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Dolphins eliminated from Manning chase, Flynn visiting

Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins in the next two days, a club source is saying at this hour.

Two things: This is the clearest and most obvious sign the Dolphins are done in the Peyton Manning chase. They will not get Manning.

And if you don't believe it, I point you to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who has been the most accurate and timely reporter on the Peyton Manning story.

Mort, on NFL32 just now, said "at least three teams are still alive" in the chase for the free agent quarterback. He mentioned Arizona. He mentioned Denver. He mentioned Tennessee.

He did not mention Miami.

And as if to drive home the point, Mortensen added "you notice we did not mention the Miami Dolphins."

Yes, we noticed.

So if ESPN is reporting three teams are still alive and the Dolphins are obviously moving on with a Flynn visit, what we have here is a pivot from the team -- Manning and Plan A to Flynn and Plan B.

Surprised? I'm not. I've you've been reading the posts the past two days, the vibe you should have gotten is that Manning was inching steadily away from Miami based on his actions, recent visit, and uncovering of what he's most looking for -- relationship he is comfortable with.

What does this mean going forward? I'm not going to rip the team for missing out on Manning, assuming that is exactly as it plays out. Look, they took a shot. The got closer than say, Kansas City or Seattle.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The fact Miami couldn't close is, well, kind of become the norm around here. So whatev.

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Might he become another Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley? I suppose that is possible. I worry about that. I assume the Dolphins worry about that. But the fact is he will come to the Dolphins and get a chance to play under a familiar system, for a familiar head coach who was his offensive coordinator the past few years is a comfort.

Having said that, I am hoping the Dolphins protect themselves. It makes zero sense giving Flynn a big contract -- with big contract being defined as high starter money in the $9-$10 million a year range. The truth is the Dolphins balked at giving Kyle Orton this type of deal last year so why give it to someone who is less proven?

It doesn't.

I hope the Dolphins proceed wisely. But I hope they do so with alacrity. Time is wasting.


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Philbin is Cameron and he hasn't coached a single game yet? Now that's what I call an intelligent post...LOL!!

Sorry...but i MUST repeat myself....

Everyone who says Flynn doesn't have starting experience. I simply ask you...Did Steve Young immediately start in the NFL? How about Aaron Rodgers? Oh yeah, what about Tom Brady?

The fact is nobody knows if Flynn will be great. But nobody knows that he won't be. I say IF Philbin believes in him the Fins should sign him. If nobody has signed him by the weekend the Fins should get him for a reasonable starting salary for a NFL QB. If it doesn't work out then we move on.

Quit being


You mean to tell you dont know Ireland yet! Signing Artis Hicks means Vernon Carey's getting cut. Wait and see!


Didn't we just spend a 2nder on Misi for that?

Seriously who knows what their plan is? They never say anything. I was just going on Armando's reporting that the Dolphins 1st priority in the draft is a pass rusher.

As for as 1 hit wonders,Ireland has been adding pieces (or trying to) to this team for 5 years.

If we don't hit on a couple wonders this year we will for real be starting all over again soon.

Tony Romo might be available for the right price???

Yesterday, you liked Sparano when he first got hired? I couldn't STAND him. Typical Parcells puppet...Thank God he's gone.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | March 15, 2012 at 09:59 PM

The excuse for Fisher's very average W-L record was the constant interference from his meddlesome owner, Bud Adams, who Manning now prefers to Ross just on reputation alone!

I give up. Rooting for this laughingstock is like banging your head against the wall. It aint happening in Miami until Ross sells the team or wakes up. Not fun being a Finfan anymore.

"and if Manning signs in Tenn then hasselback will become available but the Jets need a backup and so do the Raiders.

Posted by: TheSMF | March 15, 2012 at 06:42 PM

------------Watching Hasselbeck here in TN, I'll tell you he'd a a decent chance to beat out Sanchize.


I was drinking the koolaid hard when Parcells first came. Thats why7 I am the way I am right now. Ive been taken to the school of hard knocks as a fan.

I refuse to be gullible any longer!

I NEVER wanted Parcells...Always said he was overrated...But I admit I thought Saban was the answer...Didn't fall for Parcells but fell hard for Saban...So I'm not any better than you are Yesterday...

Misi ain`t the end of the world. He`s just not great. Curry reminds me of Wake believe it or not. Can you imagine 2 barking dogs like that .He`s also big enough to stop the run.
I`ve watched the you-tube videos of all the potential WR`s and believe that the quality of second round OLB`s,who I`ve also watched is far better than the value of second round WR`s

While the Bills sign Super M, this is how the Dolphins fix things. Dolphins sign 33 yr old Artis Hicks to one-year deal.

Ohhhhh, how exciting this was.

Parcells is a virus and he infected the Dolphins with trojan hook worms Sparano and THE SCOUT.


I didnt fall for Saban. I was pissed they didnt make the defensive coordinator that took over when Wannstadt was fired the new hc. Cant think of his name right now but he had rallied the team pretty good aftr Wannstadt was fired.

I also drank the JJ koolaid too. LOL

Could you so called fans be consistent. You wanted Marshall, then he's a bum and can't produce so he should be moved. They move him and his non-winning career(look it up) and now it's a mistake, oh my bad another off the field incident, good move, but why only a 3rd rd pick, oh a 3rd this year and next equals a 2nd, good move, but Ireland still sucks. Manning proves from day 1 that HE DOESN'T want to play for Miami, too many risks for him, yet the FO is blamed, it wasn't money or presentation, the man wants to play where he thinks he has the best chance to survive and not face the ever-changing,mercurial ,too whiny fan base in Miami that would turn on him in a minute just like you did with Marino when his production declined. I remember those times when fans dared suggest that Marino was done, don't pretend you didn't. Now it's Ross and Ireland who are holding us back. This is not fantasy make believe football where you can dream up a team that you don't have to pay for. Maybe if you could just believe this might be the brewing of a perfect scenario where all the plan b options actually work . No Fisher? Good, he played Miami in negotiation purposes and he would have brought Williams with him, oh my God the rip job the FO would have faced for that one. No Manning? Good, one hit away from it being over permanently, imagine that one,how many WE should have never signed him would you hear. Until they win, whatever move they make will never be the right one. That's why I can't wait until that day when everyone who constantly complains about everything they do can shut tfu. Have some faith that they have assembled the right football people this time and they have a vision. After 40 years as a fan,I still believe they will win, it's what you do as a fan, not expect failure and criticize every thought. The negative aura has to change in order for success to come, however those fans who really should be running professional teams will put a block on that. I expect a great team and season and believe in the team, I'm more disappointed in the hypocritical fans who are the Real Curse. And when they win, don't dare come on these sites and state I liked Ireland and Ross and knew they were going to produce a winner. Can't wait for that day!

Lets suck for Barkley now. Here we go again. Never ended story. And worst, we need a receiver too now. Poor fins fans. What a desaster.

Will someone please post so I dont have to keep looking at this J Wll @ 10:25 PM eulogy!


We know longer need a cuase to suck for. We now suck because... well....we just suck period!

We suck so bad now Jet and Patsy trolls dont even come here anymore. Have you guys noticed that? LOL

I like what I see from Philbin. I could be wrong, but I'm willing to give him a chance. The Dolphins aren't done making moves...And finally. FINALLY Henne and Sparano are gone. That's a start!! Can't stand them!!!

I missed the good ole days when we were still slightly revelevent and the Jet and Patsy trolls would come here to spew thi9er hatorade.

We're so bad now that all we can attract are our own trollish fans! LOL

LMAO @ YG @10:29

If this team doesnt get better soon even Armando will lose his job. If we suck much longer The Herald will even refuse to cover this team!

Boy, it would be nice to have a Jet troll in here right now. It would mean we're slightly revellent again!

I would pay to see a jet troll in here right now! LOL

Steve G and clones,
Yes you may be 100% right about Ireland's "brilliance" by speculating about Manning they actually could have effectively lowered the Flynn price tag (it also worked on the Solai deal) but as any trader would tell you, you can hold buying/selling but at some point you make a move.

Ok so Flynn's price tag decreased, mission accomplished, so WTF are we waiting for to sign him TODAY. Now if things go great in Seattle the price inevitably will go up, supply/demand mi amigo.

Besides by very publicly leaving the Manning bacherlor reality show we will for once show the world we are not going to let anyone -including perhaps the best player ever, besides we knida knew we were out of it anyway- to take the team hostage and save some dignity, this team can surely use some nice PR going for them. By addressing the QB then you go sign Winston, he is a special talent not always available like that, haven't we learned anything from the beating we get from the Pats every year?! It starts with that line! Those two moves are key, then I agree you address everything else via draft. Signing Winston is insurance for Long, who knows how healthy he will be, and next year his contract is up.

Ireland is an expert at contract procrastination thus we have these cap issues again and again.

If they do sign Flynn I hope that is a price where Moore can compete and get a chance to start. He has earned at least that.

Watching March Madness is now about as exciting as watching wet paint dry on an outside wall in Antartica!

I honestly don't care about Manning... Although he would have been a nice interesting addition; however, that would have forced us to change our philosophy of going after a young QB. I would be comfortable, and plan to renew my season tixs if they could at least sign Flynn, Mario Manninghm, and Eric Winston,so we could at least worry about adding the pass rusher through the draft..

Well goodnight all. I'm sure we will wake up tomorrow with new dose of Dolphin optimism.

You know like a rumor that Early Doucet will be coming for a visit after visiting 30 others teams.

It's all good. No point in giving up now.

Go Fins!!

What good is a line with no one to throw to? Patriots tight ends are better than any WR on our team. If no Pouncey, do we still go 6 and 10? Ireland does not draft difference makers.

YG, because you can only read and post only one line at a time don't hate,some people can actually read and understand a few sentences written back to back. I know it's a lost art for some, especially for those who gave up already.

I don't think Ireland was in with the Peyton Manning thing in the first place, I don't think Philbin was either. I am starting to think Ross was not in after all. Maybe it was all just a distraction to justify that Flynn was the only thing we could get and hey we tried to get Peyton but he wouldn't come...and we lost RG3 in the way so we had to get Flynn because the Browns are drafting Tanehill first so there is nobody left in the draft...we'll see, this seems like a big entertainment for the fans, and has been indeed.

J Will u make no sense. You are giving the FO credit for not getting the people they wanted. And Manning said he will not play for us because of the way the FO is structured. Only Ireland would trade up for Daniel Thomas then draft Gates who can't run routed just becauae he is fast.

Let's swap our first round pick and throw in a 3rd to Tampa and pick up Blackmon...it would certainly piss off Fisher!

Flynn should send a Thank You card to Manning. With Manning eliminating the Dolphins, Flynn's stock just rose. He's spending an extra day in Seattle just to make the Dolphins more desperate and pay him big.

Hey Ross, what to the guys you've courted (Harbaugh, Cowher, Fisher,and Manning) have in common? Jeff Ireland! If you don't have one, then buy yourself a clue, will ya?

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Really; Vince Young is out there and perhaps Rex Grossman or maybe John Beck. Either one could compete with Matt Moore. The Seattle team will be putting a full court press on Matt Flynn. If the Dolphins really wanted him they should have read the situation earlier but that's the way the Dolphins do things.........with arrogance. Drew Brees could have been a Dolphin and he also could have been throwing to Wes Welker. Two of the best at their positions but they were not good enough due to the Dolphin arrogance.

If the FO didn't attempt to sign Manning, fans like YG would continue to feel useless and ignored as an entitled fan base and believe that all is lost. This only softens the letdown of not getting him but still being perceived as successful once Flynn is signed. FO has to play the psych game in Miami because of all the hypocrites who swear they know more than the professionals who do this for a living. You know better? Then why are the fans not mentioning your name as a football guru? Stfu and get a f-ing life non-reader.

Let Flynn and Moore battle it out and go get mike Wallace

Oh yeah, and fire Ireland

They flew all the way to Indy to satisfy YG. Really? Lol

LB, I asked about Mike Wallace earlier too. Why is the FO talking to Robinson but not Wallace?

Another blessing. Payton is a patch like Pennington had become. Fisher was a blessing. That loser got fired twice because: FACT: IN HIS TENURE IN THE NFL WE WAS A 555% WINNING RECORD. We can do that without him. Manning wants to go to a team tha will win big now. He will land in TENNESSEE. BANK IT.

Agreed Wallace will cost some money and a 1st round pick but he's young and proven, spend the money and the pick.

I C D, again a non-reader, I didn't give FO credit for anything, only stated that new football people deserve a chance before you rip them.You are one of the hypocrites who liked the Gates move last year, remember? You are one of those who believe every move should be the right one in the world of sports where measurements and past performance can't predict how it will materialize in a different setting with different unknowns. If it was so simple then every team would win all the time. But I do know 1 thing, Ireland has done a better job than he is given credit for and that doesn't mean I agree with all his moves ,I just believe Philbin and Sherman are the right people added to the mix, no coincidence that they were the only people Manning wanted to speak to, so chill and take time to read closely and not add what is not there

How come our talent isnt close to the rest of the league?

Who is the face of the team?

What do you mean, the Dolphins couldn't close and that's becoming the norm. Have you ever just taken a moment to think that Peyton Manning just didn't wnat to Play for the Dolphins. Some of you amaze with this whole, idea that the administration is doing something wrong. IMO, they gave it the best shot they could and he chose to play elsewhere. GET OVER IT! Are you really Dolphin Fans or do you just like putting down the Dolphins.


Still no Ryan Mallett...you are a fool not to promote the vision. See ya in 3 years...let's have coffee and discuss how this all turned out.

To Jwil is nuts( YG grow up) and get my nut out of your mouth. Hooked on phonics can solve that reading problem you have. Yes they had to appease the crazy, ignorant ones who would kill them for not making a public attempt at signing the Great one for the win right now fans because I'm a loser and I need my football team to win to validate my existence and the Dolphins really make me angry when they are not relevant and it's Ireland's fault and Ross should sell the team and why can't we make all the right moves all the time and win every game and every Superbowl every year. Sounds familiar punk!

WoaDee, thank you! That's all I'm saying, Just give them a chance to put the pieces together with those that want to be part of this organization and stop whining about all that is wrong,They already made some good moves, Fins are gonna surprise many this year!

To Jwil is nuts( YG grow up) and get my nut out of your mouth. Hooked on phonics can solve that reading problem you have. Yes they had to appease the crazy, ignorant ones who would kill them for not making a public attempt at signing the Great one for the win right now fans because I'm a loser and I need my football team to win to validate my existence and the Dolphins really make me angry when they are not relevant and it's Ireland's fault and Ross should sell the team and why can't we make all the right moves all the time and win every game and every Superbowl every year. Sounds familiar punk!
Posted by: J Wil |

Well heck, a SB win once every 50 years would be nice.

Im not an Irleand fan. With that being said, do people here not read other articles other than this blog? According to the Herald ROSS MADE A STATEMENT THAT HE WAS IN CHARGE OF THE MANNING CHASE...So does that, or does that not stear the fault away from Ireland? Im glad Manning is not coming here, did not want him to begin with. Im not all in on Flynn either. But, if they get him cheap enough, and he and Moore actualy compete for the starting job Im ok with that. Although I have been a big supporter of Moore starting. As some I feel he has earned it. As some I feel with a better supporting cast Moore could be a very good QB. And yes I mean play off caliber. Honestly I think Philbin is probably dancing in his office knowing the Manning chase is over. I know Im dancing around this morning. AND MANDO, PLEASE NEVER MENTION THAT PUG FACED BROKE ARM OVER INFLATED EGOTISTICAL A WHIPE AGAIN...Thank you. LETS MOVE ON PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Locker to Miami? What ?

Ross had to go after Manning to stop the financial bleeding that Irescum has caused. irescum didnt have the sense so Ross went after Manning. He'll fire Irescum in the near future and hire a competent GM.

This is just great! First no Fischer, now no Manning. And on top of that, same scenario as last year's free agency. A lot of promises, a lot of hype, and at the end no big free agent name. Now Brandon Marsh gone, this offense has regressed. Who is this guy they got on a one year deal to play guard? Why didn't they sign Winston? What happened to the DB from Cinci (Nixon I believe)? Other than for a couple of no name additions, same boring team as last year. Get ready for another sub-par 7-9 season. My god when will Ross sell this team and take his butt buddy Ireland with him?

So fish douches - explain how this team wins more games when you get rid if your most productive offensive player and add no one? Philbin??? Fail. Again.

Ireland has to get Flynn now. No way around it. If he doesn't get Flynn then what good is he?

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