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Flynn to visit Seattle hoping to increase market value

There's been a lot of information (and misinformation) about Matt Flynn and the market for him as a potential starting quarterback the past two days.

The truth?

He is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. It doesn't mean he's going to necessarily sign there. But this is clearly the most attention any team has shown the Green Bay Packers free agent.

I would say the team to show the next most amount of attention is the Dolphins. But even Miami has not offered Flynn a contract with an option for him to sign. That report was false. As I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins touched base with Flynn, sure. But contract offer? Nope.

That would defeat the purpose of getting Peyton Manning.

The Cleveland Browns apparently didn't offer any sort of contract, either, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Again, a report yesterday stated the Browns were trying to sign Flynn. That report was false, I have confirmed.

The Seattle attention of Flynn is understandable and expected. Seattle general manager John Schneider was with Green Bay when Flynn was drafted. Schneider knows and likes Flynn.

One thing: I do not believe Flynn is immediately going to get a huge contract offer from anyone. The truth is the Dolphins are still hoping to land Manning and they won't be in full blown desperation mode unless and until Manning goes elsewhere.

And until at least two teams are bidding for Flynn the full potential of his market won't be reached. His agent knows this. Or should.

The Seahawks are also scheduled to host a visit by Chad Henne. He is visiting tonight and tomorrow.


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Phins78, I explained how we are in it, we are actually set well too add him and others (most of mannings salary won't count against cap, or else Arizona would have no chance at 15 mill OVER) ....but it doesn't matter. It's over. Reggie Wayne is gone. Ireland has screwed us again. We get Flynn or nothing.
And what is the most hilarious part? Flynn will be almost as expensive as manning (even Moreso because the contract will be more long term) and will sell NO tickets.
We. Are. Done.

Because Reggie Wayne is 33 soon to be 34 and in the twilight of his career. Indy gave him 17 mill for 3 years. At that price they can have him.

TheSMF that's where u are wrong. Eric Winston is the get this year at RT

I believe if Peyton was not out there the Dolphins would have already had Flynn in town. If Philbin believes he is the QB to run his offense, just get him. There doesn't seem to be much competition for him right now. Wouldn't that be the time to make an offer?

Honestly, why bother waiting around for Manning to choose another team?


Isn't it really down to who do you like better, Tannehill at 8 or Weedon later in the draft? I know we need to improve QB but I have to think part of the plan is to improve WR now too. Is that Blackmon? Is that Floyd? Is it Hill? I for one would be THRILLED if we came out of this with Blackmon and Weedon or some combination like that. Fix RT and S in FA, find another pass rusher and draft a WR and QB. I don't see the point in throwing big money at Flynn. Reasonable contract, maybe. I'd rather the money was spent elsewhere and we actually draft someone. Ireland has a couple of extra pieces to play with now with two extra third round picks. Let's see what he does with them.

Why are people still wondering what are we going to do to get manning with wayne gone? LOL Well, for starters, let's face reality. Manning was not, is not, will not come to Miami. With wayne or without.

Get your heads out of the sand already! DUH! This is what you get when you listen to a whacknut tulip like Home.

You can all go about your daily meaningless lives again!

Pete, I agree with u wanting to get wr, because it's what we need most, but first, Blackmon is going to be Better than mike wallace, he is megatron part deux, and even if not, Wallace has been tendered, so even if we won the bidding war, which will be way too high, Pittsburgh can still match it.
I say get manningham bowe Jackson somebody, trade down and draft either Michae Floyd or out of first round and get tommy streeter and a shitloa of other picks

I wasn't a big Brandon Marshall fan, but he was the best WR we had. Now we have to replace him. Robinson looks like a nice player, but is he really a #1? I know he put up some huge #s, but can you count on him? I don't know.

It just leaves a huge hole in a position we thought we had taken care of.

Right Tackle
#1 WR
Pass rusher
CB (Starter or Nickel)

All prominent needs. For a team supposedly in "WIN NOW" mode, that is too many holes to fix through free agency and the draft and expect to fix them all.

Sorry for being pessimistic, but I can't see how we are in "WIN NOW" mode. Perhaps Miami believes signing Manning will cover up all of these deficiencies.

Oh and just wanted to say I am ecstatic Marshall is gone. Never wanted him, never liked him,,ahhhh good bye! Go take your "personality disorder" (please, that's just an excuse for being a jackazz) and your multiple dropped TD passes to Chicago, go be a cancer on that team. They thought having Cutler the cry baby was bad now they have two cry babies to deal with, good luck!

Of course I say this realizing we now need a number one receiver. There better be some sort of plan to this madness or people are going to freak out. As much as I don't want Marshall we need to grab a true #1.

Interesting article that says we're currently negotiating with Flynn and Cleveland is as well.


Michael u couldn't be more wrong. Wayne had no qb and still almost had 1000 yards and look what TO did for cincy at older.


I like your plan to get Wallace as a fallback. I'd like the team to focus on Blackmon and if not Floyd. that kid Hill is rated quiet highly too, late first, early second.

You're not going to get Bowe or Jackson because they are both franchised. Eagles might let him go in a trade but not sure about Bowe.

Flynnis not in town, and probably won't sign with anyone until Manning signs. Manning will set bar for qb signings. Any smart agent will wait.


Don't you guys think Cleveland's looking at Tannehill (or a QB with their 1st Draft pick)? If they don't get a QB through FA? Or you think they're fine with Colt?

Craig, I'm beside myself if it's Moore/Orton (that's a DOWNGRADE from Henne/Moore IMO). However, Orton's been talked about here in DC, I hope they grab him.

People, relax. It's a game. What it's for is to provide entertainment.

This year will be so exciting. How will our new coach do? How will our new system look? It's entertaining no matter what.

Even the 1-15 year, it was exciting. Would we win a game?

Last year, we were close to being an explosive offense. Sometimes we looked damn good. We were almost 11-5.

Just let it play out. If Moore is the starter, it will be exciting to see if he becomes very good. Otherwise if it's Flynn.

It's all exciting stuff.

The trade of Marshal was a deal that had to be made. He was an on and off field problem before we got him and since. This is not a team player. I believe that is one of Joe P's primary concerns?

Dolphin management has been drinking too much Gatorade. They are not going to get Manning and very shortly they are not going to get Flynn. Hello! Is anybody home?

Throwing a bunch of money at Matt Flynn would be a huge mistake. Is he really a huge upgrade over Matt Moore? If he is, I dont see it. Flynn looks like a middle of the road QB to me. The second coming of Ryan Fitzpatrick.

At this point, now that we have some extra picks, I'm all for trying to trade up for Blackmon and use the 2nd rounder on Weeden. Reunite Weeden and Blackmon, do whats needed to get Winston and go from there. Yeah, I know he's 28, but the fact is if he was 22, he'd be a top 15 pick. He's got all the tools to be a really good pro. I'd rather have him for 6-8 years than our other options.

TheSMF --- Winston is a stud if healthy. Columbo was a joke. I would sign Winston if you can get him at a reasonable contract. I think he would like to play in Miami, and would stop this nonsense of drafting a RT at #8!


Surprised to here you say that you think Orton/Moore is a 'downgrade' on Henne/Moore. I know you didn't like Henne and I know you wanted Orton last year. I think you need to rethink that one. At worst it's a split.

I'm not saying it's the answer. I just don't see Moore/Flynn being much better.

Home facts on the emerging acorn:

On October 2, as the team's third receiver Robinson caught seven passes for 116 yards in a loss to the Detroit Lions. During the week eight loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, he had five catches for 103 yards and a touchdown, his first as a Cowboy. In the next game on November 6, Robinson again caught five passes 32 yards and a touchdown. Robinson followed up that game with three catches, two of which were touchdowns, against the Buffalo Bills starting in place of Miles Austin, while he was recovering from a hamstring injury. From week 8 through week 12, Laurent caught 24 passes for a total of 321 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | March 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Home Facts:

Fins working on deal w WR Robinson

Robinson averages about 16 YDs per catch and scored 11 TDs last season w the Cowboys even though he was only named a starter in 3 of the games

Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home |

He's still almost 34 and 34 in a receiver is old. I'm not wrong about that, 34 is the twilight of a receivers career, I'm not wrong about that, and finally paying 17 mill to a 34 year old receiver is crazy, I'm not wrong about that. So that means you're wrong how that.

WRs are fungible. Wallace will do whatever Marshall would do if given the chance.

No Balls,

I don't think Winston will be cheap. There were supposedly ten teams chasing him. It'll do nothing but drive up the price. MINIMUM I'm think $6-7 mill a year and that may be on the low side. Regardless, I like the guy and would probably do it.

OKAY LISTEN UP! Anyone talking about our defensive needs has got to stop listening to the media and anyone else and look at cold Hard facts. We had a top five defense last year. TOP. FIVE. So I don't want to hear anymore about 'we really need a pass rusher, we really need a safety, lb, blah blah, enough! Just stop. We lost repeatedly because we couldn't get in the end zone, score points, AND IF BEING IN A LEAGUE WHERE THE TWO WORST DEFENSES WERE THE TWO BEST TEAMS (gb and pats) isn't enough to make u see our only major needs are QB, WR, TE, RT, then you won't ever get it.
Football comes down to two things, either scoring points or stopping points against u. No player cares about yards. NOT ONE. They care about points scored on or against, and scoreboard at the end. And we don't, and haven't, scored enough points. Let's stop trying to pinpoint and fix it.

People have to stop freaking out every time Ireland doesn't sign someone you think the team should take because that way of thinking is S-T-U-P-I-D. Plain and simple and go ahead and get offended but hear me out.

We all agree this isn't a video game and you can't just sign whomever you want. But why in the heck doesn't anyone realize that players like to choose where they actually end up. You can't just "sign him"! The guy actually has to want to be on your team. Jeff not signing someone you wanted doesn't make him an idiot anymore than it makes the other handful of gms (that wanted to sign someone but couldn't) an idiot.

Just means the player didn't really want to come here. Especially in Waynes case, as much as he loves the Miami area, his team made him a great offer. The team he's been on his whole career, he never wanted to leave to begin with.

If you want to call Jeff an idiot for something there are so many other reasons you could list. This reason just doesn't make sense.

Believe Robinson is 26 yrs old

I like Ribinson, young guy, good speed, and better hands than BM.

One, and only one, thing determines if a football wins games: coaching. It's a game of chess. The players are, for the most part, fungible. The WRs are the same. Etc.

We don't know if Philbin and his staff are good. We will find out. The players are irrelevant. Yeah, you need good players, and we will have them, but so will the other teams.

We might go 2-14 this year but we might go 14-2. None of us knows. There is 40% roster turnover every single year.

Every single year is a new year.

We should of just traded the house or whatever it took to get RG3.

M2M !

New signing date for Peyton is St. Patrick's day

Drink Green Beer w Home and celebrate!


Just to follow up to your earlier post, I don't know what Cleveland's going to do. They are kind of the mystery team to me. Something tells me they are going to improve players and stick with McCoy. I'm surprised they're not getting involved in the Henne derby because I think he could help them. To me they've got to add a RB (Richardson?) and add WRs. I think they need to have a contingeny plan at QB because McCoy's getting near that 'you've got to show me something' stage.

Inmounts our D was terrible, as it has been for 10 years even though the Zach Thomas prime years, WHEN IT MATTERED. For 10 years we have never been able to make a stop or force a punt when the other team has the ball with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Our D is undersized and can never get off the field when it matters.

This was the case even in the years when we finished "top 5" in yards allowed, a misleading statistic.

The D was a major problem last year. Offense was pretty good and a lot of times the D could not get off the field.

I'm with you Craig, I don't see the point in Flynn honestly. A draft of blackmon and weedon would do me just fine at this point.

A tannehill Dwayne Allen draft would work too

Anyone else listen to the drew brees interview on mike and mike this morning? The dude is depressed. Wouldn't it be something to get brees away from new Orleans but the trade compensation wouldn't work for this team especially with their alpha receiver now gone. Might as well trade long now too. This team is starting over.


Your right, I don't get your logic. To say the WC offense can't be taught Moore is just ridiculous! If the Dolphins sign Flynn and Moore is the backup, do the Dolphins NOT teach Moore the offense.

The WC can be taught to Moore and it is yet to be seen if he will succeed with it. And to say Flynn will be better than Moore is just guessing also.

What we do know is that last year Moore came out of now where and performed surprising well. Doe's this mean he will be really good or great eventually. No, but there are plenty of late bloomers in the NFL. I would very much like to see the Dolphins get another QB who they can build with and has promise, and not settle on Moore or Flynn. But again, I don't see Flynn better than Moore. And don't forget that Flynn will not have the weapons in Miami that he had in GB. This could be another looong year.

Home facts on the emerging acorn:

On October 2, as the team's third receiver Robinson caught seven passes for 116 yards in a loss to the Detroit Lions. During the week eight loss against the Philadelphia Eagles, he had five catches for 103 yards and a touchdown, his first as a Cowboy. In the next game on November 6, Robinson again caught five passes 32 yards and a touchdown. Robinson followed up that game with three catches, two of which were touchdowns, against the Buffalo Bills starting in place of Miles Austin, while he was recovering from a hamstring injury. From week 8 through week 12, Laurent caught 24 passes for a total of 321 yards and 7 touchdowns.

Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home | March 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM

Home Facts:

Fins working on deal w WR Robinson

Robinson averages about 16 YDs per catch and scored 11 TDs last season w the Cowboys even though he was only named a starter in 3 of the games

Posted by: Coffee Talk w Home |


I'm not too familiar with Dwayne Allen. I'll have to brush up on him. Thanks.

inimounts had did Jeff screw us by not signing Wayne? Did Wayne really want to come here?

I mean none of us know him so are we really trusting that some reporters said he wanted to come here? I would rather hear from the guy himself, or his wife, or kids, agent, before I believe he was ever really serious about leaving Indianapolis.

Think about it guys. Wayne would have had major interest from other teams, not just Miami, and they would have certainly given him a bigger contract than Indi. Therefore the only conclusion is that he never wanted to leave. Otherwise he would have waited out the market and took the best offer. He would have let teams bid against each other to drive up his price.


In other words, our poor offense. Did you watch the games?

How many games were there where our O looked pretty good, scored a TD, didn't get ball back for 9 minutes, scored a FG, didn't get ball back for 9 minutes, perhaps had to punt.....and before you know it it's half time and the freakin' offense only had 4 possessions in the entire half!!!

That happened a lot during the past 10 years when the O was blamed for a lot. D could not get off the field.

And then, again, in the 4th quarter, heaven help us if the other team has the ball with 6 minutes left and all we need is a stop. D never came through.

DC, Cleveland is fine if they go either way. Give colt another year and potentially draft players of the ilk of Richardson and Floyd. And if he tanks out then you are in position for a top qb next year.

Or draft tannehill then give him a player like Floyd or wright with their second pick.

We shall see.

Tony, are u being serious???? Our d was terrible. Wow. Never mind that any player knows that with our terrible offense the defense was on the field way too long. Never mind that in 08 TEN of our games were decided on last minute d stops because sparano is an idiot. Never mind that we were top five in pretty much ever defensive statistic. The only thing we don't do is int, but ur saying it makes no sense for Atlanta to want mike Nolan.
Bottom line, is we don't score tds, and our defense was asked to do too much. It may have been frustrating to watch our d give up late points, but not as frustrating to know that our d AVERAGE giving up a little over two tds in five years and our offense still can't win.
Anyone wants to complain about offense, or even our secondary, im right there with ya. But don't come to me with that stank.

I said it on the last blog that Flynn would not get some lavious $50 M contract. Kolb ruined any chance of that last year. But even without Kolb with only 2 starts under his belt and the fact he played with elite play makers that was going to be oo many question marks for him.

Again, again, again, Philbin has an idea of what Flynn is capable of and his long term potential and if Miami gets Flynn for say 3 yrs at 20 M then they should do it if Philbin believes in Flynn.

There is a chance that Weedon is this year's Andy Dalton. I've heard more than one person say that. Would be a pretty good addition to this team even at age 28.

see, eg, the Denver game last year. that type of thing happened all the time.

all we needed was one freakin' stop with 5 left in the 4th quarter

Phins78 he did want to come here. He lives here, practices here, said it was his dream to come out and play for the dolphins after being a cane, has never said anything different, even while playing in Indy. While I don't agree with dude that he got paid too much, I do believe that he couldn't have gotten more from us or anyone but Indy.
My main point is that u say he hasn't spoken out , but he has. He has talked about talking to manning about it. What he won't say at all is what manning has responded or said to him.


That's not a horrible idea. If that's what it would take I would consider it. It's not a huge term or a huge investment. Definitely fair value.

However, my point wasnt that e screwed us by not signing wyne, he screwed us by giving us the worst receiving core in the national football league without a backup plan, and threw away probably the only thing keeping mannings interest. Manning has spent a career with Wayne and Harrison and Clark.....bess and hartline dont have the sing ring to them, do they?

inimounts wasn't the run defense #6 and our overall defense 11th? Where did you find the numbers that say 5th overall?

I was misunderstood, he's saying that we have had crap defenses even in zach thomas prime? One year we had the number one defense, maybe even two, and I just don't see how a dolphins fan can say that. U want to say we never scored points, I'll agree. But d? No.

Tony....how many points did we score that game? How many times did our offense have a chance to put the game away even in the fourth? Exactly.

Robinson was ALWAYS the #3 option behind Whitten & Bryant/Austin. Because Miami might want him, he's a legit #1? LMAO He was never the #1 guy or even the #2.

It's not hard to get open when you have Austin or Bryant PLUS Whitten to open up the field. Robinson is no where close to Marshall's ability. Please stop the insanity!

I understand Miami has to sign someone but, ask yourself why Dallas would let him walk if he was such a stud. He's just like Alvin Harper!

This is the most overrated D in the league. Never, NEVER got a key stop when needed. That's the sign of a good D. Now the response to the media of "be patient" from the FO when asked about why they traded Marshall has become apparent. They are trying to resign Solai. WooHoo!! Unbelievably pathetic.

Guess I'm not as down on Flynn as many. All we know about the guy is, he wasn't highly regarded coming out of college, he looked good in two games with GB, he isn't better than Aaron Rogers, he is young and familiar with Philbin and his system.

What do I care what Ross pays for him. It's not my money.

realy? you think this fit 1WR better than Brandon. We continue to do the dumbest moves in the NFL. Amost 40 YEARS whithout a superbowl and more years to come

Read something positive in helping the Dolphins get Eric Winston to sign. His wife is from South Florida and wants to move back home. Makes sense why he visited Dolphins first. He is one of the best RT in the game. Dolphins have to get him signed today. If he leaved without signing, the Dolphins will loose him to someone else. He has to be one of the top priorities since he is at Dolphins complex interviewing.

Andy and craig, if ur looking for Flynn then u r looking at 3 years for 30 to 35, no less. Supply and demand. And kolb ruined nothing, it wasn't even that bad, since they don't have to pay him the sum in April, and even if they did, people were saying the same
Junk about Matt cassell ruining it before kolb and someone else ruining it before him....it doesn't happen, if it did Ryan leaf or Jamarcus Russell would've ruined it for EVERYONE.

inimounts I agree with you and 08 was a great year. But I'm talking about even the Zach Thomas years, many years our D is hailed and seems to not come through when it counts.

yeah, our O needs to score 28 and not 17 points a game, but D can win games too.

every year alternates if great D beats great O.

idea that you have to be a brady team is overrated.

you can win 45-25 or 21-17 as the steelers do. either way is a win.

it is undeniable that our D was pathetic first 7 games last year.

Wolfman, he will get a monster contract, u couldn't be more wrong. It's not about talent, or gameplay, it's about one simple aspect of business: supply and demand. THERE IS ONE QB OPEN IN FREE AGENCY. One. When has that ever been the case. And no less than six teams are absolutely starved at qb and no less than three all have blogs just like this one that feel that if they don't get manning then they will definitely get Flynn, no matter the cost. He will get 12 million. And for a qb that deserves a sixth of that, that's not half bad.
Posted by: inimounts | March 14, 2012 at 11:17 AM


We shall see....I'm just not buying it until I see it. I don't think a guaranteed $12M is over the top...most people are talking $20-$30M guaranteed around here....I just don't see that happening. That would equate to anywhere between a $65-$80M contract...again, sorry...not buying it.

$12M guaranteed would generally indicate roughly $30-$36M contract over 5-6 years...that I could see happening.

Again, it's the outlandish Tom Brady kind of money that people keep talking about that I simply don't buy.

If we draft a guy at 8, the price would be right around there as well....$10-$12M guaranteed.

No! We better not sign soliai....he wants franchise money and he's no wilfork.


But Wolfman, I say Flynn is worth prob 3 mill.....ur saying he's worth 12? That that's not overpaying? I don't buy that as well.

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