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Dolphins eliminated from Manning chase, Flynn visiting

Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins in the next two days, a club source is saying at this hour.

Two things: This is the clearest and most obvious sign the Dolphins are done in the Peyton Manning chase. They will not get Manning.

And if you don't believe it, I point you to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who has been the most accurate and timely reporter on the Peyton Manning story.

Mort, on NFL32 just now, said "at least three teams are still alive" in the chase for the free agent quarterback. He mentioned Arizona. He mentioned Denver. He mentioned Tennessee.

He did not mention Miami.

And as if to drive home the point, Mortensen added "you notice we did not mention the Miami Dolphins."

Yes, we noticed.

So if ESPN is reporting three teams are still alive and the Dolphins are obviously moving on with a Flynn visit, what we have here is a pivot from the team -- Manning and Plan A to Flynn and Plan B.

Surprised? I'm not. I've you've been reading the posts the past two days, the vibe you should have gotten is that Manning was inching steadily away from Miami based on his actions, recent visit, and uncovering of what he's most looking for -- relationship he is comfortable with.

What does this mean going forward? I'm not going to rip the team for missing out on Manning, assuming that is exactly as it plays out. Look, they took a shot. The got closer than say, Kansas City or Seattle.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The fact Miami couldn't close is, well, kind of become the norm around here. So whatev.

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Might he become another Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley? I suppose that is possible. I worry about that. I assume the Dolphins worry about that. But the fact is he will come to the Dolphins and get a chance to play under a familiar system, for a familiar head coach who was his offensive coordinator the past few years is a comfort.

Having said that, I am hoping the Dolphins protect themselves. It makes zero sense giving Flynn a big contract -- with big contract being defined as high starter money in the $9-$10 million a year range. The truth is the Dolphins balked at giving Kyle Orton this type of deal last year so why give it to someone who is less proven?

It doesn't.

I hope the Dolphins proceed wisely. But I hope they do so with alacrity. Time is wasting.


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Here is what I don't get. Why would Flynn ruin his cush job sitting behind Rogers? Flynn has more superbowl rings than Dan Marino.

If I were him, I would sit behind Rogers and retire with 2 or 3 superbowl rings along with a healthy pension.

Flynn does not know our offense. Philbin has said you just can't drop the GB offense here. Different team, different players. Flynn won't arrive with the GB SB offense around him and he will be exposed.

Moore is our starter, which I was OK with until they shipped out Marshall. We're screwed.


You ROTTEN piece of sh-t.

ROFLMAO! Nice :)

Ha ha phins78

Flynn is a fool to think his one game makes him elite and deserves a starting job in this league.

He should just milk out his time at GB. Retire a rich man (WITH RINGS) instead of being known as another DOLPHIN BUSTED QB.

If Flynn is the guy give him some time to win and hope he turns out as the real deal.

However, if Manning goes to the Broncos the Dolphins should try and acquire Tebow.

not surprised at all... if he's the tackle ducking qb i've come to know, he will go to AZ and survive in the weakest division in the nfl. the dude may be "cleared" to play but does anyone really know if he can take a hit. it's no surprise that he doesnt come to miami and have to face brady and belechik twice a year (possibly three times if they are in playoffs) and now that buffalo has landed mario williams, he definitely wouldnt want to face him twice a year!!

Free Agency is never put in its proper perspective. Free Agency is where you get your nickel corner, round out you're D-line or LB corps with an extra body, find a right tackle or guard to solidify what you already have....NOT BREAK THE BANK ON THE SUPERSTARS WHO JUST WANT TO GET PAID. Congrats to the Bills on the Albert Haynesworth signing.

I like the idea of draft Cousins in 3-4 round, good prospect for the west coast offense

Jack I'm assuming you're including me in on the "Ireland lovers" bandwagon?

And this even though I've been one of two people in here who have been objective in here?

Here's you, "Ireland sucks, never does anything right and never has"

Here's super positive guy " Ireland is the best, he is a great GM and you guys don't know what you're talking about"

Here's me, "Ireland has made some mistakes but he has also done some good things, lets give him one more season of being in charge before we call for his hanging".

So Jack, God love ya, you do understand that I'm one of the only objective people in this place right? And I assume you know what objective means?

Oh, once we've got someone to throw the football we should probably consider getting someone to catch it.

I thought Laurant Robinson was better than Marshall last season. Missing out on him was a big error for our FO.

"On January 7, 2008, Flynn led LSU to a BCS National Championship, beating Ohio State 38-24. Flynn was named offensive MVP of the game and the Tigers were ranked an undisputed #1 in the polls." Wikipedia

They also say he currently plays for the Houston Oilers! LOL

"The departure of Randall left Russell and Flynn battling for the starting QB position. Russell eventually got the job, leaving Flynn as backup.[1] He played in seven games at quarterback for the Tigers in 2005, completing 27 of 48 passes for 457 yards, 7 touchdowns and 1 interception. In a win over North Texas, Flynn threw a perfect 7-of-7 for 139 yards and 3 TDs, all in the fourth quarter. In the 2005 SEC Championship Game against the Georgia Bulldogs, starting quarterback Russell was injured and Flynn finished the game. He was then given the nod to start for the Tigers in the 2005 Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl against the University of Miami Hurricanes. In that game, he led the Tigers to a 40-3 rout of Miami."


Absolutely agree raisedcane, that in this division, he would be on his ass much of the time, just because it's that tough. Part of the game for a QB is getting sacked. It's unknown how he physically can handle it, but no doubt he would lean towards a team in an easier division, and with a good O line.

What about Bernie Kosar?

Sparrow I'm not sure any of us are Ireland lovers but what are we gonna do? We can't fire him unless you loan us money to buy the team.

Armando we have to make a run at Flynn at his point. With Henne gone we have no QB depth.

If it were me I would use the money we were going to give Peyton to shoe up the OL so we could use our draft picks on pass rushers, WR's, and TE's. A veteran WR is FA wouldn't hurt either. Although pickens are gettin slim.

Kinds relieved...after all, Manning has maybe 2 good years left IF he stays healthy...then what??

Don't let Flynn leave without a contract!!! The Manning Sweepstakes is over, looks like the only one who wanted to live in Miami was Peyton's wife. Like I said from the beginning, "Go In with Matt Flynn." I'll take a 26 yr old over a 36 yr old and a QB that already knows the Offense. Flynn will not be a Kevin Kolb like you fake Dolphin Fans think. Be realistic about it:

Kolb went from PHI to AZ; Philly Offense=West Coast, Arizona's Offense=Spread/1-back system (Manning's type of Offense).

Flynn will be coming from GB; GB Offense=West Coast, Dolphins Offense=West Coast Offense (Green Bay's Offense with verbiage change).

So how can you predict Flynn is another Kolb? Ridiculous!! All QB's that are in a West-Coast Offense often get lost in a new Offense because the WCO is a timing Offense, where all others you have to go through progressions. Flynn will be our QB of the future! Ya heard it here first!!




THE RETIREMENT ....................................................................

Miami was never in the hunt, they had to fly to him, no owner present etc.... he should have just been upfront with management and save them the time and trouble.......

Flynn is not leaving seattle without a sh#t liad of cash. Seattle is as or more desperate as miami is.

Wr can and will be addressed in the draft, beef up that line sign Winston and bring in a TE and I am looking forward to the west coast style with guys like Bush, Bess and Hartline. They are prototypical west coast players. Don't close the book on Gates at wr or Thomas at rb they're both young and will only be better this year. Floyd is gonna be there at 8th overall and unless you can trade down a bit because 8 is a stretch for him, grab him. He has the size and speed to be a beast in this league. Marshall isn't worth the headache or the drops. He's poison to any QB that isn't diabetic and Named Cutler. Teaching a guy with Marshall's attitude a new system is a waste. He only knows how to play one way and has shown time and time again that he is as stupid as he is talented and that is a bad combination. Borderline personality disorder isn't exactly a plus either.


Manning was just not a good fit for us. No idea how he felt, but you gotta think that Philbin wouldn't be too thrilled to have him in town. Any offense Manning runs is Manning's offense. It's his game, he's the offensive coordinator. Here comes Philbin with his big playbook, all his plans, and to implement a system, and he's told ok we're putting it on hold for a couple years so Manning can sell tickets for us. Then after Manning leaves, Joe, you can implement your offense and start all over. LOL....

Wasn't meant to be, and never should have been hyped the way it was hyped.

Geez Jack I think you're getting tired from so much typing.

"Flynn is a fool to think his one game makes him elite and deserves a starting job in this league."

When did Flynn tell anyone he thought he was elite? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm and why are you ignoring the fact that he won a national title and was MVP of the game? Did you see that game? I did, the kid was on fire.

Then he came into the NFL and in the only two games he played in because he was stting behind hall of fame definite Arron Rodgers he ripped the field up throwing for almost 1000 yards.

No lets not anoint him the next Dan Marino but taking a chance on a guy who won a national title after backing up Jamarcus Russell for two years isn't the worst thing in the world. Henne is making 4 million. If someone asked you if you wanted to pay Henne 4 million a year to stay,,,as a back up,,,or pay Flynn 6 mil a year as a starter what would you do? Just curious.

just when I thought you were finally doing some real reporting you go back to spewing ESPN BS. They make up more BS than any other news source on the planet. They are the Enquirer of sports. Miami didn't really want Manning they interviewed him to satisfy the local idiot fans who are more interested in star power than players. Flynn isn't going to set the franchise back 2 or 3 years. The club will still draft a young QB who will actually be able to sit and learn instead of being thrown to the wolves like everyother rookie QB we've drafted. Screw Manning and his one hit away from a broken being paralyzed. This campaign of his is nothing more than a money grab and run and more power to him for doing it. He found a way to play the system to his advantage while screwing over a few clubs in the process.
Marshall was a joke glad he's gone. we have a good core of #2 receivers and some much needed holes being filled in FA. all we need is a tackle for the right side of the O-line and we can use the 1st rounder on a top receiver and fill the other holes in the later rounds. Try being optomistic and not a bunch of crying babies. Sack up or hire a hooker and calm the F down!

I would love to see all you critics who day in and day out criticize the front office of Miami at your jobs. I wonder how many mistakes you guys make but you still have a job. You guys need to get a life. For Pete's sake this a game not a life or death situation. It is entertainment. If you let this affect your life than you need help. I am huge fan of the Dolphins and I love to watch them. But in no way does it have any effect on my quality of life. To read some of your post I swear you guys are depressed and hate life because you think Ross and Ireland do not know what they are doing. But I bet if I observed you at your job you probably do not look like you know what you are doing. Lighten up and enjoy the entertainment.

If we sign Flynn I'm not personally enamored with using our 1st rder on Tannehill.

Using one or maybe two of those 3rd rders on maybe someone like Weedon might be an idea though.

Stay away from Flynnfor anything more than 1.5 mil a year.

Quil what exactly do you expect rodgers to say? I think flynn will be better than me? Is he supposed to name specific qb's? That would go over real well in nfl circles. And has green bay offered flynn a contract that anyone knows of? So to thosr saying sit behind rodgers and collect rings just doesn't make sense.Most qb's are competitive and want to be the guy. Seems to me flynn wants to go out there and make a name for himself.

" I'm not sure any of us are Ireland lovers but what are we gonna do? We can't fire him unless you loan us money to buy the team."

This is way too logical for this blog. Please sir, dumb it down a bit, scream and yell, and then insult someone or don't come back. We do have a copde of conduct in here. :)

Eff off Phins78..lol

The reality is that NONE of you know shite and none of us know if Flynn will suck or be great. No only that but you can't do shite about it. So might as well shut up and wait to see what happens.

Here's what I'm hearing from Dolphins camp. My cousin is a janitor there

In order to make it look like we were interested in Manning to please the fans, we had to show interest.

Flynn was the plan the whole time, We'll sign him for 5 years, $38 mil contract

We restructure Jake Long and Dansby's contract

We sign Manningham from the Giants and Winston on the OL

We draft Trent Richardson for the power ground game. We trade Daniel Thomas for a 3rd or 4th rounder.

We draft QB Russell Wilson from Wisconsin in the 4th round, draft WR, DL, CB and we are well on our way to being a surprise team in the AFC

For the 50th time, please explain to me how Flynn is an upgrade over Moore. Where is the evidence!!! This is entirely driven off the media hype after two games. Our franchise quarterback is in next years draft!!

If It's any consolation, Manning won't be happy wherever he goes because he'll never be able to recreate the warm fuzzy comfy cocoon he enjoyed in Indy. (What a baby!).

Let's wait and see how much he costs his new victims!

Solve the right side of the O-Line through FA with a upgrade at RT, almost any RT would be an upgrade from last year. I tell you, a very good to great O-Line will hide alot of Offensive short comings. If Tannyhill is available at 8, pull the trigger. 2nd round need a Pass Rusher or WR, remainder of the Draft get the BPA and hope one is a TE.

OMG... Sounds like ROSS will have a gut check!!!!

Look I'll offer my worthless thoughts on this matter, but like always.... Dolfans jump the gun just like our own ROSS...

If you weren't blind you'll see that just because Manning has a CONDO!!! in South Beach doesn't mean that guy was a lock to sign. We all know that he's good under HIS system, Why would he want to take part of a WEST coast style offense, and why would coach want Manning if the guy will want to change his and (sherman's) system...

Trading away BM was a dumb move on our end, yes he's a diva and he hits women.. but the guy was still a pro bowler and we new about all of his baggage before we got him.. nuff said.. I still interested if it works out for us..

As for Flynn.. I am not sold on him, but I'll let are retarded GM decide to go with his blanket and cover up his mess just because it's a sexy name. That's the problem with this team.. It's all about sexy!!!

Reggie bush.. sexy name now grant it he rush for 1,000 yards but still come on.. Really...

This owner sucks the big you know what.. He gets an A for desire but that's about it..

I new we were in the crap hole once he started signing stars.. Idiot...

Really, your going to sing a pop diva and Mr anthony.. they don't even like miami or even live here...

Gloria and Emilio are Miami.. so I don't mind that one, and the Williams sister are from palm beach.. so my point is.. our owner is more interested in the glitz and glamour then winning.. I hear we have a club in our stadium now.. reallyyy... Thank god for being in Iraq since 2010.. I haven't been able to be around this mess..

I say we sign Chad Pennington.. lol

They can sign FLYNN on one condition...he shaves that beard...looks like Fitzpatrick...he's in SOUTH FLORIDA NOW ...not the forest !!

Now if we can just get the Dolphins to make some sense huh!

BTW.I'm getting pretty sick of hearing about people who don't want to come here. It's their loss IMO.

We have a pretty solid team. If we a can just add a few more pieces and not make ridiculous draft choices,we could be in the playoffs soon.

Yes I said playoffs.


Oscar I watched the same exact thing Armando did on espn2 and reported it in the last blog. I saw what Mort said and it came out nothing like how it reads in Armando's blog piece. He wasn't being sarcastic he was just hinting that Miami was probably out of it. But then to read Armandos piece you would think he was sitting there snickering and pi**ing on a Marino jersey while making the statement. It was far from that. Armandos is doing his job and doing it well. He's inciting people so he gets more blog hits. Trust me, when we argue in here the pages go through the roof and when we are all happy the hits go way down.

It is the Howard Stern,Fox News, Rush Limbaugh way of doing things. It's genius in it's simplicity. Most people are sheep and can't think for themselves. They read or hear another's opinion and use it as their own because it's easier than doing research and formulating your own thoughts. These outlets understand that our society is getting lazy and in need of instant gratification. They also understand that peoples jealousy and envy drives them harder than their love of anything. The more negative you are the more people respond. Any wonder why the nightly news mostly reports depressing horrible stories?

meant sign.. oops

OR......they know Manning has to make a decision by Friday, so why not schedule Flynn, just in case?

None, NONE of those guys at ESPN or NFL Network have any real evidence of what Manning is thinking.

Dan C-
I am a Moore fan.. But i am smart enough to know, moore maybe a better overall wquarterback, but flynn will be a system QB, he knows Philbin and vice versa, I want Moore to get a legit shot to start, but in the end I want to see 8-8 or 9-7 this year, if not better.

Pist Fumps to all.

Can we just go 1-15 and get Matt Barkley, please. Thank you

Bunch of new People here. J. Lopez, tallow, DanC. Good for you, Armando.

Flynn is by far the best option now. I don't get all the negativity towards Flynn. Yes, he is inexperienced, so was Aaron Rodgers when he took Favre's place. By no means am I comparing the 2, but the point is you have to begin somewhere.

I also don't think the Kolb comparison is fair. Kolb wasn't that good in the opportunities he got in Philly, with just as many touchdowns as picks. Flynn has played very well in his two starts against very good opponents.

Finally, having a very similar system, if not the same system he has played in is something that isn't being talked enough about. Why is it seemingly every QB that plays for Philly has good numbers and success? It's a QB friendly system. Same thing in Green bay. I'm not saying Flynn will throw for 6 touchdowns every game, but there's no reason to think he won't continue to do very well in that system.

Empty stadium without Manning.

For all you Flynn bashers out there.. Tell us whos gonna play QB if Moore gets hurt....

Stop all this BS. Don't you guys have anything else to do but complain about everything? Are you as good at what you do for a living as you pretend to be on this blog about football and the Dolphins?

Once the Dolphins start winning, you all will be happy and endorsing the moves as your own, forgetting all the lost time you threw away pretending to be a owner, GM and HC at the same time. Winning makes strange bedfellows.

DanC you're asking the wrong people. None of us work for the NFL. We are not scouts or talent experts. We are not gms or owners. We know no one in the business and have no clue who is going to be good unless we read about it first. Most of us have jobs and don't have time to scour over film and scouting reports.

That question would be better served going to Philbin. He and Mike McCarthy know if Flynn is the real deal, go ask them, they seem to want him on board for some strange reason.

This is all assuming Flynn leaves Seattle right? what if they offer him loads of cash and signs? Yeah over again...

"Lets keep Moore, screw Flynn, he's no better, only three teams want him."

Only three teams are looking to replace their starters you dummies! HAHAHA Too funny.

Ya know how many people came knocking down Moores door to be a starter last year? None, not even the Dolphins.

Yet,,, "But Moore proved himself".

Really, 6-6 is proving what exactly?

I officially am not liking coach philbin. He wants to unload talent and build through the draft like in gb? Good for him! But while he's doing that, he better enjoy his one year as a head coach cam style because we are going 3-13. Congrats to all.

Congrats to the Bills on the Albert Haynesworth signing.


Man, the Bills are going to be royally pissed when they discover they signed Fat Albert by mistake. They think they've got Mario Williams!

Tannehill or Weeden are way better prospects than Flynn

Ok, folks, if anyone cares...
I just finished watching Flynn's first ever start vs. NE. He doesn't have much NFL body of work, so this is one of the few that I could watch every pass he threw, not just the highlights. Ok, so here's what I saw:

For the most part, efficient, well running of the offense. Mostly dink and dunk stuff, but that's how the offense is designed, so not a knock on Flynn.
Those short passes were concise, accurate.

He threw a perfect strike on a rope to a streaking WR for a TD, perfect for any QB.

He threw an equally bad pick-6 not too much later, telegraphed and undercut by LB.

He scrambles decently, and throws on the run well enough.

He looks very small in the pocket, despite his reported size.

His long balls float a bit, except for that one TD strike early. But they were fairly well placed overall.

He has a hard time looking to his left unless the play is designed there. Once he scrambles, he sees the field better.

He telegraphs some of his throws by his deliberate foot set-up on side passes.

He played well through 3 quarters, when his team held the lead.

By the fourth quarter, GB lost the lead, and Flynn changed:
Longer passes to less open receivers.
Holding the ball longer to make a play - sack/fumbling.
Deep interception to double covered receiver.
Sack/fumble on final play.

Overall, he managed the game well, and did his job well. But his passes beyond 10-15 yards were minimal. The few 20 yarders he threw were decent not great. The long balls were to covered recievers and were jump balls, 50/50 chance for either. The one long TD strike was about 20 yards, but a laser shot in stride.

Overall a fair perfromance, worthy of an NFL QB. Not hype worthy yet.

**The "record setting" game I can't find every pass, and highlights aren't worth much to judge a QB.


It was bad enough coming to the realization that the season was over after our 1-7 start last year.

Not all about throwng in the towel in March at all.

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