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Flynn to visit Seattle hoping to increase market value

There's been a lot of information (and misinformation) about Matt Flynn and the market for him as a potential starting quarterback the past two days.

The truth?

He is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks on Friday. It doesn't mean he's going to necessarily sign there. But this is clearly the most attention any team has shown the Green Bay Packers free agent.

I would say the team to show the next most amount of attention is the Dolphins. But even Miami has not offered Flynn a contract with an option for him to sign. That report was false. As I wrote yesterday, the Dolphins touched base with Flynn, sure. But contract offer? Nope.

That would defeat the purpose of getting Peyton Manning.

The Cleveland Browns apparently didn't offer any sort of contract, either, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Again, a report yesterday stated the Browns were trying to sign Flynn. That report was false, I have confirmed.

The Seattle attention of Flynn is understandable and expected. Seattle general manager John Schneider was with Green Bay when Flynn was drafted. Schneider knows and likes Flynn.

One thing: I do not believe Flynn is immediately going to get a huge contract offer from anyone. The truth is the Dolphins are still hoping to land Manning and they won't be in full blown desperation mode unless and until Manning goes elsewhere.

And until at least two teams are bidding for Flynn the full potential of his market won't be reached. His agent knows this. Or should.

The Seahawks are also scheduled to host a visit by Chad Henne. He is visiting tonight and tomorrow.


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Trust me, I'd LOVE to relax but I need us to sign a player that we need.

Mirror Mirror, I don't usually post to trolls, but I will this once.

A) you're right, I was wrong about Moore.

Difference is, Moore was a STARTER in this league. And a backup.

This guy ISN'T EVEN GOOD ENOUGH FOR A BACKUP. We had a chance to install him, and we went out and got a sick guy and a guy not even in the league instead. What's that tell you?

So, go with 2 undrafted players at the most important position in the league? When all signs point to elite, franchise QBs coming mostly from the 1st round. Is that your brilliant plan?

Well, it is a brilliant plan, to get the #1 pick next year.

flynn just tryin to get is $$$$$ up... flynn and philbin 2012 that is all....

It tells me our coaches were the same clueless morons that sat Wake and couldn't figure out how to use Jerry.

"Shula71 -- So let's cheer every time Ireland doesn't make a deal for the fear it won't work out. Let's cheer every time Ireland doesn't take a chance on stud skilled position player in the first round, cause they may be a bust.

Ireland takes little chances or risks, and that is why this team and roster is a bunch of average to good players, but very few GREAT players.



I hate Ireland too but look at what happened when he rolled the dice to get Marshall??? Great talent & he took a BIG chance on trading for him with Denver. So in fairness to him he did take a HUGE risk & it backfired. Now people want to kill him for that. You can't have it both ways.

IMO--Marshall wasn't even close to the top of his worst mistakes like Gibril or Jake Grove or Smiley or Wilford or a ton of wasted draft picks.

Omar said IF he leaves Jacksonville --- he hasn't left Jacksonville YET.

The starting QB of your Miami Football Dolphins is Matt Moore, who is poised for a breakout year.

Moore to Brandon Lloyd could be a pretty good combo.
Give StL. 1st & 3rd (from Chicago) for Blackmon & we'll be allset.

"Omar is told that Laurent's wife is from Miami."


Only Omar can give you the inside scoops like that....LMAO!!!

Who cares??? FA is usually about the money except for aging veterans who want to try to win a SB.

DC, besides you missed the point entirely. My point was we don't need Flynn with Moore and Devlin on board. I don't thing much of Flynn and I will be bummed if Philbin wants him.

beerphin has marked self as a Cane and a jealous Gator hater. Tebow brings a good attitude and extremely hard work to the NFL. That's the worst thing that ever happened to the NFL? please.

Nothing wrong with Matt Moore. He has upside from last year's performance. The thing is, to us that have been watching QB's, and very good ones at that, for upwards of 50 yrs, he does not strike us as a franchise QB. But we could be wrong, as anyone that deals with QB's knows.

Mirror is correct. DC, as usual, is wrong.

Damn, right you are. Wishful reading on my part.

Manning arrives at Titan facility, seems funny that we still feel we are in the hunt when we are the only team he hasn't come to visit, we had to go to him. I don't care how many times he's been at our facilities. He needs to step up and inform Ross and Ireland he's no longer interested, if he ever was, so then maybe Ross will get it through his head to move on, before we lose out on other FAs.

Ok well, we'll agree to disagree. My assumption is Devlin is not even Henne, not even Moore, not even Sage Rosenfels, not even J.P. Losman. My assumption is Devlin is a a 3rd-stringer, and there's no reason to upgrade when we have a bunch of picks and other FA options.

Ireland was an idiot to get Marshall without having a decent QB. Marshall was on his way to the HOF until he met HennePuke. We all saw in the pro bowl what DA BEAST can do with a real QB.

Sorry, I meant there's no reason NOT to upgrade.

Well, I hope we are still in the Hunt. If it doesn't work out, tough sh-t.

DC, you still don't understand, but nevermind. Seems like your brain is programmed off on a tangent somewhere. You are stuck on my post out of context, and what you say of Devlin is what you said of Moore last year. I'll leave it at that and no I am not saying Devlin is a #1 qb.

Westerman, not expected to start? No, really? lol
33 year old Artis Hicks next up as a possible swing option on the line. Also, not expected to start LOL

Why are we looking to sign backups for depth when we need at least half a dozen starters FIRST?

All day yesterday we were lead to believe Miami had a plan in place to replace Marshall & today Armando tweeted he doesn't think they had any real course of action.

As a lifelong fan for 30 years, it's hard to follow this franchise. It's a friggin mess with Ireland/Ross at the helm. It's become comical. Dolphin jokes aren't even funny anymore because most of the punchlines are true.

No, I understand what you're saying, Moore as the starter, Devlin as the backup. And I'm saying that's not a wise decision. First, backups play nowadays (QBs rarely get through a 16-game schedule unscathed). So thinking Moore will be fine and Devlin will never come in is very short-sighted.

SO, you need to have a dependable backup. And what I'm saying is Devlin was only a dependable practice squad QB.

You're stuck on the fact I said Moore was horrible, and he's not, he's just mediocre (6-6), and therefore I must be wrong on everything else (Devlin).

That's disjointed logic and does not necessarily work. Sure, I may be wrong on Devlin, but then so will the VAST MAJORITY of posters here + Miami football media types + NFL "experts". You're out on a limb with that opinion. And you're free to believe what you want. If you're right, come back on here and gloat. I'll stick with the consensus that said Henne/Moore wasn't going to get you anywhere (they didn't) and you needed to UPGRADE from them, not DOWNGRADE to Moore/Devlin.

This won't get answered today. We'll see in the future who's right.

For those that beat the Matt Moore drum, please remember this...HE FAILED MISERABLY WITH THE PANTERS! Yes he had a decent year last year but Henne was playing very well also before he got hurt. Marshall not catching the damn ball is what hurt his stats. Flynn is going to be over paid for sure, but to say he isn't the answer without ever giving him a shot is nuts. The guy did win a national championship with LSU, ya know! Doesn't matter anyway because the Phins won't end up with him. If Seattle wants Flynn, no way they let him leave without signing him. Forget Manning also. Also I am sick of hearing about "Give the Phins a chance to put there plan in place" Exactly what has our GM and brain trust (LOL) done to instill any trust in them????

DC, if you don't think Flynn is a franchise QB, then basically we are in agreement. I don't think he is, and I'm concerned Philbin is going to let his comfort level with him get in the way. I don't want Flynn for the salary minimum.

Marshall wasn't a FA signing, he was a trade.

Does Armando even report the news??? Dolphins just signed Big Paul hours ago.... Come on Herald!!!!

Many of the post on this site are negative and continue to bad mouth (write) the Dolphins organization. I don't get it. You assemble here because you are Dolphin fans, but don't seem to want to support the organization. Those same people threaten to leave the site and never come back if certain moves aren't made. However, you are back here complaining the very next day. Another thing i don't understand is how can you support the signing of P. Manning, when he hasn't thrown a ball for the Dolphins, or played live football in over a year. I don't the organization is waiting on Manning, IMO, they want to keep the fans from saying "they didn't try", when in fact i believe they would much rather tell Manning to take a hike. Finally, it won't be long before we are back on top and i for one, applaud the organization for doing what they are doing to get us there.


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