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Dolphins meeting with Manning seems more official

Home field advantage? The Dolphins lost seven of eight games on their own turf in 2010 so they have a different take on home field advantage than other teams. They are comfortable away from home and that's good because Tuesday's meeting with Peyton Manning will not be a local one, a source has told The Miami Herald.

I cannot say where the meeting will be. I can say it is not going to be in South Florida -- not at Sun Life Stadium as first thought, not at the University of Miami.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin left South Florida Monday afternoon ostensibly to hook up with Manning at the "secret location" of their get-together. Yes, Ireland is expected to be part of the meeting with Manning.

It remains unclear if owner Stephen Ross will be there as well. If so, this is looking more and more like a full-blown meeting rather than the informal get-together we were led to believe would happen between Manning and Philbin -- one where only football was to be on the agenda and Philbin serving as Miami's lone representative or possiblly accompanied only by OC Mike Sherman.

Sherman, by the way, is still possibly included in this gathering.

All this could be both good or bad.

While this gives the Dolphins' meeting more a feel like that held by the Broncos and Cardinals over the weekend, it also puts the entire organization on display.

This fuller meeting shows Manning's willingness to be thorough. This more complete meeting shows the Dolphins are indeed seriously being considered, contrary to reports from other outlets. This isn't a courtesy meeting.

But exposing more people to Manning he is unfamiliar with or potentially uncomfortable with could backfire. It does not escape anyone's vision that the Dolphins have tried to put a significant full-court press for Jim Harbaugh and failed. Then they tried to attract Bill Cowher and failed. Then they tried to hire Jeff Fisher and failed.

So the pressure of this meeting succeeding is definitely on.

Take that any way you wish.


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Ross & Ireland are schmucks.

Manning seems like a polite man. He probably won't laugh at them until he's in the car on the drive home.

Lets hope the fins dont strike out, a new qb could change everything for this once proud franchise. Thanks for the updates mando

Note to Jeff: Let Philbin talk. If anyone can challenge the mind of Manning and intrigue him it is someone like the cerebral Philbin. Also another note on influencing Manning if we can sign Reggie Wayne and Jeff Saturday great but someone also mentioned Dallas Clark, Manning's TE in Indy, has known Philbin since their Iowa days together so you know Clark has to be in Manning's ear about that. Clark apparently attended Philbin's son's funeral.

I wish people would stop saying 'this once proud franchise'. It was so long ago its irrelevant now.

also fwiw Eric Winston has been released by the Texans.

Ireland is going?? Were screwed now!!!

I am starting to wonder if Mando's "sources" consist of a Crystal Ball and Tarot Cards....


As a Miami sportswriter I know you're going to milk this Manning thing for all it's worth & I can't fault you for that but I distinctly recall you dragging out the pursuit of Kyle Orton last year long after that ship had sailed.

BTW--I will rip Ireland for his blunders & lack of a personality BUT last year Ireland got it right with Reggie Bush & signing Matt Moore instead of chasing Orton for draft picks & a new contract turned out to be very smart decisions. Hope Bush can stay healthy & pick up where he left off last year.

Philbin will be talking to Manning and Ireland will be sitting there with that stupid grin on his face and Manning will say, "What's wrong with his face? Is it stuck like that?"

After the media circus which enveloped PM in South Florida the other day, I can't blame them for wanting to ditch this place and keeping the meeting details secret.

What a joke are the front office of the Miami Dolphins organization. The final outcome of this will be, No Payton and watch No Matt Flynn... The Dolphins will fumble and the game will be over.
Boy, its hard to be a DOLFAN at this moment in time.

You knew that weasel had to tag along....

If Ireland is in the meeting...forget about it.

Yeah, and according to Omar, Matt Lienheart has been cut also.

If we strike out on Manning, I'd just assume we pass on a QB this year and go with Moore, and try our luck again next year.

I see nothing that makes me think Tannehill would be any better than Henne or Beck, and I really hope we don't blow our first round pick on him.

And other people's garbage (Feeley, Culpepper, Green, etc) hasn't really been the answer either, so no need to waste time with a Flynn, Kolb (if he becomes available), Orton, etc, who will likely be no better than Moore.

Use the draft and free agency to improve other areas of the team, and try our luck with a QB next season. I know we need to improve at QB to be superbowl contenders, I don't think otherwise. I just think the post Manning\RG3 options available to us would be at best...at best...a step sideways.


Haha seriously?! if Ireland is gonna be there then either he is to hold the men's coats or to wait in the parking lot and make sure no one messes with Peyton's car. If he goes into that meeting you can all forget about Manning becoming a Dolphin.

You can expect many good Players to be released this year. Much, much cheaper to sign prominent Rookies, ain't it ?

IMO--Manning will be a Bronco by the end of week if not before.

I know Manning would bring instant credibility & ticket sales to this team but I'm not going to crucify the Dolphins for not signing a QB for over $20 Million a year who is going to turn 36 this month who just had 3 (or 4???) neck surgeries. I'd much rather let Elway roll the dice on that.

With that said, unless Peyton signs with the Niners or Texans I don't think he'll win another SB.

There's still hope, people!

For those wanting Manning...
For those wanting Flynn...
For those wanting Tannehill....
For those wanting Matt Moore...
For those wanting someone else...

But, if you want Luck or RGIII...
It ain't gonna happen...Sorry!

Manning is not stupid and he is waiting for free agency to start to make his decision on which team he signs with.


Because the NFL is full of broken promises. Look for the team that signs Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday or Dallas Clarke to then sign Manning.

If you look at what Alex Smith's career was like up until Harbaugh came on the scene you have to wonder what Moore would be able to accomplish with good coaching.
Moore finished the season in the top 12 despite playing a partial season and despite being on a 6-10 team.
Quarterbacks may have a lot of natural ability but it's up to the coaches to bring out that ability and develop the talent and take it to the next level.
Moore can start for this team if they don't sign Manning. If they stay with him and draft a quarterback of their own to develop it would not be a bad thing.

Note to Ireland...Do NOT ask if his mother is a hooker, find another lesd off question...

the good news is tiger has only a mild achilles strain and should be good to go at bay hill next week.

You are dreaming Lou. No coaching is going to increase Moore's arm strength. Flynn can hit the passes outside the hashmarks, Moore can't consistently anyways.

When will your exclusive source on the Herald custodial staff have an update for us?

Hey, Dolphins, relax. Everything is on track. GN.

I just hope Ireland wears his big boy pants and not the lederhosen Bill Parcells use to have him wear.

It is a bit embarrassing Miami needs to choose a clandestine spot for the meeting. Why? Seriously, if I was the Dolphins, I would say thanks but no thanks.

If Manning goes to Denver
and Flynn goes to Cleveland (while Miami picks their nose waiting on Manning)

That means the only QB left worth using a 1st rounder is Tannehill.

Problem is that since Seattle also needs a QB, all they have to do is trade ahead of Miami to snag him.

Then what are we left with??? NOTHING!

And if we are that desperate to secure Tannehill watch Ireland trade away a #2 or #3 to get him.

Now you have given up multiple picks for a REACH at QB.

I would love to hear that press conference. "Tannehill is who we had targeted all along!"

Scary but possible (if not probable).

Now we have no chance with those 2 idiots there.

So about Ireland - He's in the negative spot he's in because he (with a good helping of Parcells) whiffed on Henne; was in the war room when Pat White was drafted (innocent bystander); caused the Dez Bryant fiasco (crucified for that one); stabbed Sparano in the back during the Harbaugh search (saving his own butt); and with the help of Sparano, reeled in Marc Colombo (really bad idea). Most egregious of these errors, is that he's overseen about 4 years of inability to land a franchise QB. Do this successfully, and all errors are forgiven.

The guy has to build up his reputation through solid drafting, and shrewed free agent pick-ups. Respect is earned through winning. Not partnering with Ross and hoping to wow everyone who comes thru the door. Have some ongoing success - a few playoff years (not necessarily Super Bowl appearances), and the big, available names in the NFL will take notice.

You are dreaming Lou. No coaching is going to increase Moore's arm strength. Flynn can hit the passes outside the hashmarks, Moore can't consistently anyways.
Posted by: dolfandave | March 12, 2012 at 10:22 PM

That's funny because there have been a lot of people from Flynn's college days until now that have commented that his armstrength isn't the greatest.

C'mon guys! If you were Manning would you REALLY sign with the Dolphins, with Ross and Ireland running the show......NO!!!!!

I'm done with this. I hope they just move on. I want this team to win as much as anybody but Manning is old, injured and so on. Moore isn't all that bad. Flynn? I don't know but Philbin does. This is a load of garbage. Ross is star struck or very, very smart: If it's about the income generated by signing Manning. If it's about actually winning. Not so much. Talk about undermining your new coach. The guy has a way he wants to go about this.

What ever. Moore and a rookie like Weeden or Cousins or whomever can get it done. Or Flynn if Philbin thinks he's got it.

And will people stop with the Henne stuff? Please? The guy can't hit the broad side of a fat hooker. The WC offense is predicated upon accuracy. The last thing Henne is, is accurate.

Irescum can shine Peytons shoes.

I wish i could be a fly on the wall,at that meeting.

Bush was signed mainly for star power. The Dolphins got lucky and he didn't break down when they needed him to carry more of the load with Thomas being a major disappointment.

The secret meeting is in Elway's office. Right before he is handed his contract.

Broncos will have two QB with No Arm to the throw the ball this season.


Peyton Manning has agreed to meet with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland in the men's bathroom at the Opalocka Airport before he takes out his flight to Tennessee. Manning promised to stay as long as it takes him to drop his morning load.

My opinion would be to sign manning and draft tannehill #1 if healthy Peyton has a couple years left perfect for tannehill to learn on and yes I know Peyton isn't good developing his backups (sorgi,painter) but no body knows tannehill better than Sherman and Cleveland is gonna skyrocket Flynn to a price not worth it HE'S A BACKUP QB if he can't beat Rodgers for a starting spot how's he gonna beat him or any other elite QB in a game or superbowl?? And the most we could get from Flynn is to compete with Moore which I think Moore would win that battle he finished the season as a top half QB and now he's familiar with the players and timing not saying Moore is the best bet he's a back up and a damn good one I just think manning "if" healthy could win now and when he's done tannehill could win in the future two birds one stone and if that don't work we have the next 2-3 years to find someone before manning is done I just don't see any other options out there better or worth it right now and I was originally against manning to Miami untill RG3 suddenly is going to the skins but now I'm all for it

+++ FOR REAL!! +++

Peyton Manning met between 5 & 6 hours late today with #Dolphins coach Joe Philbin and other staff members in Indianapolis, per sources


I have successfully completed surgery to combine the facial features and genitalia of both Ernest Borgnine and Nancy Kulp (who played 'Miss Jane Hathaway' on the beloved sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies).

Great point Armando, we always struggle to win at home. So why should the Peyton meeting be any different?

I even like our chances of landing Peyton Manning better on the road! LOL

wonder what the significance of meeting in indy was? maybe peyton had to be there due to prior commitments.

Indianapolis?? Ireland probably thinks he is still playing for the Colts.

it's all the same when ppl don't want to come to Miami it's Ross coaches players don't come here because of Ross. Ireland is whatever he's a ok GM but not great and I like philbin so far but when we finally get a owner that knows football we will be good until then we're stuck

Steve Ross= Complete failure and embarrassment as related to Miami Dolphins football operations

Not sure. If he bothered to spend 5-6 hours with the Dolphins though, that is GOOD NEWS. At least we got a decent meeting whether or not he decides the Fins are a fit. It was embarrassing we couldn't even get a meeting with him!

I think Philbin is going to turn out to be an outstanding coach. I think Peyton will like him and want to play for him.

Steve Ross just pays bills. He doesn't have anything to do with the Football operations. Thats all Ireland and coaches.

"wonder what the significance of meeting in indy was? maybe peyton had to be there due to prior commitments."

He was due for a medical check up on his neck. Also was probably sick of getting chased by helicopters

Matt Moore is going to the pro bowl write it down

Another new blog up girls! LOL

yes, i agree, the fact he met saves the dolphins from total embarassment, although he sort of had to unless he wanted to sell his condo in miami.

So Manning is going to do what he wants. This organization is on the rise and can only stand by what it is right now. If Manning doesn't like it so be it. No need for an inferiority complex folks. We will see how it turns out and we will be fine either way. Philbin came after Fisher went to Rams and I bet he gets a Super Bowl before Fisher. Manning would be awesome but if it doesn't happen, big deal!

Manning meeting already took place. Amazing that they were able to sneak away to Indy and its just being reported!

LOL, pathetic really. haul your arses up here to see me .I can't be bothered.Hey Ireland,go get me a capuchino,2 splendas.Is this meeting over yet?

I would likre to apologize for ealier. It was my bad.I shouldn't have accused you of using my idenity.

Peyton's gonna look good in a Dolphin uniform!

Go Fins!

Swing and a Miss!

Other teams want PM because he helps their team win....Ross wants him to 'sell tickets'; I do not blame PM.....he is not the bearded lady at the carny. He wants an organization that is as serious about winning as he is. Ross is a steaming pant load!

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