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Flynn to visit Seattle hoping to increase market value

There's been a lot of information (and misinformation) about Matt Flynn and the market for him as a potential starting quarterback the past two days.

The truth?

He is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. It doesn't mean he's going to necessarily sign there. But this is clearly the most attention any team has shown the Green Bay Packers free agent.

I would say the team to show the next most amount of attention is the Dolphins. But even Miami has not offered Flynn a contract with an option for him to sign. That report was false. As I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins touched base with Flynn, sure. But contract offer? Nope.

That would defeat the purpose of getting Peyton Manning.

The Cleveland Browns apparently didn't offer any sort of contract, either, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Again, a report yesterday stated the Browns were trying to sign Flynn. That report was false, I have confirmed.

The Seattle attention of Flynn is understandable and expected. Seattle general manager John Schneider was with Green Bay when Flynn was drafted. Schneider knows and likes Flynn.

One thing: I do not believe Flynn is immediately going to get a huge contract offer from anyone. The truth is the Dolphins are still hoping to land Manning and they won't be in full blown desperation mode unless and until Manning goes elsewhere.

And until at least two teams are bidding for Flynn the full potential of his market won't be reached. His agent knows this. Or should.

The Seahawks are also scheduled to host a visit by Chad Henne. He is visiting tonight and tomorrow.


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I looked it up inimounts. 15th in yards per game,,25th in passing yards,,6th in rushing yards,,5th in points allowed.

I see where you got 5th in the league but that's just points allowed. Our pass defense was horrible and that has to do with our rushing attack and DBs. I wish we didn't need to spend at these positions but if we want to get better on defense we can't sit still. And we might lose Solai so what does that do to 6th in rushing yards ya know?

Langford visiting Cincy, Soliai in denver.

Craig M,

I was never on board with a $50 M contract either but a fair value and like I been saying like a broken record it's with Philbin's blessing.

In the end maybe Miami see's Tannehill as a better option. Who knows.

Phins78, ask or hear any defensive player, it's the only star they care about. Warren sapp said they don't care if they give up 600 yards, as long as the scoreboard is single digit. I usually take him and ray Lewis to know what they are talking about, but I may be biased.

Georgia the funny thing is most of these guys come from Florida and we can never sign them. They don't want to come back once they leave. I guess Florida is a great place to live until you see what else is out there. :)

Mark in Toronto, here's a quote from Brees in that interview....

“I’ve played under the franchise tag before, back in 2005, and that ended with 13 anchors in my right shoulder and a 25 percent chance of playing football again,” Brees said.

25 percent chance of playing football again, if you believe what he says.

Or just more dentists out there playing doctor?

I've been vehemently against getting Flynn but c'mon if you are going to do it then Fken do it already, geez, get it over with. Manning is NOT coming here, no elite WR and most of them taken off the table already.

Why are we going to let other teams drive the price up on Flynn? WTF, could this guy be more inept? The Marshall trade highlighted our GM's shortcomings. It was obviously a bad move when he got him, it was a terrible move not to trade him last year before the trade deadline and thus laying the foundation to get a QB in the draft, and now it is another REACTION move that we know what transpired over the weekend.

Flynn wants to come here, Philbin likes him enough, he's the coach, he should know, make the move already WTF are you waiting for?

I wasn't a fan of the Suck for Luck movement but at the same time,.,, after we won that 3rd game, I didn't want us winning anymore... I was bashed for that.... Now u see what those meaningless wins against the Jets and Bills at the end got us.... The 8th pick.... What did those last couple wins prove?

Can we see what rehab Ryan Leaf is in and offer him a contract? Him arm should still be good.

Phins78, even before last year, I've always been against keeping soliai. He couldn't keep his starting job, and earned franchise tag for a year he didn't even begin as a
Starter, though it was his best half year, but he wasn't responsible for any big plays. Wilfork, haynesworth in Tennessee, players like that deserve what they get, soliai does not
Deserve and has not deserved what they get, but that's what he wants. What would u do?

Craig, I realized my mistake (on Orton) and Henne is the Devil I know, so I'm not too keen on bringing Orton anywhere NEAR this team.

And like you guys I'm cool on Flynn (only accepted that since Philbin knows him and must have better info than me).

Like Mark, I'd be fine with Tannehill (though I prefer Weeden for whatever reason). Wouldn't mind Weeden/Moore I guess if that's all we can get (with a #1 WR SOMEWHERE in that mix).

Just in - Ireland has convinced Manning to come to Miami. The only issue is, it is Cooper Manning. However, Ireland feels this is an acorn and being a Manning brother, he has to be good.

But Wolfman, I say Flynn is worth prob 3 mill.....ur saying he's worth 12? That that's not overpaying? I don't buy that as well.
Posted by: inimounts | March 14, 2012 at 12:09 PM


I'm not talking about overpaying. All of these guys are over paid. Even with the new CBA, rookie QBs are still overpaid and have done squat. Teams will always overpay for a QB.

No you'rt right, points allowed is huge. I just want to take away the big pass play. We give up way too many and it costs us in close games. That inability to stop the quick score from 80 yards away! HA. I would like to get a pass rush specialist and nickle back to shore up this problem.

Inamounts, ESPN said they are making a late push to re-sign him. I guess after the trade for Marshall and the free cash this is going to be their big splash resigning Soliai. Joke of a FO

In RE to losing Marshall....and the sky is falling, the sky is falling.....

Does anyone recall that Cinci lost OchoCinco and T.O.....and they're "franchise QB"....drafted a WR in the first and a QB in the 2nd? How did that turn out? Pretty damned good in my estimation. Sometimes it's just time to take out the garbage.


I disagree there is no way Flynn gets a 30-35 M contract. There is not that kind of market set up for him. Flynn is in that group where no immediate visits took place and he is in the although valuable he is a FA that could be good but at the right price. The guys that get all the huge contracts in FA are the guys who are signed immediately day 1 and 2 not having only 1 conversation with Philbin and 1 visit scheduled for later in the week.

Just in - Ireland has convinced Manning to come to Miami. The only issue is, it is Cooper Manning. However, Ireland feels this is an acorn and being a Manning brother, he has to be good.

Posted by: OHDolfan | March 14, 2012 at 12:14 PM

Hilarious!!! Dolphins with QB's = Collossal Failure!

TigerSam, I agree with you. If Philbin wants him, start moving on it. I don't think the contract will be way out there moneywise.

I understand the debate on Flynn but if by some miracle the Dolphins get Manning then all your debates are void. I am still praying for Manning to Miami. The rest (Flynn, Moore, Orton, Kolb) are glorified backups. If they were Pro Bowl QB's, they would be getting the same attention Manning is.

There goes Nicks (to the Bucs). At least ONE Florida team is getting their ducks in a row.

Ireland is garbage Get him out!!! Boycott fins

Tigersam....WE are not doing anything when it comes to Flynn, HE WILL NOT SIGN BEFORE PEYTON DOES. Doing so will cost him millions, and neither he nor his agent are stupid.
We all know Miami doesn't have a chance at manning anymore, but it hurts us nothing to keep trying.
On a sidenote, i would just want Ireland to do one thing right. And on the manning issue, he just like always goes the wrong way, just because he can. The only other team besides us that didn't have a plus for manning was Tennessee and they fixed that by hiring (polian) and in doing so went from not inconsideration to being offered more than we were, an actual hometown visit. Just by being the worst gm run team in the league we went from the most likely spot for manning and the best fitting to not even getting a visit in the town he LIVES in and his wife loves! If it wasn't Ireland and Ross, who was the only owner apparently manning will not meet, then please tell me what it was.

It's funny, Miami is concerned with Manning's feelings when he has zero ties to the orginazation. Miami treated Marino with less respect and he is an iconic figure in this teams history!

Meanwhile, Flynn, who could become a great player for this franchise for 8-10 year is being asked to wait for a 36 year old, brocken neck has been to tell us what we already know. THAT HE AIN'T COMING HERE!

Orginazation, top to bottom, is a joke.

What is Ross thinking with? A brain? Dont think so. The best way to sale tickets is to put a winning team on the field. Manning IS NOT going to sign with the Dolphins. Manning is using the Dolphins to drive up his price and doing a good job it too. If Flynn is the man, then get him, but I dont think Flynn is that man. Wait for next yr? Not a bad idea. Flynn is an OK QB. But hes only 6'2" 215 or so. Landry Jones, or one or two other Qbs next yr would be the thing to do. The Dolphins, no matter, who they sign will not win this yr and wont make the playoffs, no matter who they sign, repeat,,,no matter who. Lets have a good draft add one or two free agents and look for next yr.

Andy,don't u get it tho? NO QB will sign before Peyton manning does. And when he does sign, there will be three teams jacking up the price on each other. He will get 12 mill, as cassell did, as kolb did, because he is the best qb in fa this year and that's approx the price they always get.
Do u argue that tannehill will get that when drafted (he will be a top ten pick, qb hungry always goes up at the draft, look at cam newton and the ten picked after him.)

For everybody who says stop messing around and get Flynn: FLYNN WILL NOT SIGN UNTIL MANNING DOES. DOING SO WILL COST HIM MILLIONS. STOP BLAMING THE DOLPHINS ORGANIZATION WHEN IT'S FLYNN AND HIS AGENT AND when there is so much else we can blame them for lol

Miami's remaing options:

1. Peyton Manning - not coming to Miami.

2. Matt Flynn - He could be a really good working with Philbin or he could of been a product of the fire power in GB.

3. Ryan Tannehill - He's a athletic QB who does have the arm to push the ball downfield. He might need a few years to become a NFL starter.

4. Brandon Weeden - he's mature and has the arm strength to push the ball but does he have a ceiling because if he is not NFL ready in year 1 it would be a waste because waiting a few years isn't an option with a guy who is 29 years old by next season.

Bucs signed Nicks & Wright.
Wright didn't come here for a visit he went to Tampa.
Once again good FA's go to good teams.
Acorns come here like Winston(acorn) to replace Cloumbus(acorn)

Posted by: TheSMF

you just showed you know nothing about football ! Winston is not a ACORN he is a top notch OL the best available! A nfl starter starter and is a beast!

I understand Miami has to sign someone but, ask yourself why Dallas would let him walk if he was such a stud. He's just like Alvin Harper!

Posted by: Captain Obvious | March 14, 2012 at 12:04 PM

This is so accurate! Same team, same position, same circumstances, same stats! Everyone thought Harper was this dynamic big play receiver!

Then he went to the Bucs & they found out he was a product of Novacheck & Irvin giving him room to operate. Couldn't handle double teams as the #1 guy! FLOP!


If the fins are considering taking a WR in the first round, why don't they look at Mike Wallace from pittsburgh?

Solai was an important part of the top 5 run defense. Many in the NFL are aware that Solai was the anchor which is why he is getting lots of interest. DTs are VERY hard to come by, especially big ones who constantly command double teams. Solai doesn't stand out because he's not a pure pass rusher, he's a run stuffer and goes out on most passing downs.

So no I don't think he deserves Wilfork money (not sure how much he makes but I'll trust you that it's a lot!) because Vince does it all. And I guess that's why the negotiations are on going. We don't know how much we are offering him or any other team. We only know what his agent put out there as the price they want. But that's a starting point and you negotiate, most likely down in Solais case.

But no one can take away from the fact that Paul is a beast. That kid is a run stopping nightmare and the NFL stood up and took notice this season. This is not coming from a blind loyalist fan this is coming from a fan who is able to be objective and from plenty of NFL people. So I would wait and see what other teams are willing to offer and then make my decision at that time. Solai wants to stay in Miami so they will bring back there best offer and see if Miami will match. If someone wants to over pay I say let him go. I like him but like you said not for Wilfork money.

Unbelievable!!! Yesterday Matt Flynn's stock was hotter than disco in the early 8o's & today Seattle is lumping him into the same category as Chad Henne??? I don't get it. Matt Moore is a a flat-out stud IMO compared to Henne.

Well...Not exactly a bad trade for Marshall to the Bears after learning that he's still a menace to society BUT it bears mentioning that Ireland is freaking idiot for getting him to begin with. After 4 seasons as GM (& now going into his 5th off-season) this team still has too many holes & that's unacceptable by ANY standard;

1) No franchise QB
2) No Number 1 WR
3) No Number 2 WR
4) No TE that can stretch the field
5) No starter at RG
6) No starter at RT
7) No starting DE to pair with Wake in a 4-3 defense
8) No starting Strong side LB
9) Inconsistent CB play
10) Very weak starting FS
11) No accomplished return specialist on punts or kickoffs

PLUS less than $15 Million of cap space??? Like I said "We Have Draft Picks' & that's it boys. I'm just glad we have Ireland making the picks....NOT!!! LOL!!!

Dude I'm 41 years old. You boycott the Fins, I could have a heart attack in a couple years here I'm not wasting my last years on earth hating my beloved Dolphins. Have fun with your boycott.

Ummmm....manning has eliminated the dolphins from contention. I honestly hope he loses every game for Denver/titans, and I've been a fan.
The Marshall trade will now go down as the biggest mistake in the history of Jeff Ireland as our gm, and that's saying something.


Wayne never said he would come to Miami. What he DID say is 'it would fun to play in Miami with Peyton'. What I read the Wayne signing with the Colts, is a sign that Peyton isn't coming to Miami.

Guys I could be dead worng on this but I think the Dolphins are ssetting themselves up to bring back Soliai. I like the guy but to me this would be a big waste of their money. We still haven't signed a QB yet, there's a hole at WR, we need a RT, a pass rusher and a safety. Good thing Ireland has those extra couple of third round picks. He's going to need them.

Here's a repost from earlier this morning and still believe it has the best chance of playing out over the next few days:
On the bright side our O-line could be filled with pro bowlers.

LT - Jake Long
LG - Richie Incognito
C - Scott Wells(Packers free agent)
RG - Mike Pouncey
RT - Eric Winston(Texans free agent)

WOW, that's all I can say about that line...WOW

Put Matt Flynn under center with Wells where the timing is already in sync...WOW.

Now add our budding stud TE - Will Yeatman(poached from NE) and we've got some serious beef on that line.

Marshall's replacement is now the only hole to fill and there is plenty of FA & Draft talent to meet that need.

We just might win 10 games this year...

inimounts, I understand the point you are trying to make, but Cleveland and Seattle are not even interested in Manning. If they are looking seriously at signing Flynn, they should at least be making some kind of offer before Manning turns down Miami.

"If the fins are considering taking a WR in the first round, why don't they look at Mike Wallace from pittsburgh?"

I read in a number of places that if a team wants to be successful in prying Wallace away they are going to have pay him upwards than $8 a year or the Steelers will match the offer.

The motto for the upcoming season....BARF FOR BARKLEY!

Actually, manning is not interested in them. And Cleveland and Seattle are interested in the sense that they know Flynn will be liked up as soon as manning is, and that's all that matters as far as price and desperation.
Nhfinsfan.....it doesn't matter who u put him behind if he has NO ONE to throw to.

For everybody who says stop messing around and get Flynn: FLYNN WILL NOT SIGN UNTIL MANNING DOES. DOING SO WILL COST HIM MILLIONS. STOP BLAMING THE DOLPHINS ORGANIZATION WHEN IT'S FLYNN AND HIS AGENT AND when there is so much else we can blame them for lol

Posted by: inimounts | March 14, 2012 at 12:24 PM

And why is Manning not signing? Because sucker temas like the phins stay in the game & keep his options alive for him.

Tell Manning SEE YA! Make Flynn an agressive fair offer & if he says no, MOVE ON TO THE NEXT. Enough of this nonsense!

If they don't know where they wanna sign, help them out by taking an option away. Announce you're moving on! Looks alot better than waiting around to get dissed like the Fisher incident!

Captain Obvious that is an ironic name considering the fact that "top to bottom" the organization has completely changed since the Marino retirement.

Not to mention a HUGE percentage of fans wanted Marino to retire because he was playing on two bum legs and lost speed on his release. It wasn't just Jimmy Johnson who wanted him out. Fans trusted Jimmy and thought he was going to take them to multiple super bowls. They knew we would need a younger QB.

But the dramatics are pretty funny.

Phins78 @ 12:31pm,

As usual you are the voice of reason. This is entertainment, an escape....not life and death. Always good to hear from the voice of reason.

inimounts, when Marshall get suspended I'll be sure to remind you of what you said. The one thing with guys like Marshall and Owens and Moss, trouble always seems to find them. It's not a coincidence.

Wells is visiting Titans today. The feel if they get him signed today. It will send a message to Manning.

Pouncey sees himself as a center. The coaching staff sees him as a center. Pouncey wants to stay at center. He had a fine rookie year at center.

But all of these blog experts that never made a dime coaching in the NFL have decided he is a better guard and should be moved there.

Give it up. How about some stability? Let him continue to develop at center. If we need a guard, lets look for a guard and not play musical chairs like Sparano.

Why would Peyton give a crap about Wells?
They never played together?

inimounts - I have serious doubts as to Miami having ever been the front runner to land Manning. Personally, I think it was about 90% media hype. He has virtually zero connection to Miami or anyone within the Dolphins organization. Everyone keeps saying, "Miami, his home town..." It's not his home town, he has a vacation condo in South Beach, as do many athletes and other celebrities.

Also, Tennesee did have a plus for Manning (besides hiring Polian)...Manning has publicly said in the past that he would like to explore the posibility of working for the Titans organization in some capacity once retired (this is when he was in Indy). He went to schoold there....he has rabid fans their still....it is a very similar atmosphere to what he's used to at Indy.

AZ makes sense too....he's golfing buddies with Whisenhunt and also has an established relationship with Fitzgerald. Denver also...there is Elway.

All he has in Miami is a vacation condo.


One last point about Marshall....I fully expect that he and Cutler will have a GREAT season in Chicago next year. I'm sure we'll have to hear from all the Ireland haters what a moron he is...I know this to be true. But I also FULLY expect that the Bears will tire of his rountine in 2-3 years and he might even just be released. Guys hate the trade today but Ireland cut his losses and got something for him when he could. Let's see what the Bears get for him in a couple of years.

Hey...just saw that McNabb is still available, yea that's the ticket!

inimounts why not wait until free agency and the draft are over before proclaiming the Miami trade to be the biggest mistake ever? You realize we still have plenty of players available?

And if Marshall is suspended for 6 to 8 games next year after his multiple run ins against the conduct policy are you still saying it was a mistake? Why not let everything play out before getting yourself all upset?

Just doesn't make sense. Look if we end up with no one and a less talented team than last year I will be right at the front of the mob with you waving my torch but honestly,lets be rationale, We aren't even 24 hours into free agency yet.

You dont need a stud wr in wco.

Wolfman, he will get a monster contract, u couldn't be more wrong. It's not about talent, or gameplay, it's about one simple aspect of business: supply and demand. THERE IS ONE QB OPEN IN FREE AGENCY. One. When has that ever been the case. And no less than six teams are absolutely starved at qb and no less than three all have blogs just like this one that feel that if they don't get manning then they will definitely get Flynn, no matter the cost. He will get 12 million. And for a qb that deserves a sixth of that, that's not half bad.
Posted by: inimounts

Flynn will not get a 12 million dollar contract from ANY TEAM! yeah it is supply and demand but alot of teams dont have a franchise Q/B ... but team aren't going to Overpay in the amount of 12 million for a unproven they would rather stick with what they have ... and cleveland isn't going to draft Q/b with their first pick. they want T. richardson, they might would draft him with their secound first round pick though..... i expectflynn to get a contract in the range of 7 million a season at the most. YOU NEED TO QUIT LISTENING TO WHAT THE MEDIA SAYS! HAVE THEY BEEN RIGHT YET?

Craig, u shouldn't have went there. There was a Craig m that said 1. There is no way we sign Marshall 2. That the odrick draft class was going to be amazing 3. That the receiver picked after pat white was going to be a star and not a bust (can't even remember the name, Anthony something?) I'm not surprised u are saying trading our one playmaker after 1200 plus yards and a pro bowl was the right thing to do. All Marshall did on the field this year was compliment the qbs at the pro bowl and of
Course it was spun that he was knocking Matt Moore. Personally, we all know he will put up huge numbers with cutler because the pro bowl proved that with a real qb he will shine even more. We are screwed at wr once again.
.....I digress. I really do.

Captain Obvious that is an ironic name considering the fact that "top to bottom" the organization has completely changed since the Marino retirement.
Not to mention a HUGE percentage of fans wanted Marino to retire because he was playing on two bum legs and lost speed on his release. It wasn't just Jimmy Johnson who wanted him out. Fans trusted Jimmy and thought he was going to take them to multiple super bowls. They knew we would need a younger QB.
But the dramatics are pretty funny.
Posted by: Phins78 | March 14, 2012 at 12:36 PM

Holy Density! The OBVIOUS point I made was about respect being shown. Not what the Dolphins family tree looks like now!

Christ, does every post need to have a footer explainging everything for some of you?

You people are stressing me out with all of the drama and hysterics. I feel like I'm at home with my wife and her friends and they have their periods. This is why I come to work, to get away from that! And then I come in here to talk some football and get met by the tampon brigade. Stressing me out man! I'm out! :)

Miami, among other teams, feel Flynn could be a franchise qb. He will get at least 10.


One other point about Manning and Tenn. Peyton's Dad and Munchak are ex-teammates. Apparently Archie thinks highly of Munchak. It's another reason why I think Manning is exploring the opportunity. What happens to Hasselbeck and Locker if Manning goes there. Probably one of those guys goes (probably Haselbeck). What do we think? Zero interest?

Kolb's $7M bonus is due on Saturday, so if Peyton really wants to play in AZ, he must choose between now and Friday night.

If his stall tactics go past Sat...then Denver is the probable choice and the market for Flynn will start to heat up.

...therefore Peyton is holding back the QB signing dam, once he signs, everyone else follows.

Come on Peyton, Get er' Done already.

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