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Dolphins make the cut for Peyton Manning

The Miami Dolphins have made the cut for Peyton Manning. He will visit with the Dolphins as one of three or four teams he'll talk to before he decides where he will continue his apparent Hall of Fame career.

It's unclear when specifically Manning will meet with the Dolphins. According to three NFL sources and a report from the Denver Post, Manning will be meeting with the Denver Broncos today or tonight, depending on whom one believes. The Post cited an unnamed source saying Manning would be in Denver this evening.

Within the last hour, I've been told by three people associated with the NFL that Manning could be meeting with the Broncos brass in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Broncos brass is in Stillwater today for the Oklahoma State Pro Day.

The Post said the Arizona Cardinals are also on Manning's list of upcoming visits. I have not confirmed this independently but have been told Manning has "one or two other teams" aside from Denver and Miami that interest him.

Arizona and Kansas City are possibilities as is Seattle. Washington has been eliminated from consideration, one source told me.

Earlier today, ESPN reported the Dolphins' chances of landing Manning had suffered a blow based on the quarterback's apparent distaste for media attention. According to Adam Schefter, Manning didn't like all the attention he received from local media -- including a multiple helicopter chase of his van from the airport to Miami Beach.

I have tons of respect for Schefter. He's the best in the business. But, as ESPN folks would say, c'mon man! Media attention is freaking out Peyton Manning?

The man has played in two Super Bowls. The man has done more commercials than General Motors. The man hosted Saturday Night Live in 2007. The Mannings are not a family of shrinking violets. Brother Eli works in New York, the media capital of the world, and even forged the trade that put him in Gotham.

And Manning is spooked by Miami's local media? Or he's spooked by Miami being a bigger town than Indianapolis? Um, Phoenix and Denver are both bigger than Miami. And, in fact, Indianapolis has a bigger population than the City of Miami.

And, I remind you, Manning lives here.

So he's spooked by cameras but isn't spooked by, you know, important things like Denver's freaky weather and altitude? He's worried about a few TV cameras but will be comfortable with the avalanche of snow that will drop on his passes playing for the Broncos in December?

Stop. Please stop.

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KC is not one of the favorite, just look around all reports (all can not be wrong). Favorites are (and not ncessarily in that order): Denver, Miami and Arizona.

bad timing for denver to have manning in, just suspended 2 players for drugs today

Denver has Tebow who their fans really like and think have potential (regardless of what Elway thinks) plus the kid sells! Seats, merchandise, etc. Not a good PR move for Manning there.

How did I come up with SUB 500!?!?!

2008 11-5
2009 7-9
2010 7-9
2011 6-10

Basic math coming at you. Have you graduated pre-school yet?

That's a 31-33 record under Ireland. That's a .484 winning percentage. What's worse, they regressed onced Tuna left.

tebow is beyond awful and elway knows this

Dusty I'm in nfl tv right, it's still Denver, Arizona , and Miami. No change......sorry lol.

never said it was changed.

hahaha, you really did some math? I like that.

But based on what? Games? That says COACHING all over the place too, not the FO. List the busts in the 2011 draft and then there might something for me to respond to next.

Hey Dusty we're we making things up. Looks like nfl,com has KC below the Seahawks but above the Jets. That's 5th in favored order.

Only the idiot fans in Denver think Tebow is any good. Everyone with a brain knows he sucks, and that includes Elway unfortunately. Getting Manning would be a great way for them to ditch the Tebow fiasco. They scare me in this chase for Manning.

like i said miachael, i accept your apology

dusty bottoms, I agree.

Tebow = Awful, a running only QB will not succeed in NFL, he can be situational player given his athleticism.
But facts are facts, best selling NFL jerseys in 2011:
1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tim Tebow
3. Troy Polamalu
4. Drew Brees
5. Tom Brady
6. Etc.

There is a correlation of popularity and selling seats and season tickets.

That is what I mean, the kid is popular. No doubt. Just sayin...

yeah tebow is the worst starting qb in the nfl. if they get manning elway will dump tebow very quickly

Tebow throws better then RG3 and has a bigger heart and work ethic.

Tou have t add the playoff loss to the record.

throws better, hilarious

Tebow is not the worst starter today, he could be tomorrow as teams figure out his style, that is what Elway is concerned about.

By the way, didn't Elway say Tebow will be their starter in next season? He did.

Media is trying to put it as if Manning lands in Denver he will "compete" for the starting position, that is simply a joke!.

Wherever Manning lands, he WILL be the starter. Period. and....in his own terms.



I say we dnt really need peyton. i say we trade our first round pick for a first and a second. Draft a defensive playmaker with first pick and get weeden in the second. Build for the future we can contend with a good offensive attack and good picks


I am going to get a life...to the ones being objective about football (good or bad), keep it up. Look forward to your comments.

To the ones that only criticize…well, go get a life…..just sayin…..


throws better, hilarious
Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 09, 2012 at 06:44 PM

Yeah that was a funny comment. RGIII's arm is 10 times stronger and more accurate than Timmy's noodle.


What do you mean you never said nothing's change. You told me 24 hours ago that KC was the favourite and that would be Manning's first choice. Now it's being reported that he doesn't even have KC on the list. I'd say things have changed.

JS in LA,

I was only advocating Flynn as a fallback position. He's not what I want. However, at $50 million he is DEFINITELY not what I want. I have ot be honest, a lot of these media types are guessing. They have no idea, just as we have no idea. Who's going to pay Flynn, $50 million? Seattle? Who's their competition? Us if we don't get Manning? Maybe Cleveland. Sorry, to pay the guy $50 million tells me they've gotten into a bidding was with THEMSELVES. Much rather have Kevin Kolb at a reduced salary than Flynn for $50 million. No chance.

Jamesthefinfan, I'd say you're an idiot. Look at what the colts did without him, and lets be honest, the colts besides manning wouldve done the same the last 4 years or so. He's so good he made Pierre garçon a star, and if u don't believe, watch garçons numbers this year, even with luck.
Peyton manning is not just the greatest, he's the smartest, qb in our time, he almost never gets hit because he sees blitzes before they happen, and that's why we want him. I'd take him for the chance to get Reggie Wayne alone.

craig kc made him a contract offer today. so if they are off the list its only because hunt is so cheap and probaly insulted him with a garbage offer. but espn still has kc one of 4 teams. but they have denver as favorite now, vegas still has miami as favorites at even money. if manning comes u better bring clark and wayne with him

Has anyone heard the browns gm talk? No way do they try to get Flynn, and I'd be shocked if they get rg3. Yes they have the most ammunition, but their gm is so in love with draft picks (because it's worked so well for them) that I don't know if he gives up anything like what rg3 will take, hey, nobody wants manning more than me, by the time he retires we can draft gunner Kiel, but our chances for rg3 just got alot better I think.

inimounts manning is very good, but he isnt the best qb of our time. lets not go overboard here

Just came from SoBe. Lots and lots of curvy assses there, specially blacks.

Also, did u see who the cardinals tendered and signed? I think if manning goes there its a huge mistake. They are not a good team even with him, though they might make the playoffs, and that's a might. They are paying the wrong people.
If we get Peyton manning and Reggie Wayne I say we trade down for more picks for someone tannehill hungry, if last year showed us anything it's that qbs will go higher than they should.

inimounts if we get manning no way u waste a early pick on a qb, arent any good ones

Nah, it will be KC and Miami. Ultimately--->Miami.

Uhhh dusty bottoms, he IS the best qb of our time. And he will go down as the best of all time, how can there be any doubt in that?
Anyone questioning that should watch the game is dolphins had the ball for over 45 minutes and he had it for 13 and won. And what qb has from his rookie year broke records and in the nfl tore defenses apart like he has and does. Does anybody remember the Tampa bay Monday night game? I could go on, but there's no need. Marino was the best (to all u Montana fans, he did it without a 1000 yard rusher but once, and that's pathetic since its 60ish yards a game, people), manning will finish the best.

Lastly, anyone else wonder how this will affect the jets now that we know Peyton isn't going there, and by that I mean mark Sanchez and the ever breakening relationship?


I don't want Clark. He's finished. Too many injuries and too banged up. He's not an upgrade over Fasano. Wayne yes....Clark no. Spend the money on a safety rather than Clark. I heard CLark was thinking of retiring.

I think the jets unless they tear up the draft are putting themselves into a 6-10 season? Anyone?



i can say the samething about favre,brady,etc etc etc

Dusty, that's why I said trade down, I was actually talking about every other nfl team, right? No way should ponder or locker have gone first round. Let alone as high as they did. This is still a qb starved league, and if tannehill is on the board, teams will buy our pick.

I never agree with Craig, why start now? Almost anyone is an upgrade from fasano, and before u say u don't want him, if
We get Peyton we need him or somebody, because Dallas Clark gets yards and scores tds.

I think Sanchez is a pretty good QB, he's just in bad hands. Now, worse. Thank Goodness.

disagree on locker, that kid is gonna be awesome

Seriously guys, look who the cardinals just Locked down before free agency. It's pathetic. I hope manning sees this.
I seriously am afraid of Denver. The lure of John Elway, the defense, the fact they made the playoffs with the worst throwing qb in the game, they are ready, and their division is laughable (yes, San Diego, I said LAUGHABLE). They are the biggest threat to M2M

and watch out for the niners if someone doesnt sign up manning soon

Dusty, I like locker too. Even though I'm in Miami and Ohio, was born and raised in washington. My point is after his senior bowl both ponder and locker were 2-3rd round, and cam newton was a danger at us getting him at our 12th pick....lol. As the draft gets closer, qbs will move up up up. And a couple will be successful, but most will be josh freeman and Tim tebow.

If the niners get a chance at manning, the nfl should fold up tent. They would rule till he retired. Every aspect of that team is dangerous except qb. And they are going to sign Vincent Jackson or coulston or whomever.

yeah they now have denver 1, zona 2 in the manning derby. basically they have no clue and guess from day to day. why not just wait till tuesday when he signs


I was going to say you've made a lot of good points above but since you took the cheapshot maybe I'll take it back.

I agree with you on the Jets and the Cardinals. Think about it, in the NFC the Cards will probably have to win their division to make the playoffs. I have the Packers, Falcons, Saints, Lions, Niners and possibly Giants, Eagles, Bears or Cowboys beating them for the playoffs. It's not going to be easy for the Cards. It's not a great team and while Manning makes them better, I'm not sure they consistently get there.

Good article,Armando. I use to have a lot of respect for Adam Shefter but then hes leading this mornings SportsCenter with "Sources from around the league" have told me P. Manning is turned off by the media attention in Miami....Now you sound like you should be working at TMZ,Shefter!! Was Tom Brady your source? Anyways, i have been following Manning since he came out of Newman H.S. in New Orleans and all through his Tennessee years and then with the Colts. The one thing we Vol fans took notice of Manning was that he is EXTREMELY loyal, almost to a fault. I'm a life long Dolphins fan and I hold Manning and Marino as my two favorite players of all time. This period of his free agency is nerve racking for me, for i crave for him to sign with Miami.It reminds me of after his junior year at Tennessee, Vol fans were wanting him to return to Tenn. for his senior season. When he announced he would return, Vol fans were so ecstatic. Thats what i want to see with Peyton and Miami.

Elway has kidnapped Manning and wont let him leave until he's signed.


Manning is on record as saying he wants to play in warm weather. Denver doesn't meet that criteria. That's not going to change. Manning has a VERY poor record in cold weather. He's not stupid....he struggles in the cold for whatever reason. To win a Championship that's going to have to change. While I admit they are a consideration, they are not a good team....despite making the playoffs last year. 9-7 last year, despite playing in a poor division. I believe they were 18th in defence. Not a great team....sorry.

C'mon man is all that can be said. ESPN believes they rule the sports opinion world and Mike Florio hates the Dolphins. Why does Florio hate the Dolphins? who knows! Perhaps because Bill Parcells was the VP of Operations. Armando, ESPN has to state something to add to the low content that Peyton gives them.

Denver has nothing in regards to offensive playmakers. We have a beast in Marshall, a very good slot receiver, a fair Hartline and 3 in reserve which might/might not turn out to be good receivers. Plus Reggie Bush. You think Peyton is going to go to Denver to watch the D win Games? Pleeease.

Does Manning want to play for a weasel owner, incompetent GM, and novice HC?


Not sure I've seen you posting on here before but great post above. If you're a newbie here, yeah it's a tense time and all we can do is hope it turns out in our favour. Keep the faith, man....

Elway and Fox are probably desperate for a method to get out from under Tebowmania and start building the Broncos with a traditional style QB. Manning offers that opportunity to shed Tebow although there will be backlash. Even if they managed to nab Manning the Tebowmaniacs are insanely loyal to there football deity.

Koa Misi will play Inside LB this year. His skill set may be more able to make plays from the inside...hopefully. Poke,Poke..."Hey Misi,...remember you are a second round pick man"...start bringing it or you will end up like 2nd rounder Phillip Merling.

At this point I believe it is down to Miami and AZ. I really think the big stumbler for AZ is being an NFC team. Manning won't want to put a potential loss on his brother's playoff hopes if the two teams happen to meet.

On the other hand I wouldn't downplay the fact that Indy and Miami play next season and I know Peyton would eat up that "Indy Love"...who wouldn't? He clocked his time there as a working class QB.

I will keep saying it. The reason why I am so on board with Peyton potentially coming aboard is his knowledge and NFL wisdom. It will be a great tool for our OC and Philbin to learn from. Yeah, that and he can kinda win some games for the Fins. lol. Peyton has been on some great offensive teams and will be able to help hone in on what should be in the playbook on Sundays.

Plus, I have a good level of confidence that Matt Moore will make a fine understudy. He has a decent skill set and if something "Pennington-like" were to happen to Peyton, Moore could step in and build on what he gained from his experience last year.

It will be interesting to see if Philbin green lights chasing Flynn if Manning goes elsewhere?

Just thinin' out loud. Hard to put any new tidbits out there as everything has been so parsed lately.


Last year, out of all the QBs selected only 2(Cam, Dalton) made an impact. I believe that's about average.

Rob in OC,

Good post, man. Good to have you on board. I hope you're right. Be realy nice to have a healthy Manning to cheer for every Sunday. Fingers crossed....

Anybody got any news on KC offering Manning a contract today. I read that but is it true? Would they actually offer him a contract without meeting with him first and checking him out. Seems a bit off, really.

If Manning does not come to Miami we must at least get Flynn or RGIII or we the Dolphins will be forever waiting for a QB for another 10 years!!!

This is our best shot to get a QB who may get us to the promised land.

Do not screw this up!!!

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