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Dolphins make the cut for Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins have made the cut for Peyton Manning. He will visit with the Dolphins as one of three or four teams he'll talk to before he decides where he will continue his apparent Hall of Fame career.

It's unclear when specifically Manning will meet with the Dolphins. According to three NFL sources and a report from the Denver Post, Manning will be meeting with the Denver Broncos today or tonight, depending on whom one believes. The Post cited an unnamed source saying Manning would be in Denver this evening.

Within the last hour, I've been told by three people associated with the NFL that Manning could be meeting with the Broncos brass in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Broncos brass is in Stillwater today for the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

The Post said the Arizona Cardinals are also on Manning's list of upcoming visits. I have not confirmed this independently but have been told Manning has "one or two other teams" aside from Denver and Miami that interest him.

Arizona and Kansas City are possibilities as is Seattle. Washington has been eliminated from consideration, one source told me.

Earlier today, ESPN reported the Dolphins' chances of landing Manning had suffered a blow based on the quarterback's apparent distaste for media attention. According to Adam Schefter, Manning didn't like all the attention he received from local media -- including a multiple helicopter chase of his van from the airport to Miami Beach.

I have tons of respect for Schefter. He's the best in the business. But, as ESPN folks would say, c'mon man! Media attention is freaking out Peyton Manning?

The man has played in two Super Bowls. The man has done more commercials than General Motors. The man hosted Saturday Night Live in 2007. The Mannings are not a family of shrinking violets. Brother Eli works in New York, the media capital of the world, and even forged the trade that put him in Gotham.

And Manning is spooked by Miami's local media? Or he's spooked by Miami being a bigger town than Indianapolis? Um, Phoenix and Denver are both bigger than Miami. And, in fact, Indianapolis has a bigger population than the City of Miami.

And, I remind you, Manning lives here.

So he's spooked by cameras but isn't spooked by, you know, important things like Denver's freaky weather and altitude? He's worried about a few TV cameras but will be comfortable with the avalanche of snow that will drop on his passes playing for the Broncos in December?

Stop. Please stop.

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Oh aren't we blessed. Will he bring his nerves with him

I have a feeling this will be the Jeff Fisher/John Harbaugh shinanigans all over again, Manning will choose Arizona and we'll be the laughing stock of the NFL yet again.

Manning knows more than Philbin. He respects Elway far more than Ireland. Why would he even think about Miami? The condo is not that big a deal, he can buy one anywhere or rent a luxury pad, its pennies to him.

Ya, just got a feeling that he talks to Miami just to please the fans and media, and ability to up the bids. He probably has no interest in playing here, never did, just likes to vacation here. Fins have been losing the ability to get the big guys for years.

It's funny. He was here, why not meet with Miami first? Hmmm.

When Manning tells those losers Ross & Ireland to take a hike, hopefully that will be the death blow and Ross decides to sell and Ireland gets fired. No Harbaugh, no Fisher, no Manning and the team's rep takes pounding after pounding. And this is the first time when Miami went in as the front-runner. His money isn't doing him any good.....

You are so right, just hope the team does not move out of Miami. Ross better not sell em to the west coast.

I don't see him playing in that crap weather in Denver. I think its a bigger factor than is being reported.

Arizona v Miami.

And I think he's going to the desert.

Thanks Armando. I agree that the whole "too much media attention in Miami" is dumb. I don't doubt that he disliked that type of media attention, but I'm sure he's smart enough to realize the helicopter-level of attention is merely because he's a FA, and probably why he wants to make a decision on a team within a week!

Moore is the starter, get mario williams

Jeez, do any of us believe Manning coming here? Confirms none of us have faith in Ross or Ireland.

You want to know what's wrong with the dolphins......it's the fans! God I am embarrassed to be a fan right now. Christ this team is going to do something to change things watch.

Manning is playing things a bit too cute but please no more talk of Fisher as if "losing Fisher" were a negative.

Maybe he feels that his privacy is being violated a bit. At least ensure the dude that once this free agency process with Manning has come to a conclusion, things will go back to "normal".

Well, if they had been working on this for months, (meeting with agents, etc behind the lines) and Manning knows he was leaving Indy, then why not just sign with the Fins now? He wants his guys, and the longer he waits, the tougher it will be to sign free agents. He is going Arizona.

Dolphinfan4life, WTH do you expect? We havent been relavent for the last decade. Forget about that fluke 2008 season. We havent drafted a first round QB since Marino, blame the organization after Shula left not the fans.

So when Manning goes to Denver, what do the Dolphins trade them to get Tebow? In terms of Ross' criteria to get a QB that will sell tickets, get the fans excited and get local and national media talking about the Dolphins and not just the Heat and Marlins, Tebow still fits the bill. And isn't his skill set fairly well suited to run a west coast offense where the QB has the freedom to move?

Just thinking out loud......

geez, I hope not. The patsies eat him alive.

Let's not get the cart in front of the horse, guys. John Clayton still has Dolphins as favorite. I really believe he will visit 2-4 teams before visiting Dolphins so he can drive up his contract value. In the end, Manning will choose Dolphins.


How is it you find it 'emabarassing' for the team to chase someone and not get him? Big deal! Is it better to sit home and do nothing like some of the usual suspects are doing (Bills, Cleveland, Bucs)?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained my friend....

Manning's Schedule:
Friday - Denver
Saturday - Arizona
Sunday - Miami
Monday - Make a Decision
Tuesday - Sign Contract by 4pm

I don't know what it is, but Ross and Ireland are like a cancer to players around the league. I think how they handled Sparano and the whole Dez Bryant mother thing has put up a red flag in Miami. I don't buy the media blitz scaring him off. He'll have to deal with that where ever he goes. If Miami misses on Manning, then they MUST move up for RGIII, or at the very least, sign Matt Flynn. If none of those things happen, you can expect a riot in South Florida.

I think we have as good a chance as anyone. Can't ask for more than that. If at the end of the day he doesn't want to come here, I'd be on the phone to Flynn Tuesday when he comes available. After that it's a call to the Rams to see if they can get the price down. I'm confident when it's all said and done, the QB position will be improved from last year.

Fan in Georgia,
Your correct, but the history here lately is not good for getting things done right. Give em credit for trying, just might not be doing it well, and sooner or later it bites you. If Manning don't come, what big name wants to play here?


Why not Miami first? Maybe he'd rather visit the teams he's less likely to go to first to get them out of the way. One thing is for sure is that he's a guy that will do his due diligence, so if there's 1or 2 teams he's leaning towards maybe he prefers to save those for last. Could make it easier for him to meet with the team or two he's not as interested in, if he does them first.

Nit sure if that came out as clear as the way I'm thinking about it. My point is if he feels strongly about Miami, but still wants to do his DD, and since he lives in Miami, it'd be easier to visit the other places then come back to Miami, visit with the Phins, and stay. My wishful thinking at least.

Of course it's also possible that Ireland's family issues may be pushing the meeting back due to his current unavailability (if that's still going on).

It's funny we haven't heard too much from the 'guy will never come here. Nobody wants to work for Ireland and Ross' crowd. Are they all on vacation?

Mando is spot on. I told that one idiot earlier, you didn't need to clarify. Miami is not a very big market, by any measure. Only arrogant Miamians think Miami is a big city. Miami was still a swamp some 50 years after the University of Florida was founded in Gainesville.

This is a smokescreen by those writers who don't want Manning in Miami.

My guess is Tebow gets traded to Jacksonville if Denver signs Manning. Of course Miami could also trade for him, but I am not sure if they would want to.

If Miami DOESN'T GET Manning, then it looks like we will go after Flynn along with Cleveland. If Cleveland gets Flynn, we will go after RGIII along with Washington. If we don't get RGIII then we will select Tannehill with the 8th pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

I've gone from being supremely confident he'd play in Miami to being almost sure he won't. And there's no real reason for it other than that's the way it's gone for years. I've talked myself into believing that Denver and Arizona are better equipped and come with less organizational baggage.

Craig M,
I totally agree. It's not time to cry the sky is falling. I don't know why but I feel good about getting Manning. If not then we turn to Flynn.

Ez-squeeze me?!
Peyton doesn't want media attention, and Denver is his first stop?
DENVER!? The home of Tebowmania, and the possible displacement of said person, AND the circus that would go along with that?
You kidding me?!!

Hat ready to eat. I'm, speechless.

Craig M, I didnt post anything about it being "embarassing" to chase Manning, I said Ross and Ireland might find some way to screw it up and we'll end up the laughing stock of the NFL which we were after the Harbaugh fiasco.

Ireland had a family emergency yesturday. Is he even in town for the biggest meeting the finds have had in years? is he Missing? Is that why he is going to Denver & not meeting the Fins first? Amatuer Hour Again, maybe he can ask if his mom's a prostitute??


it's hard to imagine Ross being a worse owner than the owner of the Cardinals. And the Denver owner has been a disaster since firing Shanahan.

Craig, Flynn coming to Miami makes me want to cry.

I just read on www.peytonwatch.com that Peyton will be in Denver tonight meeting with the Broncos.


How does that make us the laughing stock because we chase a guy and don't get him? Fear of TRYING would be more of a laughing stock. Why do people get SO hung up on what people around the league think of us? Win a few games, make the playoffs and starting winning championships again and the perception of this franchsie will change. I want this team to be known as a team that will do anything to get better and hopefully Ross feels the same way.

Mark in Toronto,

I don't see him going to Arizona. For one, he said he prefers to stay in the AFC. Two, and maybe more importantly, Arizona's offensive line was pretty bad last year and from what I heard they're losing their LT to free agency, and will likely have 3 new starters along the line next year. If i remember correctly they gave up 54 sacks last year. I don't think Manning would find that too enticing.

Miami on the other hand really only needs one lineman, either RG or RT, assuming they give Jerry one of those jobs.

Morons, nobody wants Tebow. Nobody wants Hartline.

Also, there is zero chance we will go after 7th round Flynn. Not even on the radar screen. Why do people keep mentioning that name?

Craig, it will very difficult to find better performance at the QB position next year, since our starting QB was the 10th best in the league last year and none of the 9 QBs who were better are available.

Jeff Ireland comes off as a creep when he talks to people. That is a big disadvantage. He rubs people the wrong way. He doesn't know the right way to treat people (can you blame him, he learned under Parcells). But he can't get away with it as Parcells did because Ireland has done nothing in the league to warrant his demeanor.

Jeff Ireland is not someone I would want representing the Miami Dolphins when you are trying to bring in the biggest name free-agent in NFL History.

That being said, it seems that our new coach Joe Philbin is a class-act. A classy guy who probably will get along great with Peyton.

So if I was the Dolphins, I would have Philbin talk to Manning and keep Jeff Ireland as far away as possible. Now who knows if Philbin really wants Manning or he is being pushed on him by Ross and Ireland?

IF...if PM signs with Denver,
(can't believe I'm even buying this) ..
I wouldn't be on the phone to FLynn agent, I'd be on the phone with Denver trying to pry Tebow loose.
They can have our 2nd pick, and any Qb on our roster.

And I don't talk to Flynn's agent anyway. I go to the draft and find a 7th round weak arm there. Cheaper, and just the same.

All we can do is wait until Tuesday. IF they don't get Manning then they settle for 2nd choice, just like they did with Sprano. How did that work out?


RGIII is the guy I'd want second....I just don't see it. I think the 'Skins are hellbent on getting this guy and I say, 'GO NUTS'. I just think the price would get astronmical for him and I can see Synder not being outbid for him. I think he'll do whatever to get him and fill the roster in with all the cap space he has.

Miami visited harbaugh first, Miami visited fisher first. Perhaps its not so good to go first?

I'm hanging on to anything even remotely positive right now.

seeing philbin talking in the news yesterday...tells me that he wants flynn..the dolphins are a boring organization...they always settle for boring players.why did aaron rodgers say today that flynn would be a top 15 qb next year...cause philbin or someone told him to hype him up..also reggie wayne yesterday after being excited talking to irvin on the radio ...changed his tune yesterday at the u pro day....saying ask payton...ask payton..?

Armando reporting that it's basically down to Miami or Arizona with Denver a dark-horse candidate.

Since Miami is in the AFC and Manning already has a condo here (he likes the area), ONLY MIAMI CAN #### it up if they want him!

I say all things equal (and we want him) he is coming to Miami!

Just keep Jeff (Is your mother a prostitute) away from interrogating Peyton!

Ithaca Phin Fan | March 09, 2012 at 02:05 PM


Craig M, Its been a decade since we've been relavent, I forgot how it feels to be a winning franchise, the 2008 playoff run was like a girl letting you smash without busting a nut. A TEASE!

Lol u guys are freaking out. Now its doom and gloom again in Miami. Remember I said it Peyton Manning will be a Miami Dolphin. MarkyBeatz954

Mark in Toronto,

Aaron Rodgers said today that who ever gets Flynn will get a top ten QB. If Dolphins don't get Manning, Flynn at least knows the offense. He has sit under Rodgers and developed into a good QB. He reminds me of Pennington. He is accurate with an above average arm.

Maybe he is just getting all of the interested offers and brings them back to Ross and says, beat that and I am here. Otherwise, no way Jose.

Armando's sources tell him us or Arizona, Denver longshot.
THAT sounds more reasonable.

Ithaca, hope you're right.

Craig, I'd just as soon go tannehill in the draft if manning and rg3 are missed. I just don't see how spending the money on Flynn makes them better than what they were under Moore but tough to say.

Moore signing a new three year deal and having tannehill on the pines in qb school seems like a reasonable plan c to me.


Manning is on a plane right now with Elway and Fox to Denver. Denver is making a push not to let him leave the building.

my preference is to try to get RG III, but the if Dolphins organization makes this effort they better get him because the back lash would be huge from the fan base.

I hope I am wrong but with the history of this organization lately they will find way to screw this up.

Did you know what you were getting into Joe P. when you signed? Ross is a nice guy but has no clue.....at this point.......to running an NFL organization.

Again I hope i am wrong!

If your ashamed to be a dolphins fan then your Not a dolphins fan if your not a dolphins fan why comment on this article and 3rd peyton will be a dolphin chill n let it unfold...


Miami didn't visit Harbaugh first. The contract was basically done with SF when Ross and Ireland flew out there. Harbaugh knew exactly what he was doing when they showed up and it was to go to SF. It was a last ditch effort to change his mind and it was really a forgone conclusion by that point in time.

Mark, I know you're saying you think it will be Arizona but let's play why NOT Arizona for a second. What might Manning not like about Arizona? Not a GREAT team history. Not sure about the owner. Always seemed like a bit of a bozo to me. Do they have much on offence outside of Fitz? I don't buy the weak division argument. I think SF, with that defence will be really good for years to come. Seattle and St. Louis should get better. Pats are getting older and Brady and BB won't be around forever. Not sure the two divisions aren't about the same and who knows in two years.

Are you people stupid or what. I've never heard of such trash. Fact the Dolphins offered Marino a position in the front office at the beginning of 2011. Fact Marino didn't accept but was thankful for the offer. He didn't accept because he liked his lifestyle too much to accept. Since then Marino has had a very good relationship with Ross and the FO. Fact he has communicated this to Manning informally. Fact the front runner in a negotiation usually has the last meeting. Fact Fisher and Harbough have nothing to do with with this negotiation. A person worth 2.1 billion has probably negotiated a deal or 2. Btw Ross is worth more than Donald Trump and didn't inherit it like Trump did. This is no stupid guy.

Verifiable, Rodgers is certainly better equipped to speak on the topic than I am but is there any chance he's just pumping his buddy's tires here?

There are just so many examples of it not working but if there was one team that you'd want to take a backup from, its green bay. Rodgers, hasselbeck, and brunell are testament to that. It just makes me nervous, can't help it.

Got to go shave my Mom. Be right back.

I've only heard Philbin speak a few times, and those few times have been pretty consistent, and direct.

*He believes in drafting your way to success.
*QB is the most important position on the field, but just one position of many. Big picture is key.
*Despite his philosophy of drafting his roster, he concedes that PM is an exception. (this one may just be PC, hard to tell).

So out of this, where would anyone get the idea that he'd prefer to sign FA Flynn to be the most important cornerstone of his future roster/scheme?

Sounds to me like he's saying - If we get PM, fine. If not, let me go draft my guys, my way.
And I'd still lay odds that he's talking to Ireland already about who and when to draft his future QB.
My two cents.

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