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Flynn to visit Seattle hoping to increase market value

There's been a lot of information (and misinformation) about Matt Flynn and the market for him as a potential starting quarterback the past two days.

The truth?

He is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. It doesn't mean he's going to necessarily sign there. But this is clearly the most attention any team has shown the Green Bay Packers free agent.

I would say the team to show the next most amount of attention is the Dolphins. But even Miami has not offered Flynn a contract with an option for him to sign. That report was false. As I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins touched base with Flynn, sure. But contract offer? Nope.

That would defeat the purpose of getting Peyton Manning.

The Cleveland Browns apparently didn't offer any sort of contract, either, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Again, a report yesterday stated the Browns were trying to sign Flynn. That report was false, I have confirmed.

The Seattle attention of Flynn is understandable and expected. Seattle general manager John Schneider was with Green Bay when Flynn was drafted. Schneider knows and likes Flynn.

One thing: I do not believe Flynn is immediately going to get a huge contract offer from anyone. The truth is the Dolphins are still hoping to land Manning and they won't be in full blown desperation mode unless and until Manning goes elsewhere.

And until at least two teams are bidding for Flynn the full potential of his market won't be reached. His agent knows this. Or should.

The Seahawks are also scheduled to host a visit by Chad Henne. He is visiting tonight and tomorrow.


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Tebow is a mistake, and would NOT be able to perform in Philbins style of offense. Tebow is not accurate enough, and his release is to slow..get over it.

Devilin is very accurate. I fail to see the hype on Flynn. Not an even an ounce. He brings nothing that Moore and Devlin don't already have.

I can see you now lol, sitting behind your computer, not going out anywhere and this blog is your life because you're not very social, a bit ackward, fat, you pride yourself self that your an expert at football, and know more than everyone, fat, and were the last picked for games. Pretty pathetic aren't you.


finny don't like Henne and don't like my spelling, OK don't cry when he sign in other team. Also the Bears are hiring cancers and losers.

Genoa is not the answer, at worst stick with Moore.

Could have fooled me. If I'm 40 your right I could probably be your grandpa little BOY.
Posted by: Michael | March 14, 2012 at 02:23 PM

Trust me, I'm no boy. You think you're smarter cause you're at the age where you get yearly prostate exams?

The entire NFL & it's fans see Miami as a laughin stock & a joke. Have you read an article about this team from any other websites? Show me the flattering ones. PLEASE! LOL

It's obvious you refuse to accept the truth. That's your problem. The more you refute it, the dumber you appear. Frankly, your posts are good for a few laughs.

Keep up the good work!

Now, now, Kids, don't fight.

You're right, this organization is not smart enough to sign Tebow. Had we drafted Tebow like Denver did, we could have been in the playoffs and *winning* a playoff game too.

Tannehill Weeden or Cousins if Manning doesn't sign to phins. Philbin always says he likes to build from the draft. Why would he contradict himself by reaching for an unproven free agent when we already have a proven player on the roster right now. Build with the draft before wasting any more money on free agents.

Michael you come off like an insecure pompous ahole. You really do. You are just one more blogger here, nothing more. Get off your high horse, the ground is closer than you think.

I'll bet you dinner at Timpano's that the Dolphins dont get Flynn or Manning.

And the more I read your posts the more of a little BOY you seem by your sentance construction. Pretty poor. I know exactly who you are, and how pathetic you look. Ever kiss a girl. Probably not.

Michael, you just described your youth. I'm surprised you remember it so vividly considering how long ago it was!

HAHAHAHAHA get over it buddy! You're the minority, deal with it or wake up & ACCEPT THE TRUTH.


I've heard Moore started with a West coast offense in college so he is def capable of learning Sherman/ Philbins offense.

You know what going to be funny, is when Manning signs today with Titans and Elway has to kiss up to Tebow. Denver might have a bigger PR nightmare on hand then the Dolphins if they don't get Manning.

You forgot the M. And your right I am pompous, I have a right to be. But if someone attacks me, I'll go at them twice as hard.

And the more I read your posts the more of a little BOY you seem by your sentance construction. Pretty poor. I know exactly who you are, and how pathetic you look. Ever kiss a girl. Probably not.

Posted by: Michael | March 14, 2012 at 02:35 PM

Wanna ask my wife or my 3 beautiful boys? My kids have more smarts than you & they are 2, 4 & 5! Get lost you ignorant fool!

Gee lolyour so cool. I know not.

thank god Orton is a cowboy

You forgot the M. And your right I am pompous, I have a right to be. But if someone attacks me, I'll go at them twice as hard.
Posted by: Michael | March 14, 2012 at 02:38 PM

You call this twice as hard? I feel bad for your wife then!

I'm attacking your intelligence or apparent lack thereof. If you don't think the world perceives the Miami Dolphins as a joke, you should have your brain scanned for deficencies!

Now I know your lying lol. No way that is true. I know who you are.

have to be calm until see results, support the new staff, good things are coming.

Now I know your lying lol. No way that is true. I know who you are.
Posted by: Michael | March 14, 2012 at 02:40 PM

Guess again because you know nothing. That's QUITE obvious! LMAO

I know there's no wife, no kids, only a trailer,

I know who you are fatty. Tough no one liking you.

I know who you are fatty. Tough no one liking you.

Posted by: Michael | March 14, 2012 at 02:43 PM

What happened to your sentence structure you bragged about?

Where's is Timpanos?

Forget these QB's. Bring in Mario Williams. Go with Moore and Devin and draft a QB.

Whatever you say buddy! Back to work for me, playtime is over!

LMAO I've picked on your dumb a*s enough. It's not even a fair fight. I feel bad at this point. LOL

You got nothing. I mean NOTHING! Cept denial about your pathetic franchise LOL. Instead of burying your head in the sand to the truth, you should embrace it. It will set you free!

PS, go get your head examined! For your own good!

dolfin fan in georgia is right. horseface elway is the # 1 a**hole in the league, clearly.

Just curious which way Miami is heading here? Now a #1 WR is also a need. We traded our biggest offensive weapon for less than they got him for. I really hope Ireland has a plan.

I'm biting my lip trying to be respectful.

But c'mon. Get a load of these names: Brady, Manning, RG3, Cutler, Sanchez, Smith, Vick, Rodgers, Brees, Ryan...and DEVLIN!

Which name doesn't fit there? Exactly. Please stop trying to make a practice squad QB a viable option, you're not helping your reputation!

Michael, you seem like a real block head. Dropped much as a child?

Its very doubtful that Flynn is better then Moore. One nice game means little. Remember A.J. Feeley?

Our wide receiver core is WEAK...no one is left....WOW !!

Sean Smith leaked a "tease" of the new Dolphin Nike Jerseys on facebook and twitter. The jersey is orange. Not sure if this is the alternate jersey or if Miami will go with Orange now is the primary color.

And seem to be a moron whose brain laked oxygen. You're so cook. Not. You only wish.

It amazing how you have different names. Do you remember who you are. Thats what happens when your brain is oxygen deprived.

Well, Orange is the U's also, and our Citrus fruit, and the name of our long standing Football Bowl. I wouldn't mind it. At all.

I have vehemently opposed the move to sign Flynn but at this juncture if Philbin -not Ross nor Ireland- has faith in the guy we should make a move NOW.

The longer we wait the more we will have to pay for him as other teams will drive the price tag upwards. This is another example of Ireland's lack of decisiveness. The price tag at the end could be a secondary issue since we will also be missing to sign prized FAs like Eric Winston and Laurent Robinson who could be nice fits to a team-first mentality that it seems Philbin -correctly- is leading this thing to.

Of course Ross may be one in the way to get things done, at least I would not be surprised but a more competent GM would have had the gonads to tell it to his boss like it is, which is why Ross probably loves Ireland.

We may have indeed gotten really lucky to land Philbin, I have -and really can not help it as a fan to be honest- the upmost confidence in the guy. Sign Flynn already for the love of God, get that over with, start working on that offense playbook and bring the other pieces before it's too late, and in the process bring some respect back to this organization by not letting Manning dictate us what to do, besides chances he signs here are about zip. The Winston signing would be huge, I like Robinson too, whose price tag will not be as high as the other WRs and will add much needed depth at that position now.

And please Mr. Ireland, next time start planning ahead not just reacting like with this whole Marshall thing, you should have traded him last year before the trade deadline when we already had lost any hope for the season at what 0-7? We would have been better positioned and armed for this draft and without the need of tanking the season like the cowards at Indy.

If we bring Tebow in I will officially stop watching Dolphin football. I'm serious about that too. Tebow is the worst thing to happen to the NFL... ever?

I'd rather bring back Pat White then watch Tebow

To all the fools who are saying wait until next year to grab Jones or Barkley - forget it. You know the Dolphins will win two or three meaningless games down the stretch to move from the top 2 or 3 to 7 through 10 and then kiss any franchise changing players good bye. This franchise gives me achita.


Please stop trying to make a practice squad QB a viable option, you're not helping your reputation!

Posted by: DC Dolfan | March 14, 2012 at 02:52 PM

This coming from a guy who swore his balls off Moore was 100 times worse than Henne. What makes your opinion any more valuable? Nothing.

For your short attention span, it was in response to why we don't need Flynn.

Orton to Brandon Lloyd is a pretty good & cheap combo to sign. They did well in '10.
Give StL. 1st & 3rd (from Chicago) for Blackmon & we'll be allset.

Orton is a cowboy backing up Romo

Brandon Lloyd or Laurent Robinson are our top choices now with Manningham close behind.

ireland can sign players but he has zero knowledge of how to "build a team". its a science

Laurent Robinson leaving Jax, probably coming here for a visit.

Michael --- How do you know he is leaving JAX? Last report is he was still in the building with Henne.

We are all crying today, just like we all cried when we did not make the Orton trade. Wasn't that rumored to be a two 1st kind of trade at the time.

I looked at Denvers roster and personally if you add Blackmon or Floyd in this draft then I think we would have better playmakers than Denver. So as much as I think it is over I could see Manning in Miami still. everything is speculation till he is off the market.

But personally Moore seems like a winner and Marshall did not seem to be of the same thinking. So as a Miami fan like normal I am sitting on the edge of my seat.

You can now do some things we were not going to be able to do. I think our offense will be ok next year. I am worried our D might regress. Would like to fix the pass rusher in the draft but maybe some of the other guys on the roster just have to step it up.

As much as I want to choke Ireland I am a Dolphin Fan and will just keep holding my nose. Guess now we are going to try this build through the draft strategy.

If nothing else we have all been entertained this off season.

Go Dolphins!!

We're all gonna grab either Kendall Wright or Blackmon, both excellent receivers for a "WC", offense. So, relax, please.


"Free agent OLB Jamaal Westerman is visiting the Dolphins on Wednesday.
Recovering from a torn groin, Westerman was non-tendered by the Jets after making 32 tackles and 3.5 sacks in 2011. He wouldn't be a starter for the Dolphins."
Source: Adam Caplan on Twitter
Mar 14 - 3:04 PM

Still nothing done & Ireland is all over the map with too many areas of needs. Not saying that QB, WR, CB/S, RT's, & OLB aren't all needs but in Free Agency I thought that you're supposed to try & isolate your efforts on two (or three at the most) BIG positional needs & fill the rest with players that draft picks, undrafted FA's, & players that get cut for cap reasons.

Shula71 -- So let's cheer every time Ireland doesn't make a deal for the fear it won't work out. Let's cheer every time Ireland doesn't take a chance on stud skilled position player in the first round, cause they may be a bust.

Ireland takes little chances or risks, and that is why this team and roster is a bunch of average to good players, but very few GREAT players.


Omar Kelly tweet.

Can someone please tell me whats wrong with Matt Moore??
No training camp, moron coach, and still a winning record.
I dont really care what happens with Manning or Flynn or anybody else really. If we get them, fine. If we dont, fine.
Moore is "more" than capable and played better than alot of QB's in the league last year.
I really dont think we "lose" anything, and we can gain so much more in the draft.

Omar is told that Laurent's wife is from Miami.

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