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Flynn to visit Seattle hoping to increase market value

There's been a lot of information (and misinformation) about Matt Flynn and the market for him as a potential starting quarterback the past two days.

The truth?

He is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. It doesn't mean he's going to necessarily sign there. But this is clearly the most attention any team has shown the Green Bay Packers free agent.

I would say the team to show the next most amount of attention is the Dolphins. But even Miami has not offered Flynn a contract with an option for him to sign. That report was false. As I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins touched base with Flynn, sure. But contract offer? Nope.

That would defeat the purpose of getting Peyton Manning.

The Cleveland Browns apparently didn't offer any sort of contract, either, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Again, a report yesterday stated the Browns were trying to sign Flynn. That report was false, I have confirmed.

The Seattle attention of Flynn is understandable and expected. Seattle general manager John Schneider was with Green Bay when Flynn was drafted. Schneider knows and likes Flynn.

One thing: I do not believe Flynn is immediately going to get a huge contract offer from anyone. The truth is the Dolphins are still hoping to land Manning and they won't be in full blown desperation mode unless and until Manning goes elsewhere.

And until at least two teams are bidding for Flynn the full potential of his market won't be reached. His agent knows this. Or should.

The Seahawks are also scheduled to host a visit by Chad Henne. He is visiting tonight and tomorrow.


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"The Marshall trade will now go down as the biggest mistake in the history of Jeff Ireland as our gm, and that's saying something."


I don't know about that. There are so MANY blunders. The money that was completely wasted on FA's including Jake Grove, Justin Smiley, Ernest Wilford, & Gibril Wilson. Then there's all of the big misses in the draft like whiffing on Pat White in the 2nd round, missing on Merling with the 32nd pick, & now there's Koa Misi with maybe another wasted 2nd. I'm still not sold on Odrick with his injury history plus Vontae & S. Smith are both very inconsistent. None of those three were great picks IMO.

You can't build a team by missing on so many early draft picks & missing so big on highly paid FA's. It's just not possible.

You idiots who said you dont need a stud WR in a WCO, what about Jerry Rice, the creater of the WCO had Rice as the number 1

We may have gone after manning, but Ireland hates qbs like hasselbeck. Ross has made it very clear he wants a possible franchise qb.
Man, if Cleveland drafts Trent Richardson I will die laughing. I know they don't have a running back if dude doesn't stay, but that is so high for a rb and they have SO MANY other needs. For the only team in their division not to make the playoffs, if the draft is any proof than if I'm a Cleveland fan and they dont sign and don't want a qb I say draft Blackmon and Lamar miller with their late round pick start building an actual offense.

Well, at least something is going in the Dolphin's favor.

How many passes has Brandon Marshall dropped? He is way overated. You guys need to stop crying like babies. Unless you can see into the future, stop with the childlike comments. Better yet go root for another team. The Dolphins will be okay. I see them as being competitive this year with or without P. Manning.

Miami, among other teams, feel Flynn could be a franchise qb. He will get at least 10.

Posted by: inimounts

Lets wait and see ... and after he signs and we find out who is right we can throw it up in the face of the other ..OK ...LOL

You make a valid point. Every team needs a go to receiver. That is why Megatron became the highest paid player in NFL history today.


You are 100% correct. Pouncey is the one pick that we nailed last year. In fact he's the best draft pick since Jake Long who unfortunately is probably breaking down. Assuming he stays healthy we have a legit Center for many years.

BTW--I'd like to see Ireland reward Starks by giving him an extension which would also create some more cap space for us. If anyone has earned an extension it's big Randy who has done whatever has been asked of him & has played full tilt no matter how bad our teams have been.

I completely agree with u, we have draft picks, in fact I prob couldn't agree more, and I would only add that the only thing more devastating than all that u said is the tragedy that has been Ireland's drafting. Seriously, have u ever seen a team miss out on so many draft picks? How does every team not only have late round stars but undrafted ones and we've had none. Maybe three draft picks have been good and the rest? The worst in the league, by far. Those were all awful, and Matt Roth too. So it's more than safe to say those two third round picks will at best not be starters and at worst not be on the team in two years.

If Flynn was such a big catch i would of expected Philbin, who should know him best, to of signed the guy already. Instead we're chasing a 35 yo QB that has tons of uncertainty and risk. I think all our options not that great.

U got me worried, Jeff row. I don't let stuff like this go either, so if I feel the numbers aren't right I'm making calls and pretending to be Minnesota lol.

Set a precedent for once. Chances of landing Manning are virtually zero now that de do not have a #1 WR. So what are you waiting for? To look like we did when Fisher gave his rose to the Rams? LOL.

Have the freaken balls to make a move, one that everyone knows we are gong to make and just do it. Sign Flynn before the price keeps creeping up. Show the world we do not need to wait for Mr. Manning to make up his mind. Bring back some pride to this team darn it!

I've been opposed to bringing Flynn but Philbin likes him, he's the coach, he knows so please WTF are you waiting for, bring some respect back here, it seems the only news you hear about the Phins is how stupid we look. That is my biggest beef with Ireland, not his scouting, he's obviously a good evaluator, but his indecisiveness at times. The Marshall deal should have gotten done last year when it mattered, when we would have gotten more out of it build for the future, so if this latest incident would not have happened we'd still have the guy in the team.

Please go a fken pair for once and make a move already, sign Flynn and get it over with. Get to know your cap room and get someone like Eric Winston, just fken do it.

I for one trust in Philbin's choice. If he wants Flynn, he damn well knows what he is getting. Stop wasting time with Manning and move on.

Craig M @ 12:42 - My guess is that Haselbeck would be let go. Locker is their guy for the future and looked good in limited playing time. If Tenn doesn't get Manning, I won't be surprised if Locker beats out Hasselbeck this year.

I wouldn't personally have much interest in Hasselbeck. He's maybe a one year bridge at best. I'd rather see Moore than Hasselbeck at this point.

At this point, I'm hoping for a Cinn Bengals scenario...draft WR in the 1st and QB in the 2nd. Those two guys (A.J. Green and Dalton) are going to grow together and it's going to be pretty dynamic in years to come. I think the same could work for Miami.

Also, when you look at that situation....it was far more dire than where Miami is. The Bengals had just lost Ochocinco, T.O.(the year before I think), and Carson Palmer. Things turned out pretty well for them in my estimation.

We have draft picks and skyles, that only cements how wrong we've been. To be shocked about to offensive lineman going one in the middle of the first and
One as the first overall SHOULD. NOT. HAPPEN.

Yeah, respect being shown by a Dolphins organization who no longer exists.

Captain you never understand your own posts or seem to forget what you post or just don't post what you're thinking. You may think something and then write something different because YOU SAID

"It's funny, Miami is concerned with Manning's feelings when he has zero ties to the orginazation. Miami treated Marino with less respect and he is an iconic figure in this teams history!

Orginazation, top to bottom, is a joke."


And then I pointed out that they are two different organizations you're blaming for the same thing.

So maybe you should think about or at least try to understand how your posts are worded before acting like a little school girl.

You're saying THESE GUYS DIDN'T SHOW RESPECT TO MARINO! Are you not? Is that not how your post is written. LOOK AT IT AGAIN!!!! hOW IS SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN ANY DIFFERENTLY?

I said you dont need a stud, Jerry Rice became the best I agree, but he fit in the system, was he a burner? NO. We need someone better than Bess, but I would take a good number 2 and a stud TE. ANyways we are not going to spend much until the qb is solved, and I have no issue with that.


And for all Marshall's great accomplishments last year we went 6-10. Geez, you'd think we just traded Eli Manning or something. It's wasn't working....andover time this guy was going to get more and more frustrated. How long before he started to dog it in practice and pump football away in disgust. I agree he was our best player on offence but so what. It's time to go in another direction.

And I never said all the things you claimed I said above....but whatever.

I'm feeling pretty guilty about pushing the Miami Dolphins on my nephews today. They don't deserve this ...

If Flynn was such a big catch i would of expected Philbin, who should know him best, to of signed the guy already. Instead we're chasing a 35 yo QB that has tons of uncertainty and risk. I think all our options not that great.
Posted by: dolfanSF | March 14, 2012 at 12:50 PM


I think Ross is chasing Manning....he's the owner....everyone else is the employee and will do as told. I'm not convinced at all that Philbin wants anything to do with Manning given that he is partial to "building through the draft" as he explained just a couple of days ago.

f***ING CONDESCEND TO ME YOU STUPID F***ING A**HOLE?! Go change your f***ing name now and follow me around the net you stupid troll.

Wolfman, I follow the bengals almost as
Much as the dolfans, and things werent close to as dire. They had one of the best te in jermain gresham, a Wes welker in the making in Jordan Shipley, and underrated wr like Andre Caldwell and former second round pick (and first wr picked over) Jerome
All of whom score tds. We don't have one receiver that does that now.
The problem with getting that scenario is there is only one aj green/julius jones type player this year and it's Blackmon, and I really do believe Blackmon is the next megatron, and Jeff row, u can quote me on that! Lol

"How many passes has Brandon Marshall dropped? He is way overated. You guys need to stop crying like babies. Unless you can see into the future, stop with the childlike comments. Better yet go root for another team. The Dolphins will be okay. I see them as being competitive this year with or without P. Manning."


I agree with you on getting rid of Marshall but we still need a legit WR. I like Bess & all but he's not a guy that can stretch the field.

As for Manning he's about to turn 36 & not 100% so I don't even understand why we're chasing him to begin with. But I think you would agree that we need to finally find a franchise QB. As much as I like Moore (& I believe he did a really nice job for us last year) we're not going to challenge for the division.

Make no mistake about it that garbage about not needing a stud WR is not what today's NFL is all about. You better have 2 or 3 guys not just 1!

Phins78 just priceless at 12:42pm....LOL.

I'm off to spend some time with my kids and enjoy the weather. The rest of you can fight it out but Phins78, thanks for the good chuckle at 12:42....that'll make me smile for quite a while....cheers!


I think Phins78 and Craig m are either in love , the same person, or both. Who is with me.

Yes Marshall was the answer. If it wasn't for the rest of the scrubs we have Marshall would have been the guy to get us over the top. Just look at how many teams he has helped into the playoffs! Look at all the TD catches he makes! Look at the way he never causes controversy on the field, in the media, and in the locker room. What a great player he is. Boy we will rue the day we got rid of Marshall and his "personality disorder". How will we ever recover?

Headlines, The Dolphins sign Flynn and draft a WR 8th overall.

Who's Marshall again?

"I said you dont need a stud, Jerry Rice became the best I agree, but he fit in the system, was he a burner? NO. We need someone better than Bess, but I would take a good number 2 and a stud TE. ANyways we are not going to spend much until the qb is solved, and I have no issue with that."

I'm not so sure about that. Greg Jennings & Jerry Rice would probably be superstars in any offense BUT right now I'd settle for some good WR's like a Brandon Lloyd or a Laurent Robinson. Even Santana Moss would be an upgrade if he gets released which seems likely. A stretch the field TE--especially in today's NFL--is a must.

Michael Floyd? At 8? That's our answer?
Too high, worries me the last time we took a receiver at 8, and we still need more.


yeh, thats what I'm thinking too, but if Flynn is worth his salt, he's getting more expensive by the hour for Ross, especially if Manning goes somewhere else.

Jeff row, I wasn't talking about Roth being drafted! I was talking about the whole debacle and him not wanting to play for the organization on a fake illness!

Have fun Craig . Hahahaha I'm out too.

where are all those Marshall lovers? For all of them yesterday are cry today can smile, please give to the organization the support as fans.

Wow the bucs just signed Vincent Jackson. Apparently we are the only team in Florida wanting to get worse and not better.

Ive already stated for the record that we are in love. Didn't you get the memo?

inimounts, if Miami, among other teams, feel Flynn could be a franchise quarterback, you would think these other teams would be making a big push to get him in for a quick visit and try to get him signed.

More than likely, the only thing slowing down Miami, is Ross' desire for Manning.

Seattle and Cleveland don't seem to be trying to make sure they hurry and get their "potential franchise quarterback" under wraps.


Posted by: Phins78 | March 14, 2012 at 12:57 PM

Later, Tampax on sale at the grocery store, some of you might want to take a break from the crying and stock up.

This Manning thing is really starting to get under my skin....

Just sigh already....he is beginning to wea on me liks Fisher did....

NO ONE is bigger than the TEAM...not even Peyton FRAKING Manning....

If he was...he would still be a Colt right now....

all teams have cancers every once in awhile ... and B. Marshall and Matt Roth were both cancers. I dont think they did anything wrong with getting rid of either of them players. W/Rs aren't hard to find! it wont be hard to get a 1000 yard plus reciever ..Please yall are making 2 much out of this


Hey....Matt Roth is available! Let's put him on the opposite DE to complement Wake (just kidding)

Rice ws the GOAT as a WRs he didnt fit the system, he made it to what it is

Sing Henne he is a though player and the cancer is gone

no doubt rice was a stud anywhere. We dont need a rice, cause 1. We cannot afford one, 2. There is only 1 rice!! Moss is a smart receiver and both he and a rookie would sit me fine. I think Philbin knows what he wants, I trust him. I am sure PM stepped away surprised after talking with him.

I actually like crying like a little baby. It relieves the stress. Plus, when I cry I know I'm not in the worst nightmare of my life. We need to Inception, to put the idea in Ireland's mind to ACQUIRE talent, not send it away to other teams. I'm willing to go down to 3 dream-states if someone can wake me up when I've done it.

Tigre @ 1:10

Tigre is actually spelled Tiger

Sign is sign

though is tough

Hooked on Phonics!

We Have Draft Picks(more now).

already fixed it...and BTW (by the way)

Finny is TROLL

Get Russell Wilson in the draft he is one of the best QB's this year

I wonder how Parcells dealt with the cancer that was Lawrence Taylor. Or Gibbs did with the cancer Dexter Manley. Or JJ did with the cancer Michael Irvin. Or the cancer Deion Sanders.

Cancers tend to also be HOF'ers. And no one wins SuperBowls without HOF'ers.

I'm just saying...this team will need to learn how to live with Cancers if they want to eventually win more than 1/2 their games a Season.

People just need to chill out and relax and take this all in stride. People need to put this all in a bit of perspective. For one thing, this is a game...nothing more, nothing less.

Further, in the grand scheme of professional football, the Phins really aren't that old. They had a great (and fortunate) early run with Shula...then decent but not great with JJ and then Wanny (at least until the end there)....and really, it's only been 6-7 years of just being lousy and irrelevant.

I can recall much more storied franchises being "irrelevant" and lousy for far longer than the Phins have been, particularly relative to the age of the franchise. I can recall decades where the Packers were lousy and irrelevant....same for the Steelers....how about those Browns! The Lions dominated the early days of professional football and were irrelevant for 30 years + until about 2-3 years ago.

I guess my point being, there seems to be a "cycle of life" in the NFL just as there is with anything else. The Phins are currently in a down cycle...it happens...get over it or move on. If you can move on, you probably aren't/weren't anything more than a fairweather fan to begin with. 6-7 down years out of....what....44 years or so? That aint too shaby.

They'll turn it around at some point...until then, just enjoy the damned ride. It's just a game after all.

For those of you hoping for Kyle Orton to the Dolphins. He just signed a 3 year deal with the Cowboys.

Who is finny?

Hey DC...who is the 'Cancer' on the Superbowl winning Giants team this year?

This team is an embarrassment in the field and outside the field.
Instead of focusing on Flynn, they are still wiping Manning's ass, as if this guy had shown any respect for the Dolphins. The only thing he cares is his career. He gives a damm about the Dolphins fate. He doesn't car if because waiting for him, the Dolphins don't land Flynn or whoever. But the staff is so dumb so stupid that they don't even realize that.

It's ironic that Ross tries to fill the stadium with the fans and at the same time get rid of the key and flashy players. The Dolphins are now perhaps the must untalented team in the NFL.
Meanwhile, the last season's bad teams are getting armed in the most possible ways while the Dolphins are not only still waiting for their cinderella, but disposing of the good players. Definitely this team is not for weak stomachs.

So,after last nights trade,we now have the 9th AND 10th (73rd & 74th overall) picks in the 3rd round in this years draft


"According to the Florida Times-Union, money is not an issue in the Jaguars discussions with free agent Laurent Robinson."

WTF??? I have no idea what this means. Really then what is??? Whether he likes lemon-lime flavored Gatorade or fruit punch???? Stupid.

Hey, bro, a lot very good Players have come out of the 3rd Round if you care to look it up. Now, 4th Round and on, there's seldom a find.

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