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Dolphins have not met with Manning ... yet

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin, a celebrity auctioneer during Thursday night's Make-A-Wish foundation charity event at Sun Life Stadium, just told the media the Dolphins have not met with free agent quarterback Peyton Manning.

"We were in the office all day looking at tape," Philbin said of his work on potential draft picks.

General Manager Jeff Ireland also hasn't met with Manning. Ireland was dealing today with a family medical issue. It caused him to leave the University of Miami Pro Day before it concluded and he was unable to attend the Make-a-Wish event at which he was also expected.

Despite the fact the Dolphins haven't formally met with Manning, Ireland has contacted the quarterback's representation team. And while Philbin was vague with details, he suggested something concrete could happen in the next week.

"He's obviously had a phenomenal career up to this point in time," Philbin said of Manning. "From all indications he's been a great leader in that locker room and had a great career with the Colts. And we'll see how things develop in the next week or so."


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I dropped out of school in the 3rd grade to help my daddy with his shoe shine business. So I am venting my frustration.

Might I suggest you proof read your own posts? It took a serious intellectual like myself to decipher it.

Guys, lets not pretend the remaining Dolfans are the sharpest tools in the shed.


I believe Peyton's signing with Miami. It's difficult to believe that a person with Manning's high level class. Would hang out in Miami if he didnt have an extremely high degree of expectation in signing with the Dolphins.

I truly believe Peyton Manning is the Dolphins to loose. Ross and Ireland wopuld have to do something so incredibly stupid its even new heights for them. To loose out on Manning now.

If Manning's hanging out in Miami without a very high degree of expectation to be signed by Miami. Then he's one of the greatest scumbags on the face of this earth.

ESPN just reported that the doctors implanted a terminator eye in Manning's head.
The fact is espn reports mostly garbage, you would think they have


lose: to no longer have.
loose: your pants are too big or she is easy.

Am I the only one not drunk here? (Ok, I did have a glass of cabernet)

YG, he has a vacation home here. It has NOTHING to do with where he's signing. He doesnt even know where he's going to sign yet.

If Flynn is the answer, Coach Joe should know.
Let it play out.
Do not know, but we will see.
If Peyton takes a player for Flynn out, the price comes down.
Likewise with RGIII.
Play every hand and play every hand all in.
Breathe and then scream.

You complaining about spelling and grammar in a blog or texts really exposes your age man, get with the times man, there is non of those rules within these mediums. My digital decoder data communication device says you are 172 years old...
And there was nothing to decipher in my post, just words arranged for reading..no easter eggs or hidden meanings man

Must be all this bad grammar, the iPhone app keeps crashing... Or is Miami is brain dead actually Internet Matrix that is capable of reaching through portable devices to wackk people off ?


Sober up. Then come back. Language and communication is the foundation of everything. With out it, society collapses. The excuse that it's only a blog is lame. You are suggesting it's ok to dumb down society in certain mediums. Well there is no end to that. It's not a good precedent.

Try to make at least one grammatically correct post before you die. It will be a contribution to mankind.

I wish you well.

Those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it.

I suggest you study the fall of the Roman Empire. Chuckle not, it can happen to you.

From what's been reported, it does seem Miami may be in the drivers seat. I would not rule out Denver though. Manning and Elway are friends. Denver has a better D and a more established coach.

If Manning's hanging out in Miami without a very high degree of expectation to be signed by Miami. Then he's one of the greatest scumbags on the face of this earth.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 08, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Yesterday is definitely Gone.

YG is kookoo.

Im sure Philbin and Sherman are jumping up and down about bringing in Manning. Not only do they have to change their philosophy, they will need to scrap their plans for that Hyrid WC offense. I see this as a roach in the cookie jar.

i hope he fails his physical. nothing personal to mr.manning just buisness and best interest for fins. let moore have the offense.

They cannot mess this up...no downside to getting Manning. Nothing says another young QB cannot be drafted...and I would expect that. This is the best opportunity to elevate this franchise we have seen in decades! Get him!

YG i know you already know this but they own a condo in South beach how is it classless to visit your own property? I just don't agree w that at all... If the Man owns property anywhere he should be allowed to go there at any point under almost any circumstance. Even if it was just to vacation there becuz it is in a tropical climate zone so it's a great getaway either way the only way I might see it being a slap in the face is if it were a smaller more unrealistic city to be visiting. Like if he was in cleveland or something...

braindead, you're being hypocritical right now... you used "with out" instead of without... I'm not going to waste my time explaining to you why it is an incorrect usage of the word becuz it's just not worth it... It's obvious you are just out trying to get a rise out of bloggers here instead of actually contributing anything at all of worth. On your point of grammar I have no concern whatsoever. However I will respond to anything that is related to Miami football.

YG...I have to disagree that if Manning chooses a team outside of the Phins that it makes him a scumbag. I don't quite follow that logic. He has been working out here..Tons of players choose Miami for their offseason workouts. He has a place here as well. If he was currently a Colt, and none of this was playing out as it is now. He would be doing the same..Hangin' in Miami, working out..enjoying his time.

Also..you say that he has a very high degree of expectation to sign here. Has he said as much? This has been created by the media, and the fans. Every city, and team that is in the hunt has high expectation. So far, the hype machine is the only thing driving the rumors. I think it is wise to let this play out before we start name calling, and prepping attacks on a guy that has the same rights as any free agent to test the market.

Miami may very well be his destination. Manning has always been a class act. If he decides to pass here it has nothing to do with his character. It is because he doesn't believe the situation is right for him..I think we should respect his decision whatever it is.

totally agree with that DDunphy

Agreed Darryl D

DD, Beer,

Yeah, it sounds good coming out your mouths, but Im sure segments of the populous of the city of will nfollow in line to what I posted.

You "outer towner dolfans" just dont quite understand the mindset of citizens of miami that well. You have to be a citizen of Miami for that to occur.

When Miami loses, most likely you maybe the only fan in your town upset. In Miami when the team loses 1 million people in unisom are pissed! You'll never truly understand it until you live here.



You're from Miami. You know that if Peyton doesnt choose the Dolphins. Whenever he comes to Miami at any point after that he'll be a very despiesed man.

As long as he was still a Colt, he could come and go to Miami with impunity. Fans were indifferent then.

If he chooses another team now over the fins. Redsky you know many "city of Miami" fans will absolutely loath and despies him.

I have one question....if the Phins do sign Manning, does that mean beers at the Stadium will be around 12 bucks??????

...and Brain Dead....who gives a damn if there are grammaticals, mispells , etc...WTF ..is this a friggin' Harvard alumni blog, or just Mando's corner?

...and Yesterday...by your reasoning, he should be spending these 2 weeks or so in Juneau...or maybe Bangkok...so as not to offend the football gods...

...and a roach in the cookie jar..ughhhh...i just vomitted my Hot chocolate and vanilla wafers....

Good luck trying to round up support in the "Manning is a scumbag if he doesn't sign with Miami campaign".

Now you're spinning it to sound like you said Miami fans will be mad.

It was you, not other fans, who claimed he will be a "scumbag".

Actually, you posted "one of the greatest scumbags on earth".

....and yes, I realize my "i" was not capitalized.....oooh ooh shoot me , slay me......kick my head in....

Signal....you have to forgive "Yesterday".....he tends to hyperbolize a bit....but he is a good egg when all is said and done...

YG...You may be right about some Dolphans being upset. and he may be public enemy number one for a a couple of days. Even his first appearance in the stadium depending on our quarterback sitation at the time.. Say, Manning does pass. We are forced to go a different route. The cards fall in our favor, and we win the rights to trade up with the Rams..Those irate fans will forget about Manning in a second.. The only scenario in which there will be any bitterness is if the team finds itself in the same sitation we are in today..Lost, looking for a quarterback.

There are way to many scenarios to think Manning will be hated in Miami forever if he passes in favor of another team..Even the fans in Cleveland have gotten over Labron james to a point. Compared to the Manning sitation. James leaving Cleveland to Miami was like mutiny on a nuclear submarine. Manning picking another team over Miami would be like a passenger on a fishing boat asking to get off because of sea sickness.

Also...I do not live in Miami. I have been there. Lived in the Keys for a few months(this is when people actually went to games, and tickets were something of value), So I am a little familiar. There aren't a million Dolphin fans in the city that will care for more then a few days, and you know it. People have better things to do in a place like Miami then hold a grudge against Peyton Manning. A few thousand hardcore fans with nothing better to do may be upset for awhile. But the city will not burn if Manning passes.

let's see....mutiny on a nuke sub is to riding on a fishing boat while seasick....and a million fans are uncaring, while a thousand are hardcore....and the sum is > the parts ...and...

----uhmm...I think I get it ....

Buster, I understand. I have read many, many posts by YG/DB, and I believe he has a pretty good knowledge, and respect, for the players who deserve it...and have earned it. Just seems really "out there" to come out and label Manning a scumbag if he chooses another team after coming here first to hang out.

Signal.....I agree....but I like Dunphy's allegory better... :-)

Darryl, I think if Manning decides against Miami, fans will decide it is Ross who screwed up somehow, and will not hold it against Manning.

By the way, I lived in South Florida 30 years. Been to countless Dolphin and Hurricane games.

Trust me, they'll blame the owner.

Hey peeps...I'm out til manana...ciao

..Buster..What I meant(and I should have just said this instead of making up some vague metephor) was Labron leaving Cleveland was something that could be looked upon by a local fanbase as weak, or being a scumbag..Manning choosing a team outside of Miami doesn't compare. The only connection he has ever had to Miami is that he has a house here, works out in the area, and is number one on the list of quarterbacks that could help the franchise..He hasn't done a thing to upset the fan base..Folks may be dissapointed if he goes elsewhere. I doubt people will be burning his jersey.

Signal..I love South Florida. The poeple are great. The weather cannot be beat...Tons of stuff to do.. I don't want to come across as crass, or like I have some local knowledge of how people will react down there. It isn't my place to say. So I should apoligize for saying that most people don't care about the team. Maybe it was because I was in the Keys, and most people there were from "out of town" Myself included. There were a ton of football fans, most Dolphin fans. Most could care less about the team after Sundays games. Go fish for snapper on the bayside, hangout on the sandbar and look at naked coeds, rip blow..whatever. Football seemed to be an after thought. I shouldn't speak about the fanbase as a whole. I was out of line.

born n raised in Miami lived in Miami for over 20 yrs so I wouldn't call myself an outta towner also still have property in s Miami.

moved 3 yrs ago for work but i plan to return soon anyways

Darryl, I took no offense at all to your post. Sorry if you took it that way. I live out west now, and last time I was down there it was for a week in the Keys. Caught some Dolphin(Mahi)and had it cooked up at a local place that night.

Anyway, just as I have read countless posts by YG/DB,I have read your posts too. You're a great fan, and you tend to do some research when discussing most issues. A little biased toward Montana guys, lol. I took my boys to a Weber State game this year and they loved it, by the way.

By the way, agree about partying on the sandbar. Nothing but fun.

Well said beer..he doesn't have a clue..it's past his bedtime and he gets cranky when he doesn't have his dose of Metamucil

The media reports garbage to hype or not any situation..this is the same. The only one who knows what manning is thinking or what he said is manning and his close crew and family..outside of that espn speculation news is crap, just like their mock drafts by all of their reporter robots

DD, Beer,

Yeah, it sounds good coming out your mouths, but Im sure segments of the populous of the city of will nfollow in line to what I posted.

You "outer towner dolfans" just dont quite understand the mindset of citizens of miami that well. You have to be a citizen of Miami for that to occur.

When Miami loses, most likely you maybe the only fan in your town upset. In Miami when the team loses 1 million people in unisom are pissed! You'll never truly understand it until you live here.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 09, 2012 at 12:40 AM

YG,like your posts but don't you think that happens in phils,dallas,pitt,or most nfl cities?

LOL,god forbid the eagles lose where I live,and I'm 50 miles north of phila.

Peyton Manning landed in Miami around 4 p.m. today, returning home from his emotional day in Indianapolis on Colts owner Jim Irsay's private plane.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/03/the-peyton-manning-interview-in-south-florida.html#storylink=cpy









THE CELLAR .............................

THE SIDELINE....................



The Giants Super Bowl run proves how important a great pass rush is and how important a great defense is. A great pass rush is the key to having a great secondary. No matter how great cornerbacks are, they can't cover a receiver for long stretches of time - Improve your pass rush and you automatically improve your secondary. Defense still wins championships.

REGARDING MANNING: Does anyone recall the Drew Brees vs Daunte Culpepper evaluation?

REGARDING MATT FLYNN: Can you say Kevin Kolb? Can you say Kyle Orten? The list goes on....

REGARDING DAN MARINO: Can you say 27th overall pick; fifth qb in first round?

Sometimes God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers...Garth Brooks

And for those of us who are agnostic and used to be newspaper reporters, Here we go again for another round of "tell us what we want."

Home, Since u got the FA signings of Marshall & Dansby correct as well as the Pouncey pick last year, now two months ago gave us the Manning free agency signing, and confirmed Reggie Wayne will also be a Dolphin my question is, Is center Jeff Saturday also going to be a Dolphin?

I will hang up and wait for your answer.

Dolphins. DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Give up the house for either of the two top draft choices. What the "F" do we have to lose?????????

I still say, Talk to the Colts. Irsay has said they are rebuilding. He is even shopping Frenney now. They haven’t talked to Wayne. He is jettisoning everybody. Give them all our draft picks in this years draft for their first pick. Draft Luck. Irsay could use those picks in combination with his own to get RG3 or he could go for Tannehill, or Flynn and still build a great team with all the picks he would have at his disposal. The Phins would have the franchise quarterback they need for the next decade. Pick up a couple of O-line in free agency. Next year you’re back with a full draft. You really haven’t lost anything but you’ve gained tremendously. It doesn’t cost anything to talk. See what happens. I’ll bet they would do it.

Whew, tough one, but I am leaning towards a 3/4 Peyton Manning is better than anything we have on the roster right now. But something in my gut is telling me not to get to excited cause lately we seem to be the bridesmaid instead of the bride. If this is our guy then we have to get him, we can't wine and dine him and in the end he goes someplace else. Been a fan since I started watching football but I got to admit starting to lose patience with this organization. The last ten years have been miserable to say the least. So if the franchise is saying this is our guy then come Tuesday he better be in a Dolphins uniform (god forbid the Jets) or my faith in this present regime will erode further, than the draft....oh for brighter days...

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