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Dolphins meeting with Manning seems more official

Home field advantage? The Dolphins lost seven of eight games on their own turf in 2010 so they have a different take on home field advantage than other teams. They are comfortable away from home and that's good because Tuesday's meeting with Peyton Manning will not be a local one, a source has told The Miami Herald.

I cannot say where the meeting will be. I can say it is not going to be in South Florida -- not at Sun Life Stadium as first thought, not at the University of Miami.

General Manager Jeff Ireland and coach Joe Philbin left South Florida Monday afternoon ostensibly to hook up with Manning at the "secret location" of their get-together. Yes, Ireland is expected to be part of the meeting with Manning.

It remains unclear if owner Stephen Ross will be there as well. If so, this is looking more and more like a full-blown meeting rather than the informal get-together we were led to believe would happen between Manning and Philbin -- one where only football was to be on the agenda and Philbin serving as Miami's lone representative or possiblly accompanied only by OC Mike Sherman.

Sherman, by the way, is still possibly included in this gathering.

All this could be both good or bad.

While this gives the Dolphins' meeting more a feel like that held by the Broncos and Cardinals over the weekend, it also puts the entire organization on display.

This fuller meeting shows Manning's willingness to be thorough. This more complete meeting shows the Dolphins are indeed seriously being considered, contrary to reports from other outlets. This isn't a courtesy meeting.

But exposing more people to Manning he is unfamiliar with or potentially uncomfortable with could backfire. It does not escape anyone's vision that the Dolphins have tried to put a significant full-court press for Jim Harbaugh and failed. Then they tried to attract Bill Cowher and failed. Then they tried to hire Jeff Fisher and failed.

So the pressure of this meeting succeeding is definitely on.

Take that any way you wish.