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Dolphins eliminated from Manning chase, Flynn visiting

Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins in the next two days, a club source is saying at this hour.

Two things: This is the clearest and most obvious sign the Dolphins are done in the Peyton Manning chase. They will not get Manning.

And if you don't believe it, I point you to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who has been the most accurate and timely reporter on the Peyton Manning story.

Mort, on NFL32 just now, said "at least three teams are still alive" in the chase for the free agent quarterback. He mentioned Arizona. He mentioned Denver. He mentioned Tennessee.

He did not mention Miami.

And as if to drive home the point, Mortensen added "you notice we did not mention the Miami Dolphins."

Yes, we noticed.

So if ESPN is reporting three teams are still alive and the Dolphins are obviously moving on with a Flynn visit, what we have here is a pivot from the team -- Manning and Plan A to Flynn and Plan B.

Surprised? I'm not. I've you've been reading the posts the past two days, the vibe you should have gotten is that Manning was inching steadily away from Miami based on his actions, recent visit, and uncovering of what he's most looking for -- relationship he is comfortable with.

What does this mean going forward? I'm not going to rip the team for missing out on Manning, assuming that is exactly as it plays out. Look, they took a shot. The got closer than say, Kansas City or Seattle.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The fact Miami couldn't close is, well, kind of become the norm around here. So whatev.

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Might he become another Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley? I suppose that is possible. I worry about that. I assume the Dolphins worry about that. But the fact is he will come to the Dolphins and get a chance to play under a familiar system, for a familiar head coach who was his offensive coordinator the past few years is a comfort.

Having said that, I am hoping the Dolphins protect themselves. It makes zero sense giving Flynn a big contract -- with big contract being defined as high starter money in the $9-$10 million a year range. The truth is the Dolphins balked at giving Kyle Orton this type of deal last year so why give it to someone who is less proven?

It doesn't.

I hope the Dolphins proceed wisely. But I hope they do so with alacrity. Time is wasting.


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Matt Barkley? WHYYYYYYY?

He hasn't proven anything in the NFL yet.

Right? Isn't that the consensus. You have to prove something in the NFL before anyone is allowed to take a chance on you?

I mean at least Matt Moore played and did exceedingly well in two NFL starts AND won a national championship with mvp awards after only starting one season because he sat behind that fake Russell.

Hasn't Flynn proved more than Barkley and isn't that the naysayers main argument? Anyone>?

Matt S

OR......they know Manning has to make a decision by Friday, so why not schedule Flynn, just in case?

None, NONE of those guys at ESPN or NFL Network have any real evidence of what Manning is thinking.
Manning only has to let Arizona know by Friday (they don't have much money anyway). He could jerk Denver and the Titans around for much longer.

Relax Ross wants to win and needs time to learn. Joe Robbie made mistakes too. Then he went after Bear Bryant and after being turned down went for Shula. He had to give Shula a percent of ownership to get him and it cost him a draft choice. Give Philbin time to find the right QB and build the team with the draft. To be honest this will be Irelands first draft without any interference remember Ross gave
Sporano some say so to make up for the Harbaugh fiasco. I'd be much more worried if he wasn't trying to get better people than trying and being turned down.

Let's look at the big picture! You pay whatever it takes to get Peyton Manning and use him the way Marino should have been used in his last two years with the fins. One to make plays and get us to a playoff, Two (keep Matt Moore)and use Mannings talents to get him ready to fill those shoes or get another QB to do it. The Fins has never done that and has played from behind ever since.

Its just rediculous to see ever other post with the words 'FIRE IRELAND!!! ROSS PLEASE SELL THE TEAM!! " Like saying it here is going to make it happen
!? please we would like to have comments that are logical and ones each of us can address, or talk about back and forth to each other .. but coming on here everyday and saying it isnt going to make it happen. GO GET A LIFE!! NO ONE THE IS IN THE DOLPHIN BRAIN TRUST READS THESE COMMENTS IN THE BLOG! YOU GUYS DONT REALLY BELIEVE THAT THEY READ THIS STUFF DO YOU ?!?!

"Tannehill or Weeden are way better prospects than Flynn"

Perfect. If this post doesn't prove there are people sent in here or the writer himself trying to keep the arguments up I don't know what is. I'm out, way to stupid in here.

I'd take Barkley in a heartbeat, and run smiling.
but we're not going to get a sniff of him. If we can't sacrifice to trade up fro Griffin, Barkely won't fair any better.

Flynn looks OK. But I don't see how he's proven much.
I have no problem having him on my team, but NOT as my first option, and NOT as my savior.

Just finished watching fis first game, and see an average NFL talent. Starter, perhaps, bu nothing that resembles future star, or franchise guy for years to come.

Flynn although not my top choice is an alternative at QB, at this juncture he is our best hope. I really like the piece this morning by Peter King about Flynn, and yes he could be a nice fit in Philbin's system. He seems grounded and by some accounts he will not be breaking the bank.

My biggest concern is the lack of action to get him, the longer it takes the more we are exposed to drive the tag higher. Same with Winston, not signing him is unforgivable, players like that do not become available all the time and he fills a tall need in a position that is hard to draft for.

Cap room is a problem but again the snail-like action of this front office is troublesome. So ok, it is very clear to me (just as it was clear last year we needed to trade Marshall before the deadline after 0-7 but whatever I guess) that we are a year or two best case scenario from true contention, so why not get rid of say Fasano, not a WCO fit in my book and way too expensive; and Dansby, by then he would be too old and has not yielded the results worth of his mammoth contract.

Ideally we trade down and pick Perry from USC if not we may have to take Coples, we MUST get a pass rusher with Brady in the same division (Ingram is too small). Then trade up and get Stephen Hill from GT. Dwayne Allen, Colby Fleener or Streeter would be nice. Burfict to replace Dansby and a prospect like TE Adrien Robinson from Cincy (pro day stats 6'4", 264 lbs 4.55 40(!!!!!), 11-3 broad jump, only 15 bench reps tho, limited starting time, raw). Then add depth at OL and secondary.

I mean too stupid! See, I'm removing some of the stupid by leaving! :)

I know someone is going to say all the stupid is gone now. HA, I beat you to it, no joke for you! Good night all, have fun.

Here is Peter King on Flynn

Lol Phins. Curious about those already sold on a Philbin/Flynn reunion... is it just being optimistic as fans, or is your assumption that it was more of the GB system, than the GB players?

I'm having my doubts too inimounts. The way I look at it is, yes draft is the more important but to not use FAs to supplement your talent pool is a bit extreme.

Sure playoff caliber teams don't sign many FAs. Why? Because they don't need to fill many holes and are selective when they do. hell, they can afford to be.

But when you STILL need 6 players (been that way for a few years now) you have to do what you have to do.

Wait I know, hire a comepetent GM

Aloco has no idea if Mannings neck is good or not.

From Samantha's post today at 6:52 "the assumption was Reggie would sign with him to the team he went to, and that didn't happen either.

Im not taking issue with anything you posted I just wanted to say Reggie had come out and said he would love to be in Miami catching passes from his buddy Peyton Manning. Manning probably called him and put him wise. He probably let Reggie know he wasn't coming to Miami and wasn't even considering it for whatever reason(s) so that RW wouldn't be hurt in any way by what PM is doing. Hence RW resigned with the Colts........

I think we could all just use some positve news Phins78.

Winston, Nelson, Lloyd, Flynn...something.

Anyone who says Not signing him is not that big of a deal is dumb and knows nothing about football the dolphins are a sad organization WE NEED a QB! But all is not lost just because we didn't sign him or won't sign him I still have a little faith the dolphins need to take a page of the heat and marlins book and make a big time deal to get the fans attention and most of all win.


Armando, didn't your mother teach you,"if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"?
The reason the Fins are not in the Manning hunt is, THEY DON'T HAVE MANNING MONEY, left in cap space!! And/or, all of their interest in Manning, was a rouse to make other teams think Philbin doesn't believe in Flynn, to hold down a bidding war. If the later is the case, they were BRILLIANT!!!
And why is Flynn going to go with the Dolphins and not Seattle.....Oh, wait..you already told us... He needs a relationship. Or maybe that was Manning who is so insecure he needs a relationship... Hmmmm, well, it looks like they both can have a relationship now. Come back home to daddy Philbin, Mr. Flynn:)

Oh yea n get rid of ireland

'll feel comfortable going into the season with Flynn/Moore, so long as the better QB starts and we fix the right side of our line.

The other starting QBs in the AFC east are Fitzpatric, Sanchez, and Brady. Only NE is sitting on a better QB situation, and I like our chances against NE's secondary.

A year from now we will all look back on this and be thankful that we didn't get Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning. Let Flynn and Moore compete and see who wins. We now have a young QB coming into an offense that he has been working in since he was drafted. Ownership and mgt. tried to get Manning, they can't be blamed for not getting him. Manning's best days are behind him, where as Flynn will be with us for a decade.


in his brief exposure to free agency Flynn's price (buzz & hysteria?) actually decreased. If anything he'll have to play for bigger money later on.

fins need to move out of s. fla.

bring on the 2012 season I BELIEVE IN MATT MOORE u hear me! and if we get flynn thats cool 2 the D needs 2 b awake the hole season 4 them 2 do well

Get Flynn now take blackmon trade our 2 3s from chicago draft Osweiler in the 2nd round.....

What a complete waste of time! We could have made a move on Mario Williams and gotten Flynn signed days ago. Our front office is s**t. I will never go to another game until we get rid I Ireland and draft a franchise QB.

-former season ticket holder

Was just watching 10 worst free agent signing on NFL net. And something hit Me.

Matt Flynn = Scott Mitchell.

Rides the clipboard gets in for a few games and makes a name for himself.

Matt Flynn isn't Kolb he is Scott Mitchell.

Hope we do not over pay for our second string QB. I think I would give him the exact same deal as Moore and say go fight it out.

Go Dolphins!!

"The Dolphins reportedly agreed to terms with OLB Jamaal Westerman.
Westerman was non-tendered by the Jets after drawing three late-season starts opposite Calvin Pace. The Dolphins are flush with linebackers, and Westerman doesn't rush the passer. He'll play special teams in Miami."

Nice signing & I like the depth we have on defense BEFORE the draft.

Now that we're going after Flynn I'm just hoping we get him over the Seahawks.

I am not upset we didnt get manning - but it is same old story with dolphins - they cant land a big coach or big free agent. Noone wants to come to miami anymore (even Laurent robinson bypassed a visit to sign with pathetic jags!)- there is zero leadership - and team wont pay any FA they are stupid and cheap - Ireland still has parcells mentality to build thru draft not free agency - however you need to draft play makers not OL and get a QB. Please sign flynn winston and lloyd or bowe - open up your pocket books!!!!

BTW - say what you want about Washington's success - at least they are giving hope to their fan base!!!!

Westerman...beginning to believe what you guys are saying about acorns lol.

I keep hearing that this will be Ireland's FIRST draft without the influence of others! Wasn't last year his first draft where he wasn't hand-cuffed by the Tuna? Did I miss something somewhere?

I'm sad that we won't be getting Manning. We've needed another HOF quarterback for a while. But, I understand moving on to Flynn. We've got to do what's best for the team. And, I'd like to point out that ALL the NFL experts were high on Manning to Miami as a perfect fit. But, now they're ALL saying that Flynn is a perfect fit for Miami too! Go figure!

Flynn will have some advantage over Moore in that he'll be more familiar with the Offense that gets installed in Miami. I'm sure that it won't be exactly like Green Bay's because we have different personnel. Philbin will bring a lot of the same element, possibly the same verbiage, but there will be differences. And, finally there will be good competition at QB between Flynn & Moore. That is if he signs with Miami...

FA receivers are starting to realize that this draft class is deep in pass catchers. That's why FA WR's are having a time getting signed. Rookies are cheaper! I think the NFL is starting to realize, under the new CBA, that some positions have been cost inflated for a while; like RB's!

So Guys if Peyton signs with the Titans are they trading Jake Locker Would you take Locker or Flynn? Not saying that Titans would get rid of him but he would watch Manning play and Locker wants to play. The Fins may have to think about that if Flynn signs with Seattle.

Manning lives in Miami and we still had to travel to meet him. That's sad an embarassing. We should have traded the 2 1st rounders for RGIII. This FO can't do anything right. The last time our WR's lined up without Marshall, they couldn't even get open. This sucks!

Winston is looking to become the highest paid right tackle in the NFL.

That's all fine and dandy. I'd still rather go with John Jerry. After watching SpOranus pigeonhole him in at guard, I was not surprised at all to see him fill in exceptionally well for Long.

SpOranus never thought to try the kid at his natural position........Go Figure!

Don't blow the wad on Winston, pencil in Jerry and draft another tackle for depth or a possible move to guard.

Anybody know if there are any decent guards available in Free Agency? I think we can solidify this O-line without going overboard on resources.

Armando, What the Dolphins should do is find a backup for Matt Moore. Give Matt Moore an extention because he has earned it. He is reported to be making $2.5 million. Well why pay a QB who has not performed as a starter even $9M. That makes no sense. Who had the Dolphins ahead of both the Patriots and Giants until the final minute? Matt Moore and he did it with a very poor right offensive line. They could not protect him. I can see going with Manning because he would put fans in the stadium but paying Flynn $10M or more is stupid.

Armando is a high living geek and, of course, cynical. He really doesn't give a crap about the Miami Dolphins, as long as the $ is coming in.

Now, assuming we sign Flynn, can we also sign Scott Wells, the Pro Bowl Center out of GB and move Pouncey over?

All the sudden the offensive line starts to look pretty good and there's the familiarity between Flynn and Wells.

this franchise sucks,i really luv dolphins since 70's and all i see is the bengals of the 90's. ross and ireland remind me of brown and looks like this is the begining of a era off SUCKING.nobody wants to come to miami anymore because we have bozo's running the carnival.

Jamall Westerman? OLB/DE.

Is this Ireland's answer to Langford walking?

Westerman has some pass rush skills. He seems better suited(and sized)to play DE in a 4-3. He's a little BIG for OLB in either defense.

Either way, a solid pick up(considering the money). Appears to be AT LEAST a good "Depth Guy".

It ain't sexy, but I like this move.

We wil continue to support you, Armando, writing here frequently. We nice guys.



Eagles guard Evan Mathis was listed #24 on PFT's hot 100 FA list.

Very good post JS_in_LA @ 7:57

Many good (not all) back ups QB are looking very good until they are scouted, then they are attacked by their weakness. That is the risk with Flynn (IMO). The coaches by now, -I suppose- have an idea how good Moore can play with them and how they can adjust the system to Moore (which is the philosophy, as I understand) but the whole picture only will come putting the two QB to compete.
So the lack of urgency in sign Flynn I think comes because of the assumption that Moore can play well

The Dolphins will be bad as long as Steve Ross and Peterson are around.

I have been a dolphins fan all my life. But I am sick of us getting the second options and backups and then trying to put a spin n it. This team is not the franchise I was proud to call my team.

Sadly, the whole franchise needs to be gutted. From the day Dave Wannstedt was hire until the Ireland debacle, we have been in free fall. It is another sorry day to be a dolphins fan.

Haven't we been here before? This moron franchise keeps trying the same thing when the vast majority of starters in the league are not other teams' backups, they were drafted in the FIRST ROUND.

Oh Matt Flynn, you are our bronze medal.

You're not RG3, Andrew Luck, or peyton Manning. Actually, you're fourth, not even on the podium.

I hope you succeed and bail these incompetent morons out. God knows they aren't competent enough to do it right and need some godsend.

Good news!!! Now we can focus on other things...Never wanted Manning and never believed he wanted to come here in the first place...Never thought it made any sense...Philbin's offense is COMPLETELY different than what Manning is used to...Flynn knows this offense so that's a big +...Matt Moore played very well last year, everybody here knows I'm a fan of his...Let them compete and see what happens...Sign Brandon Lloyd and draft Malcolm Floyd...People are flipping out for nothing...I like what I see from Philbin...

Who the hell is Jamall Westerman, odin?

At this point, I'm just roll with the punches. We will never know what is the most to Manning, or he didn't like Miami.

Personally, I don't care. Just keep plugging along.

If Cleveland really likes Tannehill, maybe Miami can swap picks with them to get Blackmon. No one in the first 10 picks is going to take Tannehill. That extra 3rd round pick could be used to get it.

Dear Coach Philbin; please read this blog and do the opposite of what the majority asks for. This is how you will build a winner (they wanted Brady Quinn for Gods sake).
Thank you for getting rid of Brandon "hands of stone" Marshall.

The race was over when we traded or best reciever away.
Great sales job Dophins. Where is the New Yorker Ross on this?

We haven't heard a peep from the Dolphins about a WR since losing out on Robinson.

We have to get a veteran either through free agency or a trade....don't we??

I remember Marino at 35 and would not give Manning what he will be demanding with so many teams bidding for him. Let’s see what happens when he signs with the Broncos and how far they go.

FLYNN to HARTLINE, get me my Season Tickets!!!!!!

really......Why did we get rid of Brandon Marshall??? That was just stupid! I thought it made sense when we thought Manning and Reggie Wayne were coming. Now it just looks like the most idiotic move of this offseason. Almost as dumb as passing on Drew Brees..

That's very good post, Adrian Solorzano. By now, all NFL D's know how to attack Moore/Flynn. But they don't know yet about the Rookies.


Good post! The issue I have is we left a 6'4 QB with a very strong arm in Henne just walk away!!

Here you got Philbin and Sherman, QB guys couldn't make him better!!!

It aggravates me!!

finally something good from you Armando...FINALLY!

That may be so Clipboard, but in the opinion of many, you cuold work with Henne until Kingdom come, and he'd still be a back-up QB.

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