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Dolphins make the cut for Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins have made the cut for Peyton Manning. He will visit with the Dolphins as one of three or four teams he'll talk to before he decides where he will continue his apparent Hall of Fame career.

It's unclear when specifically Manning will meet with the Dolphins. According to three NFL sources and a report from the Denver Post, Manning will be meeting with the Denver Broncos today or tonight, depending on whom one believes. The Post cited an unnamed source saying Manning would be in Denver this evening.

Within the last hour, I've been told by three people associated with the NFL that Manning could be meeting with the Broncos brass in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Broncos brass is in Stillwater today for the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

The Post said the Arizona Cardinals are also on Manning's list of upcoming visits. I have not confirmed this independently but have been told Manning has "one or two other teams" aside from Denver and Miami that interest him.

Arizona and Kansas City are possibilities as is Seattle. Washington has been eliminated from consideration, one source told me.

Earlier today, ESPN reported the Dolphins' chances of landing Manning had suffered a blow based on the quarterback's apparent distaste for media attention. According to Adam Schefter, Manning didn't like all the attention he received from local media -- including a multiple helicopter chase of his van from the airport to Miami Beach.

I have tons of respect for Schefter. He's the best in the business. But, as ESPN folks would say, c'mon man! Media attention is freaking out Peyton Manning?

The man has played in two Super Bowls. The man has done more commercials than General Motors. The man hosted Saturday Night Live in 2007. The Mannings are not a family of shrinking violets. Brother Eli works in New York, the media capital of the world, and even forged the trade that put him in Gotham.

And Manning is spooked by Miami's local media? Or he's spooked by Miami being a bigger town than Indianapolis? Um, Phoenix and Denver are both bigger than Miami. And, in fact, Indianapolis has a bigger population than the City of Miami.

And, I remind you, Manning lives here.

So he's spooked by cameras but isn't spooked by, you know, important things like Denver's freaky weather and altitude? He's worried about a few TV cameras but will be comfortable with the avalanche of snow that will drop on his passes playing for the Broncos in December?

Stop. Please stop.

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#18 is your next QB. I trust Ross has got this under control.

Manning would be less likely to choose Miami if he read the constant ignorant comments on Ross from our fan base. The man is a premier businessman and sefl-made Billionaire (that's a B). He has closed more huge deals than any other owner in the NFL. He continues to pursue solutions and won't stop until he succeeds here just like ha has always done. These fans (joke) need to just pay attention to their mundane lives and quit demonstrating their ignorance.

With or without Manning, this team is set to prosper. Once it does, all of these whiners will claim what loyal fans they were and how strongly they endorsed our owner. Makes me want to puke.

Screw Adam Scheffer, he can GSAD.


Manning not goign to Broncos.

No balls,

Send me the link on Manning's comments to that effect please. You can't. Who's reporting it, No balls?

Think about it for a second. Manning lives in South Beach, 40 mins from the facilities. Probably reads the local papers and follows the local media. Are you really saying he knows more about the Denver situation than Miami? How?


This team will never win with Ross and Ireland. Miami was a favorite until Manning actually started to hear about these two. Hey I wonder if Ireland will askk Peyton about his mom?

Maybe Marino talked to Peyton and warned him. Or JT, Zach, anyone with any shred of decency and honesty would steer Peyton far far far away from this cess pool.

Stephen Ross has two strikes already. (Harbaugh and Fisher). If he strikes out with Manning after all the BS from the Dolphins and media it will be UGLY.

Arizona is like NFL Heaven, That is where all great NFL careers go to die.... Emmitt Smith, Kurt Warner, Edgerin James,Next Peyton Manning.

Albert, To bad no one can fire Ross


If you're out there, you told me 24 hours ago that KC was the favourite, that it was where Manning wanted to go. Told me the KC media was reporting it directly from Manning's camp. What happened? I notice he doesn't have a date set up yet for KC on his Magical Mystery Tour.

Manning left a waiter a 200 dollar tip ,and the waiter got fired for posting the recipe on his twitter

Ross is a very successful. No question. But thus far he sucks in the NFL.

His stadium is empty.
His team is in the L column more often than the W
He has failed miserably in trying to land two premium HC's

This will be another FAIL for Mr. Ross.

Craig M - That information comes directly from tweets by Rich Eisen (of NFL Network) and Jay Glazer. I am not making it up. Of course you can say they don't know what they are talking about, but I am just repeating what they have said:

RT @JayGlazer: Manning chose Denver as his first visit bc he's familiar w Elway and Fox. Wanted his 1st visit to be w ppl he knows well


Manning not goign to Broncos.

Look when it was written and by whom, read the updated articles, dill weed.


'Failed miserably'? He's owned the team for two years. How can you fail miserably after two years? How's your last two years been? He's out there trying to make the Dolphins better, which is a Hell of a lot better that you're doing coming on here and trashing these guys evert chance you get. Why don't you stop focussing on the negative and start focussing on the fact that Ross wants to win a Championship. Are you even a Dolphin fan? Do you want to see this franchise get better or just keep commenting your negative crap on here?

Manning left a waiter a 200 dollar tip ,and the waiter got fired for posting the recipe on his twitter

Posted by: Clue | March 09, 2012 at 03:16 PM

Receipe?? Really? You boob.

Crazy idea - I say we patch the boat, keep Mooore as starter and hold things togther, improve as team for 2012 and maybe deal now for a shot at QB Matt Barkley when he comes out in the 2013 draft. This guy is flat out high speed, runs pro style offense at SC and wins in tough places.

BUT if there is a goofball bad move to be made, make no mistake, the Dolphins will find a way to f it all up.

...So I said the other day(Tuesday) that I thought Manning would end up in either Arizona, or Denver. At that time I'm sure most of you who read that post thought I was off my rocker. Denver hadn't even really been mentioned at that point. I'm not trying to be a gumshoe, or the guy that is "breaking news"..I just happen to live in the rocky mountains, have a good friend that is a beat writer in Missoula(for the griz) and he has some information that he shared with me reguarding Tim Tebow(who is on a speaking tour of Montana now. Misoula included)..And the huge push the Broncos were planning for Manning.

I understant that becuase I "know a guy" means nothing. There are a lot of people who think they have inside information. I'm just sharing what I know, take it for what it is worth. Personally, I think Mannning is destined for Arizona. I hope I'm wrong and he is a Phin next week. I really hope that the Denver rumors are just that..Rumors. I don't think I could stand the Donkey punishment that I would recieve should the Broncos land Mannning over the Phins.

I am with u on Moore. No flynn. Manning I am ok with.


You're not allowed to say that you mentioned something liek that previously....LOL. I mentioned the same thing this morning and the guy told me I was a know-it-all....LOL. Denver alsways seemed like a possibility to me too. It was just too quiet coming out of there and I know they're not sold on Tebow as the 'franchise'. None of it surprises me but I think it'll be down to Arizona and Miami.

Cards are 13M OVER the cap. Honestly, unless the Dolphins really screw this up (or Houston decides it wants Manning), Miami is going to win Manning BY DEFAULT!

Craig do you work in a toll booth on a closed road?

No balls,

Where are you getting your cap numbers from? I have the Dolphins and Cardinals a few million under the cap each and within $2 million of each other.

Manning is putting a lot of pressure on himself. If he doesn't take a team to the playoffs, he is going to look like a con artist.

Btw a couple of thing for everyone that thinks the sky is falling. One factor that Manning has said is.big, is playing in a warm weather city. Would Denver fit that factor. NO. Another factor is the team having cap room, Arizona has none, and would have to cut a large portion of players to offer Manning a contract. In addition Bill Bidwell is recognized as the worst owner in the league. And the last positive Miami is last to present.

Well... Miami does get a bad rep sometimes for being mostly about hype and flash with less substance and class... (remember the Heat pre-season party... or the Canes military garb before the Penn State loss under Jimmy Johnson?)

So, it takes folks that love the hype and self-promotion to tolerate the over the top we wanna be LA and NY style media.

The fans of Miami are actually pretty laid back in many ways.

Oh well. If that is a factor another snake bit situation for the Fins. The Post-Marino curse persists.



phins 10 million under, with a restructure or two they can get to 15-20

Ross & Ireland = AMATEUR hour. The way they handled the Sparano / Harbaugh situation will haunt them for years to come. They are not trusted and lost credibility when they pulled that. Ireland is more of the same with the Dez Bryant fiasco. CP10 who barely has a bad word to say about anyone ripped Ross for that and rightfully so. The NFL doesn't exist in a vacuum. Manning will not go to play for the Dolphins and Mr Ross and Ireland will be the reasons why.

Who wants this circus? I hope he goes elsewhere. Talk about distractions.

From John Clayton a few minutes ago:

RT @ClaytonESPN: After putting the RFA tenders in to Cards cap and counting C. Campbell's franchise tag, Cards are $13 million over the cap.

The majority of people don't even remember the Harbaugh situation.

Manning will not sign with Miami for one reason and only one reason - the organization just isn't in the class of other teams. Too bad because we were once at the top of that pile. Not the end of world, just very dissapointing!!

Remember to wait until the new NIKE Dolphins uniforms come out before you buy your #18 jersey. Not sure if there will be much of a change (with Armando would find out!)


Responding to your reply earlier. I don't think I rip Ireland for every wrong move he makes (maybe I did, but that's not my intention). I feel I rip Ireland for having the wrong (IMO) draft strategy. Now, I accept that he wasn't responsible for some of the earlier guys (Henne/White just to name 2), but I have issues with his "acorn" strategy (over say playmakers). I have issues with the apparent draft rule of linemen high/skill positions low (as a general rule). And of not prioritizing the QB position as #1 overall.

The guys I ripped him for drafting (whether it was him or Parcells or someone else) were spots where I think he reached when he didn't have to (i.e. Misi). I felt there was enough talent available that he didn't need to think he was smarter than the rest of the World (which was my opinion of why he took Misi, mistaken as it may be).

But, you can see going forward how fair I am with Ireland. I give him credit for Marshall (I was in favor of that move), and Dansby (that too), AND NOT taking Orton (which I was in favor of taking him then, but turned out Ireland made the right move and I was wrong).

I won't blame him if the QB doesn't work. I'd only blame him if he didn't feel we needed to upgrade at that position. Also, by the way, you bring up Belichick a lot in regards to people not criticizing talent acquisitions. That's not my team, so I'm happy Belichick has been so wrong on so many players, but if I was a Pats fan, I'd be pretty upset with that. I mean, they still went to the SB, but as soon as Brady leaves the team, they instantly become pretty pedestrian (IMO). So Belichick will get his, he's just been lucky that his QB has deflected a lot of that criticism he deserves.


Let's not confuse success in the Business world with success in the NFL. Wayne Huiezenga is also a Billionair and history shows he failed miserably as an NFL owner. Look at Snyder is Washington. The NFL is full of Billionairs that just can't hack it in the NFL.

Also love the posters who point out how other people look. As in how ugly they are. Great posts right there. That's what football; is all about, how good looking or bad looking the players and coaches are. Pathetic.

Does anyone doubt that the same people who are pointing out Philbin,Ross, and Elways looks are probably hideous to look at? Seriously, would you care what someone looked like if you weren't so insecure about your own looks.

How about this,,,,grow up maybe?

Question if Manning goes to Miami by some act of God would Mr. Ross have a second red carpet installed? Do you think more than 40,000 fans would actually show up to a game. Would at least 10,000 of them be under the age of 75?

If we remember the Harbaugh situation eveyone else do dunce

Really Danc I'm going to copy this post and post it every time I see your name when Manning signs.

Craig M...I thought the blog was a place for opinion?? Most of us are wrong most of the time...If we were right about stuff regaurding the team we wouldn't be pounding away on a blog..We would be in a front office making real decisions..I wouldn't worry about someone calling you a know it all...That is the beauty of blogging..we all get to express our opinions and there is no consequence to those opinions...(except some ridicule from other bloggers)...

"This team will never win with Ross and Ireland."

Sounds like the same guy that said the Yankees would never win a World Series with Alex Rodriguez.

Throw out your crystal ball, doesn't work.

I myself look like a donkey faced ladybug.

Duh just like you don't know what or who Bill Bidwell has done, people in other cities don't know and don't care about what happened with Harbaugh. It's old news, DUH

Maybe it's the quality of the dopey reporting.
Maybe it's 7 FA's leaving and only 6 draft picks to replace them with.
Maybe it's because more than half of new coaching staff has no NFL experience.
Maybe it's because the coaches with head coaching experience have never been in thier current positions before.
Maybe it's because every draft pick will eith start or backup last year's backups.

I watched that idiotic piece by Schefter. None of what he said had any basis in fact. I just shook my head and said out loud to no one: "Whaaaaaatt? Just made no sense.

The dude is not clued in but wants to appear as if he is. Sad grab for attention on Schefter's part.

"Manning is putting a lot of pressure on himself. If he doesn't take a team to the playoffs, he is going to look like a con artist."

How is Manning putting pressure on himself? He's interviewing for jobs. What has he done to pressure himself?

He hasn't even said a word. All the pressure is coming from media speculation. But by all means, lets give the media another pass, they're always right and never make mistakes. Everything they report is 100 percent accurate and you know it because they always quote "unnamed sources", how much more proof do you need?

So yes, Manning is putting lots of pressure on himself by being chased by Helicopters and speeding vehicles and taking interviews. But just don't ever blame the media, it's always someone else's fault.

Philbin = Larry Coker fugly

Ireland = Donkey fugly

Ross= Waldo fugly

Manniing = Turtle fugly

John Clayton = Crypt keeper fugly


Good post at 3:38 pm. Keep hammering away on your keyboard. You're right a lot more than you're wrong and even when you are wrong your post is well thought out and usually has another angle that most of us weren't smart enough to think about.



All you idiots who write more than 2 paragraphs are losers.

Assignment: everyone go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peyton_Manning#Manning_in_popular_culture and then tell me you don't want Mr. Peyton Manning on our team.

In this manner, we will be able to identify the complete morons among us. Of course we want Manning.

It would be an honor and a privilege to have him on our team.


I happen to like Adam Schefter but I don't think he has his finger on the pulse on this one. Seems to me that both he and Mike Florio (who's a little weasel btw) both have it in for the Dolphins. I got Florio and Armando at noon today on PFT and it seems to me that Florio loves to rub people the wrong way. Don't know what his problem is with the Dolphins or the city of Miami but you can just tell how he feels about everytime he opens his mouth. Guy is a weasel through and through...

Manning holds a number of individual career records:

Regular seasonMost seasons with at least 4,000 passing yards: 11 (1999–2004, 2006–2010)[221]
Most consecutive seasons with at least 4,000 passing yards: 6 (1999–2004; tied with Drew Brees)[2]
Most games with 40+ pass attempts in a season: 10 (2010)[222]
Most consecutive seasons with at least 20 touchdown passes: 13 (1998–2010) [38]
Most consecutive seasons with at least 25 touchdown passes: 13 (1998–2010)[221]
Most games with a perfect passer rating, career: 4 (includes 1 playoff game)[91]
Most consecutive games started to open a career: 208 [38][223]
Most consecutive games with at least 2 touchdown passes: 13 (games 1–13, 2004)[224]
Most consecutive games with at least 4 touchdown passes: 5 (games 7–11, 2004)[225]
Most games with at least 4 touchdown passes, season: 6 (2004; tied with 1984 Marino)[225]
Most games with at least 4 touchdown passes, career: 24 (includes 2 playoff games; tied with Brett Favre)[226]
Most games with at least 5 touchdown passes, career: 7 (includes 1 playoff game)[227]
Most games with at least 5 touchdown passes and no interceptions, career: 4 (tied with Tom Brady)
One of only seven QBs with at least 6 touchdown passes in two games (tied with Sammy Baugh, Y.A. Tittle, Daryle Lamonica, Tom Brady, Charley Johnson and George Blanda)[228]
One of only two QBs with at least 6 touchdown passes and no interceptions in two games (tied with Tom Brady)
Most regular games with at least 300 passing yards: 63 (tied with Dan Marino)
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Second-Highest career completions/game average (min. 100 games played): 22.5 (Drew Brees, 23.4)
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Why is Ross such an idiot? Does he always have to show his hand on every deal he makes (or fails to make)? He makes the Dolphins look like a team that is so desperate for a coach and now a QB. Peyton Manning will NOT be playing for the Dolphins this year. He will instantly be turned off by Ross and will go and play for John Elway in Denver. Dolphins fans including myself, will get another dose of "this team isn't what it used to be".

Timmy Couch, you f in idiot stop flodding the blog with crap no one can read. Jerkface


Philbin is way better looking than Larry Coker. Just sayin'.

"All you idiots who write more than 2 paragraphs are losers"

It most likely takes you longer to read them then it does for us to write them.

And anyone with half a brain in here reads the longer posts because they actually have well thought out opinions that you may learn something from. Well maybe not you, but you know, a smart person.

NFL career statisticsAll statistics from Pro Football Reference,[36] CBS Sportsline,[255] and ESPN[256]

Regular seasonYear Team Games Starts Wins Passing Rushing Rating
Comp Att Pct Yds YPA TD Int Att Yds Avg TD
1998 IND 16 16 3 326 575† 56.7 3,739 6.5 26 28† 15 62 4.1 0 71.2
1999 IND 16 16 13 331 533 62.1 4,135 7.8 26 15 35 73 2.1 2 90.7
2000 IND 16 16 10 357† 571 62.5 4,413† 7.7 33† 15 37 116 3.1 1 94.7
2001 IND 16 16 6 343 547 62.7 4,131 7.6 26 23 35 157 4.5 4 84.1
2002 IND 16 16 10 392 591 66.3 4,200 7.1 27 19 38 148 3.9 2 88.8
2003 IND 16 16 12 379† 566 67.0† 4,267† 7.5 29 10 28 26 0.9 0 99.0
2004 IND 16 16 12 336 497 67.7 4,557 9.2† 49† 10 25 38 1.5 0 121.1†
2005 IND 16 16 14 305 453 67.3 3,747 8.3 28 10 33 45 1.4 0 104.1†
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Career 208 208 141 4,682 7,210 64.9 54,828 7.6 399 198 346 722 2.1 17 94.9

You people are blind. Were not going to get Manning, or Flynn, or RG3. Case and point, Ireland and Ross are morons and will screw this up and we will once again be the laughing stock of the NFL. I have zero faith in Ross and Ireland. Why? Well... Have you seen any improvement in the team in the past decade? We have sucked since Marino left and will continue to suck until Ireland and Ross leave the organization. Id rather have Floyd the Janitor from the third floor negotiating.

Phins78, People dont have the attention span to read 4 paragraphs of re-treads material duck face.

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