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Dolphins taking two-pronged approach to QB issue

The Dolphins are holding out hope, albeit slim at this point, that they can still land Peyton Manning. But they are not so naive as to do nothing else in case bad news comes.

That is why the club has today reached out to free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to discuss the basic parameters of a contract and seek permission to speak with the player himself. The club had coach Joe Philbin, who has coached Flynn in Green Bay, call his former pupil to express interest in him. The club obviously also talked to Flynn's agent.

And all this while everyone awaits a verdict from Manning.

Earlier today a Dolphins source described this as a "delicate" balance for handling the situation. No lie! The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning by making him believe they've moved on before they're actually told they are out. And they don't want to be so inactive as to lose out on Flynn who is now Plan B behind Manning.

It is obviously helping that Flynn wants to come to Miami. Yes, someone would like to come to Miami. It is also helping that the Flynn camp believes the Dolphins will help set the market for the free agent. And, of course, there's Flynn comfort level with Philbin and his system.

So we are waiting the final result of all this.

If you want me to speculate, I'd say the Dolphins end up with Flynn rather than Manning. Just a guess. Nothing more.

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So we grab the guy from ND, Streeter, Hill.. What, you don't want any of those either, only your pick, Blackmon? Grow up, kid.

Once all of these debacles are over I will be an extremely happy Fan if the fins move in and pick WR Blackmon.

They dumped Marshall and now we are going to have a QB (unknown who) that is going to throw to?

Blackmon is the play maker and the replacement Beast.

Flynn, Manning, Moore will have a young unbelievable receiver who is going to be a star. Best WR I seen come out in way too many years.

yes I want to walk away with SOMETHING, a Play maker. Not some boring but NEEDED linemen.

For Once let's get a star and with the rest of the draft shore up the right side and throw the rest to the D and fix that.

Next year there's always Matt Barkley but we will need to bark for Barkley.

I'm telling ALL you naysayers against Blackmon that the Pats and jets may end up with him.

The Pats have a HUGE assortment of negotiation picks to move in for Blackmon as Brady would love this kid. The REX is in his last year before he gets dumped if he does not make it to the Bowl. Rex needs to give Sanchez a play maker, a WR with skills like Blackmon is going to make huge plays.

Just say in.

I just realized that Driver and Jennings are not 6'4" and not burners either.

Dolphins 2 pronged approach: DUMB and DUMBER! There is hope though, I read that Samson Satele, Ted Ginn, and Channing Crowder on the CBS SPORTSLINE'S TOP 100 free agents available. Who hooo!!!!!!!!

it seems that philbin is not a reactionary guy like ross. maybe he'll bring some stability with a long term plan that actually works. miami wasn't going to the super bowl next year with manning and marshall. anyway, philbin probably knew that manning wasn't coming to miami, so there was no harm in placating ross with the interview.

NYG , tell us naysayers about Cowher. No way Blacmon is there at 8 and no way we trade up.

You see Ted Ginn will replace Brandon Marshall - heck he can have #19 back!


Flynn is more valuable to the Dolphins because of Philbin being here and the system he runs. Flynn is very used to the system and again brings more value to the Dolphins than any other team. It also gives Flynn a better chance to succeed. He has been the correct play all along. I think that the front office's ineptness is finally working in its favor. Their inability to land manning is a blessing in disguise. Let's hope they sign Flynn and that Ross isn't as frugal with his cap space as he was last year.

Paul Hardcastle needs to make a comeback with his "19" song - in Vietnam, he was 19. The song would go something like this. The average drops by a wide receivers each season is 6. But in Miami, it's 34 by eeeeee #19 eeeeee #19!

After losing 18 mil in salary cap space for this season, where is the Redskins getting all this money to spend on free agency?

GREAT post jared. i'm a fan that is optimistic. i agree with blackmon with the exit of marshall. better off without him actually because his personal issues affected his play. i watched him drop many key passes that decided some games. flynn we can afford and still have cap to add some pieces we need to compete. I hope we aleast make an offer to reggie nelson, we need an upgrade from will allen at the safety position. if flynn doesnt work out we have moore for another year.
dont forget about barkley comming out next year, might be better than luck and i'm sure better than RG111.

We have Wallace, a big receiver, that was out on injury last year and Marion Moore, a speedy guy too. We don't need Manningham.

Philbin will get Jerry to play RT.

We just need a damn QB of the future, and the rest defense.

NYG , tell us naysayers about Cowher. No way Blacmon is there at 8 and no way we trade up.

Posted by: Chive | March 13, 2012 at 08:35 PM


I said i would be happy I didn't say that the Dolphins would move up for him.

We have THE SCOUT Ireland who wants value picks and Acorns. I don't foresee him changing his "MO".

Also, since you are mentioning Cowher you apparently are posting under a different name?? Just asking.

Reasons why Marshall was traded:

5.) he is a head case

4.) he has ruffled more than a few feathers

3.) he is no stranger to throwing his QB under the bus (which leads me to 2)

2.) Diva, head case WRs like Marshall are not good fits with young, inexperienced QBs (which we are likely to have)

1.) Philbin will be running a WC style offense....Marshall does not fit that bill. He's not known for be a crisp route runner which is necessary in a WC offense.

I believe, after reading with more detainment today's posts, that the average age of most Posters here is about 30 y/o. That is nothing in this Country and we will address most, accordingly.

Schrödinger's Cat: A cat, along with a flask containing a poison and a radioactive source, is placed in a sealed box. If an internal Geiger counter detects radiation, the flask is shattered, releasing the poison that kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when we look in the box, we see the cat either alive or dead, not both alive and dead.

In other words...in another universe...Peyton is a used car salesman and Flynn is a cross dressing Jets fan. I don't even care at this point anymore. I will start caring once the Lombardi is in Miami.

Oh, BTW. I for one am not falling into the BS crap from the Scout or Ross.

How many years and drafts and FAs where all of the fans told that addressing the QB is the owners and the Scouts TOP Priority. Um, and we addressed that how? _____________ BIG BLANK.

I really don't care if we get flynn anymore. He is destined to fail because he has NOONE to throw to. Where the heck are we going to get a WR? We are back to before 3 years ago when we would sign 2nd grade WRs like a mario manningham this year and pretend they are true # 1s

After losing 18 mil in salary cap space for this season, where is the Redskins getting all this money to spend on free agency?

Posted by: Ace from Texas | March 13, 2012 at 08:39 PM


This is why I keep telling people to stop worrying about the damned cap. There are ways around it. There are ways to structure contracts, even large contracts as to have a limited short term impact on the cap.

My guess is that they're backloading a lot, restructuring a lot of contracts, lots of bonus/option bonus money. It will eventually catch up with them and they'll have to unload....the moves they're making now really won't have significant cap ramifications for another 3 years or so. Snyder is willing to cross that bridge when he gets there to get the players he wants today.

Personally, I think it's stupid. Philly is the most recent example of why you build through the draft and not FA....but then again, Washington has no choice given what they gave up for RG3.

The Marshall trade was the story of the day. Not much else. VJ to Tampa. I expected more action. Peyton has 12 teams handcuffed to his weennee.


My thoughts exactly! This years first round, 2013/2014 2nd round and Brandon Marshall. Throw in some cup holders also.

There was a package to be offered to the Rams for that pick. I'm not sure they offered anything at this point.

The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning?

He's the one doing the hiring and firing and he's not worried about offending anyone: he's a dark rain cloud wherever he appears!

I wonder if Peyton realizes his Prima Dona attitude will come back to haunt him. If he does not perform at a very high level, the fans won't hesitate to badger him after all this.

If the Cardinals get manning :( what happens to Kevin Kolb. Will Miami even look at him? On BM ...yes he got over 1000 yards but he dropped so many that he had right in his hands. Making this move tells the players less talking and play better ball. If Manning won’t come, he’s probably worried about getting past Tom Brady as we should. Your #1 fan in Canada RR


I would have preferred Griffin too.

Griffin was option # 3 regretfully.

Marshall in a package with picks from this year only and maybe some other player to fill a need would have gotten their attention.

Seems to me like Mario Williams going to Buffalo could be like Albert Haynesworth all over again.

Maybe it's wishful thinking.

Great over reactions ladies. Perhaps we should wait until free agency and the draft are over before we start wetting ourselves.

Wat we need is e very spicy team, with spices and peppers and heat, not hamburger and fries, Dis is what I tink.

Philadelphia Dolphins fan again...

I do agree that most fan bases are the same in terms of "the sky is falling" perspective. Also, there is no doubt there are educated fans out there whether it be in South Florida or around the world. The majority is what is really rubbing me the wrong way. You get what you give in this world. You want a dysfunctional franchise? You will get one if know one wants to sign here, and the quickest way for that to happen is if the fan base doesn't support the team. This isn't a chicken or egg scenario. Team needs fan support or it dies. Simple.

One response to my earlier post I have to disagree with (respectively of course). Andy Reid should have been fired years ago. Philadelphia fans aren't stupid they just understand that this is a bottom line business. Reid is a victim of his own success in some regard, but Philadelphia is Super Bowl or bust for better or worse. And we have known in Philly for a long time Reid will never get it done.

I want Flynn, so I hope Peyton hurries up and tells us no.

Philbin is fish and chips and irish cheese, this is not spicy. Sparano was pasta brain idiot, this is fat and lazy, so we start 0 and 7 before they stop with the garlic bread. We need an Indian coach with spicy system or Mexican coach to feed players jalapenos and habaneros. Even Belicheck now is stale bread. Coughlin have no spice, but he has military toughness.

Wats their plan for the WR's now that BM is gone???
IMO they should look into Steven Hill from GT


You can't be serious. Drafting and coaching makes a good team. 8 billion fans can't make a lame team any better.

Why does keep happening to us. FA's Grove and Smiley were canned after only a couple season. Now Marshall for 2 3rds when he cost us 2 2nds.

Buy high, sell low. God this an aweful owner/gm.

How much guaranteed money was Brandon Marshall due to get over the next 3 years? Trading him saved 6 million this year. We all know contracts aren't guaranteed. The only real cap money is the guaranteed money. Six million saved this year doesn't seem like a lot of money saved to me.

This move has to be QB related. They not saving any big money getting rid of Marshall.

This is exacdtly why this will never be a good team. We pay big money to land fa's to fill a position then end up cutting or trading them.

This is exactly why we never adequately address any positions. We create new problems when we've yet to address the old problems at hand.

Future fa's after watching what just happened to Marshall. Do you think they'll wanna come here?

If we get Flynn..is greg jennings coming ??

Is this a new start? Maybe we will build through the draft and suck draft pix from other teams? Draft, Draft, develop players, have excess talent, trade for draft pix, develop players? Build for long term?


Both of you are absolutley correct about packaging Marshall with our first and second round pick to St Louis for the number 2 pick. Ross ego didn't allow him to offer this to Fisher. Which works out on both sides. That's what happen when you have a clueless owner and gm.

Winning organizations first start at the top of the organization and we have two clueless guys (Ross and Ireland) at the top.

He Giant Chief have Big dikk.

Call it what you will, but, to rest of the league this just looks be consistent with the same bungling pattern with Ross/Ireland.

I would be an absolute shock if Peyton said yes to these bufoons now. You trade a pro bowl wr for only 2 3rd rd picks, especially when you paid 2 2nds to get him? Incredible!

Just been reminiscing about the good old days. Anyone else got Dan on their bucket list? I would love to catch a pass from Dan Marino before I cross over into that upper room.

Report: Peyton Hillis to meet with Steelers

If healthy, automatic superbowl contenders.

You just dont trade a pro bowl wr still in his prime and only get 2 3rd rd picks. Trading Marshall doesnt annoy me. What these bufoons got in return does.

Im sure Bellichiock's rotflhao!

Ok, so, Phins and others. I'm calm now. Just hypthosize for me, what's the plan? Forget about he was a headcase because that's a joke to me. Brass tax! You had 2 ProBowlers on the team this year. You get rid of one, who was also the center of your offense as it's best weapon. For a couple of picks and freed up CAP space (I agree, those become assets).

If you are the GM, what're you thinking? Can't just be some "sign" to Peyton that they'll get his friends too, could it? Or bank on getting Blackmon? Maybe they scouted a guy they think can be a #1 who'll be available at 8? I don't know, those all sound very risky to me. I'm just trying to understand the plan on how this makes the team better (if they are in win now mode). Or was Ireland bluffing, are they in rebuild mode?

Since we're looking at Peyton why not look at Hines Ward also.

I'm just saying...

There has been a lot of unfair criticsm of this franchise in the media over the past week or so. It has been unbelievably frustrating to me mainly because I am afraid Manning didn't view the Phins with an open mind. I had hoped that the fan base would be riled up about this...and instead I found that if anything the fan base is contributing to it. I will say it again, Ross and Ireland are not as bad as many of you think. Lot of the criticsm has been unfounded. If we stop demanding unfounded speculation based on ignorance from our beat writers (Omar Kelly can you here me?) maybe the national media would take the franchise more seriously, and this "dysfunctional franchise" label will wash away. If the fans aren't optimistic no one will be. The writers write what they think we will read. Think about it.

We're on the verge of losing both pro bowlers. Big Paul aint coming back!

Man what has happened to our beloved Dolphins...How sad...God I miss Don Shula...

We trade 2 second round picks for a WR, he comes in and makes the Pro Bowl and we trade him for two 3rd round picks...And some people think our GM knows what he's doing...Yeah, ok...Got it...

Oh yeah, he was an alternate I think. I was talking about Marshall and Long (who didn't play).

Finnegan to the Rams

Im on the verge of destroying any Dolphin memorabilia I own that didnt come from the era where there was a Robbie in charge. Im serious, icant take this sh...t anymore!

Excuse Me. Is Hartline now our #1
Can i get a refund for my SeasTX, i bought them last week thinking Marshall/Wayne /Manning

Posted by: michael | March 13, 2012 at 08:18 PM

LOL SUCKER! Remember what I said earlier...COLLOSSAL FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy watching Hartline never getting open!

Ross was very successful in real estate. That doesn't mean he could have been equally as successful as a concert violinist, a ballet dancer, a film director, a physicist or, even owner of a football team.

Ross just doesn't seem to know how to run the show.

Why are People becoming so histeric if the Season hasn't even started?

were screwed

#1,YG, We finally have some decent smart football guys who realize this Marshall trade was absoulutley stupid. The 2 turd heads (Ireland and Ross) are embarrassing the Dolphins organizations.

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