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Dolphins taking two-pronged approach to QB issue

The Dolphins are holding out hope, albeit slim at this point, that they can still land Peyton Manning. But they are not so naive as to do nothing else in case bad news comes.

That is why the club has today reached out to free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to discuss the basic parameters of a contract and seek permission to speak with the player himself. The club had coach Joe Philbin, who has coached Flynn in Green Bay, call his former pupil to express interest in him. The club obviously also talked to Flynn's agent.

And all this while everyone awaits a verdict from Manning.

Earlier today a Dolphins source described this as a "delicate" balance for handling the situation. No lie! The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning by making him believe they've moved on before they're actually told they are out. And they don't want to be so inactive as to lose out on Flynn who is now Plan B behind Manning.

It is obviously helping that Flynn wants to come to Miami. Yes, someone would like to come to Miami. It is also helping that the Flynn camp believes the Dolphins will help set the market for the free agent. And, of course, there's Flynn comfort level with Philbin and his system.

So we are waiting the final result of all this.

If you want me to speculate, I'd say the Dolphins end up with Flynn rather than Manning. Just a guess. Nothing more.

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your all dreaming if you think that Ireland is gonna draft a play maker with the first pick. Guaranteed it will be another lineman. We have not spent a first rounder on a QB since some guy named Marino! I guess that position is not that important. We drafted Ginn and his family a few years back which was a huge reach at 6. Poorest run team in pro sports right now.

dont want blackmon, at this point our offense is horrible. just try and build a dominating defense and try rebuilding offense next year

Actually, home is hung like a cashew. I don't know for sure, Steve Wilkinson told me! He yells at his mom to look out the window and check for chemical trails. Whatever that means!

He hides in his safe room all day browsing through fantasy football magazines & Madden strategy guides. Total dweeb!

Guys we have most of the pieces, with a good draft and good coaching we can easily go 14 and 2 this year!

friend of craig, hilarious. maybe best post ive ever read

Dolphins trade a #1 WR for Laurent Robinson? A #2 or 3 type receiver at best?




I'll bet this Marshall trade goes back to comments last week on the radio show. "We still have a qb under contract in Miami".

This must have really pissed Ross off while in the midst of trying to land Peyton. Ross probablyu thought Marshall's statement could have lessened his chances to get Manning. Ross is an idiot!

that wouldnt be a trade redsky, if anything it would be marshall for robinson and 2 3rd rd picks

First, I am a Dolfan through and through. I would love to see Manning in a phishsuit and would gladly give up my first born child to see it happen. No mistake about it, Miami IS the best fit for Manning. However, all of the "football gurus" have this story bass-ackwards. I don't think Philbin WANTS Manning. I think Miami is the one giving Manning a cursory meeting. I'd be willing to bet Philbin is and always was going to sign Matt Flynn. Remember, He's hedging HIS bet on HIS future as Miami's head coach and is looking beyond 3 years, (at best), of Manning... and that's if Peyton stays healthy for all that time. Philbin's loyalty is to himself NOT to Mr. Ross or the fans. The Green Bay connection is just too strong for Philbin to let go. He played the old shell game on Ross. Just to prove it, I'll give you an example of Ross' supreme stupidity. Remember the Miami/Denver game where, at halftime, the U of F/Tebow coronation celebration happened. That was the day Tebowmania was born. The miracle O.T. comeback. I was ashamed of Ross then and I'm even more ashamed of him now. If only we could fire the owner! He is so clueless he makes dumb people look smart. OR.... (Conspiracy?) If Peyton signs with Denver could Mr. Ross have been on the grassy knoll back in '63, Hmmmmmmmm. I'm jus sayin.

Actually, home is hung like a cashew. I don't know for sure, Steve Wilkinson told me! He yells at his mom to look out the window and check for chemical trails. Whatever that means!

He hides in his safe room all day browsing through fantasy football magazines & Madden strategy guides. Total dweeb!

Posted by: Bianca | March 13, 2012 at 10:51 PM


Friend of Craig M, you're on hallucinogenics!

this current fin team is probaly a 3-13 team

You after remembering Marshall's performance in the pro bowl. The trade makes since.


Im not pissed about Marshall being traded, Im pissed about what we got in return. 2 3rd rd'ers aka 2 acorns. Ross was behind this.

Probably told Ireland to get rid of him and didnt care what he got in return. Im betting it had to do with Marshall's radio comments about, "We have a qb sign in Miami(Matt Moore). He said this when asked what if Peyton doesnt come.

Put some hot sauce on me, i'll go down my owners big mouth easier!

Or sense lol. He figured out how to catch touchdowns. We can't have that.

After today, Im sure Philbin cant wait until his 3yrs in Miami are over! LOL

2 biggest dolts on the blog: Craig M & Home.

Personally, trading for RGIII is equivalent to signing Peyton Manning. Both are gonna cost you over the next 3 or 4 years. Y'all can claim its not about the money for Peyton but he gonna get Brees and Brady money.

If Manning signs a 5 year deal he won't be cut during that time. So years 3, 4 and 5 will come the big 20 million dollar checks. I would have rather gone a few years without first round draft picks than pay manning 80-100 million dollars over the next 5.



HINT,,,,,,,,,0-7 LAST YEAR .......

I am just so f'n frustrated its not even funny. I just can't believe how inept this management team is. It just keeps going to higher levels. Unbelievable.

Dusty, read between the lines, I'm looking and talking about the end result. I know it's not a DIRECT trade! We're giving away a pro-bowl receiver for one who is not! How do we benefit????? That's a step down, not up!

could be a step up if they draft right in the third rd, but im doubting that happens with ireland. guy has 9 lives


Forget its Marshall and think of it like this.

Has getting rid of the only #1 wr a team has on that team ever helped that team?

Daaah Beeersh

YG....... VERY GOOD POINT@ 11;03 PM ......

they should of at least signed wayne. hartline and bess would be the worst wr combo in nfl

Ireland could of reached out to St Louis offer the number 8 pick, Marshall and a second rounder to the Rams for the number 2 pick.

Its like the Bears threw out there worst offer and this duck face Ireland bit on it.

Why are people bashing Ireland for the BM trade? Those two 3rd round picks could become HOF'rs, then what will you say? Will you run and hide and change your name? You guys just like to bash for no reason. Be a fan or don't come back!

I have been against signing Manning all along but after this trade if they don't get him they are toast. Even with Flynn they now have no #1 WR. They traded one of the few playmakers they have and got third round picks. This franchise has become a perennial doormat.

lol love this friend of craigs, hilarious. im crying im laughing so hard, more more come on dude more typical craig posts please

"Free agent CB Richard Marshall has scheduled a visit with the Dolphins.
It's fair to wonder if Marshall would have hit the open market if not for Arizona's pursuit of Peyton Manning. Deemed the defensive MVP by coordinator Ray Horton last season, Marshall saw time outside, in the slot, and at safety while recording 69 tackles, two sacks and 11 passes defended."
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Source: Palm Beach Post
Mar 13 - 10:53 PM

This would be a good signing.

Hey friend, what has Ireland done to instill that kind of confidence in your mind? Dying to hear your answer.

Every offseason since 2008 we've somehow managed to get worse, not better. Incredible!

so would winston, thats why it wont happen

jr hes maocking craig m, and its hilarious

INCREDIBLE INDEED .................... ANOTHER VERY GOOD POINT @ 11;07 .........


Bear in mind that we didn't get rid of Marshall b/c of his talent we got rid of Marshall b/c he's out of his mind. This is the same guy who beat up his wife last off-season before he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

With that said I'm trying to figure out why we decided to keep Merling....

Miami Management is smart. Ross/Ireland are brilliant. They're jockeying for the first pick in the 2013 draft. They 're going to pounce on their franchise QB (Barkley)and offer him a 5 year $5.99 + 2 Taco Bell coupon contract. That's all that Ross will be able to afford after counting up gate receipts for the 2012 season. Maybe Jimmy Buffet will throw in a six pack to sweeten the pot.

Ross doesnt know crap about football and Ireland is in over his head

Anyone need 50 yard line club seats for half price?

Seems Ireland's offseason moves are far more cancerous to the lockerroom than Marshall could ever dream of being.

How can the players be serious about winning when the fo's offseason moves doesnt look like the fo is serious about winning. So far this offseason looks like deliberately going for the 2013 1st overall pick!

this could be great after next year. the stadium will be empty all season and might convince ross to sell team

Dusty, how many SB's did we win with BM? Isn't it better to trade him for even a 7th round pick to see if that player can win us some SB's? Why not?

Ireland will hide as usual once he have to answer media questions

agree yesterday, miami players blew up twitter not happy marshall was gone

You can accuse Brandon Marshall of a lot of things. But you never accuse Brandon Marshall of not wanting to win.

Now, Jeff Ireland, based on many of his moves and none moves. Im not so certain!

who is advising Ireland on his trades? Is it Peterson?

no way its carl, its all ireland and idiot ross

yesterday sad part is i think ireland wants to win, hes just so dumb

Jeff Ireland's job has become to please Steven Ross. As long as Steven Ross is happy Jeff Ireland could care less about building a winning team.

If Ireland were a "REAL GM" and Ross forced him to trade Marshall for acorns. We would be reading Jeff Ireland resigned today. Im sure Ross pushed getting rid of Marshall.

O why are we cursed with Ireland and Ross?

Ireland's selling his soul to the devil(Ross) just to keep his job. Im sure Tony's getting the laugh right now looking at what's happening.

....And damn, once upon a time we thought it was all Dan Henning. Dan Henning did tell the press "wait until you see what happens after Im gone". Seems Henning was right! LOL

Whatever happened to Joe Philbin saying last week, that they don't build through free agency especially for a QB, but build through drafting players. I say we just suck it up this year and get Barkley, that guy is going to be the real deal and were going to be on the hook with Flynn for 5 yrs - 50 mil.

If I were a young kid in this year's Nfl draft. I would be absolutely cringing at the thought of being selected by the Dolphins. I remember a time when playing for the Dolphins were a young kid's dream.

Now its his worst Nfl nightmare!

Barry Jackson is reporting that we have under $15 Million in cap space for free agents & that's after we traded Marshall??? Assuming we sign Flynn that will leave us with about $5 Million to address a BUNCH of other needs like RG, RT, TE, FS, DE, Strong-side LB, & oh yeah a WR!!!

Well, on the bright side:

With all of the clubbing and nightlife here in Miami. A young kid can still come here and look forward to getting laid! LOL

man, as if matt moore didnt have his hands full enough to try and pull this team together and make a run this season, they go and pull the rug out from under him already! didnt even get a chance to see if matt might have the poetential when he has no real threats on the field. and that suks. and all you guys trying to make yourselfs feel better about it buy bringing up his off the field issues, well that crap dosent matter on the field. the drops do of course, but just his presence on the field is the main loss. to bad for matt though as i feel he just got his career sabotaged in a sense. and just when it looked like we actually figured out how to score points looks like were back to riding our kickers shoulders again! one long hard season comin right up!!!!

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