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Dolphins taking two-pronged approach to QB issue

The Dolphins are holding out hope, albeit slim at this point, that they can still land Peyton Manning. But they are not so naive as to do nothing else in case bad news comes.

That is why the club has today reached out to free agent quarterback Matt Flynn to discuss the basic parameters of a contract and seek permission to speak with the player himself. The club had coach Joe Philbin, who has coached Flynn in Green Bay, call his former pupil to express interest in him. The club obviously also talked to Flynn's agent.

And all this while everyone awaits a verdict from Manning.

Earlier today a Dolphins source described this as a "delicate" balance for handling the situation. No lie! The Dolphins don't want to offend Manning by making him believe they've moved on before they're actually told they are out. And they don't want to be so inactive as to lose out on Flynn who is now Plan B behind Manning.

It is obviously helping that Flynn wants to come to Miami. Yes, someone would like to come to Miami. It is also helping that the Flynn camp believes the Dolphins will help set the market for the free agent. And, of course, there's Flynn comfort level with Philbin and his system.

So we are waiting the final result of all this.

If you want me to speculate, I'd say the Dolphins end up with Flynn rather than Manning. Just a guess. Nothing more.

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Cocoajoe..You called me out on the previous blog. I was absolutley wrong when I sighted the Boldin trade..You were right. Nice work.

Rob in OC...I know this is a very very unpopular opinion. Especially as the level of frustration is like a race car in the red. I am dissapointed that the team parted ways with Marshall. I haven't quite wrapped my head around it yet. If it was a sacrifice to to the football gods for Manning the team had to do it. If it was for unity, or Marshall was made an example of..I don't like it. But I get it.

Where I disagree with most is over the compensation. I don't know what people think he was worth. If you would have rather seen just a second rounder instead of 2 3rd's That is reasonable. We paid 2 second round picks 2 years ago. Marshall hasn't done anything to improve his stock over what we paid. Depreciation is aplicable in this situation. I think people are upset because of the timing so close to the beggining of the free agency period. But if it is true that there has been rumblings of this trade since the combine. It would be apparant that the team had had enough of Marshall. And Chicagos offer was fair. Everyone is free to disagree. Like the stauts of the roster. I will hold out judgement on this trade until there is more information. Both, why we did it, and what the plan is to replace BM.

Agreed Redsky. I didn't have a lot of hope for this season and I am not a Peyton guy but, wow! I thought we would move forward at least a little. This is just awful.

I'm out. Good night gentlemen, it's been fun reading the back and forth. We seem to be of one mind (mostly) on this one.

Rob and DD - no actual offense meant - I hope you didn't take any.

JJ..No offense taken..Have a good night.

I'm out as well gentlemen, let the Acorn Movement begin!

JJ...None taken my friend! No worries at all. I am typically the glass is almost always near full type. This trade was pretty tough to take...even wearing Fin colored glasses.

Isn't it tough to come to a daily blog where everything is doom and gloom about our favorite football team? I mean, even with an afterthought second string QB we managed to win 6 games after the horrific start. I know the "Suck for Luck" types believe it was much worse than losing them all...can't help it, I am too competitive to root against my Fins on game day.

Let's see if there is more left to this rabbit hole...maybe Philbin is somehow working magic that is tough to see from the outside?

DD... I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don't agree with the compensation in light of Marshall's production. The odd timing feels very Rushed. Maybe a panic or desperation to show Manning something? I can only say we as fans are missing pieces to this puzzle...we hope anyways.

It also feels like if they blast out that "Marshall can be had", it may have blown their hush hush, double secret probation, cloak and dagger operation. (winks)

Let's see what happens if we take the red pill...do we get into the Matrix then?


AP sports writer Andrew Seligman, this blog under NFL News, made the dolphins look stupid for getting rid of BM at Walmart prices!

I too will sign off. DD, redsky, JJ...you all have a good one.

Now that is some high quality H2O!! And quality late night chat too.

I always dig it when it is just a bunch of the cooler heads swapping ideas and opinions about football...just like the Football Blog Gods had intended.

Let's hope Philbin walks softly and carries a Howitzer!



Let's just give it a little time to shake out...maybe there actually is a bonafide reason??


I'm in a holding pattern Rob, but the bomb bay doors are open!

Man what are talkin bout if we get the right players in free agency well be amazing! (manning, wilson, a reciever, and a free saftey)

man you guys have no confidence

lets start off by being good fans

Simon, we don't want to get our hopes up! We have been through this too many years, since Shula and Marino left, it's been one boondoggle after another! We want positive action and proof before we believe. They made us this way by their poor management, poor FA choices, and poor draft picks! I for one am tired of it, I'll watch and suffer on TV, but I won't buy another ticket until the management stops suffering from Cranial Rectal Inversion!

If it wasn't for Manning then they should have put Marshall on the trade block. I bet they could have gotten a better deal out of it. I just don't see how two 3rd rd picks was the best offer...

My point exactly beerphin! BM has is a 1000 yd plus receiver and a pro-bowler, it PI$$es me off they let him go for 2 3rd rounders. If it Was a 2nd and a 3rd this year I could see it!


starting to make more sense now

that explains why they were so desperate to get the deal off before this story broke out

I can honestly say Ireland is a genius and is lucky to have gotten two 4th rd picks... Every year every offseason it was something else. Everyone knew it was a risk. I think that must've been the last straw. Or it severely drove his price down from what they were originally bartering for Marshall

Beerphin, I wonder if the Dolphins are going to use plausible deniability as an excuse. But that might be the reason they didn't haggle and made a quick deal.

No it was two 3rd round picks, not 4th round.

I know what I meant was they'd be lucky to have gotten two 4th rd picks after hearing about him hitting a woman

Glad miami dodged that bullet.better to get something than lose marshall to a suspension. Laurant robinson would make a good pickup. He has speed and decent size and he made plays while austin was hurt most of the year.miami might have a chance to trade up with minny for blackmon but highly doubtful.minny already eants to trade back but.rams pry toss a 2nd their way to trump us. Floyd wouldnt be a bad consolstion though.kinda hoped miami would of talked to meachem.

Meachem would have been a good option. Let's see how it plays out, not looking so good right now! Well if we have a lousy draft/ FA/year, maybe we can get Barkley next draft!

I like barkley for the most part. Only thing that bothers me is when he is aheaf he is sll smiles and happy. When tied or in a close game he always looks worried like he doesnt want the pressure on him. Other than that I think he fits quite nicely into philbins offense. I can take another year of losing unfornately but knowing miamis luck goodell punishes them for "throwing" the season. Its unreal how indy walked right into andrew luck.

What's Up "FINLAND"??????, Quite the move shipping the wife beater to chicago Huh??, Cant wait to see what Irelands next move is..

Still think it all was a big ruse.They were gonna trade BM all the time and there interest in manning was non-existent.Or very little,Phil wanted his guy from the get-go and they played the other teams like a card shark.It's his team to win or lose with and damn the torpedoes.I I I Just gotta belive there are smart people that know or learned how to play the draft and FA game in the FO.PLEASE I HOPE I'AM RIGHT.

Floyd looks real good but with a trade down in the 1st

Pay..... Really???, Ireland/Ross knowing what there doing?, Sorry Bro, Gotta LOL at that.

I know that everyone on this blog is smarter than the people that make millions.

Most of the FA top WRs have been taken already. I hear though Greg Camarillo and Tedd Ginn are still available.

3 Losing seasons willmake one feel like Ireland/Ross are clueless, But Hey I might be wrong......

Kinda ironic marshall struggled catching the ball but masters catching a case. Could see floyd in a tradeback we all know ireland is all up for that.

Maybe we should get madoff out of jail and make him our CAP specialist.

Most of the FA top WRs have been taken already. I hear though Greg Camarillo and Tedd Ginn are still available.
Posted by: TigerSam | March 14, 2012 at 04:12 AM

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Not Ted(Sideline)Ginn and his family..

Just saw an article that said manning will choose between the Titans or Bronco's...don't know how much water that holds but there ya go...seems to be In Like Flynn now... With no number one WR once again... Marshall posted great numbers and made the probowl...and Miami traded him for two crapp picks...fire Ireland and run Ross out of town...!!!

Did'nt Marshall Drop 5 or 6 TD Passes during the fins "Great" 0 And 7 start?????

C63p0, Gotta agree Ireland/Ross are quite the clueless twins....

For all of those that LOVE to quote the MEDIA...and media sources...and Jason lacanforna....and Mel Kiper...an (insert your favorite media head here).....

NO ONE..and I mean abosulutly NO ONE called this....

What a Bombshell.....Marshall traded...and NOT ONE media/football insider even had a hint it was comming.....

I may not like the move..but kudos to Ireland...Philbin...and Ross....for keeping this under wraps....How do you like that for LOCKDOWN Armando...

So when the next poster types that "the media has NO IDEA whats going on".....think of yesterday as a bit of proof th that statment.....

I love the fact that the Dolphins were able to keep this under wraps until it actually took place and I applaud the move.
Marshall is a ticking time bomb and he's going to go off sooner or later. He's a great athlete but he is not an elite receiver in the league. Elite receivers make the tough catches and don't drop the easy ones, especially for td's. 1200 yds is meaningless if you are only interested in your personal stats and not interested in helping your team win.

This guy Flynn has only played in two games. Lets be logical here, do we sign him or pick a QB in the draft? This is a team that drives a mercedes but put retreads on for tires.


VERY GOOD POST @ 5;09 AM....................

I like the marshall trade it makes alot of sense now. No sense in risking losing him for the year. Plus I love manning as a player but we need someone that fits our new Offensive system and that guy is Flynn. I really like spreading the offense and not having a true NO.1. Its much more difficult to cover

My mock offseason

Sign Flynn
Sign RT Winston
Sign GB C wells
Sign ARZ CB Manning
Sign NY WR Manningham

This fills all holes on the OLINE. so the only holes left are FS, pass Rusher, another TE, CB, WR

Im starting to wonder too know that Blackmon is dropping is he an option at 8? I think we sign Flynn today or tom

I love the fact that the Dolphins were able to keep this under wraps until it actually took place and I applaud the move.

Posted by: Professor Lou | March 14, 2012 at 06:08 AM

If they knew about it and kept it under wraps and did not inform the Bears of this the trade could be voided if the Bears wish.

Some of you folks need to take a chill pill!

Peyton seems to be pursuing this whole thing with remarkable speed. If he decides by the weekend he has made a choice in 7-8 days which, given the circumstances, is amazing.

We should not rush into anything after Manning chooses. I think he goes to Denver - only downside there is the cold but the fan base is second to none.

Whoever Miami brings in, except for Manning, I hope they make the QBs compete for the starting job. Matt Moore was 6-3 at the end of the season and lost by 3 to the Pats late in the season when it mattered to NE. Moore deserves the chance to lead the team.

Hahahaha. Marshall gets into a fight in a NY club and punches a woman!! If this is true, bravo Jeffy!!

we knew marshall had some baggage when we gave up two 2nd round picks and 28 million guaranteed over 2 yrs. another ireland mis-step. draft is coming;jeff is getting the dart board out.


I had some time to sleep on all this last night and I'm past Marshall getting traded and if Manning doesn't come here!

This is the coach we hired! Let's stay with his philosophy. If he thinks we can do it with Flynn great.

If Jeffy can spend money wisely on keys positions in FA, great!

The draft is the key. I wonder if we sign Flynn, would Cleveland swap picks with us in the 1st so they can get Tannehill and we can get Blackmon?

I think that Flynn might actually be a better fit and a longer term prospect compared to Manning.

Stay the course Jeffy!!

One thing you are forgetting, Philbin wants to be around players that strive to be great and get better. That will be his players.

Also, WR depth in this draft is very good. Miami will draft at least 2 WR's.

I think that Flynn might actually be a better fit and a longer term prospect compared to Manning.

Posted by: aj | March 14, 2012 at 07:21 AM

Based on what, two games surrounded by a super bowl offense?

Nobody thinks anymore, the media convinces them of what to think.

Let's look inside the numbers.
87.1 - Matt Moore's QB rating last season.
1996 - the last time a Miami QB finished a season with a rating higher than 87.1
If Matt Flynn performs equally as good for Miami or anyone else next season then he will be hailed as a great pick-up.

Let's stick with Moore!

I just can't see Miami giving this a big guaranteed contract. Give him a 2 year deal.

How was it that Henne was going into the Miami facility with no contract? He must barred now!

What happened Armando, you were so optimistic Miami would land Manning. This is the Barnum and Dolphins circus run by GM genius Jeff Ireland and one of the worst owners in pro sports, Stephen Ross. They continue to make brilliant moves, rent Brandon Marshall for 2 2nd round picks and then discard him after only two seasons for 2 3rd round picks...BRILLIANT! Yea he was a cancer to the locker room but his attitude was known when these clowns traded for him. This franchise has become the laughing stock of the NFL, Jeff Ireland better start making some good decisions before he and his boss get run out of town by the fan base. Oh BTW Mr. Ross, we don't give a rats rearend about all your celebrity part owners...WHO F CARES!

When are going to write about Marshall slapping another women in N.Y.last Sunday night????

At least Flynn is healthy.

The Fins will likely end up with Flynn and Manning will go to Denver. That said at the end of next year people will realize a Philbin-Flynn combo is better the Fisher who was WAY OVERRATED and WANTED WAY more money than his record or 6 of 17 playoffs. Then a 26 year old vs 36 year old QB Flynn will be a 10 year player vs a 2 year guy in Manning. We will be OK. If you look at last year once this team got going with the exception of the PHilly game and NE who went to SB. they were playing playoff cailber ball . The Crushed Oakland and played tough . Flynn, SS, CB depth, OLINE , a replacement to Marshall , and DT, are doable. Ex. Winston, Nelson,Flynn in FA. #1 WR or OLS-DE, #2 other, 2-3's depth Best Avail

I feel like a woman that dont wanna get hurt, just move on and sign whoever, tired of being rejectec, reject before rejected.

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