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Dolphins make the cut for Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins have made the cut for Peyton Manning. He will visit with the Dolphins as one of three or four teams he'll talk to before he decides where he will continue his apparent Hall of Fame career.

It's unclear when specifically Manning will meet with the Dolphins. According to three NFL sources and a report from the Denver Post, Manning will be meeting with the Denver Broncos today or tonight, depending on whom one believes. The Post cited an unnamed source saying Manning would be in Denver this evening.

Within the last hour, I've been told by three people associated with the NFL that Manning could be meeting with the Broncos brass in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Broncos brass is in Stillwater today for the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

The Post said the Arizona Cardinals are also on Manning's list of upcoming visits. I have not confirmed this independently but have been told Manning has "one or two other teams" aside from Denver and Miami that interest him.

Arizona and Kansas City are possibilities as is Seattle. Washington has been eliminated from consideration, one source told me.

Earlier today, ESPN reported the Dolphins' chances of landing Manning had suffered a blow based on the quarterback's apparent distaste for media attention. According to Adam Schefter, Manning didn't like all the attention he received from local media -- including a multiple helicopter chase of his van from the airport to Miami Beach.

I have tons of respect for Schefter. He's the best in the business. But, as ESPN folks would say, c'mon man! Media attention is freaking out Peyton Manning?

The man has played in two Super Bowls. The man has done more commercials than General Motors. The man hosted Saturday Night Live in 2007. The Mannings are not a family of shrinking violets. Brother Eli works in New York, the media capital of the world, and even forged the trade that put him in Gotham.

And Manning is spooked by Miami's local media? Or he's spooked by Miami being a bigger town than Indianapolis? Um, Phoenix and Denver are both bigger than Miami. And, in fact, Indianapolis has a bigger population than the City of Miami.

And, I remind you, Manning lives here.

So he's spooked by cameras but isn't spooked by, you know, important things like Denver's freaky weather and altitude? He's worried about a few TV cameras but will be comfortable with the avalanche of snow that will drop on his passes playing for the Broncos in December?

Stop. Please stop.

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On Schefter's report:

For one, "people around the league" does not equal Peyton Manning. Manning will be making the decision; a decision that will be entirely uninfluenced by what people around the league sense/think/feel about what Manning is thinking.

Two, if I remember correctly, Schefter was also one of the NFL insiders who said that Rams were losing steam in the pursuit of Fisher. How'd that turn out?

I really don't have anything against guys like Schefter or Mortensen. However, at times like these when REAL details about a story are in high demand but very hard to obtain, they end up putting out comments that really stretches any rumors they hear, or just put out crappy information.

I mean, for Peyton's sake, he hasn't even MET with the Dolphins yet! How the heck can you gain or lose steam, when nothing is happening yet??

Whats more important in a women.

Brains, Big Butt, Big chest, Legs, Height, Toes?


thay all hate the Fins...we never get coverage on ESPN or NFL netwoork until now ofcourse.

JS in LA,

Kolb is a young QB. He's not 28 years old until August. This guy hasn't played a lot and he's not beat up. He was the 36th pick in the 2007 draft for a reason. Not a first rounder but damn close. The reality is that Kolb isn't as bad as he played last year and Flynn isn't as good as he showed in his two games. Now who are you going to pay more for, the guys who's the hot ticket FA or the guy who made a lot of his money last year and was cast aside by the signing of Manning. Understand, neither of these guys are my first options. But to but them in a battle with Moore (who I like), at a reasonable price AND draft a young QB isn't a bad consolation prize.

I'm going to keep repeating my post until the deal is done.

Peyton manning WILL BE wearing the Miami Dolphins #18 by the end of this weekend and/or as early as next week as they look to get the medical and physical out of the way.

Jeff THE SCOUT will NOT be seriously making a play for RGIII BUT he may put forth an effort. Problem is other teams have way more to offer.

Look for THE SCOUT to draft a solid righty or lefty who can transition to the right side for the O line. The lefty capability can be a security blanket in the event something happens to Long.

They remaining will be used to shore up the D and also stockpile some picks if possible so that they can be used in 2013 draft and go after Matt Barkley.

Never did care for Shafter.

JS in LA,

One other thing I should have added, both of these guys are better suited to play in a West Coast offence, the likes of which we are likely to see in Miami next year. These guys aren't option A but they're not a bad alternate plan if we fail to land Manning.

NY "G"


People need to stop talking about Billick's opinion on the best fit for Manning, because he's biased, which makes his comments worthless.

There is one reason for his opinion that Miami is not right for Manning, and that's because he and Ireland don't get along. Same reason he wasn't even considered for a HC interview. I'm pretty sure Armando ran a post on the latter last month.

well then i guess he better not go to anymore superbowls if he doesn't want any attention.....

I dreamed that Fred Flinstone and I entered a pyramid carrying bowls of gelatin on our heads and were attacked by an enraged, French-speaking midget.

Jeff Darlington says on twitter:

Miami fans: Relax! Peyton's signing wasn't imminent because he has a condo on SoBe -- and it isn't over because he's visiting Miami later.

NY 'G',

Any thoughts that Cowher might be coming with Manning to Miami?

Craig M,

Don't count Cower out! OK, hey... I stood by what i said back then and came on here and took my beating like a man.

Dunged was spotted with Peyton.

manning just signed with the broncos,its official the dolphins suck !!!!!!!

Dungy was spotted with Peyton.

you suck

If the Dolphins had known they werent getting Cowher or Fisher, they would've kept Sparano. Philbin is a downgrade. And they lost Nolan too.

hey maybe you clowns can get flipper too play qb,hahaha,losers!!!!!!

Philbin is not a step down from sparano. Your dillusional. Philbin and his new staff are head and shoulders pads above the italian crew.

Guess we know how you got that name.......meat.......your daddys nickname for ya.........fresh meat

Craig M...Thanks for the shout earlier..

I am going to agree with you about QB. Kolb as a backup plan..I'm sure I will be called names, and told that Kolb is a worthless slob of a QB..That Arizona got jobbed, why in the world would we deal with him...All good points. This is what I think.

Say Manning does go to Arizona. Kolb will no doubt be traded or released. Probably released as most team would really have to be nuts to take on his Arizona contract. As you said he is a system quarterback..We happen to run the system that made him the prize free agent qb last season..

We would have to look at the realistic opportunities at the quarterback spot..Once the process starts. there is absolutey no guarantee that we will be able to aquire a Flynn, or a Griffen..Etc..So we go down the list of possibilities. And Kolb at that point becomes a very good option. He would no doubt come at a discounted rate..He wouldn't be the automatic starter. so we could have a competition bewtween he and Moore(I'm not saying this is the optimum scenario, just an option to keep on the table if we lose out on our top priorities)..

I know that if it came down to Kevin Kolb. There would be mass opposition. The Front office be under fire for letting the team down again...Settling for mediocraty would be the war cry of the why didn't we trade the world away for Griffen sect. I get it. Again. I'm not advocating that Kolb be the number one option after Manning(should he be available) I'm saying it would be wise to investigate a little. The payoff could be aces over jacks.

i heard seaquest got cancelled,if you cant sign flipper maybe darwin will play qb for the doll fins,hahahahaha


Broncos: $50 Million cap space, think Manning + a couple of previous team mates.

Dolphins: $18 Million, think Manning and perhaps one ex team mate (reworking another contract or releasing someone).

Arizona: ($13) Million in the red
They can clear space by releasing left Tackle Levi Brown ($17 Million Cap Space) and dumping Kolb Before March 17th to avoid roster bonus and only $8 Million hit on Salary Cap Vs. $10 Million if in cap if he stays.

Source: the post.

Schefter's report about Miami losing steam, includes the "helicopter chase" and "failed attempt at getting Fisher" as "ominous signs"??? Seriously?

The helicopters were from the media and have nothing to do with the Dolphins, and what the heck does Manning care about Jeff F'in Fisher?

The only reason Fisher didn't come here is because he couldn't have final say over personnel, which he wanted in order to gut the roster and fill it with his guys.

phins r 10 million under

When rampant speculation snowballs, you end up with nothing but a giant turd, which is more or less what Schefter's "losing steam" comment is.

Peyton is not the mentor type. So the problem I have is in 3 years we will be looking for another QB. Is one superbowl run worth signing Peyton? Peyton is like 1-14 in superbowl runs. His track record is not that great. Dude threw my pick sixes in the playoffs.

Dude is GOD during the regular season. Dude is Judas in the playoffs.

Craig, and other Flynn advocates:
this from an article quoing an un-named NFL exec -

“Unless I’m way off, Flynn is going to get a contract that looks a lot like [Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin] Kolb’s,” the exec said, referring to the five-year, $63 million deal that included $22 million guaranteed. “That’s the price of doing business in this league.”

Still seem like someone to bring in to "compete" with Moore? Worth that price tag/cap space? Apparently we have 10.2 mill to spend if we don't redo anyone's contract. Of course they plan to finagle contracts for Manning, but without that we'd would blow every bit of cap space we have on Flynn.
I'd rather skip it.
But I'm not in any position to do anything about it.

JS what i have been saying all along 50 million? Get me a rookie and moore runs the team (if we dont sign manning)

I don't know if he will suceed or not as an owner(Ross), But remmber that the Roonie Family in Pittsburg was a laughing stock until they figured how to run a team, and they are now considered one the greatest sport families ever. I have no problem with how they have set themselves up for thier qb run. Not getting Fisher will be considered one of our luckiest breaks that has happened to the team in a while. Philbin will a HC longer then Fisher this time around.
Fisher was HC for how many years and how much playoff sucess did he have.


Agreed. Fisher choosing STL saved them from making a gigantic mistake.

One good thing in out favor; Sparano is now with the Jets! Philbin comes across as a stand-up kinda guy. That alone helps us with Manning. Now, if we can only keep Ireland and Ross from screwing it up, we'll see Peyton in a Miami Dolphin's jersey soon!

"Our" favor, not "out"! Stupid spellchecker!

dallas clark cut today, go get him ireland

vegas now has kc and denver with best odds to get him. kc and denver will offer a ton more money than miami can

I ain't got nothing against Philbin. My problem is with Ireland and Ross. Between these two they have zero football experience other than high school and some college. But they are making all the calls for a professional football team?

Ireland was a darned place kicker but he magically knows what it takes to build a winning team?

Ireland was a scout in 2001 and a super scout in 2005. In 2006 he was the GM of Miami. QUESTION: Is Dallas that good as we speak from all of Ireland's scouting?

Peyton will end up in KC. WHY? Because they really have nothing to lose.

ireland and ross like always are the downfall of miami not getting manning

If we sign Peyton then the dominoes will fall. He would have to win a superbowl NEXT SEASON before the house of cards FALL. They can't sign Peyton without disrupting the current vibe of the team.

People gonna get cut to make room for Peyton.

Ireland has done some good things: Staying away from Orton, got Moore, Reggie, Pouncy, Wake, Marshall, Bess, Dansby, etc. Others have potential: Hartline, Wilson, etc.

Stop thinking in the past, these are the new Dolphins!

Think about this for a second. If they sign Peyton and he doesn't pan out, then EVERYONE will be kicking themselves in the butt wondering why we didn't trade up for RGIII. Same darned price in the grand scheme of things.

I live in Denver and the weather here is nice most of the time even in winter. There are a couple of bad snowstorms in the winter, but people on the east coast think it's way worse than it is. We get 300 days of sunshine a year. I really hope Manning believes the bad weather BS that Mando is spouting, but he probably knows better. Miami will probably find a way to blow this (if they ever really had a chance in the first place). I already hate the Broncos and if they get Manning my hatred will be increased tenfold. We're all so used to failure that we're waiting for this to not go our way, and it probably won't go our way. Get RGIII if Manning signs elsewhere you buffoons for a GM and owner.

It's not he same price. In today's NFL draft choice are golden because of how they compliment the salary cap.

Ireland has done some things? Ireland's record in Miami is SUB 500?!!!!

Dusty, Ross has only owned the team since 2010 that's not always.

If peyton goes to Arizona or Denver he's weak. These are the only two divisions that are easier than the Colts division. Heaven forbid he play in a real division. Were you have to win 12 games to win the division. Couple years ago Arizonans division didn't even have to win most their games to get in the playoffs. Denvers division someone usually always wins it with a 9-7 record.
I say the dolphins should sign Peyton and then trade him to someone in NFC for a second round pick. And then go after Matt Flynn. Haha

In order to substantiate a score card or percentage, you need to use facts. Some busts? Yes. But C'mon, look at the team now, just about everyone beleives the Phins are a real contender with a above a good QB.

How do you come up with "SUB 500!!!!"

Its not the DRAFT either. Its a free agent signing. Draft and FA's are different approaches. Just so you know. Any team that gives Peyton more than 10 million dollars signing is a fool. WHY? Because this dude is not healthy. At the very least, no one knows his true status until Ray Lewis lays a body blow on him.

michael since they have been here. u knew that though. seems nfl network reporting now its down to zona, den, mia, and kc

Players like Peyton ( who jump from team to team) are prime targets for a bounty.

kc has already made him a contract offer. bad move clark hunt

Forget Manning he is more Richard 111(15th century English King with a withered arm)than RG111. I am quite content to allow Philbin and Sherman decide between Flynn and Tannehill,they know the facts not you lot out there.

No disrespect to Peyton but I would JUMP IN JOY when they haul his butt off the field on a stretcher. Paralyzed from the neck down. This dude is chasing his little brother. He will screw over any team to get that done.

BREAKING: Helicopters are chasing Manning around Denver.

Guess that means the Broncos are losing steam lol



You are right, a number of people here are "experts" but after the fact.

I see the blog in the future as this:

Manning does not perform: Bloggers say, "I knew it, they should have tradeded for XXXX". Note XXXX being whoever is available today that does well one season.

Manning performs great: Bloggers say, "I Knew it, I was always supportive of the idea"...then the go on to say "I was never up for XXXX". Note XXXXX whoever is not performing well in the first season with another team.

Oh yeah, we are all experts!

He' not even going for a meeting to KC how can they be a favorite for Manning.

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