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Dolphins QB search now in spin mode

And now David Garrard is scheduled to visit the Dolphins on Monday, The Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed.

Two things:

What is it with the Dolphins and quarterbacks with neck issues? First Peyton Manning and now the club is flirting with a player who had bulging disc surgery last year. First thing the team will do with this visit? Get him to a doctor to see what the deal is.

Another thought I have is that this a kick-the-tires visit, if it even happens because I'm still expectant on Matt Flynn making a decision either by this evening or tomorrow morning.

Beyond that, the Dolphins QB search after Peyton Manning can be described in two different ways. I will describe both ways and let you decide which to believe.

The positive spin: The Dolphins know no one left on the free agency market is a franchise quarterback. They believe Flynn might be a good player and are willing to pay him as such to compete with Matt Moore. But the contract offer they made Flynn's agent safeguards the team against Matt Flynn being a tremendous bust and playing like the seventh-round draft pick he was years ago. This is protecting oneself for the good of the franchise. So the Dolphins, so far unable to get Flynn to buy into the idea of coming to Miami and competing for a starting job, are kicking the tires on practically anyone else on the market. They are doing due diligence. They have a set price they're willing to pay and they're sticking by their convictions. They'll get somebody. But they'll not overpay for anybody.

The negative spin: The Dolphins couldn't close on Peyton Manning. The Dolphins couldn't close on Matt Flynn. They probably won't be able to close on Alex Smith because he's going to want to get paid and they're not going to overpay him -- at least until their desperation kicks in. And now they're in full-fledged grasp at straws mode by checking out Garrard, a guy who didn't want to play for them last year for the price Miami was willing to pay. On the Garrard thing, I was told by several team sources that money was not an issue in getting him that there was other factors. A source close to Garrard said the exact opposite. That Miami underwhelmed in their offer to him and he didn't want to come to South Florida for that small of a prorated deal. This was, you may recall, in October when the Dolphins were desperate after Chad Henne's season-ending injury. So what has changed? Well, Garrard is more desperate now. No one has been serious about him even visiting until the Dolphins did it. And the Dolphins are just kicking tires. And we're supposed to be enthusiastic about this?

Those are the two possible spins on what is happening in Davie. You decide.



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In about 5yrs, the afc sb road will go thru Indy(LUCK). So some of you are contemplating drafting Tannehill as our answer moving forward?

That was quite some show Barkley/Luck both put on last season. If we could go 2-14 this year, we can again see that matchup. Only this time seeing who gets to the sb. Facing Luck with Tannehill is going to be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Why are you guys so tunnel visioned?


I was one of the biggest USC qb bashers here. Im changing on Barkley because I believe the e4xtra college year will only ensure he's day one Nfl ready.

I would love to get Barkley in next year's draft.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 02:29 PM


That was one heck of a game Matt Barkley vs Andrew Luck as Matt went toe to toe with Andrew. I like this kid and remaining in for another year will be good. I would take him if we could in 2013 but it's a long time from now and THE SCOUT cant even solve the current QB fascia as it is.

craig u have been saying that for years, i wish one of these years u would be right and they would actually win so everyone could jump back on.

Here is Ireland getting cute...this feels weird.

Who would trust these clowns with 3 #1 picks? I don't trust them with 2 #3 picks. My concern is, no franchise QB and no franchise Wr and a very good D. We're gonna waste the D and lose every game 16-13. Ridiculous!

we will get him at 8 sit him down and let him adjust to the speed of the game in preseason, and possibly later in the year when we are again out of the playoffs put him in for experience and start him next year.

WTF. Who next? Brett Favre? This makes me sick.

barkely would be huge, but nobody here has any faith that ireland could ever pull that off

Mind telling us who you think the phins should get instead, here and now?

Andy NJ (if you're still around),

Not being a smart ass here but are you still arguing that Philbin is sold on Flynn? Still believe that he's a clear upgrade on Moore and that the obvious thing is because he's played in the system and been groomed by Moore he'd have the most success here? Do you think it's Ireland that's making this decisions and not Philbin? Do you think it's all about dollars and cents?

I've read that the Seahawks have not made a contract offer yet (maybe because Flynn is asking too much). I made this point last week and got laughed at but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Packers got back involved in the disussion with Flynn and he ends up being a high paid backup. Makes a lot of sense to both parties.

Ireland must still be hung over from celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

...and that sentence makes sense on so many levels...

No, to Alex Smith...
No, to David Garrard...
Yes, to Flynn....but only if Philbin REALLY wants him!

Otherwise, draft some kid to be Moore's back-up....
I kinda like Osweiler...in later rounds...
Draft two(2) Wide Receiver's (and invite a bunch of unstaffed ones to Training Camp too).
Draft another lineman for the right side of the offence.
Draft a pass-rusher at #8, probably Ingram...

If we don't do better than 8-8 next year...fire Jeff Ireland!!!

Ireland must still be hung over from celebrating St. Patrick's Day!

...and that sentence makes sense on so many levels...

No, to Alex Smith...
No, to David Garrard...
Yes, to Flynn....but only if Philbin REALLY wants him!

Otherwise, draft some kid to be Moore's back-up....
I kinda like Osweiler...in later rounds...
Draft two(2) Wide Receiver's (and invite a bunch of unstaffed ones to Training Camp too).
Draft another lineman for the right side of the offence.
Draft a pass-rusher at #8, probably Ingram...

If we don't do better than 8-8 next year...fire Jeff Ireland!!!

...."and with the 8th pick in the 2nd round , the Dolphins choose Offensive lineman..."


In the future the road to the sb will go thru Andrew Luck. So we're best to think along those lines right now in considering the qb position.

If Ireland were really smart, he would be starting over and building like he expects to meet Andrew Luck in the AFC Championship game 4-6yrs down the road. At worst we would be a top 4 nfl powerhouse during this period along those lines of thinking.

Poor Ireland cant seem to think outside of getting from his bed in the mornings.

Anyone remember when Belichick took Jets HC job then resigned the next day and took Pats job?

Be funny if Philbin resign to protect his reputation.

Stupid spellchecker!!!!
"undrafted" not "unstaffed"....

Where does it get this stuff?

Craig you're right if coach believed Flynn was that guy they would have offered a contract saying as much.

In my opinion this thing is going to go full circle and we are going to start the season with Matt Moore as QB. Hopefully we can draft Tannehill, and pick up one of these new FA. Folks, until we become relevant no one is going to take us serious in terms of Franchise players beating down the door to get here.

tracy 8-8 with this current team better have philbin win coach of the year

The only logic I get from Smith and Garrard coming to town is that they are A) Going to draft a QB this year or B) Going to see how it goes with Moore and a vet and if it doesn't work out this year get a QB high next year. Either one of these two options is better than paying Flynn a high dollar contract.

"Lets not forget all of the great QBs that have come through GB


And they all played many seasons and won many rings as the STARTING qb. Not just 2 games spaced out over a 4 year career. Dont you think its telling the qb of the #1 ranked team in the country and bcs champion STILL was not drafted till the 7th? Why is that? Brady had an excuse. He didn't win a championship in college. What was flynns?Why isnt he signed by now?Why wasnt he traded? Do people STILL have him wrong? Or do you think they actually got him right? I think they got him right and offered a contract he deserved. Not franchise qb money

Now Alex Smith is in Miami for a visit??? I can't tell if the Dolphins are brilliant or completely incompetent.

Getting Smith would be a very good move IMO. He played VERY well last year & is a lot more proven than Flynn. However if they are using the visit just to pressure Flynn to take a low ball offer then I think that's a dumb move. Either Flynn is ready to be a starter or not. I guess we're not going to know for sure until we see how Smith, Flynn, or Matt Moore performs as starter.

...and if the Fins bring in Free Agent Ted Ginn in for an interview, I am for sure chuckin up my cookies...

Agree Craig only want a qb to compete with Moore and start in case of injury while we groom Tannehill

Corner, Great "Q", Not sure the answer, Though I'll Say this, I never AND THE CUBAN MEANS NEVER have I felt that I would ever Miss Wayne(Please Rewind)(Or I'll Charge you $ 5.00) Huizinga......I thought he was the Total Franchise killer, Now I know I was wrong...

"Garrard, a guy who didn't want to play for them last year for the price Miami was willing to pay


Pretty sure thats what was reported at first, come to find out later his back was toast anyways. Not too many other reasons you get cut a week before the seasons start and the resigns handed to a guy who obviously wasnt ready

Smith won't sign here because we won't offer him franchise money either

smith isnt proven. neither of them are. pass on both unless they are cheap

Well I'll be darned! Miami is not paradise after all. Welcome to the land of OZ!

Again, it's not popular to side with Jeff Ireland but I got to applaud the guy. He wants Flynn at HIS price. I TOTALLY agree. A lot of you guys are just DESPERATE. Throw money at this guy, throw money at that guy. That's not how you build a championship team. Running out and giving up picks and money for guys like Feely, Gordon, Culpepper, Marshall have done nothing but hinder this team. I'd be fine with Flynn on thois team AT THE RIGHT PRICE, otherwise forget it. Just as happy with Tannehill or Weeden or a first round QB next year. Stop the BANDAIDS!

Yeah, lets draft Tannehill! Then we can watch Andrew Luck totally eat his lunch 4-5yrs down the road.

A smart AFC gm with foresight will be assuming the golden road to the sb will go thru Andrew Luck in the future. He would begin now building his team accordingly.

Tannehill vs Andrew Luck is going to be like bringing a knife to a gunfight!


I really don't want to wait 4 -6 years, especially waiting this long just to get to a championship game. But if Luck pans out as we think he will, your right, we will need to contend with him for a very long time. Remember all the Marino vs Peyton games in those early years? The young Peyton just could not get past Marino.

winston was the guy who they should of payed, he didnt break the bank with kc


Nice to see some rational thinking on here. Good for you man....

craig ill take weeden any day over garbage tannehill. that guy is garbage

maybe by talking to alot of QB's they will learn something, maybe...

they never looked this hard before....

nyg i dont remember manning not being able to get past marino?


Stop pretending you know what Tannehill and Luck for that matter are going to become....because you don't! NOBODY knows what these guys are going to become. We THINK we know but we don't. Let's see how it plays out, rather than annointing it as FACTUAL.

Wallyfin...they were never this DESPERATE before !! :-)

but i wouldnt draft a qb at all now. id stick with moore and use those picks to take best avail player each pick

Garrard not only has a Bulging Disk in hs neck but also has Crohns Disease...

garrrd sucked when he was 100 percent also

Incredible how many here dont even have the ability to see past thier own noses!

But not to worry. Or fo cant either. That's why it'll be very difficult to be a middle of the pack team at best. As long as the current administration is in power.

Hope you dont plan your vacations this way. Because you'll never have the foresight to consider you need to take a boat to the Caribbean. Until you run out highway and there's nothing but clear blue ocean. LOL

This be a saying grace for the GM, when dg was in jax he did great things with a less than mediocre Rec corp granted we now that we divested or selves of the beast, we are weak at receiver dg can get us to the next level, remember. Matt Jones, mike Williams, and that rec Wilfork all had over 100yds rec the dolphins in the same game no other qb has been able to do that on Miami before or since then, and the 3 rec i just named weren't that good and our defense wasnt that bad bad dg?

Craig M..While I appreciate your point..I still disagree. I do not know the in's and outs of what the Niners had told Smith..From what I remember you are right..The team had said they were going forward with Alex Smith..The difference in my mind is that Peyton Manning is an all time quarterback. When you have the opportunity to aquire him, and he is a clear upgrade to your incumbant..you have to explore this. I do not see it anything like the Harbaugh-Sparano situation.

Everyone is going to argue that Harbaugh is a better coach. At the time of the Ross-Ireland plane ride..We couldn't have known that the Niners would have achieved what they did last year..Remember Sparano had a pretty good first year himself.. It is possible the Niners regress. It is possible that in a few years Harbaugh is fighting for his job..Not likely if they aquire Manning..very possible if they stay with Smith.

As far as Tebow..I am very familiar with the sitation because of the proximity with the team..Everyone knows that Elway thinks of Tebow as a fall back solution. He is not sold one bit on Tebow. He did say he would be the number one going into camp..He never garaunteed a starter job come opening day..he would have to earn it. Once Manning came available..It was a no brainer to try and court him to Denver..As he is a tremendous upgrade, and maybe the only player available that their fan base would support over Tebow..avoiding a public relations nightmere...

Again..I understand where you are coming from..My opinion is just a bit different..Always ok to disagree.

Come on, does anyone really think that they're going to sign Garrard. Right now it'll be either Flynn, or Smith. They are the best free agent QB's on the street. They are both talking to the Dolphins. Flynn is in contract negotiations with them right now. If you were Flynn, and your landing places are get less and less, with the prospect of having a QB like Hasselbeck on the market next. With other QB prospects coming to the Dolphins, would you say....damn I need to sign really soon. They have no competition for Flynn and can dictate contract price. This is all posturing.

And, of course, Tannehill (due to the broken foot that has kept him sidelined since January) wasn't able to make the gradual steps of improvement that Locker did in competing at the Senior Bowl, 2011 Combine and his Pro Day.

Frankly, I saw Tannehill play with more poise late in games as a junior than I did during his senior season. Sure, Tannehill was plagued by drops and defensive collapses in the Aggies losing four games last year in which they led by at least a touchdown at halftime, but I never saw the command of the huddle and ability to stop the bleeding once it started that I believe is critical to be a successful field general in the NFL. This isn't to suggest that Tannehill won't develop better anticipation and poise as he gains more experience at the position, only that he did not prove the ability to do so in 2011.

And because of that simple fact, I cannot support the argument that Tannehill should be selected in thetop half of thefirst round of the 2012 draft -- though I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Cleveland Browns (No. 4), Miami Dolphins (No. 8) or Seattle Seahawks (No. 12) do precisely that.


mike,yes, this is the dolphins we are talking about. garrard is a real possibility


4-6yrs are just estimates. But if youre armed with 3 1st rd picks next year(2013) and have the luxury to draft Barkley. Your team's going to get really good really fast.

At the durrent pace of decision making. All we're having to show for it are mediocre seasons and cap strapped limitations. Obviously what we're doing isnt working. Time to try something new.

by all means sign flynn but at the right price; you offer him a contract for 2 or 3 years (similar to what J-ville did to Henne) and say come in and show us you deserve more.

Go with Moore and sign Garrard as the backup. That is the best bang for the buck. I don't see too many teams willing to pay Garrard more than they would pay Flynn. And DG has starting cred to this name.


It was in 1998,2001 when Marino beat him twice. Great games.

Im out. Its seeming like being in a room full of light with blind men. LOL

Here's an answer to you.

This is phuc-ed up.

This phuc-ing disaster.

Plan A was Cowher, wasn't going to coach anywhere. Isn't coaching in the NFL. Why is he on this list

Plan B was Gruden, see Cowher.

Plan C was Fisher, Fisher's agent's son is the COO of the Rams, where do you think he was going to go.

Plan D was Philbin because he was willing to take job and could bring in Flynn.

Plan A was Peyton, Miami was always the underdog here. there are 24 other teams that Manning didn't even talk to.

Plan B was Flynn, he's still here negotiating a contract.

Plan C was Smith, still here talking.

Plan D is Garrard, Why is he even on this list.

Who the phuc is in charge? Not you.


You're right, it's Ok to disagree. I'm just saying, one story gets beat to death and the other nary a word is mentioned. It's a complete double standard. This organization is continually criticized by guys like La Confara and Florio, while others get a free pass. People will argue that we desreves it based on our record but the Niners were rottne for years and the Pats make mistake, after mistake, after mistake. thye get a free pass based on BB, Brady, their record and the biased East Coast media. So many people are so influenced by this very same media.

garrrd sucked when he was 100 percent also

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 18, 2012 at 03:17 PM

kinda like your posts

What Home says about "chemtrails" is true. Im seeing the full effects of with many of the bloggers in here! LOL

Im out.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | March 18, 2012 at 03:25 PM


Moore and Garrard is not the worst move in the world. Tying our hands to Flynn for the next 3-4 years would be a worse move. Nothing changes with this team UNTIL we get a first round QB.

Guy's I think for the rest of the Ireland Tenure you gotta think "4" when it comes down to FAs or coaches, Another words They'll always get the 4th person they want for which ever job is needs to be filled.........
EG.... Head Coach

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