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Dolphins taking two-pronged approach to QB issue

The Dolphins are holding out hope, albeit slim at this point, that they can still land Peyton Manning. But they are not so naive as to do nothing else in case bad news comes.

That is why the club has today reached out to free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to discuss the basic parameters of a contract and seek permission to speak with the player himself. The club had coach Joe Philbin, who has coached Flynn in Green Bay, call his former pupil to express interest in him. The club obviously also talked to Flynn's agent.

And all this while everyone awaits a verdict from Manning.

Earlier today a Dolphins source described this as a "delicate" balance for handling the situation. No lie! The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning by making him believe they've moved on before they're actually told they are out. And they don't want to be so inactive as to lose out on Flynn who is now Plan B behind Manning.

It is obviously helping that Flynn wants to come to Miami. Yes, someone would like to come to Miami. It is also helping that the Flynn camp believes the Dolphins will help set the market for the free agent. And, of course, there's Flynn comfort level with Philbin and his system.

So we are waiting the final result of all this.

If you want me to speculate, I'd say the Dolphins end up with Flynn rather than Manning. Just a guess. Nothing more.

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Crazy day...

Bombs bursting everywhere!

Interesting take Kenagain2. @10:55

Someone earlier mocked a poster as asking for the Fins to pick up "Nelson" FA pick-up as WR Jordy "Nelson" but I am pretty sure the poster meant the FA Safety "Nelson".

With the Marshall trade the only thing I can fathom is what is being reported as a bold stroke to try and land the biggest Phish in Peyton Manning.

The other thing Philbin may be doing is showing each and every person on the team that he is trying to create the 53 most cohesive team oriented players he can. In order to establish his mettle he has to identify malcontents and move them off the team.

The timing sure suggests Manning at least would know it was going to happen as it was so close to their meeting.

While I believe Marshall was supremely talented, he must have been doing his antics (diagnosed BBD) much more than the fans knew behind the scenes.

We will see if it is a noose-maker move.


YG, Jeffy is too busy pleasing Ross to pay attention to creating a winning team. When you're constantly hiding under your boss' desk to surprise and please him, you're bound to miss media interviews, FA, and parts of the draft. Just think about it, most of us on this blog can make better decisions than he can, shameful!!!!


We're a year late for the suck for a qb strategy. We could have had Luck or RG3 if we were that smart.

Please never accuse this dumbass fo of being smart. They may trade you to the jet fanbase. LOL

Reggie Wayne Sign back with the colts, so much for that one.. I wish we did become the coltfins it better than what we were the cowfins or what we become the jokefins

I think this owner and gm are trying to kill Don Shula. They figure at 80yrs old they can "SHOCK" him to death with thier shockingly stupid moves.

Ireland a f face

Should of traded Marshall, the first, a second and possibly a third to St Louis for the number 2 pick.

Now we need WR, Oline, QB, S, QB, DL, CB.

WTH were regressing

Can we please send Jeff Ireland to Ireland.

..I think part of the problem is that the team is so hush hush about EVERYTHING they do. It appears that the team is going to start again from scratch and "rebuild".. It would be easier to understand if the team would say something..This won't happen.

I said it today earlier. Once the roster is set, and all the deals done it will be the time to evaluate the job the FO has done..What I do not understand is that all accounts of Ross say he wants to make a big splash. We haven't seen anything that would jive with this yet. I have no idea what the team has planned, I don't even know where to start. It just seems to me that Ross, Ireland have a plan. It is just hard to put any trust into whatever they have brewing up. It is understandable the sour taste many fans have tonight. As we see other teams making moves. Will the Marshall trade benifit the team? We will see.

So many times i thouhgt it was the last straw with the dolphins... i dont think i want to tell people i meet im a dolphins fan anymore..

Let's trade away anyone of value, blow this season and get the number 1 pick next year! Trade everybody for future picks! Screw these idiots, theyve destroyed this team!!!! Somebody get me another drink!!!!

Clue @ 11:37 PM,

Now I would have agreed with that move. But nooo..... Ross wants to be a little Bit.. because he lost out on Fisher. What an idiot!


I dont even drink and feel like I need one! LOL

Two third rounders! STOP WITH THE ACORNS, IRELAND!

If I knew what to drink I would go out and buy a bottle right now! LOL

YG, You need a scotch for this.

Kevin Kolb ver. 2.0 here we come.

There should be a fan revolt and everyone should cancel their season tickets.

They don't deserve our hard earned dollars for this dogshit team!

Somebody up north, please collect a box of acorns and send them to Ireland at Dolphin Stadium....or as they call it now Sun Life Stadium.

I wish we would play the Bears at home this year. I would go to game just to wear my Dolphins Brandon Marshall Jersey. I bought it the day they signed him.

In my wildest dreams nor worst nightmares did I forsee him being gone 2yrs later. Even worse, only 2 3rd rd picks in return!

The name SunLife should be changed to AcornTree stadium. Im not kidding!

Watch Marshall light up the league next year. F! Im pissed off

Everyone keep sending boxes of acorns to Ross and Ireland until we get a new GM!!!! That would be a harmless way to protest!!!

With the 8th pick the Fins will take either UNC DE Q. Coples or Notre Dome WR M. Floyd. It may depend on who is at QB. If somehow it's Peyton they probably go RT if they don't land RT Eric Winston.

NEWS FLASH*** WR Michael Floyd will be a BETTER Pro WR than Blackmon. If I had a chance to draft either I take Floyd for sure. I know there are many on this board that love Blackmon but, he will have lesser numbers than Floyd.

We will be in like Flynn unless Peyton is playing coy with his visits.

They may have secured an extra 3rd partially to move up if a QB they fall in love with slips to the second round. I know the second round has been extremely unkind to the Fins in a QB sense. Besides RGII and Luck there is not 1 QB in this draft I would get in the 1st OR 2nd round. I would think about Cousins in the 3rd.


The way Miami is going after Offensive Lineman in free agency, it looks to me like Miami will sign Trent Richardson at #8 and play smash-mouth football.

As for QB, look for Miami to sign free agent Matt Flynn.

Im believing Ross is deliberately doing the things that he does. He knows sooner or later he'll have Miami fans so pissed. When he moves the team the people of Miami will feel he's doing us a favor!

The Nfl needs to check into this.


Are you kidding, Ross get rid of Ireland? Ross would never find another gm so gutless and spineless to kiss his a.. like Ireland!

Send the acorns to the sports department at the Miami Herald and the Miami TV stations, that way they'll publicize it, make a story of it it'll be hilarious!


Ross is running the team. Jeff Ireland is his Pinocchio. Ross has promised someday he'll make Ireland "a real" boy!

With the way things are going, I'm not convinced we can afford Flynn. And Tannehill? Sorry that's desperation. Miami could end up being the sole loser of the QB derby. And if that happens, Ross has to fire Ireland. Please!

This goes down as the stupidest move ever. My grandmother could have negotiated more compensation for Marshall than this. Trade him (stupid in itself) but at least get proper compensation. A ProBowl player in his prime whom Chicago desperately wanted and Ireland says done deal for 2 third rounders. The general consensus is Chicago ROBBED Miami. I am pissed. Ireland needs to be slapped for this move. There is no chance we land Manning. There is no chance we make a move to get Blackmon. 2 3rd. round picks over two years. F'in morons.

sup redsky!

None to pleased I see.

I understand the sentiment. I am gonna take a wait and see like my man Darryl D.

If the move nets Peyton somehow, then Philbin is already off to a good start pleasing his Boss Ross.



If I had enough money I would hire about 5 fully loaded dump trucks to disparged thier load right in the middle of the Davey Facility parking lot. Under the cover of darkness, I might add! LOL

Boxes of acorns coming from all over the country and Canada! What a statement!

YG @ 11:53 LOL!!


Ross fire Ireland? Would Gepetto fire Pinochio?

Rob in OC, I enjoy your posts as well as Darryl Ds, but my acorn movement would be funny and to the point. Flood them with acorns!!!

Ireland doesnt do presser because he's afraid if he tells a lie his nose will began to grow. I just want to be a real boy, Pinochio(Ireland) says!

No worries people...

For his next trick watch the Great Prostitute of Magis himself turn two 3rd rounders into SIX 6th rounders!!!!

Acorns around for everyone!!! Jab, Jab!


Couldn't help it...Ireland plays the heavy bag role well (doesn't stick n move much)

With Wayne re-signing in Indy chances are slim to get Manning now, so once more this move indicates a defiance of logic that is hard to comprehend. Even the folks at ESPN, NFL Network and other were puzzled by this with landing Manning as he only explanation for it. I mean whether you like the move for Marshall how on earth do you get shafted like that for two 3rd rounders, one of them next year?

Again, Ireland is a good scout but he is not GM material. A good GM would have laid the ground for a better offseason, especially when we started 0-7. At that point everyone knew the year was lost yet rather than planning for the future we did nothing other than small moves here and there to put band aids in a season that was already fatally wounded. The voices of reason pleaded via sites like this one and other blogs to trade Marshall, we could have gotten much better value before the trade deadline then and would have armed ourselves with better ammo for this year's free agency and draft.

We, by the way, were not part of the "Suck for Luck" idiocy, but we did wanted Sparano fired and to bring along an interim coach whose principal duty should have been to test all of the talent available in the team already. Nope we did not do that (rather than test Devlin we brought...JP Losman). Ireland went into hibernation and did not show up his face until we won one of those meaningless games that at the end did to us more bad than good. In the process we allowed a challenged coach to ran our best player to the ground in Jake Long which ended in season-ending injury and consequent surgery, why?

You would have thought that ok we were winning meaningless game but could have prepared accordingly for the offseason. So far everything points to a complete lack of such preparation, to the point that some of the parts of our so called plan B head coaching hunt included names like -after striking out on Fisher- Mike McCoy and Todd Bowles (LOL) -we were extremely lucky Philbin took this job.

No, it is not that we could not compete against Washington or Cleveland for RG3, we took ourselves out by not doing our homework, planning and dealing ahead chips like Marshall. Why now? Unless as a result of this move we get Manning in here this is just further proof the people running the show and in particular Mr. Ireland, despite his scouting accolades, is not the GM we need here to become relevant.

Look for Director Jeff Ireland's new film that just came out...

"Fried Green Acorns"

Wacca wacca wacca.


Rob OC,

That means Ireland's going to turn two backup player(2 3rd rd'ers) into 6 special teamers(6th rd'ers).

Wow, we all should be impressed! LOL

Can we trade Ireland for two bags of acorns? That's a fair trade.


You are right about the Acorn Movement (With or without chemtrail juice on them? shout out to Home)

That would be quite a Youtube viral visual my friend!!



What's worse is the two players Ireland gets with the two 3rd rd'ers will get cut. Then Belichik will sign them and they'll become pro bowlers! LOL

Bellichik hasnt had to draft well with Miami in thye division. He just signs the players we think are garbage and turns them into pro bowlers! LOL

Archie Manning just called Ross and wonder if he could bring Jughead to the games to meet the Estefans, JLO & her ex and the Williams sisters and Jimmy Buffet. Meeting Buffet with a LandShark beer would put it over the top and tell Peyton to sign with Miami tomorrow.

Roberto Wallace will be our new #1 wr. Ask Jeff he'll tell you!

Rob in OC...What up?? I have to ask. Are you watching Austin City Limits right now? The reason I ask is that Phish is on. Your post @ 11:31 you used that spelling..
Anyway..It's been awhile. Hope all is well.

I can't even begin to guess what the team is going to do as far as the draft goes. I don't have a clue what direction the team is going, or what the plan is to get there. I thought free agency would begin to tell the tale. I know there is a ton of time between now, the end of free agency, the draft..To try and guess what happens next could make your head explode.

The trade today caught me off guard a little. I'm sure we will get no explination as to why. If we do, I'm sure it will be vague. We are kind of in a cycle like the Pats when it comes to disclosure. The difference obviously is that they have earned the right to be hush hush with their fan base.

As far as reciever goes. I don't think there is one player out there that can replace Marshalls indivdual numbers. This doesn't mean we can't, or won't get production from the position. It is just going to be from the group instead of one guy..Who knows. It may benifit the team in the long run, we may end up developing our own number one guy. This seems like a longshot, or a pipe dream as most everything Ireland gets his hands on turns to doo-doo. I am going to try and stay as patient as possible and actually see the product put on the field before donkey punching the pope.

living in browns town ive had the pleasure of watching them usually always trump my dolphins mistakes with a blunder of thier own. with the streak of bad decisions lately sometimes i wonder why is my team becoming a mirror image, at least with mgnt and picks. like someone said earliar, its getting harder & harder to proudly state im a loyal dolphin fan around here & the future? oh boy!

My self-dellusions of thinking Miami could ever become a great team again. Officially came to a crashing end today!

YG... Good point. *Cough Welker*

Also made Nincovich into a starting OLB. Still can't fathom if he can start for them how could Sparano and Ireland have not seen at least Fins back up material.

I really get pissed about Nincovich because I remember watching some preseason games and commenting on wanting to see more of him as he was making plays.


Im out guys, if living wasnt such a great option, I would be leaving to go hang myself! LOL

Thank god marshall left

He didnt do anything but drop passes for the team and compain, i just hope we can get manning

DD!!! Wasssssup brudda!!!

Nope, not watching Phish. :)

The BM thing was pretty blindsiding...agreed. I was stunned at the news.

I REALLY think Philbin is preaching TEAM Chemistry and Unity as two of his main belief's. He was around GB a long while and they seem pretty together over there.

NE has the a whole team of "Stepford Players". They answer in unison, low voices, don't try for much billboard material. Belichek has his team in check for sure.


Cheers YG~

the oline miami should have

Simon, good post!

Rob and Darryl,

I don't know whether to admire you guys for your persistent optimism year in and year out in the face of the continuous obliteration of everything that was ever good about this team or to laugh. I'll choose to admire, albeit with a quiet chuckle, because that's the nice thing to do and I have to like a guy who can smile in the face of impending doom.

I, for one, am depressed. What little hope I had about Philbin and a new system was dashed with this ridiculous trade. Even though I always liked Marshall, I wouldn't have minded a trade: for what he's actually worth. Or, at least combining him with pick(s) or another player to move up to get Blackmon. But two threes over two years is pathetic.

Ireland hasn't a clue. After not drafting Gronk or Hernandez (and a lot of us were screaming for that), giving up three picks for a backup injured RB, and a huge number of FA blunders (and now you can add Marshall to that), not bothering to get Mallett, and now this moronic move, how can Ireland still have a job?

OMG we are going to suck again.

I am just dismayed.

Jimmy Jam, we're up s#its creek without a paddle!

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