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Dolphins meeting with Manning seems more official

Home field advantage? The Dolphins lost seven of eight games on their own turf in 2010 so they have a different take on home field advantage than other teams. They are comfortable away from home and that's good because Tuesday's meeting with Peyton Manning will not be a local one, a source has told The Miami Herald.

I cannot say where the meeting will be. I can say it is not going to be in South Florida -- not at Sun Life Stadium as first thought, not at the University of Miami.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin left South Florida Monday afternoon ostensibly to hook up with Manning at the "secret location" of their get-together. Yes, Ireland is expected to be part of the meeting with Manning.

It remains unclear if owner Stephen Ross will be there as well. If so, this is looking more and more like a full-blown meeting rather than the informal get-together we were led to believe would happen between Manning and Philbin -- one where only football was to be on the agenda and Philbin serving as Miami's lone representative or possiblly accompanied only by OC Mike Sherman.

Sherman, by the way, is still possibly included in this gathering.

All this could be both good or bad.

While this gives the Dolphins' meeting more a feel like that held by the Broncos and Cardinals over the weekend, it also puts the entire organization on display.

This fuller meeting shows Manning's willingness to be thorough. This more complete meeting shows the Dolphins are indeed seriously being considered, contrary to reports from other outlets. This isn't a courtesy meeting.

But exposing more people to Manning he is unfamiliar with or potentially uncomfortable with could backfire. It does not escape anyone's vision that the Dolphins have tried to put a significant full-court press for Jim Harbaugh and failed. Then they tried to attract Bill Cowher and failed. Then they tried to hire Jeff Fisher and failed.

So the pressure of this meeting succeeding is definitely on.

Take that any way you wish.


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The Dolphins are definately players in this. Don't count them out. Ross at least swings for the fensces. Hopefully he hit a homerun with Manning. Interesting to see how this plays out. I hope AdamSchefter has to eat his words when Dolphins sign Manning.

The Dolphins are definately players in this. Give it to Ross, he swings for the fences. I hope he knocks it out the park and gets Manning signed so Adam Schefter will have to eat alot of crow. #18 to Miami, how cool that would be. Interesting how this plays out.


Peyton Manning has agreed to meet with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland in the men's bathroom at the Opalocka Airport before he takes out his flight to Tennessee. Manning promised to stay as long as it takes him to drop his morning load.

Posted by: No balls

One of the best post of the week!!!

I can see the coaching staff w. Ireland standing outside the stall trying to talk with Peyton as he groans and works out the situation. Manning interrupts them to make a joke about 'taking the Browns to the superbowl'. Genius!

"If we strike out on Manning, I'd just assume we pass on a QB this year and go with Moore, and try our luck again next year."

I have to agree with This Posters Statement..... I mean EVEN if Manning would of come here.. & We ALL KNOW THAT HE IS NOT COMING to Miami & Will NOT Be a Dolphin.. So Lets.. P L E A S E Move on from this.. We wouldnt be going to the BIG DANCE Anyway... We have to many other pieces that are missing from our team. We had one of the GREATEST QB's in Dan Marino & could NEVER Win the Big One! We are better off getting somebody in the later rounds of the draft.

I'm sure PM's team is being infinitly fairer to the Dolphins than are the Dolphin fans.

Just pray we don't get what we deserve. We need a break, we can't afford justice.

Ireland is there with the power of the purse. Only he can come home with a deal. Try giving the guy a little support.

If Manning needs a reason to stay away from Miami he need only read a few fan posts on Miami blogs. What complete idiots.

The only problem I have with Moore is he is not "clutch"... That's what we've been missing... Henne could make most of the throws it's just his decision making in the red zone and in the 4th quarter when it really matters... I think Flynn can be better than Moore but not 50million dollars more... That's a lil too steep... If we gonna go with a back up we might A's well sign Kolb for cheap.. He'll, his best years were in Philly where they ran a west coast off.... With less quality receivers

You are dreaming Lou. No coaching is going to increase Moore's arm strength. Flynn can hit the passes outside the hashmarks, Moore can't consistently anyways.

Posted by: dolfandave | March 12, 2012 at 10:22 PM

This is the kind of nonsense that infest this fanbase. What NFL QB can't hit the passes outside when there is no pressure on them?


I am sorry for using Yesterday is Gone's name. My arrogance precedes me.

This is the kind of nonsense that infest this fanbase. What NFL QB can't hit the passes outside when there is no pressure on them?

Posted by: JackSparrow | March 13, 2012 at 12:42 AM

Best post I've seen on this board. Way to bring it JS.

This is the kind of nonsense that infest this fanbase. What NFL QB can't hit the passes outside when there is no pressure on them?

Posted by: JackSparrow | March 13, 2012 at 12:42 AM

"P-A-T.......... W-H-I-T-E" Is this a good enough answer?

Dude everyone is taliing like the phins are bad just as we r a 6 and 10 we could easily b 11-5 ,FACT..... WE DIDN'T LOSE GAMES BY ALOT.... we put up a fight all the way to the end, and I agree with the other comment ...I would keep Moore to start if we don't get manning use the first round for something else like a d-end , we been fighting every game for yrs..... we just need good coaching and I think philbin is not gonna let us down, but we do need a good tight end and another reciever (wayne) and / or (clark) .......but don't get me wrong I like Flynn as well and think he will play the same style as Roggers does....and have alot of completed passes and yrds. , and touchdowns ....we need r.t. / a 3rd corner/ a second t.e./ and a 2 reciever next to marshall and watch and see we will be good next yr. And as for once a great franchise yeah who wouldn't be with joe robbie and don shula calling the shots...if they were with this team in the 70s/80s we would of been great than, IT WAS ARE COACHING, SO IRLAND STFU AND LET PHILBIN DO HIS THIS, ROSS DOES TRY U GUYS, WE HAD GOOD PICKS OUT THE DRAFT, HE GOT PARCELLS AND WE WON THE DIVISION, LIKE STOP PUTTIING THIS DUDE DOWN, HE IS TRYING, HE NEW SPRANO SUCKED HE TRIED TO GET j.F.J.H.,THE CHIN, now manning, dudes trying, sorry cullpeper and trent green, sucked balls but they were also good qbs b4 they came to miami, and who ever thought pennington would do what he did...we knocked out farve and pats from the playoffs that yr...give ross credit and let's hope philbin does his thing AND I WANTED PHILBIN MORE THAN ANY OF THEM OTHER COACHES THIS COACH PROVED HE DID GREAT WHAT EVER HE COACHED, WATCH WE R GONNA BE GREAT EITHER WAY...... IM SICK OF WAITING TO GO TO THE SUPERBOWL TO GUY TRUST ME, I WOULD LIKE A PLAYOFF RUN MYSELF....

Sorry, if your that interested in manning as 2/3's of the 3 stooges claim to be your not the third team to meet with Manning, your the first team! Just another major "FAIL" for these clowns...

No pride. No brains. No forward look. No discipline. Just the desire to make money. But they can't even make money, because they can't do the right thing. Short term gains for long term losses. Embarrassing.

Being a Colts/Peyton Manning fan-I'm even rooting that he goes to Miami. If your Coach talked ALL football with him, that's what he's interested in. That translates to winning if Peyton is highly involved in playbook. If you noticed last year without him as QB/OC, Colts were a disaster. He covered the flaws for years. He is a football genius, studies every team, player, all games. Guy works harder than 10 players combined. His leadership is what makes him unique from all others. Healthwise, he's probably better than he was in 2006 (hit that folded him in half & screwed up neck). If he was not medically cleared, he would not play.

And yes-meeting in Indy avoided the media circus. TEN coach also meeting him in Indy right now. He didn't like all the attention, not his style. He's not insecure or in need of promo.

IMO AZ has one great receiver and is 13.7 mil over cap. DEN has had major QB controversy and now 3 defensive players suspended for hgh.(PM doesn't like that
crap/Indy would not tolerate it). I hope he plays for the Dolphins and kicks Brady's butt 2x a year, takes Miami back to top of division and beyond. He can do it.

Seems like reporters all have picked their spot for Manning. (dudes on NFL Ntwk especially). Most are not former NFLers, so their opinion doesn't matter. It's about even according to actual players. Between Denver, Arizona, Miami.

However AZ needs his answer because they owe Kolb 7 mil on Friday. Denver is in no hurry and Miami may be considering Flynn. Flynn did look great in his ONLY 2 starts/games played in NFL. Moore has more experience and would benefit from learning from Manning.

He's now into another long meeting in Indy with TEN coach. Each team he's met with have pros and cons. In the end, it will be the best fit for him, especially if Coaches allow him to call plays. That is what he is best at-control of the game. No one better.

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