forward? I'm not going to rip the team for missing out on Manning, assuming that is exactly as it plays out. Look, they took a shot. The got closer than say, Kansas City or Seattle.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The fact Miami couldn't close is, well, kind of become the norm around here. So whatev.

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Might he become another Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley? I suppose that is possible. I worry about that. I assume the Dolphins worry about that. But the fact is he will come to the Dolphins and get a chance to play under a familiar system, for a familiar head coach who was his offensive coordinator the past few years is a comfort.

Having said that, I am hoping the Dolphins protect themselves. It makes zero sense giving Flynn a big contract -- with big contract being defined as high starter money in the $9-$10 million a year range. The truth is the Dolphins balked at giving Kyle Orton this type of deal last year so why give it to someone who is less proven?

It doesn't.

I hope the Dolphins proceed wisely. But I hope they do so with alacrity. Time is wasting.


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Gee, didn't see that one coming!! Are Ireland and Ross REALLY THAT STUPID????


No big Deal not getting Manning,,He comes with alot of risk,,,

I'm just sick and tired of all this. Flynn wasn't offered a contract from the Browns due to concerns about his arm strength as well as his size. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. How much more crap can we take. Yes Marshall was a problem off the field on the field even with his dropped passes he was still considered a stud. Devon Bess doesn't exactly strike fear in defenses secondary. Everything that is happening reminds me of when Cam Cameron traded Wes Welker! Is this a 2.0 of that depressing year!!!???

next your going to start showing us freeze frames of facial expressions to show us the dolphins are out

Flynn guarantees us we will be starting over AGAIN in 2 or 3 years. I can not believe they can possibly see him as a franchise QB!!!

I concede Philbin knows how to evaluate a QB 10 times better than I do, but this smells to me of a rookie coach wanting the comfort of his security blanky and not because Flynn stands out. Notice that NOBODY else has brought the overrated Fynn in for a visit? Nobody. We are going after more leftover scraps.




Flynn and Moore will battle it out and make each other better,,,and the upside is both are fairly mobile and with a better o-line and new coach,,this makes Miami much better already,,,

Fisher didn't want any part of this, Cowher didn't want any part of this, Gruden didn't want any part of this. Manning doesn't want any part of this. VERY TELLING

I say we should swing a deal with the cheating Pats for Ryan Mallett. We can offer one of out 3rd round picks and a hershey bar.


Up to bat..

I like the Idea Of Moore and Flynn and a new reciever takin out of the draft,,,,,,,Philbin knows what he is doing,,,They have had great sucess on offense under his reign

i Would Rather Have Matt Moore As QB Than Anybody Else

What about Brian Hoyer. He is better than Flynn and could be had for a number 2 draft pick???

Actually, it may have all been part of "The Plan"!
Go after Manning until the price for Flynn drops, then pull the trigger getting the young QB that you wanted all along!
Oh, those sneaky Dolphins!

Oh Joy! We are going to be visited by the great bearded one; the Fitzpatrick look-a-like, in more ways than one.

I think Moore did a great Job considering poor pass protection up front,,,this will change in the draft!

"And Flynn is good a candidate as most, I guess".
These are ALL the available candidates because everyone else has been signed:
Luke McCown, Jon Beck, Caleb Hanie, Mark Brunell & Vince Young.
That's it.

This was obvious the minute Manning left South Florida without visiting Miami first and then having Coach Philbin and company fly to Indy. This organization is a total mess. Even though I don't like Ross, he has tried by going after Harbaugh, Fisher and Manning. All three have turned down what he is selling. This franchise needs to look at the messasge and its philosphy if it ever wants to get back to winning.

All I know is that I am satisified. If Miami ends up signing Flynn it won’t be for the outrageous big money contract that some speculated it would be for and he, most likely, will need to compete against Moore for the starting job.
If that is the case and he beats out Moore, than so be it. However, I don’t think it’s going to be as easy as it sounds. Some still think it’s a forgone conclusion. But, then again, some thought he was worth $50 to $60 million.


Think about this, Rodgers, his own teammate said he 'believes Flynn can become' a top fifteen QB. What? That's it? This is from a teammate and friend who is going to be the most complimentary of course and the best he could say was top fifteen? That is not good enough to waste your time with, and it means in reality top twenty five. Sheesh!

At least we don't have to watch as Manning goes down the very first game of the season! Or, watch Ross and Ireland have simultaneous heart attacks seeing all that money go down the drain!

Pull the trigger....sign Flynn while he's cheap! Provided he's who you really wanted all along. Otherwise, sit and spin while all the FA QB's are signed away and you have to draft a signal caller...

Could Ross Fire Ireland for this???? Will he kick Ireland in the nuts??

I will shed no tears over Manning.

I want to build for the future (and I'm an old fart!)

If Flynn signs here these last 3 days will all be forgotten and then Philbin/Flynn will be squarely in the scapegoat seat.
If Flynn signs in Seattle Whitehurst will become available and if Manning signs in Tenn then hasselback will become available but the Jets need a backup and so do the Raiders.

I Hope Every Celebrity Owner Sells There Share Of The Dolphins!!! Maybe Then Stephen Ross Will Be Forced To Sell The Team To Someone Who Gives A Dam!!! About Winning!!!

We even more desperately need a very solid right tackle that can pass protect...Eric Winston should be a priority and show him the money...We need a right guard too but there are plenty of good ones left in free agency...If we solidify our offensive line, this can make the mediocre qb's look very good if they are receiving great pass protection!

Now Philbin has enough cap space to sign acouple of FA RTS?

Hey, they gave it go. Looks like Miami probably was not in the game after Denver & AZ. Once Tennesee jumped in it was over. Dolphins now have to move to Flynn or Tannehill and Matt Moore is not to bad. As its shaping up, the defense is solid and the draft will bear some good fruit. I like were the fish are right now.


Ireland offering two 3rd round picks for the rights to Herschel Walker.

He's also searching for Fulton Walker and has apologized to the entire Miami Fan Base for missing out on the chance to Franchise Tag Chad Henne.

Follow Me on Tweeter for Updates!!!!

Here we come Matt Barkeley!!!!

How myopic can you get. Fans need to have a little perspective. If a player or coach doesn't go to Miami it also means he didn't choose a dozen other teams either. Fisher? Don't want him. Cowher? Maybe but is he a "young don shula?" You really think Cowher would care if he goes to the superbowl with Miami? He would just be happy to be involved with football on the field again, happy to be breathing. Gruden nobody wants. And Manning? A prima donna who will string everyone along and sign when he's good and ready. And guess what, after all that Denver hooplah, he might not go to Denver after all. Are they slitting their wrists in Denver?

As far as the QB situation, the majority of teams are in our spot - no elite QB. Manning, Rogers, Brady... these are rare individuals, and you can't bet on having a QB like that unless you're very lucky. We are middle of the draft. Luck and RG3 were OUT OF THE QUESTION. So then what? You make the best management moves you can given your cap and your draft position, that's what. It means we go with Flynn, just like we figured we would, and/or draft a QB reachable to us in the draft. Heck, maybe even trade down.

How does this team go from being the clear cut front runners to being made fools again?

If Flynn is in Seattle still he may not make it to Miami for a visit. If that happens then we shift focus to the Draft.

Tannehill, Cousins, Weeden or Osweiler anyone?

philbin's hands were tied by ross. it is quite possible that flynn may have been his plan all along, but that he had to temper his enthusiasm to appease ross. in any case, he is a guy who knows philbin's offense, and can run it efficiently. it remains to be seen how he will perform in the long haul.

as far as manning, i wish him the best. but if there was confidence he would return to his mvp form, i think some better teams would have shown interest. the teams chasing him are desperate.

Good Armando,

Now we dont have to mention his name anymore with respect to this franchise and to this blog thats been devoted to about as much waste of time spent on manning as he doesnt deserve.....

Good luck with that risk and burn situation tennessee....

I Agree, Move on!!!

"How does this team go from being the clear cut front runners to being made fools again?"

We can thank the media for that. If they didn't report a wild assumption, which was that Manning wanted to come to Miami, then we wouldn't have gotten so crazy about it. Obviously that information was wrong, Manning wanted to do a tour, and decide later. And btw the wrong information didn't stop there...the assumption was Reggie would sign with him to the team he went to, and that didn't happen either. Denver was the next team to be a virtual lock, and guess what, it's looking bad for Denver too now. Bottom line is you're being played. So am I.

All right!!!

Now concentrate to sign Eric Winston, and go to the draft after Blackmon or trade down to get more picks and pick Michael Floyd with the late first pick

Flynn visiting the Dolphins. He better be clean shaved, those pictures of him with that beard is horrible. At least shave the mustache, and trim that beard.

The Dolphins should have a NO MUSTACHE POLICY in place.


The Kevin Kolb and AJ Feeley comparisons have to stop. Neither of those guys spent four years with their next head coach learning the offense.

There is a HUGE difference in the situations. AJ Feeley came to Miami and no one on the staff knew jack squat about him. He had to learn the Dolphins offense on the fly.

Same with Kolb last season.

Flynn is going to be reunited (if the Dolphins can do anything right in this qb hunt and sign the kid to an incentive based package) with a guy he spent four seasons with every day in the film room. He knows the offense and knows what Philbin will expect. He not only will be ahead of any other qb we try to throw the play book at but he will be an on the field tutor for our offensive guys. I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would want to pass on him and stay the course with Matt Moore. Save money for what?

Another swing and a miss...the results wait to be seen...
don't know details, but at least it looks like Ross is trying to do some good things: Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning...just may not be using the best methodology.

Wow. Miami has tried everything, nothing has worked and now we're a bottom of the barrel franchise.

We've tried:
--Signing a free agent AB who has previously put up huge numbers (Daunte) FAIL

--Hiring a young, hot shot offensive coordinator to come in and fix our O (Cammy) FAIL

--Stockpiling draft picks (2 second rounders in 2007, 2008 AND 2009, and half those guys arent even with the team anymore) FAIL

--Hiring a proven winner to come in and model the franchise as he wises (Parcells) FAIL

--Hiring a hard working players coach who all the guys on the team would go to war for (Sporano) FAIL

So now we've gone full circle and are back and trying to sign the proven winner (Fisher) and the free agent big numbers qb (Peyton) neither of which wanted anything to do with this team, so we're stuck trying the hot Offensive coordinator. Which will presumably be a fail.

Seriously, its like watching depressing reruns.

Thank God we aren't going to waste money or more time on Manning. Sorry, but he isn't an elite QB any more. He's got a dodgy neck, his numbers have been declining since 2007 and even the Colts didn't think it would be a good idea to keep him. He would have damaged this franchise and cost us three years that we need to use wisely. Ross may have been saved from his folly by pure luck here.

I am not sure that Flynn is the answer either, but at least we didn't rush in and overpay for him. Ireland's judged this situation pretty well.

"Flynn wasn't offered a contract from the Browns due to concerns about his arm strength as well as his size."

Can you please direct us to the story that broke this news. I'm really interested as I'm sure EVERYONE else is in here to read that from the people who supposedly said it.

Not trying to be mean. I just for once would like someone let the rest of us know where this "news" is coming from. Otherwise who knows if it's made up or not?


get started to miss Henne

It is said that Miami backed out of the Manning race, not the other way around. Manning was really interested in the Dolphins but the Dolphins didn't like the fact that he hasn't thrown the ball or clarified a possible follow up surgery.

See? Now I didn't tell you where I read it or quote the person who said it so I guess you will just have to trust me. After all we all know each other so well why wouldn't you trust me?

We can't afford Winston. And since we're not making a superbowl run or anything close to that this year, trading down and stockpiling picks may be the best scenario.

Sign Flynn ,Steve Smith (Eagles WR ) and Brandon Lloyd....draft Michael Floyd !!


You ROTTEN piece of sh-t.

It is hard not to feel like the guy who can't get a date to the prom, but let me remind you, Mando -- you were against getting Manning from the beginning. As was I. And it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of it all, but I don't care about winning the off-season. The Redskins do that every year, except last year, when the Eagles did it. It means nothing, and we already know that Philbin isn't a big free-agent guy. Losing BMarsh was an undeniable blow, he's incredibly productive -- but it's also undeniable, and you have gone as far as to insinuate it -- that his drops cost us games last year. Or cost us chances at games. I was at the San Diego game, those two drops were brutal.

We resigned the best NT in free agency. We got a quality nickel corner. We've got a high pick in the draft to address WR or DE/OLB. We've got a good chance at a QB who knows Philbin and the offense, who can challenge another promising QB, Matt Moore, who everybody is in a huge rush to discard. My only real question is why we wouldn't shell out a bunch of cash for Winston unless his demands exceed our cap capabilities. But it's not over yet. I think you should be encouraging the readers to take it easy with the hand-wringing.

if anybody was worth the money, it was drew brees....I would much rather PAY that man then have manning come here and lounge around miami for three useless years...just sayin!!!

I think Ross has done every thing he can to make this team a winner. It s ireland that should get the axe. Ross, start droping the prices on the tickets, so you wont have to buy them during the year. This is sad. As long as Ireland is in miami no one wants to be part of this team. The man that is destroyed a once proud franchise, Jeff Ireland. Fire him Mr. Ross PLEASE....

Compete for the starting job? COMPETE?!?!?!?!

You spend the rest of our cap space on a QB, he better be here to do more than COMPETE! Compete is what two back-ups do. Or two guys already on your roster. Or on teams that are destined to have merely the most adequate guy QBing their team.
I don't recall too many superbowl teams that started the season with some QBs competing for a job.
If we think that Moore and Flynn are close enough to compete, then why are we dumping cash at his feet?
Wow. Soooo excited.
He's either your guy ..THE guy,.. or he's not. And if he's not, go draft the sonuvagun.
Good lord. Two former back-ups competing to be our next Marino. Yessiree, so excited.

So if Flynn decides Seattle over Miami? What will the Ireland lovers have to say about that?

Let me guess...

"Flynn only had two games under his belt, I'm glad Ireland didn't go after him."

Is that what you lovers of the motherland Ireland will say?

Love the way there are people here whining about Matt Flynn like he is the plague. The guy has been a part of winning Football organizations since he left high school. He led LSU to a BSC Championship, and had a front-row seat on the Packers journey from replacing the legendary Brett Favre, to winning a Super Bowl with the future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He has been tutored by some of the best QB personnel in the business (Mike McCarthy, Tom Clements, and Joe Philbin) as he learned how to run the West Coast offense over the past four years with the most successful organization in the history of professional football. Matt Flynn performed exceptionally well in his two NFL starts.

Really, you want to roll the dice on a completely unproven QB draft pick? Get serious.

Bottom line is Coach Philbin is not going to bring the guy in unless he is confident that Flynn is a QB they could rebuild the Dolphins franchise around. Will he be the next Dan Marino? Again, get real. But then again who will be?

With both Flynn and Moore, the Miami Dolphins will be in good shape at QB.

I said it before and I will say it again; I'll always take a Dan Marino. But I'll take a Trent Dilfer any day if it means a Super Bowl championship for the Miami Dolphins Football Club.

Let's see how this plays out. Keep the faith!


Fine, sign Flynn, trade Moore, draft Cousins.

That I can live with. Let THEM compete.


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