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Dolphins QB search now in spin mode

And now David Garrard is scheduled to visit the Dolphins on Monday, The Herald's Barry Jackson has confirmed.

Two things:

What is it with the Dolphins and quarterbacks with neck issues? First Peyton Manning and now the club is flirting with a player who had bulging disc surgery last year. First thing the team will do with this visit? Get him to a doctor to see what the deal is.

Another thought I have is that this a kick-the-tires visit, if it even happens because I'm still expectant on Matt Flynn making a decision either by this evening or tomorrow morning.

Beyond that, the Dolphins QB search after Peyton Manning can be described in two different ways. I will describe both ways and let you decide which to believe.

The positive spin: The Dolphins know no one left on the free agency market is a franchise quarterback. They believe Flynn might be a good player and are willing to pay him as such to compete with Matt Moore. But the contract offer they made Flynn's agent safeguards the team against Matt Flynn being a tremendous bust and playing like the seventh-round draft pick he was years ago. This is protecting oneself for the good of the franchise. So the Dolphins, so far unable to get Flynn to buy into the idea of coming to Miami and competing for a starting job, are kicking the tires on practically anyone else on the market. They are doing due diligence. They have a set price they're willing to pay and they're sticking by their convictions. They'll get somebody. But they'll not overpay for anybody.

The negative spin: The Dolphins couldn't close on Peyton Manning. The Dolphins couldn't close on Matt Flynn. They probably won't be able to close on Alex Smith because he's going to want to get paid and they're not going to overpay him -- at least until their desperation kicks in. And now they're in full-fledged grasp at straws mode by checking out Garrard, a guy who didn't want to play for them last year for the price Miami was willing to pay. On the Garrard thing, I was told by several team sources that money was not an issue in getting him that there was other factors. A source close to Garrard said the exact opposite. That Miami underwhelmed in their offer to him and he didn't want to come to South Florida for that small of a prorated deal. This was, you may recall, in October when the Dolphins were desperate after Chad Henne's season-ending injury. So what has changed? Well, Garrard is more desperate now. No one has been serious about him even visiting until the Dolphins did it. And the Dolphins are just kicking tires. And we're supposed to be enthusiastic about this?

Those are the two possible spins on what is happening in Davie. You decide.



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Flynn just picked Seattle

Well Rick you certainly win the understated response award! I would not bet on Ireland reaching on Tannehill at 8, his fate would be too tied to that.

"The Browns are going to take Tannehill at #4 which will leave us with nothing yet again. We are buffoons, we could have used the remaining cap money on Winston if we knew we were going to pass on Flynn. Alex Smith is not a West Coast guy...or a consistent QB...We suck. I have tried to stay positive...but how can I when they do things like this?"


I hear you BUT Smith is a more proven QB then Flynn. The only saving grace in this scenario is if we sign Smith IMO. If not then it's another MAJOR PR nightmare for Ross/Ireland.

unbelievable.do these guys ever get who there after,no first class players are going to play for these idiots.I swear to god Irelland is Matt MIllen reincarnated

I dont get it. People were in here complaining for days that Flynn is no good and not worth more than 3 or 4 million. Seattle just signed a possible back up at 8.6 million a year. And now the Dolphins are stupid for not offering more? Hell for 8 mil Alex Smith is out there and has already proved he can win. But for 8.6 million for Flynn to compete in Seattle is ridiculous. Stick with Moore now and draft Weeden. I believe thats exactly what Craig M wanted. Craig looks like your wish may come true!

Come on, "In like Flynn" should be the battle cry ;-)


Matt Moore is the Best we can do LMFAO!!!!! Say hello to continued mediocrity.

Jack I hope you're not including me in there. You know I wanted Flynn but for no more than 5 mil. 8.6 mil is ridiculous money for him.


How did they think they were gonna pay Manning if they can't afford Flynn.

I think they could have made it happen if they wanted to.

It appeaars to me that Ireland is playing things way to conservatively. If your constantly worried about making a mistake its a little hard to lead.

And your talking about Bush being a Diva. I mean he was our big splash in free agency last year. Who's plan do you think that was?

The ship has sunk.

Just loss Flynn, team is a joke, just don't show up to any games, do not buy anything dolphin.


A ship with no direction.

we are the worst iam done please sell the team dick ross
u suck u have no clue loser go buy a dildo factory u loser



Maybe Lebron can play he would instantly become are #1 receiver

sell the team loser sell the team loser sell the team loser


Like I said I'm fine with Matt Moore his QB rating was a decent 87 last year in his first year in an offense that had lots of transition.

The trouble is that I don't I don't think the FO is fine with him but apparantly their not willing to go beyond their mold for a more viable option.

here in nj they are laughing at the dolphins its the worst listing to this jets and giants talk about how bad ross is and the team please sale the team u suck for ross please sale the team do me that favor


Moore is gonna throw to who, a rookie receiver with "potential" thats all we are looking at where we are drafting and some of the scenarios i've seen discussed don't exactly inspire confidence. We are hurting in sooooo many ways, just a mess.

This stems from Irelands childhood. Somebody said his mon was a prostitute. Poor guy, no wonder he is so sporadic.



How about some good news...LIKE IRESCUM IS FIRED!



I hope clev. Takes tannehill, but i doubt it. These dumba@#ess named ross and ireland will draft tannehill and say we believe he is the next marino. They should be shot!

Now it makes sense. This is irelands last year of his contract. His plan is to totally fu@k this team up. Well at least he suceeded in that!

the only way to get ross to fire ireland is for fans to start boycotting the games .... an empty stadium will speak volumes ... i'm not sure tannehill is better than the kid from okla.st. ....they better try to get wr floyd and maybe tommy streeter in the 3rd or 4th round ... two big,fast young guys to have for years

Were screwed again

If the Dolphins sign David Garrard, I will never watch this team play again.

If you waste our salary cap money on that 34 year old over the hill David Garrard, the lynch mobs will be knocking on your door Jeff Ireland! This guy was mediocre when he was in his prime!

You are not going to sign Alex Smith because of his price tag, so our only option now is to stick with Matt Moore who played pretty solid last year and draft a young QB. Reach for Tannehill at 8 if he's available or pick another QB in the later rounds but DO NOT SIGN GARRARD!

Wow , this is so frustrating.
I have been a Fin fan for for 35years , I am the first to defend them .
I cannot stand here and defend them anymore .
They have dropped the ball so many times , this off season especially .
First they need to generate a want to go to games and sell merchandise , there is nothing they have done to help that one bit . They are hemoraging fans .
There is a huge black cloud in the NFL created by the ineptitude of Ireland . Get him out of office now , yesterday is too soon.
How can they sit at their daily, weekly meetings and think they are going forward. You are failing as a franchise . Anyone in the industry will tell you that at this point in time nobody wants to be associated with the high office .
Somebody fix this sinking ship , I cannot watch this anymore it's making me sick .

It’s funny….just a year ago the Phin’s didn’t think they needed a franchise QB and totally passed on a potential (Ryan Mallett). They could have got him for a song and instead let the Patriot’s get his value.

Personally, I watched all of Mallet’s games at Arkansas. I flat out know he is better than any of these scrubs they are bringing in. So what if he has a friggin accent ! The man can zing it on a rope !!!

But this year Ross/Ireland says….OMG….we gotta get a QB !!! Morons. I completely expect the 2 clowns to make another bonehead decision that will set the franchise back another decade.

Just you watch…..its actually becoming comical. the Marino years seem like 50 years ago.

no Flynn, no Manning, now Alex Smith? I've heard of sloppy seconds, this is much worse than that.

What a terrible franchise this has become. The Curse of Shula.

Sign Weeden to compete against Moore, forget garrard and smith!

Inept Ireland and Ross!! Suck, suck, suck!

Is Culpepper still available? What's Favre up to these days?

Mando :

Who are the biggest losers on Ireland´s stupidity ?

Of course...The Fans all the way.

Hopefully this new setback of ineptitude to close negotiations will finally open Mrs. Ross´s eyes and finally realized that Ireland is not even close to be a good GM for the future of our beloved Miami Dolphins and this is not a matter on wether Flynn would of been a great addition or not, is a matter of this management capacity and ability to close negotiations with whom they are negotating with, if they brought Flynn from Green Bay and then from Seattle it wass because they liked him, just like it happend with, Brees, Harbaugh, Fisher, Manning and now this all under Ireland's negotiation abilities which had proven,,, INEPTITUDE,,, Hopefully this new setback to his Capacity will open Mr.Ross´s eyes to who is he trusting the present and future of our beloved franchise which happens that he did not grew up being a Dolphin as we most are since 46 years ago and the franchise he is doing a great job destroying, not because of Flynn and Manning signing somewere else after having both of them in your backyard but to all of the setbacks all together resulting in Mismanagement, and not to mention that they also lost today on Eric Winston whom they also had for a visit and signed two days later in K.City...hopefully this new setbacks will be the beggining of the end of the Monster of Stupidity named Jeff Ireland..whose favorite team he grew up cheering ...THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS,,, mmm with all of this i now wonder if still is ?...Remember he let Wesley Walker go to Whom ?...well i just hope Mr. Ross finally realize in who he is trusting.

By th way does anybody knows how this setbacks are gonna Hurt the Team the worse and Mr. Ross´s interests ?

you got it.....¡¡¡¡¡ T I C K E T S !!!!!!


Garrard who ?
No doubt the Dolphin's staff are acting like junkies looking for H.
This is just pathetic. I would rather stick with Moore thousand times than Garrard.
Smith ? ... No ! still Moore. He has shown endurance, pride and respect for this team. He has supported the implicit insults and spitts in his face by the staff's behavior with manhood and bravery.
This team nor we, the fans, deserves such incompetent staff or maybe we must have done something real bad in this life to deserve the punishment of this staff. It is revolting.

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