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Free agency has arrived! Bye-bye Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins have traded wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears for two third-round selections, according to Jay Glazer of Foxsports.com.

[Update: The Herald has confirmed this move.]

The move clears salary cap room and could signal a precursor to the Dolphins landing Peyton Manning as well as several of his former Indianapolis Colts teammates, including Reggie Wayne. That is my hope.

The more likely scenario?

This move does not show intent to get Manning and is instead a move to protect the next quarterback the Dolphins bring to town -- anyone that is, including a lesser player such as Matt Flynn -- because Marshall has had a history of feuding with his QBs in Miami. This move is a way for the Dolphins to begin what will be a total revamp of the offense under new coach Joe Philbin.

[Update: Club source says this trade is independent of Manning chase. Manning didn't request it or anything such as being speculated. Been in the works since the NFL Combine in Feb. But, I'm told, if Manning comes it would mean other moves would be necessary.]

The trade reunites Marshall with former quarterback Jay Cutler which is great for the Bears. But does this make the Dolphins better?

Only if Manning and another player is coming or the Dolphins are somehow adding a bigtime playmaking wide receiver in free agency or the draftis this a net plus. This much is certain: If the Dolphins are not working on or ready to pull the trigger on a follow-up move, this shows the Marshall move two years ago to have been a bad move.

The Dolphins yielded two second-round picks to Denver for Marshall. They are not getting the same value in return. Yes, Marshall was a Pro Bowl player in 2011, but he was also often a problem in that he feuded with Chad Henne and made no bones of the fact he wanted a franchise quarterback.

Oh, by the way, NFL free agency arrives ... now!

It is 4:01 p.m. on March 13, 2012 and so bracketology schmacketology. The news at this hour?

Say good-bye to nose tackle Paul Soliai. The Dolphins do not expect to re-sign their 2011 Franchise player. Not only have the two sides failed to come to an agreement on a long-term contract the past two years but the Dolphins, apparently intent on making a quarterback splash in free agency and knowing Soliai won't come cheaply, haven't made the nose tackle any contract offers in recent weeks.

There has been no movement on this front whatever. Barring a major MAJOR change, Soliai is gone. So where is he going? Soliai will have suitors. The teams expected to show the most interest in Soliai include Kansas City, Denver, Atlanta, Indianiapolis and perhaps San Francisco.

[Update: The Dolphins have in the last hour reached out to Soliai and are talking. So there's still a chance he stays.]

The Dolphins have another starter on the open market in defensive end Kendall Langford. The sides have been in relatively frequent contact the past week or so. The Dolphins want Langford back. Langford wants to return. But Langford wants the most amount of money possible. The Dolphins want to re-sign Langford at a number that shows they like him very much but don't necessarily love him.

What a shocker: It's a money thing.

On the chase front, the Dolphins are obviously still hoping to land Peyton Manning. But, as I reported earlier today, they will move on to Matt Flynn if the Manning chase fails. A source tells The Herald's Barry Jackson that Flynn will be patient in free agency unless someone throws a huge offer on the table for him immediately.

Yes, Seattle and Cleveland could have interest. But the Flynn camp understands the Dolphins being in the chase would drive up interest and potentially drive up Flynn's price. And since money is the thing, patience will be something Flynn shows.

He's looking to go deep on this contract rather than get a check-down deal.

I am not certain the Dolphins will be major players in free agency -- at least not early on. The club is approximately $11-$12 million under the NFL's $120.6 million salary cap before the Marshall trade. Obviously that is more now, but I have to figure out the ramifications.

Miami's needs include pass-rusher, right tackle, and cornerback. Of all those, the cornerback market seems expecially rich this free agency period. Yes, right tackle Eric Winston and outside linebacker/defensive end Mario Williams are the prizes on the market, but they will be so expensive I cannot see Miami chasing or landing either. (Wrote about it anyway because I'm a dreamer and anything is possible.)

[Update: I have confirmed that Eric Winston will visit with the Dolphins. This doesn't mean he's signing. A lot of teams are interested -- up to a dozen -- and he is not going to sign a bargain contract. But he is scheduled to visit at this time.]

[Update: Eric Winston said on Sirius radio that he will fly to South Florida tonight and visit the Dolphins Wednesday.]

The Dolphins today did some minor contract laundry with their restricted and exclusive rights players. The club tendered RT Lydon Murtha with a second-round tender. The club tendered defensive end Phillip Merling to an original round tender. Both have signed their tenders, costing the Dolphins a total of $3.1 million.

The club did not tender either running back Lex Hilliard or defensive lineman Ryan Baker.


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Holy Crap! First!


Mando the Dolphins have trade Marshall, update your blog. IRELAND IS THE WORST GM. We traded the only playmaker on the team for 2 stinkin 3rd round picks. SMH

Not even 2 second round picks 2 stinkin 3rd round picks! This is a disgrace!

Clue - it's the first sentence in the blog

If this isn't about acquiring Manning then this is the dumbest of all the dumb moves Ireland has made. Trade away your BEST player??? And how is this IMPROVING a 6-10 team exactly????

WOW! Great move by the Dolphins IF they have a top WR they are targeting in free agency or the draft. This creates cap room and gets rid of a trouble maker and a guy who couldn't hold on to the ball.

A great move by the Phins IF they have a top WR targeted.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the rumors Manning didn't want to play with Marshall?

This....ON THE SURFACE....looks bad.....

This only confirms to me....no Manning, no Flynn. I think the Phins are going Tannenhill in the draft (Flynn goes to Cleveland)....Miami is in re-build mode, not "win now" mode.

LOL Kris -- WAY to SUM it up


The Dolphins are in re-building mode, Manning not coming to throw to Brian Hartline and Devon Bess. If you trade Marshall cant you at least get a 2nd round pick. Jeez, Ireland is in over his head.

Cut the Colombo "the turnstile" and sign Eric Winston.

This Phins are officially in re-build mode!

A show of loyalty.....get rid of the crazy wide reciever....

WTF on Marshall. How does that make this team better if Manning or Flynn comes here?

They're brining in a young QB in the draft and they don't want Marshall corrupting him........can you say re-build?

garcon/jackson/mario williams? If they cleared him out for Flynn.. who the F is he throwing to, unless they move some picks to STL for a Wr

waiting for the punch line.........

If that's the case Wolfman maybe we could see what Long will bring in the draft and dangle him. A late first in this years draft or a early 2 with a 3rd this year or nxt and I would pull the trigger. We'd save 12 m under the cap.

BY the way, this is a great move for the Bears.

getting excited...

spidey senses tingling...

I think it actually looks VERY good IF Miami has a WR in free agency they have targeted. Perhaps Miami is going after Vincent Jackson? Perhaps Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon?

This is NOT necessarily a bad move. Marshall while good at times is NOT a team player. Do you really want to expose your next QB to a headcase like Marshall? Philbin wasn't going to put up with his crap. IF by some crazy chance Manning comes to town, he wasn't going to put up with it either. You want to pair a young QB like Tannehill with Marshall? NO WAY. He will ruin him.

So long Brandon Marshall.

You will NOT be missed!

(Now let's just hope Ireland finds a replacement and does something good with the draft picks. We overpaid for Marshall with two #2s. Getting two #3s wasn't that bad!)

WOW!! Did not see that one coming..Holy Crap..to shoked to even write a comment.

in the draft that is

F this season!
F Ireland!
F Ross
and most importantly F this organization!

NO RG3, No Manning, No Marshall.

2 stinkin 3rd round picks. 3RD ROUND PICKS!


I made my commet BEFORE faulk started taking.....keep that in mind...lol.....

This is the dumbest move of all time. Even if we acquire Wayne, Clark, Saturday, and Manning, these are all aging players with about 3 years left in their careers at best. This is teh worst move that the dolphins have ever made. And then you wonder why there is no one in the stadium. Just got rid of our most exciting play maker

I am liking what they are doing here, but there needs to be a method, ross knows he cannot rebuild, the chicago rumors were out there. I assume Philbin had a say in this and i trust now more than the past few years.

Can we just trade away Jake Long for another 2 3rd round picks? I hate what the Dolphins have become

WOW! I can't say i hate this move, the only way I do is if there is not a plan contigent on this one. Peyton/Wayne/Clark...???

However, that just makes us old quick, so I can't buy it yet.

Pro bowl WR= 2 3rd rd picks.....sounds like FUZZY MATH....

lol still like ireland?

I wonder if Marshall will drop as many TDs with Chicago as he did with the Phins

Lets trade long for a two sixth rounders and a fourth rounder next year. What a joke the fins are!

this move means they have no shot at peyton, will draft a garbage young qb and be really really bad

he was 2nd team pro bowl, obviously he pushed to get out. I like Ireland now.

Trade away Jake Long already.

We traded Marshall away for a
2012 3rd round pick and a
2013 3rd round pick. THATS ALL!!!!!


Now we have even more needs since we no longer have a Number 1 or Number 2 WR...Ireland is officially a crappy GM

Clue, I mean an early 2nd round pick and a 3rd this year or next. But I could pull that trade. There are a lot of ways to replace him this year that are cheaper and very good LT's.

I am really shocked with this deal and no doubt te Dolphins again got the lower end of the deal.

Despite his problematic character and his drops, Marshall was the only proven asset in our offense. Return on investment in too low, bearing in mind the poor way Ireland has managed our middle-round draft picks.

Get rid of Marshall to sign V. Jackson maybe? Who is older & even more of a malcontent? Don't see the value to trade him.

For Wayne, a 33 year old on his last legs? No Value to trading him in this scenario.

Garcon, who is a nobody & is nothing without an elite WR on his other side to take coverage? No trave value.

This franchise is friggin clueless!

Manning told Philbin...get rid of that cancer Marshall and replace him with Reggie Wayne and I'll sign the deal!

this move means they have no shot at peyton, will draft a garbage young qb and be really really bad

Posted by: dusty bottoms | March 13, 2012 at 04:14 PM

Elaborate why we have NO shot at Manning and that if we do draft a QB WHY will he be garbage.

Explain your post further!

The new league year is open, and the Dolphins have fired the first shot. Jay Glazer of FOX reports that they have traded receiver Brandon Marshall to the Bears for a 2012 third-round pick and a 2013 third-round pick.

yet another punch to my gut. I can't TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!

Wow the only player who scares opposing defenses is now gone!

Reggie Bush is an ok starter.
Anthony Fasano is an ok starter.
Matt Moore is an ok starter
Brian Hartline is a joke a starter.

Where is the fire power coming from to compete with New England, Bills or Jets. We are officially the least explosive team in the NFL I think

no doubt, our offense is horrible. can u imagine garbage tannehill with bess,hartline,fasano. unreal, that stadium might draw 4000 fans

WTF unless this clears the way for Manning + Wayne, trading Marshall is utterly stupid.

That's really great, now (once again!) they need a #1 receiver AND a receiver to play opposite the #1.

and for two 3rd rounders?!?! C'mon man! To me this indicates they were insistent on moving him, because that's the only way it makes sense for them to get such a terrible return.

good article


I am going to give the brass benefit of the doubt until this move plays out. Brian Hartline is our #1 WR? Yikes.

Now we have even more needs since we no longer have a Number 1 or Number 2 WR...Ireland is officially a crappy GM

Posted by: Joey | March 13, 2012 at 04:15 PM


The window closed.....officially in re-build mode now.

Actually, this might be a good thing. This sorta sounds like the "Packer way" Philbin was brought in for. Build you team through the draft for the long term.

Not looking forward to the pain next season though....going to be tough.

2012 3rd round pick and 2013 3rd round pick is what we got for Marshall.

Ireland is one dumb SOB.

Peyton or no Peyton, how does this make the team better? Ireland has lost what little sense he had.

I was tired of watching him drop passes. Just as well.

we did'nt even get two third's in this draft??? HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

Without a follow up move, this is very dumb.

Like him or hate him, he was one of the biggest parts of our offense. We need a good Wide Receiver.....AGAIN

Fatty and Crazy...see ya!

Andy you r a jets fan hanging around here? Sad go back to the jests blog. The season is not starting Tuesday. see who is on the starting 11 and then gripe. Man you are worse than a 5 year old.

New Regime = Starting Fresh!!!

Most of you guys wanted a fresh start.

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