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Dolphins taking two-pronged approach to QB issue

The Dolphins are holding out hope, albeit slim at this point, that they can still land Peyton Manning. But they are not so naive as to do nothing else in case bad news comes.

That is why the club has today reached out to free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to discuss the basic parameters of a contract and seek permission to speak with the player himself. The club had coach Joe Philbin, who has coached Flynn in Green Bay, call his former pupil to express interest in him. The club obviously also talked to Flynn's agent.

And all this while everyone awaits a verdict from Manning.

Earlier today a Dolphins source described this as a "delicate" balance for handling the situation. No lie! The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning by making him believe they've moved on before they're actually told they are out. And they don't want to be so inactive as to lose out on Flynn who is now Plan B behind Manning.

It is obviously helping that Flynn wants to come to Miami. Yes, someone would like to come to Miami. It is also helping that the Flynn camp believes the Dolphins will help set the market for the free agent. And, of course, there's Flynn comfort level with Philbin and his system.

So we are waiting the final result of all this.

If you want me to speculate, I'd say the Dolphins end up with Flynn rather than Manning. Just a guess. Nothing more.

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We've been looking for #1 wr since the post Shula era. We pay 2nd rd'ers for him then let him go for 2 3rd rd'ers after becoming a pro bowler.

If Peyton says no, boy are those stadium seats are going to be empty this season!

I have seen Ross interviewed several times on the CNBC financial news station. He is comfortable, in his element. Any time I've seen him or Ireland interviewed as Dolphins execs they've both came off awkward and uncomfortable. They both chose the wrong profession.

DC - To me you don't get rid of #1 WR the caliber of Marshall without having a plan to replace him. The quetion is who?

Is that person Blackmon? I don't know but would like it to be. They would of course have to trade up and the 2, 3's give us a little more ammo to get there.

I don't know who the QB is going to be but have a feeling it is either Flynn or Tannehill.

This FA thing will probably run all day today and tomorrow, and I have to work in the morning. So, I bid you adieu.

Im totally done with buying team jerseys. Even guys think are gonna stick are quickly done in Miami. I guess Jake Long's due for a career ending injury this year. So I'll have to burn that jersey too!

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Ross has GOT to have something big in mind because this is NOT the way he'll sell tickets...Something's gotta give...

Ross and Ireland are not as bad as many of you think.

Posted by: Jared | March 13, 2012 at 09:28 PM

You're 1000% correct, they are 1 million times worse than we could have ever imagined!

6-11 last year, who cares BM? now she and her girlfriend are happy

Last season was over by game 4. This season ended two hours ago.

Hey Mando,

Just wanted to give you a shout out for doing a great job keeping people in the loop. I ripped you yesterday for the prolonged coverage of Kyle Orton last year but you've been dead on with Manning, Flynn, & Winston.

And here's a shout out to our GM---Everyone is applauding the Marshall trade. Applauding the Bears & not us!!!! Still scratching my head to try to understand wtf you were thinking??? I thought Free Agency was to fill the team's needs not create new ones....Would be great to get Flynn & Winston but doesn't Flynn need an impact WR???? Ehhhh....but what do I know you're the guy who hasn't had a winning season since 2008.

Posted by: U R ALL KIDDING YOURSELVES | March 13, 2012 at 09:45 PM

Except for the part where HOME is dopus maximus.


The Brandon Marshall deal wasnt a trade. It was a complete dumping. You mean to tell us Ireland couldnt have held out for at least 1 2nd rd pick in exchange for Marshall?

Wayne is staying with Indy -- per schefter on twitter.

Last season was over by game 4. This season ended two hours ago.

Posted by: Clyde | March 13, 2012 at 09:45 PM

LOL Dolphins eliminated from the playoffs at 4:01pm 3/13/12.

Can you imagine if the Bills end up signing Mario Williams to a contract? Man, that would be the icing on the cake wouldn't it???

Next poster says Ireland's a good gm needs to go jump from a very tall building!

Reggie Wayne re-signed with the Colts...3 years...Reunion in Miami?? LOL!! Not anymore...

Yesterday...Craig M will say it's a "great move"...LOL!!!

Watch B Marsh destroys the competition on the Bears, he's a top 7 WR, this is who teams use to gameplan aganist and we gave him away SMH. Our only Pro Bowler

why would he stay in indy, they axe all the old scubs cept wayne? odd

I feel worse right now than I did after the 62-7 playoff drubbing by the Jaguars!

I may only have one eye, but I can see the future, and it doesn't include a knife-wielding wife of a touchdown-dropping receiver.

WTF are we doing? No WR's No Oline, Turd heads running the team

Trading Marshall doesnt upset me. What they got in return just again makes us look like league laughing stocks.

Jared I have agree with Yesterday on this one.

If the Marshall trade doeesn't end up helping us land Manning its just straight up questionable.

I had hoped we were getting out of our recent history of lousy trades and free agent signings.

I still can't get over signing Jake Grove to a fat contract and releasing Samson Satele.

I believe Satele is still a solid starting center for the Raiders. Who knows where Jake Grove is..

Nice tidbit from a pft article on manning:

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, four teams remain in the Peyton chase: Broncos, Cardinals, Dolphins, Titans. Klis writes that the Broncos are one of the top two teams.

And despite speculation that Peyton Manning had concerns about playing in Miami with receiver Brandon Marshall, Klis reports that Manning considered Marshall an asset.

Tampa Bay signed Vincent Jackson. Think maybe I should become a Buc fan.

There goes the theory of "trading Marshall because of Manning wanting Wayne instead"...Hard to believe some people stupid enough to buy that b.s...

I may only have one eye, but I can see the future, and it doesn't include a knife-wielding wife of a touchdown-dropping receiver.

Posted by: Greg Oden's Eye | March 13, 2012 at 09:56 PM

It doesn't include wins either!

I live in KS and the chiefs reported they are talking to Winston TONIGHT. Iam a hugh Miami fan i thought he was comming to us first

Well...So much for trading Marshall to lure Manning & Reggie Wayne. Wayne just signed a 3 year deal with the Colts. Hey Ireland you've got some 'splaining to do!!!!

Yesterday I live in Tampa. I wouldn't advise you jumping on that train just yet.

Knowing Steven Ross, trading Marshall for 2 acorns, was his way of telling Peyton to go f--k himself. Ross is widely known for chopping off his own nose to spite his face!

Yesterdays Gone

The trade happened 17 seconds into free agency. Ireland didn't even try to get a better deal.

"And despite speculation that Peyton Manning had concerns about playing in Miami with receiver Brandon Marshall, Klis reports that Manning considered Marshall an asset."

Is clear that you like the Divas VJ is the same cancer or worse

If Manning wants to spend the remaining years of his career with his golf buddy or guys he's chummy with, then he should join Denver or Arizona. But if we wants the best shot of going to the SuperBowl, then he should come to Miami. Seriously, of the four teams he's interviewing, who has the best chance of going all the way? Denver may make it to the playoffs, but they're weak in a weak division. Miami has the better talents compared to the other three.

P.S> Well, I felt this way until FO traded Marshall away. Unbelievable!

At this rate, if Mmiami doesnt land Flynn, a top RT, some kind of Safety in FA & a trade up for Blackmon in the draft, the only people watching the games this year will be Craig M & Bobbyd12.

As if RT, RG, DE's, DT, FS, nickel DB & SS weren't enough holes, add WR to the list!

No Wayne he went back to Colts
Trading BM looks like another stupid move
That's why retards are not usually in charge
If you trade a player and his new team becomes Superbowl contenders it's a bad trade

C'mon Manning, just sign with the Broncos so we can look even more stupid if that's possible...

I was hoping for a #2 reciever, now we need a #1 as well.

Anyone have a clue who that might be. The WR pool is getting very thin.

Sorry guys...

"And despite speculation that Peyton Manning had concerns about playing in Miami with receiver Brandon Marshall, Klis reports that Manning considered Marshall an asset."


Where's dopus maximus with his Manning/Wanye/Saturday prediction now? IDIOT!

You brain-dead dullards know good and well Peyton Manning won't make it to October before being re-injured. You should be praying that Manning picks another team. If the Dolphins are looking for a veteran QB, they should either sign Flynn or give Moore another season while they groom a QB from this year's draft.


So we traded away our most legit playmaker and pro bowl MVP for two third round draft picks? Its hard to now get excited for a QB when he will have no one proven to throw it to downfield...When Stephen Ross said he wanted to make a splash, I didn't realize he meant trading away our best and perhaps only legit offensive playmaker!

"The Miami Dolphins may not have helped themselves by trading receiver Brandon Marshall on Tuesday. Manning, according to NFL sources, had enough people vouch for the troubled, but talented receiver that he had considered Marshall a Dolphins' asset."

La Canfora is an a-hole btw....just sayin

I was hoping for a #2 reciever, now we need a #1 as well.

Anyone have a clue who that might be. The WR pool is getting very thin.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | March 13, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Rick, many acorns to choose from! Julius Pruitt, Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace, Clyde Gates..don't anyone of those inspire confidence?

Flynn is the only realistic choice here. Payton doesn't want to come here and it's time we moved on and get to the business of putting a team together and winning ball games. Eric Winston is a no brainer at right tackle and we could use our first round pick for a pass rusher, wide receiver or another impact player. Go Phin's!

I have a #19 jersey on sale on Ebay....cheap!

Ross said he wanted to make a splash this offseason. When counting he lost Fisher, allowed the Bears to shoplift Marshall, and looks more likely he wont get Peyton either.

This offseason looks more like "a drowning" than a splash!

Wow, Just when you think we are at bottom...a new low! Trading Marshall for 2 - 3rd round picks! Brutal. Now we have nobody good to throw to either. Manning not coming here. Flynn will flop huge here, our offense is nowhere close to Green Bays, and now even worse without Marshall. Now other teams can stack the box since we have no one to stretch the field. Bush will be luck to get 500 yards next yr.

"As Manning was introduced to various people in the Broncos' headquarters, he always repeated the person's first name, and then said his full name. Like: "Nice to meet ya, Jim. I'm Peyton Manning." As if the person didn't know."

Maybe its all part of the master plan to finish last in 2012 so we can be assured to draft Barkley.

Dont worry guys, Ireland will use the 2 3rd rd picks he got for to "double-down" draft a wr and we'll end up with 2 Patrick Turners. Not to worry guys!

Was Ireland drinking when he traded Marshall for 2 3rd'ers. Is he getting an early start on St Patty's Day?

Wait until he sobers up!

La Canfora on the NFL Network minutes ago. " The Dolphins may not have given up on Manning but the rest of the league is waving the white flag for them".

Now he speaks for the whole league.

this is truly a disaster

Maybe Ireland just forgot he did pay 2 2nd rd picks, not 3rd rd picks for Marshall!

Flynn doesn't want to come to Miami. No one wants to! He is just boosting up his stock so another team pays up the big bucks. We lost Fisher, RG3, manning, Flynn, Marshall , luck... Why can't we lose Jeff Ireland.. What kinda draft picks would we get for trading away that piece of no good trashy SOB

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