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Dolphins QB search now in spin mode

And now David Garrard is scheduled to visit the Dolphins on Monday, The Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed.

Two things:

What is it with the Dolphins and quarterbacks with neck issues? First Peyton Manning and now the club is flirting with a player who had bulging disc surgery last year. First thing the team will do with this visit? Get him to a doctor to see what the deal is.

Another thought I have is that this a kick-the-tires visit, if it even happens because I'm still expectant on Matt Flynn making a decision either by this evening or tomorrow morning.

Beyond that, the Dolphins QB search after Peyton Manning can be described in two different ways. I will describe both ways and let you decide which to believe.

The positive spin: The Dolphins know no one left on the free agency market is a franchise quarterback. They believe Flynn might be a good player and are willing to pay him as such to compete with Matt Moore. But the contract offer they made Flynn's agent safeguards the team against Matt Flynn being a tremendous bust and playing like the seventh-round draft pick he was years ago. This is protecting oneself for the good of the franchise. So the Dolphins, so far unable to get Flynn to buy into the idea of coming to Miami and competing for a starting job, are kicking the tires on practically anyone else on the market. They are doing due diligence. They have a set price they're willing to pay and they're sticking by their convictions. They'll get somebody. But they'll not overpay for anybody.

The negative spin: The Dolphins couldn't close on Peyton Manning. The Dolphins couldn't close on Matt Flynn. They probably won't be able to close on Alex Smith because he's going to want to get paid and they're not going to overpay him -- at least until their desperation kicks in. And now they're in full-fledged grasp at straws mode by checking out Garrard, a guy who didn't want to play for them last year for the price Miami was willing to pay. On the Garrard thing, I was told by several team sources that money was not an issue in getting him that there was other factors. A source close to Garrard said the exact opposite. That Miami underwhelmed in their offer to him and he didn't want to come to South Florida for that small of a prorated deal. This was, you may recall, in October when the Dolphins were desperate after Chad Henne's season-ending injury. So what has changed? Well, Garrard is more desperate now. No one has been serious about him even visiting until the Dolphins did it. And the Dolphins are just kicking tires. And we're supposed to be enthusiastic about this?

Those are the two possible spins on what is happening in Davie. You decide.



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All this spinning is making me dizzy.

just sign Flynn, damn it !!!!

the rest are all garbage....

I'll repeat...David friggin' Garrad ????? Surely this is a joke......

Are the Phin's and Flynn THAT far apart on the money that it should be going like this?

They did say they wanted him to be their qb, right?

Anyone witnessing the huge and constant turnover of the roster throughout the season last year knows that Ireland is a bit on the obsessive-compulsive side.

Not a big deal- everything normal.

Relax and carry on!

So... what teams castoffs will they sign next?

I'm ok with it, One thing pops out....all have had some kind of success...whether it be small and unsustained...it was no daubt success. We just need the one QB thats going to have more of it (success).

FIRE IRELAND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph....try a whole lot obsessive-compulsive... :-)

Garrard will lead us to the SB!

I just cant believe what I am reading. This ballclub is really going south. There is obviously no plan.
1) they should have said "no thanks" when they had to meet Manning in Indy, and started talking to Flynn right away.
2) they should have gotten a replacement for Marshall while there still were quality WRs out there.
(they still can get Wallace, but will probably not do that.)
3)Now they bring in someone that is barely better than Matt Moore. I dont believe this is only to get leverage. I think Ireland is ready to go with Smith.
On the positive note: There will be no problem finding great seats this coming season. I hope Mr. Ross understand that is really a bad thing.

Can Garrard play WR?

Rumor is Marino is coming for a tryout on tues. and Montana on wed. Should get interesting

I , for one, can't wait to see the draft plan...

..."at No 8 , the Dolphins select Defensive lineman"...

LMAO @ Sean 37

Flynn won a national championship his senior season... I dont think it is fair to say that he played like a seventh round pick... Considering he beat out Brohm (second round pick in the same draft), I would like to think that the draft experts were wrong and he never shoupd have made it to the seventh round... And then theres that same seventh round pick that broke the passing yds and tds in a single game records... Lets not forget all of the great QBs that have come through GB (Starr, Favre, Rodgers) that he had to contend with for these passing records.

If the Dolphins miss on Manning and Flynn and end up with one of these bums, someone's head needs to roll (ahem...Ireland).

Garrard - now THAT would be a true acorn!

This iis exactly what New England does and they are hailed as genius's. You set a price for a player and that way you are covered in case he becomes a bust. Obviously Seattle thinks the same about Flynn. Thistle is a great strategy.

I am a big Dolphins fan but I hate Dolphins fans. They are irrational, reactionary, and just act like uneducated rednecks. It embarrassing. Garrard and Smith are here to increase the QB supply and therefore lower the price. If 30 Peyton Mannings were available in their prime one of them would be on the Dolphins. That luxury does not exist. The choice is Moore, Flynn, and now Smith and Garrard.

...I know I will recieve some flack for this. YG who is ona rampage the last few days(some solid posts btw) will tell me I have my head in the sand..Open my eyes.

The team is doing very little-nothing to convince the fan base that it has a winning plan. It looks like the team is reeling..Sinking..Stepping in a pile. Nothing they have done has earned the trust of the base. Obviously by the tone of most here. The masses believe that this Regime is destined to run this team into the ground..Everything they have done, or failed to do sure would suggest this..

Still, I hold out some hope because luckily I can't read the future. Do I expect this team to be a Super Bowl contender this season? No..Even if we would have hired Fisher, signed Manning, I would have thought this is still a project..

I can't speak to what sort of track we are on, because frankly None of know. Yes all evidence points to a dumpster fire..And little the team has done recently supports otherwise..But before burying the team. I want to see the product on the field. I want to see how this new coach leads his team. I want to see if there is any improvement, or something to be excited about before bashing every move. Or declaring the season OVER..

My gut says we are going to struggle this year. We will probably be pretty bad. I want to see it first hand before coming to the final conclusion.

I am going to assume that they really aren't this stupid and there is more to the story that is soon to play out...... Oh wait, I've made that assumption before and have been proven wrong before. They REALLY ARE THAT STUPID, I give up!!!!!

Garrard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please HELL NO!!!! I watched him play enough when I lived in Jacksonville, sorry Moore would run rings around him...
Does this actually surprise anyone, Miami now in desperation mode..I ask why? screw the FA's lets move on to the draft and these QB's can sit around and wait for a job..maybe that will let the air out of their inflated egos.

JJ, are you saying IRELAND is stupid? Perish the thought!

What a joke! Stick with Moore! Draft a QB! Round up a WR in free agency while there's still cap room! That's too simple for Ireland!

Garrard??? Alex Smith?? These are the Franchise QBs??? This is their plan???? REALLY????

Steve-o true dolphin fans are sick of this crap year after year at qb look at how many qbs we passed on or didn't move up and draft when is it going to end? And as far as the redneck comment I am from ny and sick of jets fans.

Dolphins should just cut or trade every player on the roster making more than $4 million a year. At least this way we're armed with draft picks, practically a shoe in for 1st overall pick, and have clearer one helluva lotta "dead cap space".

The last 4yrs of total incompetence has lead us to exactly where we are today. Just like the Colts are totally rebuilding around Andrew Luck. Hopefully we put ourselves in rebuild around Matt Barkley.

Enuff damn said!


I see a lot of overreacting. So we missed out on Manning. So will some other teams, and who really knows how durable he will be. No biggie.

Whether we get Flynn or not is irrelevant. Come on, everyone is acting like he is some savior when he is a late pick 2 game wonder, nothing more.

Marshall, they had enough, so they dumped him, at a loss, and got something. Yes, maybe they could have gotten more, but I can understand them wanting to free up the cap space sooner rather than later. The difference between what we got and could have got will not be a huge impact.

Ireland really is not doing anything stupid here, he is being justifiably cautious. My biggest curiosity was not making Winston a better offer, but we don't know what his reasoning is.

Let the draft play out.
Let the season play out.
Let's see from there.

Stupid is as stupid does

Your a dumbie yesterday's gone

I think think Ireland is on spin "out of" control. Why oh why are they talking to David Garrard? Why are more NFL teams, with less cap space then Miami, able to sign top free agents? Why wont Ireland ask some players to restructure or hit the road. Dolphins are topped out in cap space, but theres not a probowler amoung them, except for Long.




Steve-O...I beg to differ...the fans are not the irrational reactionaries who last season released their most effective FB, then re-signed himn, and then released him again, only to leave themselves wanting at that position every time they face 3rd and two !!!!

Ireland's plan must be to TANK IT this year, blame Philbin and give him another year to prove himself (thus giving Ireland another year) and then draft Barkely #1 overall. It all makes sense now!!

How about Vince Young? Or maybe let's bring Pat White back, I heard we can trade for Charlie Batch. I mean seriously, either they want Flynn or not, if not, let's load up at DE with Anderson and FS with Nelson, draft a OL and 3 WR's and accept our 3-13 record and draft Jones or Barkley.

David 1972

I said it on previous blogs that the plan all along was to draft Tannehill because they knew they didn't have the cash to get Peyton (just going through the motions because he said something about incentive laden contract).

The media is the one who pumped Flynn up but we haven't heard anything officially from the people who count. If they wanted him as a franchise qb they would have offered him that kind of contract and he would have accepted.

So IMO they will draft Tannehill to sit for a year or 2 and sign a qb to compete with Moore because his contract is up after this season.

...and Devil's Advocate...and the other "wait and seers".......7 & 9, 7 & 9, and 6 & 10......I think that speaks volumes regarding the FO's ineptitude...

garrard, just when u think this cant get any worse. this has to be a joke, ireland should be declared legally retarded in state of florida and let him go home and collect funds from the govt


I read your response to me on the last blog and I expected somebody woudl say the 'dfference is that one guy was under contract and the other guy wasn't'. Fair point. I never thought there was anything wrong with what Ross did in the first place but the New York media continues to hang onto this point and brings it up every chance they can. They've beat it to death! My only point is Smith is under the impression he's getting a contract from the Niners, while behind his back they are auditioning Manning. Not that much different from what Ross did. It's as dishonest as what Ross did (which I've already said I had no problem with). Armando reported that Smith turned the money down but that's not what I read. I read he reported they 'were close' and he 'fully expected to get something done'. Do this sound like good faith to you?

Put it another way DD, Elway says about Tebow, 'he's earned the right to be the started next year', recently, and then at first chance he's out trying to sign Tebow (who is under contract). Again absolutely nothing wrong with this. This is professional sports. You do whatever you have to to get better. I'm just saying, this is not how things were potrayed with Ross and it's not any different.

We could also trade our #1 pick this year for a 2nd and 1st next year.

Arm ourselves with oogles of picks(trading player over $4 million a year), cap space(cutting players over $4 million a year we cant trade), and finishing 2-14 while still having 2 #1 picks next year.

Then take Matt Barkley with the first #1 pick, and maybe a LT with the other. Yes that means trading Jake Long. Perhaps trading Long would give us a total of 3 #1 picks next year(trading out of the 1st rd for a 2013 1st rd pick, the 2013 1st overall pick and Matt Barkley, and a 1st rd pick for Jake Long).

With 3 #1 picks in 2013 we would be on the fast track for a great rebuild. But these Bozos in Miami arent that smart. They'll continue making insignificant moves leaving us cap strapped and titleless.

for ross keeping ireland was basically suicide for him. the stadium will be empty and blackouts every week. we have finally hit rock bottom......i think?

I only wish Mando could score a sit-down with Ross and communicate to him the mutiny that is about to erupt among Dolphin Fans. Right now Ross must be hanging out with Mr. Rogers in the Land of Make-Believe or something.

KY Phinfan....draft Tannehill......okay.....now who's going to tell Cleveland that ?........

yesterday that would be a solid plan for most organizations, but even with all those picks we would still have ireland drafting them

Lets just draft another 2nd rd qb. This fo has already proven thier very enept at doing this. Henne/White ring a bell? Bring on Tannehill!

Taking Tannehill 1st rd could be even more disatrous if it doesnt workout. No one has that kind of draft grade on him to do so. The fins would be wise not to do either.

I think the team is so cheap that no one will ever want to play here. Winston was the most logical pursuit and we didn't even make him an offer. A host of wide outs and not one offer. Flynn actually wants to be here and they don't lock him uP. actually I bet u if Flynn doesn't sign neither smith or garrard will come. Y would they. Ireland is a Buffon but Ross is even worse!

YG.....spending this year's #1 for a later #1 and next year's #2 sound okay...but mehhhh...they won't do that,...it makes too much sense...


Is anyone talking to Vince Young?

Cleveland won't draft him at 4 they will use thier picks to try to better thier roster and stay with McCoy.

Buster, yeah, pretty lame...but maybe they got rid of the cause, Sparano, lets face it, was the most incompetent coach in franchise history, if not NFL history.


Haven't see you around here much bud....you're missed. Still one of the most rational posters on here. You're post at 2:44pm is right on. People habve NO clue how this season is going to play out. Not even a week into FA guys have written this team off.....probably just like they did when we finished 1-15....but they were pretty quick to jump on board again when we went 11-5. It'll be the same story again this year of Philbin is able to be effective.

I'll repeat...David friggin' Garrad ????? Surely this is a joke......
Posted by: Buster | March 18, 2012 at 02:21 PM

Buster, dont think it's a joke, hough the Ireland/Ross duo Are........

Garrard ????

So funny.....most of thes guys will be jumping right back on board again if and when good things are happening this year. Great fanbase!....

Devil...We all want to see a winner. I think this is something 99 percent of the folks here can agree on. Most Phin fans are tired of the wait, tired of digressing, tired of seeing this proud franchise on it's way to the bottom of the sea. Fans have EVERY RIGHT to be upset, impatient, some times irrational.

As fans we should expect more. Realistically speaking. What was the expectation for this team? Playoffs, + 500 record?? I'm sure if you asked 5 people you would get 5 different responses. I will be realistic and start with the playoffs..A birth in the playoffs would be IMO considered a succesful season. Other factors could also be thrown into what a successful season is...Did we get better at Quarerback, did we get better in the secondary. Did Dan Carpenter keep his FG attempts to under 5 a game(inflated for affect)? Did the team show signs of progression?

All of these things are still very possible. Yes right now saying this team is a playoff team will be rightly laughed at, and dismissed. The beauty in my mind is that I can only hope.. Weather this is false or misguided is on me..Like I said. I want to see the product and judge it on my own merits before jumping off the cliff.

yeah no way any team would ever take tannehill at 4

Ireland has to be borderline retarded. Only explanation.

I had hoped, even thought they had a plan. It is becoming very evident they do not. Ireland should have been working on freeing up cap space in January and Febuary, or did he think FA was cancelled this year. I dont get it, realy at this point Im clueless as to what the Fins are trying to do. It would not surprise me if Philbin and Sherman resign before the season starts..OK, thats a little extreme.

Craig...we aren't writing them off....we are just scratching our heads at the inconsistency.....no harm in that is there?

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