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Dolphins eliminated from Manning chase, Flynn visiting

Matt Flynn is scheduled to visit the Miami Dolphins in the next two days, a club source is saying at this hour.

Two things: This is the clearest and most obvious sign the Dolphins are done in the Peyton Manning chase. They will not get Manning.

And if you don't believe it, I point you to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, who has been the most accurate and timely reporter on the Peyton Manning story.

Mort, on NFL32 just now, said "at least three teams are still alive" in the chase for the free agent quarterback. He mentioned Arizona. He mentioned Denver. He mentioned Tennessee.

He did not mention Miami.

And as if to drive home the point, Mortensen added "you notice we did not mention the Miami Dolphins."

Yes, we noticed.

So if ESPN is reporting three teams are still alive and the Dolphins are obviously moving on with a Flynn visit, what we have here is a pivot from the team -- Manning and Plan A to Flynn and Plan B.

Surprised? I'm not. I've you've been reading the posts the past two days, the vibe you should have gotten is that Manning was inching steadily away from Miami based on his actions, recent visit, and uncovering of what he's most looking for -- relationship he is comfortable with.

What does this mean going forward? I'm not going to rip the team for missing out on Manning, assuming that is exactly as it plays out. Look, they took a shot. The got closer than say, Kansas City or Seattle.

The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.

The fact Miami couldn't close is, well, kind of become the norm around here. So whatev.

But it is imperative for Miami to land someone to compete for the starting QB job next year. And Flynn is as good a candidate as most, I guess.

Might he become another Kevin Kolb or A.J. Feeley? I suppose that is possible. I worry about that. I assume the Dolphins worry about that. But the fact is he will come to the Dolphins and get a chance to play under a familiar system, for a familiar head coach who was his offensive coordinator the past few years is a comfort.

Having said that, I am hoping the Dolphins protect themselves. It makes zero sense giving Flynn a big contract -- with big contract being defined as high starter money in the $9-$10 million a year range. The truth is the Dolphins balked at giving Kyle Orton this type of deal last year so why give it to someone who is less proven?

It doesn't.

I hope the Dolphins proceed wisely. But I hope they do so with alacrity. Time is wasting.


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Signing flynn is not an answer to the woes of this team.. they should have traded marshall to the rams to get that 2nd round pick and got rg3 a serious prospect.. i wrote all about it in my blog come check it out http://halftimechat.com/2012/03/wagering-on-miami-dolphins-is-a-head-scratcher/

Eric Winston is a below average pass blocker- please do not sign him. He also led the Texans in holding penalties, especially in key moments. Don't do it.

Hey guys, wazzzzup!

Dolphins are stuck in eternal mediocrity!!

I'm sorry- I have been a Dolphan since 1970, and NEVER in those 40+ years have I been so disappointed. It's not about not signing Fisher, or Cowher, or Manning. It's about this current regime's inability to land the deal that could change the franchise. At the end of this season, Ross contended that he was hell-bent on bringing in a top coach and top quarterback. To this day, he has failed to come through with any of these pseudo-promises. Not successfully bringing in Fisher, Cowher, and now Manning hurts because it is a reality check that the Miami Dolphins are an organization doomed for mediocrity for the next several years. If you look at the Super Bowl champions over the last ten years, we have none of the elements required to win a Super Bowl in this era. We are not even close! Even if you sign Flynn- who is he going to throw the ball to? There are no Prime Time receivers left in free agency, and it will take a couple of years to develop a rookie receiver- even if we draft one in the first round. I LOVED Matt Moore's guts and tenacity on the field last year, but he still is not a top NFL Quarterback. Another rookie coach? Potentially two 2nd string QB's? No stud receiver? No power running game? No top notch players or coaches want to come here? This formula predicates the Miami Dolphins will be a very bad team for a very long time.

when you have a clown as owner you are doomed to fail. Quality coaches and players are not going to work under Ross. They want to play for winners like the Roonys, Maras Tisches and Krafts. Not a clown.


Matt Moore was the 12th best QB last season and Rodgers said Flynn COULD be a Top 15 QB. So why would you trade a QB that is better already and get a QB that MIGHT not pan out. Sounds to me like you have no idea what your talking about or your still pissed off that Matt Moore kicked your a** in high School.

I'm starting to think it might be more Ross than Ireland. I hv been a phin fan for over 30 years and i can say there is clearly no direction here. I can only hope that Ross gives philbin a shot to build this team and stay out of the personnel decisions.

Let philbin implement his offense, get Matt Flynn and see what happens.

We still have a top 10 defense. So, let philbin institute his offense, get Flynn and we could be in good shape. Greenbay won a superbowl without a true #1 wr and an average to below average defense.

If we can draft a Justin Blackmon or sign a Mario manningham we would have a solid receiving corp(not top 10, but solid enough). Our D proved last last year that we don't need to score 35 points per game, but we do need to score more than 17. I think Flynn and philbin will be able to do that.

The other alternative is to trade our #1 and sign mike Wallace, who, I believe is the best free agent wr this year hands down.

I am not concerned by the quarterback situation because we have a good quarterback who I believe is just getting better. Matt Moore showed some very good play and I would love to see him show how capable he is given the reigns right from training camp. I think this guys got it.

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